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Redheaded Ruthie

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A neglected soul will eventually seek out their needs–be it in the palaces of privilege or the backrooms and dark alleys of necessity. A neglected wife, will soon enough too, find her way to the welcoming bed of a stranger and to the dispensary that offers up the needs and the pleasures she so craves…

The night it all began, we were at the end of our shift. It was late and no one else was around the office. I was standing at the counter rereading some paperwork before calling it a night when she came up beside me and just stood there. She was not saying or doing anything, just standing there. That in itself was not something that was that unusual, but how close she was standing beside me was. Both for her and the fact that we were at work, this was not what I would call a normal situation.

She was standing right up close to my right elbow. I was wearing a short sleeved shirt, so when she started rubbing her breast against me, there was no mistaking her action. At first I thought it was an accident and didn’t react. Then she did it again and there was no mistaking it. I continued reading and ignored her, probably because I was more curious than anything else and wanted to see just how far she’d go with it. How many times has an over anxious guy made multiple advances on a woman and had each one ignored like you weren’t even in the room? Now it was my turn.

The office was glaringly bright with the full ceiling of fluorescent lights blasting the scene with the harshness usually associated with a night time construction site or the scene of a homicide investigation. Neither are very sexy nor romantic.

I’ll give her this much… she was persistent. As she engaged in her version of frotteurism, I have to admit it felt nice and her persistence was having an effect on the growing tightness in my trousers. Pretending to ignore her had done nothing to discourage her.

I said to her, “What are you doing?” with an obviously incredulous tone in my voice.

She played dumb with nothing more to say than, “What?” as she continued to rub herself softly against me.

I could feel the heat of her body as it radiated through her bra and the starched white blouse. She was standing close enough to me too, so that with each breath she took, I could feel the warmth of it on my neck and smell its soft scent.

As she gently rubbed herself, my cock grew thicker. I was battling the erotic advance from a woman who was supposed to be my senior, not only in company ranking, but in age as well. Ruth had to be all of 14 or 15 years older than I was. The company had policy regarding this sort of behaviour, as I’m sure her husband did too. The fact that Wayne also worked here was not lost on me. The company policy was designed to make women feel safe and secure in the workplace, but I’m pretty sure that those folks that drafted the threats contained in its paragraphs of what was appropriate and what was not, had not been envisioning the scene that was unfolding right before my very eyes!

If the threat of termination and perhaps legal action was not enough to cross one’s eyes… Ruth had neither the personality nor fashionable forethought to give any sense that she was even capable of such behaviour. That last bit was really fucking with my head. No one would have suspected her!

I was obviously enjoying whatever this was that she was doing to me, but an anger began to well up inside of me at the same time as well. I had quietly enjoyed the hugs, the touches on my arms, back and head, the feigned little shoulder massages and even the occasional pinch or pat on my derriere from various ladies in the workplace. Men, for the most part, enjoyed the affection, but were razor-sharply aware that the same behaviour in reverse, would have meant almost certain termination. Funny how all of the ladies seemed to understand this as well. So much for equality.

I was going to respond, but I had to be careful to make sure that I was covering myself and not allowing her to flip the tables if she experienced any post-assault regrets. If she actually was interested in me, I could have seen her asking me out for coffee say, and then timidly broaching the subject or perhaps slipping me a note… that would have been more in line with her character. Even if she would have suddenly gotten bold while sipping a hot cup of creme earl grey and gently caressed my pant leg with her toes… I could have perhaps, imagined that from her too, but this –this all out sexual advance? It was confusing, while being both inappropriate and turning me on. After all of these thoughts had pinballed their way off the various lobes and lumps of my male brain, I did the only appropriate thing I could do… I turned and faced her, took her wrist in my grip and placed her hand directly on the swollen bulge in the front of my pants. As I did, I watched her face and waited for some reaction. When she realized what she had a hold of, her eyes widened and her mouth dropped stupidly open.

“What?” I asked with the same innocence she herself Anadolu Yakası Escort had tried on me.

“Wha… what… oh my god!” was the best little squeak that she could manage.

I just looked her directly in the eyes and smiled.

