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Ren – Shades of Grey

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‘The mongrel shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it!’ Ren thought angrily as he got onto his bike. He kicked the motor to life and eased the Triumph out of the shed and headed down the road. He was aware of someone not to far behind him on their bike as he sped along but he was not in the mood to slow down and let whoever it was catch up with him.

The powerful bike ate up the road easily until he could see the lights of a town up ahead. Deciding he needed more distance behind him he kept riding and headed for the next town along the highway. As the worst of his temper cooled he eased back on the throttle and reduced speed to allow the rider behind him to come along side, a quick glance told him it was his best mate Brad.

As they approached the town Ren took the lead and headed for a quiet pub at the far end of town. He led the way around the back of the pub and rode back to the main street to park in front of the pub so his bike would be in full view from the doorway. He took his helmet and driving gloves off as he stepped up onto the sidewalk and paused in front of the doorway.. He waited several seconds for Brad to catch up to him and then the two men walked into the pub.

They made their way to the poolroom out the back of the pub and looked around with interest. It was a Friday night and there was a local pool competition that was held weekly in the pub. Both men made their way to where a man was taking names and a twenty-dollar entry fee and entered the competition.

“I’m gonna get a cold one, want one?” Brad asked Ren.

“Make mine a bourbon and coke.” Ren said as he looked around the room to get the layout of the place. There were three pool tables in the back half of the room, several small tables scattered across the front of the room and long benches placed around the side and back walls. A jukebox stood to one side and Ren walked over to check out the music selection on it. Seeing it had a few songs on it he didn’t mind he decided he might play a song or two later.

“One bourbon and coke as ordered.” Brad said handing him a cold can and giving the jukebox an uninterested glance.

“There’s some real talent out in the bar. A couple of brunettes.” Brad said after taking a deep drink of his rum and coke.

When Ren didn’t reply Brad knew his friend had his mind elsewhere.

The guy who had been taking entries for the pool competition announced that entries had closed and the first round draw would be done so the comp could start. Names were drawn out of a plastic bucket and soon the first two games were under way and the names of players were written onto a blackboard to show who played against who.

Brad found himself playing against a pimply-faced teenager, who looked barely old enough to be allowed in the pub. The teenager was busy trying to impress a girl dressed in a top that showed most of her stomach; jeans that looked as if they had been painted on and boots with six inch high heels.

Brad gave her an appreciative look as he walked past her.

“Looking good tonight.” He whispered near her ear as he passed her.

“My name’s Brad. What’s yours?”

The girl blushed a bright red and giggled nervously as she flashed him a quick look. She couldn’t help noticing that her boyfriend looked unimpressive across the pool table compared to the tall well-built biker clad in leather. She noted that Brad had broad shoulders that filled out his jacket giving the impression of muscle while his waist was trim and his hips lean; his thick hair was dark with a slight wave, one lock falling over his forehead James Dean style. He was quite handsome with dark eyes, a rugged face and a smile that flashed white teeth.

“Tania!” Her boyfriend snapped jealously, annoyed that she was clearly admiring the big biker.

Tania hurried around the table to stand behind her boyfriend. Brad winked at her across the table and she blushed once again. Tania glanced at the second biker who stood near the wall at one end of the table watching as his friend played his game of pool. He had blonde hair, short at the front over his forehead and shaved just above his ears. The top and back was long and pulled back in a ponytail at the back. She realised he was watching her and she blushed deeply as she looked away coyly. When she glanced back he was watching her with an amused half smile framed by a neatly trimmed goatee. His unusually clear green eyes had a twinkle of humour in them.

‘Oh my gosh!’ Tania thought as she realised that he looked like a blonde version of Colin Farrell, the star of the movie The Recruit. The blonde guy had a presence that drew her eye. He was definitely one of the most handsome and sexy men she had ever seen.

Tania realised she had been staring when he raised one eyebrow and tilted his head to the side in silent inquiry. She turned away in embarrassment and moved back to sit down on the bench behind her. She kept her attention on the game in front of her and realised that the biker playing against her boyfriend was a much bahis şirketleri better pool player than her boyfriend. She glanced across at his friend and saw he had a preoccupied look with faint frown lines between his eyebrows as if something was troubling him deeply, she looked away and curled her hands into fists in her lap as she suppressed the urge to walk over to him and smooth the lines away.

