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Requiem For A Gaming Chair

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Hey all, first story on here. Hoping to upload more in the future. Let me know what you think, and ideas for what to write next.

Kinks: Femboy, Futanari, Ass Expansion, Hyper, Excessive Cum, Multiple Orgasms, and violence towards gaming chairs.


As Lex leaned back in his creaking gaming chair, he was reminded of its former glory.

He found the massive seat at the PC store he frequented, coming every few months to fix or upgrade a part of his desktop rig. When he first laid eyes on it, its neon green accents nearly made his eyes cross, and his black painted nails vanished into the supple leather cushions. It was love at first sight, even if the price tag made him sweat. Thankfully, the salesperson who sold it to him recalled an obscure discount after some nonverbal persuasion on Lex’s part – after a tactful tucking of his curly black hair behind his ear and a precise batting of his long, black eyelashes, he got it half off at the register. Or maybe the cashier input the number wrong; Lex’s toned abs overtly exposed by his baggy, cutoff hoodie could be somewhat distracting.

Now, however, his chair was a shadow of its former glory. The cushions were littered with cracks and splits, the bent wheels barely rolled, and the height adjustment column had long since given out, making Lex appear even smaller at his long, black desk. He was never insecure about his hard-earned 5 feet of height (he was actually 4’10” but would never admit it), and his feet could actually rest on the high-pile carpet below him now. Even still, Lex couldn’t help but feel a bit morose. Thankfully, he had just the solution for that. With great effort, he scooted the heavy seat backwards and stood up, grabbing his phone.

“Thank you for calling Eckle’s X-Tra Pizza, what can I get for you?”

“Hey Jess! It’s Lex.”

“O-oh, hey Lex! What’s up? Looking to pick up a shift today?”

“You wish, dork. I’m thinking of cashing in my free employee pies tonight.”

“Haha, gotcha. Let me check which ones you’ve got the points for…hey, looks like you’re just in time. Looks like your points expire tomorrow.”

“Wait, they expire? What the hell?”

“Take it up with corporate. Regardless, looks like you’ve got enough for two XL Pepperonis, 2XL cheese…Ooo, even the XL Jalapeno Hell. More than a few free drinks too. What are you thinking?”

“Hm…I dunno, they all sound good. Wish I could’ve gotten some of these earlier.”

“Hey, something similar happened to Chen, you know. He ended up ordering them all same night and just refrigerating ’em. Bastard set us back 7 orders, haha.”

“Oh, really? You guys made all those for him in one night?”

“…Hey Lex, uh, it’s 5. People are gonna start coming in for dinner soon, and…”

“Aww, Jess, please? Pretty please? I can take your next shift!”

“It’s not just my shift, Lex. All the kitchen staff are -“

“I’ll wear the crop top again~.”

“…F-fine. You still owe me.”

“Thanks, dork. See you Tuesday.”

While Lex waited for his food to arrive, he got to work setting the mood for the night. He changed into some comfortable clothes, a stretchy white tank top that clung to his chest and some baggy black sweatpants with nothing beneath them, letting his crotch breathe easy too. While he liked the way skinny jeans showed off the rounded bulge between his legs, it wasn’t as nice as letting his soft pale golf balls swing freely. Lex cranked the speakers of his gaming rig and started playing some kick-drum heavy house music, making his apartment vibrate as his hips swayed to the beat. His pants drifted from side to side around his skinny legs, reminding him of the squats he swore to do as his new year’s resolution. He never did, and it was already August. Maybe next year.

An hour or so later, his doorbell rang. Sashaying over to the front door and opening it, Lex was greeted by a tall, lanky 20-something delivery girl covered in sweat, overburdened with pizza boxes and drink carriers. The smell of 5 different extra-large pizzas accompanied her.

“Hey Jess! You guys work fast.”

“Hey Lex. A hand, please?” Lex relieved Jess of her cargo and set the food and drink down on his desk, leaving her helplessly watching his slim, skinny figure dance-walk to and from the door, trying to keep her eyes off of his bouncing bulge.

“Thank you again, babe~. Wanna share these with me? Least I can do for ya.”

