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Reversal Ch. 03

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Solo Male

Short one today, sort of bridging some gaps. Full disclosure, I’m winging this with very little planning or structure, so scenes are kind of bouncing off each other as they’re needed. Things should slow down a touch now as I wrangle the narrative back under control… Might be a chapter or two with relatively low sex, and a slow update to boot.


“What the hell is wrong with you?” Siobhan growled. “Who does that?”

Bella blinked innocently, not breaking eye contact despite the fact Siobhan was fiercely towering over her. “What, coming to say hi to an acquaintance? And saving her from getting blacklisted from her favourite club and possibly arrested for exposure?”

Siobhan’s eyes narrowed. “The fuck you were.”

Bella’s lips curled into an offended moue. “Such language, darling. Should I not have interrupted?”

“Of course you fu- argh!” Siobhan groaned.

“The way I see it, I’m doing you a favour. We had a deal, right?” Bella teased. Stepping forwards into the cubicle, she closed – and locked – it behind her.

“Screw your deal!” Siobhan snapped, but she had to consciously will herself not to physically shrink away from Bella as the little lady approached. “You said it yourself, you can’t make me do something I don’t want to. So I’ll fuck who I like, and I’ll do it without you hovering around like a jealous ex. What is this? You blew me one time, told me not to cum until you called, and then ghosted me for a week?”

“Five days. Really, if that’s all you can handle…” Bella snickered behind her hand. “Take it out. You’re still hard, right?”

Siobhan reeled. The audacity! “How is that any of your business?”

Bella shrugged. She barely came up to Siobhan’s chin, but still the taller woman backed up against the wall. “You did… acceptably, for a first try. You’ve earned a little something, even if it wasn’t what I wanted to give you. Get your cock out – I’m not asking.”

Why did her voice drill right into Siobhan’s skull? Why was her dick, instead of deflating, growing more and more uncomfortably hard by the second as Bella got up in her face? Sure, the tight little black dress wasn’t helping matters, but there were always plenty of those on the dance floor. “Fine,” she growled. “Only because I really will be arrested for public indecency if I go outside with this.”

“Whatever you have to tell yourself.” Bella rolled her eyes unsubtly. “Dick. Now.” She stuck out her hand, and Siobhan obligingly unzipped and filled it with her erection.

“What was…the reward going to be?” She couldn’t help but be curious.

“Wouldn’t you like to know. Spit.” Bella raised her free hand to Siobhan’s face, cupping it in front of her expectantly.


“Lube me up. Spit in my fucking hand,” Bella demanded, apparently forgetting her earlier complaints about foul language.

Uncertainly, Siobhan glanced down at Bella’s slender, manicured hand. It almost seemed a travesty to… “Fuck it,” she murmured. She’d done kinkier shit. Leaning forward a little, she swished her tongue around her mouth to gather enough Elvankent Escort saliva to spit in Bella’s palm.

“Good job,” Bella said, withdrawing her hand and immediately slapping it onto Siobhan’s shaft, spreading the warm, slightly sticky liquid up and down as she massaged it gently.

“Mmph,” Siobhan murmured softly, feeling her aching cock swell under Bella’s dainty fingers. She didn’t tease for long, wrapping her hand around Siobhan’s ample girth and pumping demandingly. At the same time, she stepped closer, pressing her small, slender body into Siobhan’s curves. Nestling into her side, Bella’s lips brushed against her neck, sending a shiver of static electricity down her spine.

“Is this too generous?” Bella murmured teasingly, her hot breath rushing across Siobhan’s collarbone. Despite being nearly a foot shorter, she had the redhead well and truly pinned to the wall now, gently rubbing their bodies together as she kept stroking Siobhan’s dick. “Do you think I’m being too kind, considering I literally found you in the process of breaking our deal?”

“Probably,” Siobhan hissed through gritted teeth, fingers futilely grasping at air as she felt her cock shudder and seize in Bella’s grip. Her fingers were like magic, making Siobhan’s balls twitch with every touch of her oversized shaft. “Hey, um. I don’t think I’m going to last…” she confessed, feeling her cheeks burn with a hint of shame to even say it.

Bella chuckled, not letting up on her stroking. Up and down went her slender, soft hand, pumping Siobhan’s cock beside her hip. “You didn’t last long last week either. Is this going to be a common trend?”

“No!” Siobhan grumbled defensively, reddening further. “I just… haven’t cum in a while. I’m backed up, thanks to you!”

“I thought we agreed you didn’t have to listen to me,” Bella teased musically, planting a kiss on Siobhan’s throat that made her shiver.

Siobhan whimpered, immediately hating herself for the girlish sound that ripped itself from her lips. “Fuck! But you told me… I tried! I’m just…”

Humming thoughtfully, Bella kissed her way around Siobhan’s neck, the rosy little buds of her lips making equally rosy little chirps with every touch. Her hand slowed, making Siobhan gasp as she returned to a quiet, flirtatious caressing of the taller woman’s shaft. “So you don’t like having your orgasms denied?”


“But you tried it, and it wasn’t for you?” Bella pressed, dragging a single finger up and down the top of Siobhan’s cock.

“…That’s right,” Siobhan said. For some reason, this remarkably candid questioning was helping her to relax a little. She no longer rode uncomfortably on the verge of climax, and she had forgotten why she was mad at Bella.

Bella tilted her head curiously. “Interesting…” she said slowly. Then she nodded. “I guess I won’t make you do that again, then. Might’ve been too much for a beginner.”

Siobhan blinked. “…Really?”

Winking up at her, Bella affected an exaggerated pout. “What do you take me Beşevler Escort for? I’m not gonna make you do anything you don’t want to. From now on, you can cum whenever you like, as long as you save some for me when I call.”