“Damn he’s a good player!” Tania’s boyfriend exclaimed when he came to sit beside her after loosing the game.

Brad walked over to where Ren stood watching the game at the other two tables.

“Your shout.” Brad told him.

“Same again?” Ren asked with a quick glance.

“Yeah, and check to see if they are still doing the counter lunches.” Brad told him.

Ren headed out to the main bar. He smiled at the woman behind the bar who took his drinks order and watched her chatting to an old guy who was clearly a well-known regular. When she returned with his drinks she smiled apologetically.

“Sorry I took so long but ..”

“No need to explain. I aint the only customer in here.” Ren said with a grin.

“So just the drinks?” she asked.

Ren glanced down at the name embroidered on her bar shirt.

“Any chance that the lunches are still going Jody? That is your name isn’t it?” Ren asked with his sexy half smile.

“Yes, that’s me, Jody. And lunches are available for another half hour. What would you like?” Jody asked handing him a laminated menu.

“I’m Gabriel Renford, Renagade or Ren to my friends. And can I have two steak sandwiches with chips. One medium rare, one well done.” Ren decided after a quick glance at the lunch menu.

“Anyone ever tell you that you look like Colin Farrell?” Jody asked with a cheeky grin knowing it was probably something he heard regularly.

“Oh maybe a time or two.” Ren treated her to his sexy half smile as he handed over money to pay for the drinks and food.

Jody laughed as she made change.

“I’ll be out the back in the poolroom.” Ren said as he turned to leave.

“Good luck!” Jody called after him.

In the poolroom Ren found he still had a bit of a wait before his game would be on, so he and Brad settled at one of the small tables to wait for their meals.

“Think I might hang around town for a day or two, chill out some.” Brad said.

Ren glanced his way but remained silent. Brad was well aware of what was eating at his friend causing the brooding look and preoccupied air. Ren was worrying about the girlfriend of one of their friends and the way their friend was mistreating her.

“The girl with the kid I played looks like she might like some action.” Brad remarked.

Ren glanced across where the girl sat with a group of other teenagers. She was sneaking glances towards him and Brad every so often.

“She looks a bit on the young side to what I like.” Ren said.

Brad was just about to make a remark about age not stopping Ren before but decided not.

“So they still doing lunches or do we got to go hunting a feed?” Brad asked.

“I ordered us steak sandwiches and chips. That ok by you?”

“As long as it’s food.” Brad agreed then turned his head to watch as three of the girls at the back of the room got up and headed towards the main bar in a group. He waited until they drew level with the table before letting out a long low wolf-whistle of appreciation as the girls walked by. One of them, a red head paused to look at both men. She ran bold eyes over them and gave them a saucy grin before following her friends. Soft giggles could be heard as they disappeared out of sight.

“Looks like this food arrived just in time to keep you two distracted.” Jody said as she walked to the table carrying two large plates of food.

“The well done one here thanks.” Ren said as he moved his chair back to give her room to pass Brad his plate. “By any chance is that you down for the last game in the first round?” Ren asked as her thigh brushed his as she passed Brad his plate of food.

“Yes, sure is. My shift ends in about twenty minutes.” Jody confirmed then added with a smile. “If you’re lucky I might let you buy me a drink.”

Brad laughed softly as he glanced at his friend.

“I’m Brad by the way.”


“Yeah, might buy you a drink or two.” Ren agreed as he smiled, Jody wasn’t overly attractive and her body was average but she had an open and friendly smile with a charming way to her. Ren saw past the plain exterior to the attractiveness beneath.

“I’ll see you later then.” Jody agreed before heading back to the main bar.

“Hmm, she certainly has a bit more class then those young skinny pieces.” Brad commented.

“Shut up and let me eat before I have to play.” Ren said as he reached for the thick steak and salad sandwich.

When Ren was called to play his game he found his competition a guy about his own age of 32 who was a good pool player. Ren’s opponent won the toss to break and sunk a ball off the break, Ren watched as his bahis firmaları opponent set about sinking as many balls as possible. Finally with only one ball left before the eight ball he missed his shot and Ren got to have a go.