“Oh! Um, I, was working, and, uh,”

“Aw, come on, Jess! I’m all alone tonight, I could use the company.”

Jess bursa escort gulped. “I-I have more deliveries in the car. If Frankie finds out…”

Lex sighed. “Fine. I’ll leave the door unlocked in case you change your mind.” He winked, and shut the door, leaving Jess sweating for a different reason.

Lex sat back down in his dilapidated chair and popped open the first box of pizza. It was as if the overpowering scent of pepperoni and cheese were at war with the pounding music and rainbow lights of his gaming rig, each vying for the domination of his senses. It was the taste that eventually won, warm, hot mouthfuls of hot-and-ready goodness sliding down his throat like little bits of heaven, and bubbling sweet sodas to wash them down. Lex forgot how much he loved this stuff. His diet was typically one of protein and greens to keep his body lean, but pleasures like these were too enticing to turn down.

His tongue licked and worshiped the tip of every slice that graced his lips, savoring the salty flavor till he brought it into his mouth, filling his cheeks to bursting. Once he got going, it felt like he could barely stop, slice after slice dripping dollops of cheese onto his porcelain chin and filling his stomach with guilty pleasure. Lex barely had time to breathe as he choked down more soda, more pizza, eyes watering as he swallowed another wad of bread, meat and cheese. Only when his fingers scraped against the empty cardboard box could he bring himself to pause.

Lex let out a contented sigh as he leaned back in his chair, delicately licking and sucking the mess off his fingers with his drooling, pink tongue. This was the life. Grabbing a few napkins, he cleaned his desk and lap in preparation for the next pie. Spotting a stray shred of pepperoni on his thigh, he reached down to wipe it off, and encountered a strange…plush-ness. His upper leg was squishier than he remembered. At the same time, he felt his balls being squished on either side, and spread his legs a bit wider. Maybe all the free employee pizzas were getting to him.

Lex didn’t think too much of it. He drowned out the concerning thoughts with more slimy cheese, salty bread, and bubbly drink, bobbing his head to the music as white strands stretched out from his lips to every slice that met them. At the same time, he felt his seat become more uncomfortable, yet simultaneously softer. His legs were spread against the arms of the chair, and yet his balls still felt like they were being squeezed too tight. His baggy sweats seemed to rise to meet the crumbs and drops of soda that fell from Lex’s mouth, and he only noticed after pizza number two, still trying to get comfortable.

“What the hell is with this chair?” He mumbled to himself, shifting back and forth in it. Did something happen to the cushions? He wiped his fingers once more and started to get up, only to meet surprising resistance. His butt wouldn’t rise from the seat. Lex furrowed his brow and tried again, pushing down on the armrests with his hands. He grunted, and pushed, but still no luck. Maybe all that cheese glued me to the spot, Lex thought. One more try. He clenched his teeth, and summoned all of the strength his dainty arms could muster, and pushed. The chair creaked. Lex felt himself begin to rise. His thighs pressed against the armrests and –


Lex burst out of the chair, stumbling as momentum carried him forwards. Staggering upright, he looked back at his seat, and saw that the armrests had been bent outwards. Were they the culprit? Looking around the room for an explanation, his eyes landed on the full-length mirror beside his dresser. Staring back at him was what looked like the silhouette of a thin, athletic femboy with hips made from a pair of basketballs. Basketballs that jiggled and swayed. Basketballs that seamlessly transitioned into thick, meaty thighs that constantly rubbed against one another. Basketballs that his fingers sank into as he grabbed at them, thick enough to nearly split an armchair down the middle.

Lex immediately went to disrobe, pulling the waistband of the now-quite-snug sweats down and off his new juicy ass with difficulty. Once he finally pried them free, they bounced outwards and kept doing so for a good few seconds. He shook his hips back and forth, feeling and hearing his new giant asscheeks clap against each other. Lex couldn’t help but fondle himself – his thighs and butt were worlds softer than before, and even felt more sensitive, causing him to gasp and bite his smirking lip. He imagined how bursa escort bayan few of his outfits would fit now, and how many of them could rip open on the fly in front of co-workers. He imagined working delivery and feeling customers’ eyes glued to his ass while he walked back to his car. He imagined what eating the rest of the pizza would do.