“Huh.” Siobhan let a faint smile creep onto her face. “So this is going to be… a thing?”

Bella rolled her eyes. “Let’s talk about it afterwards,” she said. “I’m surprised you haven’t exploded yet.”

“I’m trying very hard not to,” Siobhan admitted, her jaw clenching a little as Bella resumed her stroking. “I don’t really want to make a mess here.”

Giggling, Bella returned her lips to Siobhan’s neck, punctuating her words with hungry, yet soft kisses. “Not a problem… Didn’t you see the drain and showerhead in the corner?”

“I was… busy.”

“Busy burying your cock in that sweet blonde?” Bella whispered. “I’m sorry you were so lonely without me that you had to go find some other broad.”

Siobhan’s chest rose and fell erratically with her breathing as Bella snuggled closer, pressing her to the wall as she stroked her cock faster and faster. “I-I…”

“I’m teasing,” Bella reassured her. “Cum for me.” Her hand increased to a rapid pitch, tugging Siobhan’s cock with fervent and skilful fingers.

Fingers scrabbling against the wall, Siobhan had no choice but to obey.

For the first time in a week, her cock erupted. Her first thick jet of cum soared almost across the oversized cubicle, aimed carefully by Bella towards the shower drain. Gritting her teeth and flexing her hips involuntarily, Siobhan did her best to stifle her groan as five days’ worth of thick, hot cum bubbled up through her urethra before being shot forth, lancing out past Bella’s hip and making an audible series of splattering noises as it dirtied the floor. “Fuck…” she whispered through clenched teeth.

Bella giggled. “Good girl.”


Siobhan emerged from the bathroom ten minutes later, her face almost as red as her hair. Thankfully the cleanup had not been too difficult with a detachable shower head, but it was still embarrassing to be hosing her own cum down the drain of a public restroom.

As promised, Bella was waiting for her near the bar, the only part of Club Indigo that was slightly less than monstrously loud. She looked perfect, poised and feminine in her slinky black dress, without a hair out of place. By contrast, Siobhan – in her jeans and blouse, visibly flushed and a tad sweaty, felt like a brute. For a moment she considered slipping away before Bella saw her, fleeing the club and going home to hide under the covers for the next twenty-four hours.

But no… this was something she needed to do. “Ah… Bella,” she said dumbly, wishing she’d thought of something intelligent to say before calling out.

Bella’s eyes, which had been roaming the crowd, seemed to sparkle as they snapped around to collect Siobhan. She beamed, offering one of the glasses she was holding. “There you are! Here, I got you a drink – you look like you need it.”

Gratefully, Cebeci Escort Siobhan accepted the glass and took a quick sip. She frowned slightly. “Is this just lemonade?”

Bella winked. “You already looked a little tipsy, I didn’t want you keeling over on me. I doubt I could carry you to an Uber.” She flexed her free arm like a bodybuilder, displaying a truly impressive lack of any musculature whatsoever. “Anyway… do you feel better now?” Her smile was playful as she searched Siobhan’s eyes, evidently choosing her words carefully as the crowds milled around them.

Siobhan blushed deeper, if that was even possible. “Yes. Thank you. And I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… break our promise.”

Bella’s smile grew a little melancholy. “No, that’s on me,” she said. “I thought it’d be fun to bully you a little bit, but it seems you didn’t enjoy it.”

Cognizant of their surroundings, Siobhan just returned the smile uneasily. “Well… yeah. Look, do you want to go somewhere else to talk? This is a bit…”

Bella pondered for a moment, glancing around the room as she sipped her drink. Club Indigo was only getting louder and more packed with every minute, pushing the two women closer together as they spoke. “How about lunch tomorrow instead?”

Siobhan blinked. “Like a date?” Why did she have to open her mouth?

The corner of Bella’s mouth quirked in that mischievous, cute way of hers. “Sure,” she said. “Like a date. You know La Rosa?”

“The Italian place on the waterfront? That’s meant to be kinda pricey, isn’t it?” She was on a student budget, after all.

“My treat,” Bella reassured her. “See you there at half twelve. Don’t be late! We can chat then, okay?”

Siobhan took another gulp of her lemonade. Despite the cold beverage, she seemed to only be feeling hotter. When was the last time she’d been on a date? She’d bedded plenty of women since moving to the city, but none of them had seemed interested in chatting over bruschetta. Then again… Siobhan hadn’t exactly asked any of them about it, either. “A-alright,” she said, smiling shakily.

Bella smiled, then beckoned her downwards. When Siobhan stooped to her level, Bella cupped a hand round her mouth and spoke directly into her ear. “You can cum if you need to, this time,” she offered generously. “Don’t hold back on my account. But if you do, I’d like to know about it.” Planting a quick, soft kiss on Siobhan’s cheek, she backed up with a smirk, her hips swishing gently as she waited for a response.

For her part, Siobhan could only blush and stammer. God, she was getting far too comfortable with both of those things. “I- you! Th-there’s no reason… gah! I can make it to lunch without… you know!” she grumbled.

“Either way is fine.” Bella drained her glass, then placed it back on the bar with a hollow clack. “That’s me, then. You can make your way home safely, right?”

“Uh… yes.” Siobhan almost asked her to stay, but she consoled herself with the thought that they would cross paths again tomorrow. A fixed date and time, not a nebulous ‘I’ll call you later.’ She shivered a little as Bella slipped away with a dainty wave. The previous five days had been… difficult, and not in a fun way. She’d heard about kinky things like orgasm control before, but while it may have been fun to read about online, the reality had been… less pleasant.

Still, she reckoned she could make it to lunch the next day.

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