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Rescuing Jeannie

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Julie watched with detached curiosity as the little drama played out in the park. It was about four o’clock on a balmy, breezy spring afternoon and the ducks and geese were gliding to and fro on the pond, looking for handouts from the park’s occasional visitor. Julie wasn’t interested in them just now, as her attention was on the young couple on the other side of the pond who seemed to be having a doozy of an argument.

She watched as the young man yelled his head off at the girl, who was yelling back at him tearfully. Julie was far enough away that she couldn’t hear exactly what was being said, but she could tell the girl was crying and very upset. She could also see that she was very pretty, with dark reddish-brown hair hanging free just below her shoulders, wearing a tiny beige corduroy miniskirt and a pink tank top with spaghetti straps that showed off her admirable figure quite well. Julie tried to put any lustful thoughts about the young lady out of her mind, as she didn’t appear to be of age and also apparently had a boyfriend.

Just then, something happened in the little drama on the other side of the manmade lake that changed Julie from an interested observer into a participant. The young man, probably at least six feet four and two hundred pounds, was grabbing the girl’s arm and trying to drag her toward the parking lot. The girl was resisting, crying, and Julie could hear her pleas to him to leave her alone. At that point, Julie was on her feet and running, dressed in skin-tight jeans and tube top, to the other side of the water as fast as she could. She couldn’t just sit there and let God-knows-what happen to the girl, and as she ran around the pond, she saw the boy reach out and slap the girl across the face so hard she sprawled backwards into the duckshit-caked grass.

Julie was furious. She had been in an abusive relationship and she couldn’t let this go on. Her anger overrode her fear as she ran up and threw herself on the stranger, all five-and-a-half feet of her unleashing her rage on him.

“YOU FUCKING BASTARD! YOU GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE NOW BEFORE I KICK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!” Julie screamed, pummeling the boy, who began to shrink back in fear and confusion. Finally he tried to regain a little control, and took a swipe at Julie.

“This is none of your goddam business, lady,” he panted as he tried to dodge Julie’s flying fists.

“I’m making it my business, punk, now hit the fucking road before I call the cops on your ass!”

The mention of the cops seemed to have an impact, because he backed off and started heading for the parking lot. “Jeannie, you comin’ or what?” he said as he slunk of to his car.

“Fuck no she’s not going anywhere with your sorry ass!” Julie yelled at him. “Just leave! NOW!”

The young man got to his car and turned to have the last word. “This ain’t over, bitch,” he said to the young lady.

At this point, Julie had had enough. She yelled at him, “It’s over, asshole! My brother Jim is a deputy sheriff, and believe me, he’s gonna hear about you.”

With that, the young punk got a look of fear on his face and jumped into his car, fired it up and squealed out of the parking lot.

With him dealt with, Julie turned her attention to the young girl, still sitting in the filthy grass, her head in her hands, crying her eyes out.

Julie knelt down and held out her hand. “Jeannie?” she said quietly. “It’s OK, sweetheart, he’s gone. Let me help you up.”

Jeannie looked up at Julie with tears streaming from her eyes, and Julie saw a horrible bruise on the right side of her face where the punk had hit her.

“Jeannie, it’s OK, really, I’m here to help you. You’ve been hurt. Come on, take my hand.”

The girl took her offered hand and stood up, looking at Julie with a look of utter helplessness and despair. The back of her tiny skirt, as well as the back of her legs, was covered in duck excrement, her face was bruised, hair disheveled—in short, she was a mess. Julie understood that look, that emotion that Jeannie was imparting, and instinctively held out her arms to the younger girl, who collapsed into them.

“It’s OK, really. I’m gonna help you, Jeannie. My name’s Julie, and I’ll make sure you get home OK. Can you walk all right?”

“Yes,” the girl sobbed in Julie’s arms, “but I can’t go home, not like this.”

“How old are you, sweetie?” Julie asked.

“I just turned twenty-one, but I still live with my parents. I can’t let them see me like this—they warned me about Rob but I didn’t listen, now their just gonna gloat and say I told you so.”

Julie felt a stirring, a longing, in her loins. This attractive, seemingly unattached young lady was over eighteen, actually not too much younger than she was. And she was in need of a friend right now.

“Come on, then, we’ll go to my place. It’s just down the street,” Julie said. “We’ll get you cleaned up and get some ice on that bruise, and you can tell me all about that bastard.”

“Thanks,” Jeannie said, her tears subsiding as she pulled away from Julie. “Thanks a lot, but I don’t want to get this duck crap all over your car.”