“That was some good shooting.” Ren remarked as he stepped past him to study the lay of the balls. He took his time lining up the first shot and then set about sinking his balls one after the other with precise shots, soon only his opponent’s ball and the eight ball was left and Ren sank the eight ball easily.

“Shit man, you’re hot today!” his opponent said as he shook his hand.

Ren walked over to where Brad was talking to the redhead that had eyed them off earlier.

“Another round?” Ren asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Brad glanced his way briefly not turning his attention away from what the girl was saying.

Ren headed out to the bar a second time.. This time Jody wasn’t to be seen but the guy behind the bar quickly got his drinks.

Ren wandered back into the poolroom and sat down a little way from where Brad was flirting with the girl. He watched the games being played and noticed that one of the players, a woman was darn good.

“Hey there. I must nearly be up.” Jody said as she walked up to the organiser of the competition. He turned around with a smile and they chatted for several minutes before Jody wandered over to where Ren was watching another player.

“That’s Mike. He generally wins when he’s entered in the comp.” Jody said quietly.

“He aint bad.” Ren said as he glanced at her and gave a faint nod.

Jody laughed softly at him and perched herself on the edge of the table. Ren looked her over noting that she had changed into comfortable jeans and a tight t-shirt that hugged her small breasts closely.

“So are you a local girl?” Ren asked.

“Born and raised just out of town. What about you? Moved here recently?” Jody asked curiously.

“Just passing through.”

“Oh okay.” Jody said trying not to sound disappointed.

Ren turned his head to look at her as he caught the faint trace of wistfulness in her voice.

“Looks like I got a game of pool to play!” Jody said brightly as she bounded to her feet, sent Ren a bright smile and headed off towards the table where the game of pool had just finished.

Ren lent back in his chair and watched as the game got under way. Both Jody and her opponent were good players but Ren’s eyes were on Jody as she moved around the table energetically. He couldn’t avoid noticing that she seemed to be well known amongst most of the players and seemed to be quite popular. He smiled to himself as she stopped with her back to his table and lent forward to make a shot giving him a good view of her nicely rounded butt. He shifted slightly in his chair as his body showed it’s interest in the view he had been offered. He was pleased when Jody made a tricky shot to sink the eight ball and win the game, and he gave her a wide smile as she walked towards him with a pleased smile.

“Nice shot to sink that eight ball.” Ren commented as she sat in the chair beside him.

“Thanks, I wasn’t too sure I could make it.” Jody admitted.

“I’m just glad you got to stick around.” Ren said as he looked at her meeting her eyes and then lowering his gaze to travel over her legs before meeting her eyes once again. Jody met his eyes boldly and settled back in her chair comfortably before turning her attention back to the pool tables.

They continued to watch the games as the afternoon crept on. Brad played again and went through to the next round as did Ren but Jody lost her game and came back to sit beside Ren. The late afternoon seemed to progress almost as fast as the games went and it was just on dark when the two semi finals were to be played. Brad against Cheryl, the red head Ren had noticed was a good player earlier, and Ren against Mike.

“How about a kiss for luck?” Ren asked as he got to his feet. Jody smiled and stood to kiss him lightly on the cheek. Ren gave a frustrated growl, caught the back of her head in one hand and pulled her close to kiss her on the mouth, his tongue plunging into her mouth to taste her.

“Wow.” Jody said softly as she watched Ren walk over to his game.

Jody watched as Ren won the game easily and returned to sit with her. Several minutes later Cheryl beat Brad.

“Tough luck mate.” Ren said as Brad walked over to the table to join them.

“Win some, lose some.” Brad said, unworried.

“Looks like I get to play with you.” Cheryl said suggestively as she walked over to where Ren, Brad and Jody were sitting.

“Well here’s to a good game of pool.” Ren said smoothly as he got to his feet, he paused to look down at Jody.

“Don’t I get a good luck kiss this time?” He asked.

“Sure, why not.” Jody said as she got to her feet. She slipped her arms around his neck and plastered her body against his as she kissed him. Boldly she thrust her tongue into his mouth and when he returned the caress she sucked on his tongue kaçak bahis siteleri for a moment before pulling back reluctantly.

Ren gave her his sexy half smile before heading towards the table.

“Thought we were going to have to toss a bucket of water on you two.” Cheryl said with a good-natured smile.

Ren laughed and gave a shrug.