Lex’s cock throbbed.

* * *

Jess splashed cold water on her face for the 5th time. Get it together, girl. She glared at her still-blushing cheeks in the bathroom mirror, taking deep breaths. Lex knew she had a crush on him, it was obvious. That wasn’t what she was worried about. She thought about the 5 pies now going cold in the back of her car, that would no doubt lead to a couple irate customers and a write-up or two. That also wasn’t what she was worried about. Jess took a step back from the counter and looked at herself. Her sweat stained yellow uniform’s blouse had become nearly transparent, not like her tanned D-cup cleavage and pointed nipples were leaving much to the imagination. Beneath that, her checkered skirt was currently being lifted high in the air by a throbbing, veiny, foot-long pillar of meat with a pair of tight, pulsing orange-sized testes beneath them. That…is what she was worried about. Letting him see her like this.

She still couldn’t get the image of him out of her head. She wrapped her hand around her shaft once more. That tight little top, his cruel little smirk. That little…little. God, he was so tiny and cute. She couldn’t help herself. He was already hot in his uniform, and to see him wearing anything less? It was torture. She started stroking again, feeling pre-cum drip through her skirt once more. Limping back over to the stall behind her, she started jacking off faster and groped at her chest, till her eyes rolled back and her muscled seized. Ropes of cum blasted onto the toilet and the walls and floor around it, glazing the area in delivery-girl baby batter. It was the fourth time she had done it, and it still wasn’t enough. Screw it. She had to unload it inside him.

Jess stormed out from the bathroom and marched up the apartment stairs, clutching her crotch in an attempt to make her raging erection less obvious. Leaving a light trail of pre-cum and sweat behind her, she headed back towards Lex’s abode. Meanwhile, Lex himself was in the process of stuffing his gullet with food, feeling warm crumbs and wet cheese fall onto his monstrous thighs, pressing up against the armrests once more. He massaged his balls and cock while doing so, picturing himself doing this while sitting atop someone’s face, smothering them beneath him. But who? Maybe Jess. She’d probably like it. Lex felt a wheel snap off of the chair beneath him, and imagined himself grinding on Jess’s blushing cheeks.

Jess crept down the hallway, keeping her back to the wall in a vain attempt to hide. The music was still blaring from within Lex’s apartment. He must be awake. If not, well…Jess would wake him up. She had to. There was no other way. The noise drowned out her light moaning, and she began to stroke her shaft once more upon seeing the door. On the other side, Lex downed a large soda and two slices without even taking a breath between them. God, he wished he could be swallowing cum instead. His dick wouldn’t stop throbbing. His balls grew tighter, as did his thighs against the armrests. The chair’s dying, groaning creaks fell on deaf ears. The seat was buckling. The column was snapping. Screws burst off one by one.

Jess threw open the door. Lex turned in shock. The chair crumpled to the side.

All three of them finally burst.

Jess braced herself against the doorframe as her monster cock shot rope after rope of thick, slimy sperm onto Lex’s carpet; she shambled inwards and fought against her fifth orgasm of the night as the tried to shut the door behind her. The now bottom-heavy boy’s smaller dick erupted similarly, splattering the black wooden desk and its rainbow lights with pearly, shiny cum, coating the empty pizza boxes and his burgeoning thighs alongside it. Simultaneously, the chair beneath him exploded, its back flying behind him as its arms pinged off to the sides. The seat ripped in half and its support column crumpled as its star base bent to the left, tipping Lex and his now yoga ball-sized waist onto the floor.

For a few moments, there was nothing but the blaring beats and the quiet panting of the two in the apartment. They slowly pulled themselves out of orgasmic bliss and finally escort bursa locked eyes with each other. Jess’s jaw dropped at Lex’s new figure, who was now lying on his chest with an ass the size of a beanbag chair, gently swaying in the air. Her mind couldn’t parse how or why Lex’s butt had suddenly become nearly as wide as he was tall, but…she realized she didn’t mind him not being ‘little’ in some areas. She actually really, really liked it. Lex, near-helpless under the weight of his new titanic assets, stared up at her in turn. He caught his breath, and spoke.