She did not pull her hand away from my cock and left it squeezing my package as I placed my hands on the curvy globes of her ass and pulled her in tight against me.

“Is that what you were hoping for?” I mocked her as I began to grind myself into her hand harder and consequently pushed her wrist against her own mound.

“Are you trying to tell me something, Ruth?” I quizzed, further mocking her.

“Oh my god…,” her words trailed off as she tried to catch her mind up with what was happening between us. Her eyes wide in shock as her cheeks flushed red.

“Does that feel good?” I asked quietly.

I wasn’t expecting much in the way of an intelligent response and quickly removed her hand from my crotch and slid my own hand hard up against her warm pussy. I pressed my fingers into her much more aggressively than she had done to me. She leaned in closer and tried to kiss me.

“No way… not here,” I said firmly.

“If you’d like a little more, I suggest we take this someplace a little more private.”

I said it, but could not believe what was coming out of my mouth. Ten minutes earlier, any thought of something like this suddenly happening? I’d have bet my house against that.

“Where can we go?” were the last words out of her mouth as I took her by the hand and led her to the office door.

We walked towards the parking lot, towards the van that she drove. She was like a zombie… more confused and blinded than I had been, but I was not going to let her off the hook after what she had started. I took her keys and like a gentleman, held her door open on the passenger side. I knew just the spot to go to for a little privacy and the opportunity to see if Ruth had actually experienced an aneurysm on her brain or was she actually coming on to me. I slid into the driver’s seat and 30 seconds later we disappeared into the warm summer night.

She was quiet at first. My mind was still trying to put it all together too. Being that much older, my supervisor, the fact she was married and her husband worked here too and that she reminded me more of a dowdy old schoolteacher than a letch… well, it was a little fucked up.

It had always been obvious that she had big titties, but two kids having suckled on them and both Father Time and Isaac Newton too, had taken their toll. She wore her dark red hair short. Not as short as a guy, but definitely short by women’s standards. She was tall and skinny too, but with a nice curvy ass. Funny, describing her now, I’ve realized just how much I already had checked her out. She worked in a man’s world and fought for every inch she had gained in it. I know what pricks the guys had been to her on the job and that just confused me further. Why would she risk a dumb stunt liked she had pulled tonight? Coming on to somebody else might have cost her both her reputation and her career. The fact that she had chosen me–in a fucked up sort of way, I was flattered.

All of those thoughts were bumping into each other in my head as I drove out of the city and into the countryside. I was taking her to a favourite spot of mine and if she just wanted to talk or… continue where we’d just left off, we’d have our privacy.

“Wayne doesn’t like to fuck anymore,” were the first words that came out of her mouth as we drove in the darkness.

With that one little comment… that 6 word confession, a light went on in my head and I knew this night was going to be one that I have never considered might ever happen. I had looked at Ruth on occasion and could never picture her and Wayne having a sex life, so I suppose I had thought about her in those terms. But, she was always so stiff on the job–the way she dressed, the style of her hair and makeup, the fact she was always so serious and business-like… that is until tonight. I keep bringing these points up, so it’s obvious her attitude and mannerisms had a profound affect on those around her.

I didn’t answer her and just let her talk. My head was now filled with snapshots of her standing, sitting, walking, talking, her hair, her makeup, her eyes, her lips. I was going through those thoughts and perusing them with a new point of view… I could do this, I was thinking. I really could see myself giving Ruth what she obviously needed–craved even. A small smile crept into the edges of my eyes and the corners of my mouth. She wouldn’t be the first woman of this vintage I had fucked, but she may have the best potential!

“We’ve even gone to counselling and a doctor and… nothing helped,” her voice trailed off again like she herself was in deep thought and needing to justify this abrupt change in her behaviour.

“He hasn’t fucked me in almost 3 years.”

As those last words came out of her mouth, I pulled off the main road and down a gravel one towards the picnic spot I was taking her to. The families with their coolers and wienie sticks would have all packed up and been long gone by now. This was going to be nice and private. Just me and her. And her sloppy, wet cunt. This was going to be fun! All thoughts that perhaps she just wanted to chat about things… they were gone too.

