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‘Research’ Project

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If she were going to learn more about herself, she was going to have to spend time with the man who knew her best. They talked, shared stories, laughs and even many moments of pain. He helped her through the toughest times she’s know in her life. What he wanted from her now, in exchange for their friendship was more than she could offer. It was not from reluctance, but from lack of knowledge. He wanted her to tell him exactly what she wanted from a man sexually. She was a novice. In her mind, she could express a fantasy. In actuality, she had no living proof that the fantasies would or could result in the orgasm he wanted for her.

They sat one night and talked over a few drinks. Unfortunately he chose the drinks and it was one of the few to bring out the best in her. The best emotions, that is. She was trying to remember if she had ever told him rum did that, but could not bring up a memory of it. The conversation went on for more than an hour on the same topic still her answers did not change. She liked the way his tongue felt, and she enjoyed the way he sucked on her clit so gently but rougher as, or if, the situation warranted. He could please her any night of the week. The answers he wanted were deeper and more intricate.

They consumed more than their fair share of alcohol before getting in the limo they hired for the weekend. She hired it so they could travel anyplace and not worry about the driving. Being able to drink and travel was ideal as well. Since her memory was not too sharp tonight, they resorted to occupying themselves with a little petting and kissing and whatever else they could squeeze in during the rest of the fifteen minutes back to the hotel.

He helped her out of the car, collected her panties from the floor and stuffed them in his pocket. Their foreplay continued uninterrupted across the lobby, into the elevator, up the final few flights of stairs so he could get his exercise, and into their room. He let them in, carried her from this point to the bed. Throwing her into the overstuffed down comforter, she let out a playful scream and put her arms out to invite him to join her on top. He made sure she was properly covered when he tossed her, but she just flipped the hem of her skirt over her hips. It was a form fitting skirt and her feet could not possibly reach opposite corners of the bed if her thighs were restrained with a skirt.

He took one glance her way and made short time arriving face first between her legs. She reached for his cheeks and guided him. That knowing tongue of his pushed its way through her pussy lips. The feel was of a penis with a muscular control all its own. She screamed right Sex hikaye away at the sensations he was now triggering through her body. In her mind, she could visualize what he was doing. Only, she didn’t really know what it all looked like from his perspective. Maybe if she could watch him, he could help her know what he was asking.

Her mind shifted into a new paradigm altogether different than any in her experiences. She truly wanted to please this man, regardless of what it would take. So, in the shifting thoughts, her eyes grew wide and she clamped his face between her palms and brought him closer. At this point he was tongue-fucking her and she could not wait any more. She had to cum. “Fuck me hard, pleeeeaaaassse- fuck me!” She started to cum and as soon as she felt that hard fat cock of his press up to her slit and beyond, she gasped for what he thought might be her last breath. She threw her feet in the air as far apart as possible without them being tied to the headboard. He pumped her so hard and so deep that he even felt his head bumping inside her.

With every deep thrust, he grunted in that sexy way of his. He flattened himself on top of her, wrapped his arms under her and flipped so she could ride him. It was a position she enjoyed when he made her cum so hard and for so long. Just the practice of screwing her would make him cum. This was all about her tonight. It wasn’t often she’d let it be. So, tonight, she needed the top billing. The grinding she started on him was forcing his cock to explore every internal corner of her. The intensity of her orgasm changed to something more subdued. He could still feel the trembling and the internal muscles clamping down on his head as it rounded the bend for the G spot.

Seldom could a man get there with his cock, but he allowed her to get him there. When he made it, she would without a doubt let him know. He was a great man at following directions, especially those requiring him to be hands on. If her words did not tell him he hit it, her breathing, her lack of breathing, oh, so many indicators. He would just always know. And he’d feel like a King.

What he wanted to know now was how he could accomplish this orally.

They did not see one another for a few weeks. The separation was tearing on her and she knew nothing of how he was keeping himself busy. Those were the questions best not asked. He respected the distance and respected her privacy, but deep down he wanted another hotel stay.

Emily had been doing some research. Calling on an old friend who always seemed to be there, they finally connected. She never really anticipated Sex hikayeleri such an adventure this weekend but was ready for anything. Alexis was on the crazier side of life.