“Okay, who calls?” The comp organiser asked as he stepped forward with a coin.

“Ladies first,” Ren said with a grin.

“Tails.” Cheryl called.

They both watched as the coin arced upwards before falling end over end to be caught in an out stretched hand and slapped onto the edge of the pool table. The comp organiser lifted his hand to show heads.

“Looks like you get to break. Best two out of three games. Good luck to you both.” The comp organiser said.

Ren moved around to take the first shot. He took his time and sunk a small numbered ball straight away. Shot after shot he sunk balls until he had only the eight ball left, he lined up his shot and sunk it easily. He immediately began setting the balls up once again for another game. Once he was done he looked at Cheryl and motioned at the table.

“Your turn to break I believe.” Ren said with a smile.

“Thank you kind sir.” Cheryl said saucily as she swaggered to the table.

Ren watched as she took the first shot sinking two balls. Steadily she continued but missed when she had three balls left. Ren moved forward and easily repeated his earlier run of shots to win the game.

“Congratulations.” Cheryl said as she shook his hand.

Ren inclined his head with a faint smile.

“Just my lucky day.” He said.

The comp organiser came over and handed out the prize money. Ren shoved his money in one of his pockets without bothering to count it or put it in his wallet. He turned away and headed back to where Jody sat chatting to Brad. Brad got to his feet and slapped Ren on the shoulder with a wide grin.

“You’re a lucky bastard today.” Brad said.

Ren smiled but didn’t comment as he sat back down to finish his drink. He tossed the empty can into a nearby bin and turned his head to look at Jody.

“How about I buy some drinks, we go grab some food and we go find some place quiet?” Ren asked.

“Sounds like a great idea. But I want to make a phone call first.” Jody said.

“While you do that how about I go get the drinks. What do you prefer?” Ren asked.

“Bundy and coke.” Jody said as she got to her feet.

She headed to the office to make a quick call and was back before Ren returned with the box of drinks he bought.

“Ren, I called a friend who shares the house with me who is interested if your friend wants to come along.” Jody said quietly as he walked up to her.

Ren looked at her in surprise and then glanced over at Brad where he was chatting to yet another girl.

“Back in a sec.” Ren said and walked over to Brad. He quietly explained the situation and smiled as Brad nodded quickly then said his farewells to the girl he had been chatting to.

Outside Ren and Brad assured Jody that they were able to ride their bikes and followed her back to her house where they parked their bikes on the back lawn and met Jody at the back door where she was waiting with her friend.

“This is Tessa. These are Ren and .. ” her voice trailed off as she realised she didn’t know the huge biker’s name.

“Bradley but me mates call me Brad.” Brad cut in with a friendly smile.

“Why don’t you two head inside while Jody and I go grab some food?” Ren suggested.

“Good idea. We can go in my car.” Jody said as she fished her keys out of her pocket.

“Pizza fine with everyone?” Ren asked.

The others answered in the affirmative and Jody and Ren headed to Jody’s car.

They returned quickly with several pizzas and everyone sat in the lounge room as they ate and washed the food down with cold cans of their preferred drink.

Tessa lured Brad away to her room leaving Ren and Jody sitting on the lounge with an empty pizza box between them and nearly empty cans of drink.

“I’ll just chuck the rubbish in the kitchen and then we can watch a movie or we can go to my room.” Jody said.

“What? I been a bad bad boy and your going to send me to your room?” Ren asked with a grin.

“Something like that.” Jody agreed.

Ren pulled her to him and fitted his lips over hers. She tasted faintly of pizza sauce and Bundy rum as he kissed her slowly. She opened her mouth beneath his lips and Ren took his time deepening the kiss, enjoying the softness of her lips.

“Mmmm.” Jody murmured in disappointment as he broke off the kiss.

“How about we go find a bed?” Ren asked.

“I’ll just grab a fresh drink, you want one too?” Jody asked as she climbed to her feet and gathered the empty pizza boxes then took several steps towards the kitchen.

“I’ll give you a hand,” Ren said as he followed her. His hand consisted of waiting for her to put the empty boxes on the table before pinning her against the front of the fridge and lowering his head to kiss her once again.

“Got any ice in this thing?” Ren asked as he raised his head.

It took Jody several seconds to gather her wits and realise what he had asked.

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