“Not to worry,” Julie said as she walked over to her little sedan and popped güngören eskort bayan open the trunk. “I have a couple of old beach towels I keep back here for emergencies just like this.” She pulled out a ragged old towel and opened the passenger side door of the car, and threw it across the seat. “There you go, go ahead and have a seat.”

Jeannie plopped herself down inside the car, and Julie started it up and drove out of the parking lot up the street toward her condo.

“You think he’s waiting out there somewhere for us?” Jeannie asked fearfully.

“Not if he wants to keep his balls, he’s not,” Julie shot back.

That made Jeannie laugh. “How did you get to be so tough?” she asked.

“I’m not, really, but I lived with an asshole like that for a year-and-a-half. Finally had enough of him, hit him in the face with a hot frying pan one night. He was screaming about calling the cops and all that, I told him go ahead, my brother will want to see all the bruises you put on me, and guess who’ll wind up going to jail? After that, I threw him out. He left, I guess he found some other poor dumb broad to terrorize.”

“Your brother really is a cop, then?” Jeannie asked.

“Yup. On the SWAT team, too. Real hardass. Has punks like that for breakfast.”

“I guess I’m lucky you were there today, Julie,” Jeannie said. “You saved my ass.”

I hope I get to have a little piece of that ass, Julie thought to herself as she pulled into the driveway of her condo complex. “Here we are, my little corner of paradise,” she said as she pulled into her carport.

Julie got out and opened the door for Jeannie, and helped her out of the car. “Keep that old towel wrapped around you so that you don’t get that crap all over the house,” Julie said as she led her up the walkway to her front door. She opened it and invited Jeannie inside.

The house was immaculate, with hardwood floors covered with throwrugs, a cozy living room with an old-fashioned fireplace complete with a hearth and mantle, and tasteful antique furniture.

“You place is gorgeous,” Jeannie said with admiration.

“I’m a buyer for an antique firm, so I get some pretty good deals for myself. Now let’s see about getting you cleaned up.”

Julie led her into the master bedroom, where a king-size bed covered with a luxurious, home-made quilt was the centerpiece, then into the master bathroom. There was a huge shower with multiple heads, and a separate sunken bathtub complete with Jacuzzi jets. Jeannie had never seen anything so fancy in a bathroom, except in home and garden magazines.

“What can I say, I like water,” Julie said as she saw Jeannie’s reaction to the bathroom. She began running warm water into the immense tub. “I love taking showers and long, hot baths. To me, this is one of the main rooms of the house.”

“I can see that,” Jeannie giggled. It was the first time Julie had seen her smile, and it was breathtaking. Jeannie’s whole face lit up and got ten times more beautiful, even with that bruise on it. The bruise!

“Oh my God, I have to go get some ice for your face! Look, you get outta those clothes and I’ll put them through a wash cycle. Go take a quick shower to get all that crap offa you, then jump into the tub and have a nice soak. You’ll feel a lot better after that. I’m gonna get you some ice.”

Julie leaned down and shut off the taps at the tub, then left, and Jeannie was alone in the bathroom. She liked this strange girl who had come to her rescue and chased off that big bully, Rob. Jeannie began to peel off her dirty clothes, and thought about Julie, how she seemed tough but pretty at the same time. Julie had long, raven black hair and olive skin, in contrast to her own light coloring, and had a toned, lean body that she obviously took care of. The thing that struck Jeannie the most about Julie, however, was her electric blue eyes, and the way they looked at her as if they could see into her soul. As Jeannie entered the shower and opened the taps, she thought about how Julie had held her, and how good and comforting it felt to be held by her. She actually thought she might be slightly attracted to Julie, but quickly dismissed the thought. “I’m not a lesbian,” she said to herself as the water from the shower heads sluiced over her and cleaned off the filth and dirt from the park.

Julie appeared at the doorway, holding a plastic ice pack. “Here’s your ice, you can hold it to the side of your face while you soak in the tub. If you want the Jacuzzi on, just twist the timer switch on the wall there to the right,” she said.

Jeannie shut off the shower and stepped out. “What? I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you with the water running.”

Julie was momentarily taken aback by the unabashedness of this young girl, and by her beauty. Her body was lithe, a dancer’s body, but at the same time she had nice, firm, rounded breasts, their nipples at attention in the cool air. Her pubic area had obviously been waxed, her pussy clean-shaven. Julie suddenly wanted her, wanted her more than she had wanted anyone in her life, but she knew she had to be careful and move slowly if she was to have any chance with this girl at all.