Alexis opened the door and let her in. They embraced in a hug, just as always. Their fingers locked into one another and Alexis began the introductory tour of her new apartment. They walked from room to room, floor to floor together, connected at the hand. When it came time for the bedroom, she went into the far corner where the bathroom was. They gazed at the glass enclosed shower. Then they looked towards each other. A deep breath led them back to the bedroom.

Alexis pointed out the queen sized bed, mentioning it would be a sufficient size if she wanted to stay there, as it’s more comfortable than the futon. It was decided at that point, she’d stay in the bed with Alexis.

Emily happened not to pack anything besides the T-shirt she normally slept in, forgetting it was worn thin and kind of short too for company. No options were offered since Alexis didn’t sleep in anything more fancy than that anyway.

They went downstairs and prepared a great dinner, poured some wine and chatted about men. By the end of dinner and the end of the second bottle, conversation shifted to women. Sharing a little known detail, they confessed an attraction to one another. Not knowing where to begin, they figured a bath would be a good place to start, since it may be just like a hot tub. Once shoulder deep, they settled into the comfort of the secure feeling bubbles.

Beneath the bubbles, however…their hands were the first parts to connect. Holding hands underwater was a safe start, but it quickly became more. Alexis was the first to move towards feeling one another’s buoyant breasts. The feeling was better than expected. The more tender caring touch of a woman’s hand actually felt different than a man’s grip. They each immediately realized everything else may be just as good or better. Holding hands became holding the other’s pussy and finding that water really isn’t as slick as you’d believe it to be. Alexis “swam” over and glided her legs against Emily’ and stopped when she straddled her lap. After a brief staring contest, the first kiss began. It was awkward, but engaging at the same time.

They got out of the tub quicker than anticipated. Warm towels waited for them on the heating rack. They dried, then wrapped themselves, and headed to the bed. Alexis dropped her towel and slid under the covers, holding the other side up for Emily to climb right in. Slowly, almost hesitantly she climbed into bed with Alexis. Upon Ensest hikayeler her approval, Alexis ducked under the sheets and made her way to Emily’s hot, still-wet pussy.

They were both nervous about this first-time woman on woman experience. In very few minutes, they forgot how uncomfortable they thought they were supposed to be. The feeling of a woman’s mouth on her clit, sucking and licking and teasing her was different somehow. No words to describe why it was not the same. The lapping was all right. The attention was incredible. Just before Emily came, Alexis slithered up along Emily’s body, pressing her hard nipples against her bare skin all the way. When their lips met in another kiss, Alexis tipped on her back.

Without any prodding or encouragement, Emily took a turn at pleasing a woman. She thought Alexis may have done this before but Emily had not. She felt awkward. But she knew that it was all going to be alright. Alexis had a way of making her comfortable even in the worst situations. And this was far from worst. Emily took a deep breath and slid between the sheets on her way to the magic garden that waited for her to explore. Alexis guided her through it. Every move of a finger or of her tongue was orchestrated. Wherever Alexis placed her fingertip, Emily followed with the tip of her tongue. Alexis took Emily’s hand and placed it on her cunt. They replicated one another’s fingering motions and probings, bringing one another to a fantastic orgasm.

Just as they settled out of it, they began another approach to try new ways of knowing what was going to work when Emily got back to her man. Alexis spun around in the bed and they were about to engage in their first 69 encounter with a pussy as the giving and receiving end. The beauty in this for Emily was that when she felt Alexis do something enjoyable, she could ask for more details on what she did. They threw the covers on the floor, lit a few more candles and watched it all in the mirrors. By the time the fifth orgasm ended, Emily was ready for another round with a long hard penetrating cock.

The ladies fell asleep in short time and woke to blaring sunlight pushing through the blinds. After a great breakfast and a walk around the neighborhood, Emily headed home. The goodbye kiss became an unspoken invitation to return for more training anytime…and bring a friend if she wants.

When Emily got back to her man, he did not expect she had been on an information seeking journey. She didn’t tell him in so many words, but her new-found knowledge was a great coincidence. He was excited even to fantasize that the two women got it on out there.

She told him where to touch her. She was seeming to enjoy his abilities more thoroughly and she felt an inner peace with his endless attention to her pleasure. Orgasm after orgasm, he wanted to join her next limo ride to see Alexis again.

Another first, she took him and the three shared her new king size bed.

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