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Revenge of the Ex

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This was not a friendly divorce. There was a lot of bitterness and a lot of acrimony, and what was worse, my ex Carla got my Corvette. I have a feeling that even when things were good, I loved that car more than I loved her. By the end, I certainly did.

When I answered the phone and she was on the other end, I was not happy to hear her voice. But I got happier when I heard her say, “Do you want the Corvette back?”

I knew there’d be strings attached, and I was prepared to do almost anything, but I wasn’t quite prepared for this one.

“I’m with Jim now. He’s a real man. He satisfies me. And I want you to see just how much. You can have the deed and the keys to the Corvette after you watch him fuck me. After you see him satisfy me like you never could.”

Well, I wish I could say I was used to having her put down my technique in bed, but I had never gotten used to it. It still hurt just as much. But I couldn’t turn down the Corvette. I went.

Carla was a sexy bitch, I’ll give her that. Tall, brunette, just wide enough in the hips to be really sexy, breasts like melons but firm (and real), shaved pussy. I’d never met this new guy Jim, but I was prepared to dislike him on sight, and I did. Built like a lumberjack, bearded like one, too. Not like me. I’m mostly smooth. Avcılar Escort Too much of a regular guy. A bit of a smirk. Like he knew he was better than me.

Carla showed me the deed, signed over to me, and the key, and then, with a malicious smile, put them under her pillow. They got down to it right away. I wasn’t turned on by watching Carla strip. I’d seen her before. And been hurt by her too often to feel much lust. Jim, it turned out, was hairy all over, with about 8 inches of meat between his legs. More than me. All right, all right, you happy, Carla? I can see that he’s bigger than me.

He started eating her pussy, and she started moaning. He was good, I had to give him that. He knew how to use his mouth and tongue. Sweat was starting to form on her cheeks, and her eyes were getting foggy. He was very good.

Then it was her turn. She got down on her knees, and bent over his crotch.

And I remembered something. As much as Carla ridiculed my technique, she was never very good at giving a blow job. And as I watched Jim, no sweaty brow, no eyes fogging over, no moaning. And I actually started to get impatient. I started thinking, I’ve never given a blow job in my life, and I could do better than that.

And then I don’t know what motivated Avcılar Escort bayan me. It wasn’t lust, that’s for sure. I guess it was the desire to show Carla up. I stood up, took off all my clothes, went over and pushed Carla aside. Without giving myself time to think about what I was doing or to talk myself out of it, I put my mouth down over Jim’s big dick.

Then I started thinking about what I was doing, about great blow jobs I’d gotten in the past, about what I liked. I started doing things with my tongue. I started moving up and down, fucking him with my mouth.

And after a few moments, when the first adrenalin rush faded and I started realizing what I was doing, I realized something else.

I was liking it.

I was getting turned on. My cock was starting to twitch, and I felt it starting to get hard. And I was loving Jim’s cock in my mouth. I was loving the way it felt, the way it tasted, and most of all I was loving how I was turning him on. I looked up, and our eyes met, and I could see what I hadn’t seen when Carla was blowing him. His eyes were starting to glaze over, and his breath was ragged. I could feel his cock starting to swell in my mouth, and I eased off a little. We continued to gaze into each other’s eyes.

He Escort avcılar put his hands on my shoulders. “Come around,” he said. “Let me…”

I circled around, my mouth still on his cock, into the 69 position. I buried my cock in his mouth, and suddenly I was in heaven. Carla had never in her life given a blow job like this.

We went at each other, hard and fast, then easy, building up and then easing off just before the climax. Then I heard him say, “Please…”

I stopped to listen. “Please…please…fuck me.”

He slipped out from under me, and got up on his knees. But before he did, he kissed me. His big, bearded face against mine, his tongue in my mouth. I was way beyond thinking straight, or gay, or bi, or anything except “I want this.” More than I’d ever wanted anything. I came up behind him, and pressed it in. Just the tip at first. He screamed, but it was a scream of joy. I went all the way in.

Only then, and only for a moment, did I remember Carla. I looked over at her.

If she was ever beautiful, or haughty, or scornful, she had lost it all. She only looked defeated. And she had put her clothes back on. An old, shapeless track suit. She sat over in the corner. And then I felt myself about to cum, and I forgot about her.

Afterwards, I took the deed and the keys out from under the pillow. I got up to leave, and Jim stood up with me.

We grabbed our clothes, didn’t even bothered to dress. We went down to the street. Two naked guys, one smooth, one hairy. Getting into a vintage Corvette convertible. And driving off.

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