“I said I have şişli bayan escort your ice pack here, and you should hold it on your face while your soaking in the tub. I don’t know how much good it will do now, since it’s been so long since your little mishap. You want the Jacuzzi on?”

“Oh, yes, please, I love that,” Jeannie said as she exited the shower and stepped daintily into the sunken tub. Julie went over to the wall switch and turned it on.

“I set it for thirty minutes, if you need more time just twist it over to the right,” Julie said, trying to act cool and nonchalant in front of this nude vision before her. “I’m gonna run your stuff through the washer and dryer, so when you get home it will be like nothing ever happened. ‘Cept for that bruise, of course, but maybe we can work on that with some make-up a little later.”

Jeannie looked up from the tub, the water joyously bubbling and frothing away, and said, “Thanks, Julie. Thanks so much. You’re a life-saver, really. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been there. I don’t know how I can ever repay you,” she said, her eyes tearing up.

I might be able to think of a way, Julie thought to herself, then said out loud, “It’s OK, Jeannie, don’t worry about it. I’m glad to help. Enjoy your bath.”

Julie abruptly left the room. This girl was making her absolutely horny, and she didn’t know what to do about it. She went to the laundry room with Jeannie’s clothes–her cute little skirt and tank top, and her sweet little red thong panty. Before she could stop herself, Julie had brought the thong up to her nose and inhaled deeply, savoring Jeannie’s musky scent. Realizing what she was doing, she quickly threw the undergarment into the washer along with the other items, blushing slightly at her action. At the same time, she was getting turned on, and she desperately wanted to make love to this girl—not just have sex, but make love, and show her how special one woman’s love for another could be.

Julie started the washer up and went to her bedroom. She peeled off her jeans and tube top, and stepped out of her panties, then went to the linen closet and grabbed two big, fluffy towels. She walked to the doorway of the bathroom with her towel wrapped modestly around her, and held out the other to Jeannie.

“Here’s a towel for you, Jeannie. If you don’t mind, I’m gonna just jump in the shower over there and clean myself off a little.”

Jeannie stood up in the tub and took the offered towel, hanging it on a bar near the tub. “I don’t mind at all, Julie,” she said, smiling as she sat back down in the Jacuzzi. “It’s your place, after all.”

“I know, but I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable,” Julie answered as she headed to the shower, removed her towel and turned on the water.

“I don’t feel uncomfortable around you at all,” Jeannie said.

Julie felt a twinge of lust and guilt, simultaneously, at the sound of the lovely girl’s voice. She busied herself with soaping up and lathering up her hair with shampoo.

“I’m starting to feel a lot better now, Julie,” Jeannie hollered over the sounds of the Jacuzzi and the shower running.

“That’s good, I’m glad to hear it,” Julie hollered back. “You’re gonna be just fine after this is all over, and maybe a little wiser too.”

Something struck Jeannie all of a sudden, call it intuition or deductive reasoning, but she had been thinking about Julie, how protective of her she had been, how Julie had looked at her, how she didn’t seem to have a boyfriend, her exterior toughness, and that feeling she had gotten when Julie held her. It didn’t frighten her, this intuitive feeling. It fascinated her, and even excited her a little. She thought Julie was very pretty and a very warm, compassionate person, and began to wonder what it would be like to be with her…in THAT way. Certainly better than it was with Rob, who was only out for himself and had never once given her an orgasm.

Jeannie began to feel a tiny bit aroused as she thought of Julie holding her, gently touching and kissing her. She began to tingle between her legs at the thought of the two of them in bed together, naked, holding each other and kissing, the way she had done with Rob and her other boyfriends in the past. She imagined Julies smooth, olive skin brushing against hers as their lips pressed against each other’s, and thought that it would be much more pleasant that Rob’s hairy, sweaty body grunting and heaving against her until he spilled his load and got up for another smoke and a beer.

She heard Julie shut off the water and open the shower door, and there she was, standing in front of her, her towel again wrapped modestly around her.

“I’m gonna run to the laundry room and throw you stuff in the dryer. It should be done by now,” Julie said, trying to sound casual as she tried not to stare too hard at Jeannie.

“OK, I shouldn’t be too much longer in here,” Jeannie said.

“Take your time,” Julie called as she left through the master bedroom and headed to the laundry room.