“H…hey Jess. Uh…wanna…fuck me in the ass?”

Jess nodded.

Gaining a second wind from the offering, she dashed across the space between them and got behind Lex’s mountainous behind, going on her knees. Gripping one cheek in each hand, she clapped them together with momentous force. She couldn’t help herself. She buried her face in his left and teased it with her mouth, licking and biting the pale, warm skin. Lex moaned out from beneath, and felt his cock re-erect against the soft, shag carpet. Jess teased his right cheek as well, then tensed her muscles as she forced them apart, exposing the tight, pink asshole beneath. She forced her tongue inside it as Lex’s cheeks swallowed her body, an experience very pleasurable to the both of them. Lex did his best to grind against Jess’s face, and already felt himself getting exhausted from having to move his waterbed butt. It wasn’t like he minded being helplessly used, however.

Jess wriggled her thick tongue around Lex’s hot, vice-like insides while slapping his ass like the bitch he was, occasionally on-beat with the music around them. Once she finally pulled herself free from between the two massive marshmallows, she forced them apart once more, and positioned her fist-sized cockhead at his entrance.

“Unf~ Christ Jess, what did you eat to get a dick like that?”

“Shut the fuck up, slut.” Jess slammed her pelvis in between Lex’s cheeks, hilting herself in a single thrust. They both shuddered and moaned together. Jess was the first to regain her speech. “I’m gonna show you what happens when you tease me.”

“Oh, please do~!” Lex gripped the carpet tightly as he felt Jess pull out, then slam into his ass once more. Every time she rammed into his immense, wiggling mounds, it sounded like someone belly flopping into a pool, and Lex felt his whole body rock back and forth with every thrust. “Fuck my fat fucking ass Jess! God!”

Jess ripped off her blouse as she started plowing him harder, letting her own bouncy bits join the fun. She teased and pulled on her nipples when she wasn’t clawing at Lex’s cheeks, desperately trying to swallow her whole between them. Her dangling balls, slapping against his engorged taint, grew tighter as well. Lex’s cock, grinding against the floor, started fountaining out pre-cum which immediately soaked into the threads of the carpet and ensured the place would smell like sex for weeks. He let out a loud, feminine shriek. “Fuck! Yes, yes, Jess! I’m gonna cum!” He felt Jess’s cock vein swell, and Jess felt Lex’s confines clamp down around her cock. “God, yes! Take it, Lex! Take it all you fucking bitch!”

It was the greatest orgasm the two had ever had. Jess felt her white creamy fluid rocket out into Lex’s ass, and Lex in turn felt it flood his insides. He felt his own sticky seed throb out from beneath his vast hips, a spreading dark stain that spread out from under them. Jess’s eyes twitched with every pulse of her dick, and Lex’s tongue lolled out from his mouth as saliva dripped from his tongue and onto the floor. Cum coated every inch of Lex’s insides and overflowed out from his tight pink hole, drenching Jess’s crotch in her own fluids as it joined Lex’s cum in the carpet. They both screamed till their throats were hoarse, and transitioned to a gasping groaning and moaning.

Once Jess could finally pull out, she coated Lex’s cheeks with another 6 ropes of splooge as excess seeped out from his cheeks. Body now spent and wavering, she fell backwards to the floor, feeling the cum puddle slowly reach her body as she drifted in and out of consciousness. Lex didn’t even have the chance to fight against it, his ass pinning him to the floor and ensuring he’d spend the night face down in a carpet full of sperm.

The next day, Frankie, Jess and Lex’s manager, would call the two of them a total of 13 times, desperate to know what had happened to the 5 other pizzas Jess needed to deliver last night. Each of these calls went straight to voicemail, and were listened to with glee by Lex and Jess while they ate pizzas in question. Jess didn’t seem to have much of an appetite, even when Lex offered to share: But after he explained the events of last night, Jess insisted that Lex could eat as much as he wanted to.

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