When she got there, Julie took Jeannie’s wet clothes out of the washer and threw them into the dryer, and as she did that she realized Jeannie’s esenler eskort bayan clothes weren’t the only things that were wet. Julie was becoming enormously turned on by her new houseguest, and was having increasing feelings of desire and lust for her. She started the dryer, then let her towel fall to the floor. Standing there naked, still damp from her shower, Julie slightly parted her legs and let her hand slowly run down her belly to her womanhood, and began to gently stroke her clit with one finger. Her wetness surprised her as her juices coated her finger, and she inserted it into her and began to slowly, gently finger-fuck herself.

Julie pumped her fingers into her faster now, and added a third one, her pelvis thrusting so hard the dryer was bumping into the back wall. Julie was oblivious, her mind in another place as her three fingers rammed in and out of her, over and over again. All she wanted was Jeannie, to feel her, smell her, taste her, make her come….

Suddenly, Julie’s orgasm hit, and hit hard. She bit her lower lip to keep from crying out, but a low, guttural moan managed to escape her as she came, her body wracked with the spasms of a tremendous climax. Her pussy released a load of cum all over her hand, running down her legs onto the floor as Julie leaned back farther, her head almost touching the top of the dryer. Her body writhed in ecstasy as wave after wave flooded her with pure pleasure. Her moans were loud, even though she was trying to stifle them. Her fingers continued to work inside her as her climax peaked, then began to ease off.

After another minute or so, it was all over. Julie let herself sink down into a sitting position on the floor, her legs splayed in front of her, completely wrung out. She relaxed, and took deep breaths to slow her breathing down. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her, and that she had been so turned on that she had to masturbate at the risk of being caught by the object of her fantasy. I’ve got it really bad for this one, she thought to herself.

After a few more minutes, she got up and toweled herself off, threw the towel in the hamper, then headed back for her bedroom. She heard the Jacuzzi still bubbling away as she went to her bureau and pulled out a tiny red, lacy baby-doll nightie with a matching G-string panty and put them on. The nightie had a plunging neckline that could hardly hold in her straining breasts, a hemline that almost showed the crotch of her panties, and an open back held together with tiny spaghetti straps.

She walked over to her vanity and grabbed her hair dryer, and quickly brushed out and dried her long, black hair. She expected Jeannie to come walking out of the bathroom any minute, but she never did, apparently really enjoying the Jacuzzi. Julie finished drying her hair, then grabbed her makeup kit and put on some eyeliner, blush and lipstick. She stood up and looked at herself in her full-length mirror approvingly.

By then, the dryer had finished so Julie went to the laundry room and got Jeannie’s clothes. She carefully folded them and carried them back to the master bath, where Jeannie was finally finishing up. The Jacuzzi was silent, and she could hear the sound of water draining.

“Here are your clothes, good as new,” Julie called out to Jeannie through the partially closed bathroom door.

“Thanks, Julie, I’ll be right there,” Jeannie said, sounding a little out of breath.

What Julie didn’t know was that while she was getting herself off in the laundry room, Jeannie had been having some urges of her own. Jeannie had been thinking about the events of the afternoon, and had continued her daydreaming about Julie holding her, the two of them naked and turned on, kissing each other all over….and she found her hand between her legs then, moving, rubbing, vibrating over her pussy, and she began to undulate her body with her hand, there in the warm, bubbling water. Her breathing got faster and more labored as she stimulated herself further, and she had laid back in the tub and spread her legs wide apart, bracing her feet on the tiled wall as she rubbed her clit harder and faster. Her mind was filled with thoughts of Julie, how her lips would feel brushing against her pussy, how her erect nipples would feel pressed against her own as they held one another in a passionate lovers embrace and kissed.

Jeannie was so turned on and caught up in her fantasy that she had not worried about what would happen if Julie walked in on her. She could hear a hair dryer going in the bedroom, just on the other side of the door, and knew she was taking a risk. If Julie had discovered her little solo tryst, Jeannie figured she probably would have just yelled out, “Take me, take me now!” and that thought turned her on even more. Her pelvic thrusts were causing the water to start sloshing around to the point where some of it was spilling out onto the floor, but she didn’t care, she was close to coming. And then, there it was, an orgasm so powerful she bit down on her hand and almost drew blood to keep from screaming out. It caught her off guard, sweeping through her relentlessly as the water sloshed and bubbled around her. She wanted to cry out, to yell Julie’s name as she came, but she didn’t dare. She still wasn’t quite sure if Julie leaned that way and she didn’t want to embarrass herself. Eventually, her climax died out, leaving her flushed and out of breath, then she heard Julie approaching and calling out to her from the other side of the door.

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