Have you ever deflowered a married cunt before? I have and let me tell you… it can be some of the most outrageous pussy you’ll ever have. She thinks this might be the one and only time for this to happen to her so she pulls out all of the stops and opens the flood gates of heaven! Most don’t want this moment to slip away and not have had this fantasy fulfilled! They fuck like possessed wombats and damn tomorrow. They’ll deal with that after all of the cum has been washed off and the stiffness and soreness has begun to leave her loins. Married pussy can indeed be some of the best, and mature married pussy… well, you just can’t beat that!

The parking area was deserted; we were indeed alone. Before Ruth had time to chicken out, I had her out of the van and against the side of it. What had been high school teasing back at the office was now full-on lust as I kissed her hard. She let out a muffled squeal and a whimper, then pushed her warm tongue into my mouth to return my kiss. She made no effort towards resisting me whatsoever.

“Take your shirt off,” I said firmly. She stared at me through wide open, wild looking eyes and did just as I instructed. Her breathing was raspy and short as she tried to fill her lungs through flared nostrils.

Her eyes closed again as I kissed her passionately, her fingers fumbling with each button like she was an inexperienced teenager playing in the backseat of some stud’s car for the first time. Little did I know at that moment, just how accurate that description proved to be. One would think someone who had given birth to 2 children and been married for probably 25 years or more, would have had at least some sexual experience worthy of her age. As I made her squirm with the lasciviousness of my kisses, I reached around behind her and as her arm came free of her shirt sleeve, I flicked the 3 hooks of her bra open and let the elasticized band sag freely. I pulled the straps off of her shoulders and her large tits were free in the scented night air.

“They’re gorgeous, you horny wench!” I whispered to her.

I continued wrestling her tongue with my own and kneading her fleshy breasts firmly, but… with kindness. They were indeed beautiful specimens, considering her age. My elbow had had every right to get so turned on from the stroking she’d inflicted upon me earlier.

I started to roll each nipple between my thumbs and fingers and pulled them gently as one might do to the voluptuous udders of a doe-eyed Jersey cow. I was curious to know if she had any milk. As I kissed and pulled on each teat, she moaned into our kisses and continued to squirm against the side of her van.

In a sudden release of passion, I took a handful of her short, red hair and pulled it hard as I shot my tongue as deeply into her mouth as was physically possible. Again her eyes snapped open wide and another squeal flashed from her mouth into mine. Just as quick as I’d been with her bra hooks, I had her pants undone completely and pulled open enough to allow my hand to explore what she might have cooking between her silky smooth thighs. Now it was my turn to express my own shock as my eager fingers travelled through a coarse growth of a mature forest of pubes and into the valley of the dolls…

MY FUCKING CHRIST! She was so wet that my fingers literally slid into her gaping cunt as if she’d taken a deep breath and figuratively inhaled them. Her pussy was a complete mess of slippery excitement and wanton lust. I wasted no time, whatsoever, slipping the first finger in as far up her as I could reach!

The skin on the walls of her pussy were stippled with delicious little bumps and ridges and as I slid my fingertip over them, she bucked and jerked and made little muffled screams into my mouth. The passionate kissing was probably all that was preventing her from screaming the darkness down! Ruth had eclipsed into Ruthie and had become a completely limp-legged slut grinding away on my fingers and trying desperately to drown me in her lubricious gifts of saliva. She was on fire!

I pulled my fingers from her crotch and brought them to my nose. She watched with dazed horror as I first sniffed the spicy funk of her unwashed pussy and then slipped my fingers into my mouth to lick them clean. Not having been raised to be a greedy person, before eradicating all of her gooey essence from them, I slipped 2 of them into her mouth and pulled her hair sharply once again.

“Lick them clean!” I snapped in her ear.

She suckled them like she was expecting to extract a stream of warm milk or something. I smiled as I thought about something else I was going to give her to suck on with just as much enthusiasm.

“What will you tell Wayne about why you’re so late?” I queried, suffering a moment of rationality.

“He’s away fishing with a bunch of his buddies… there’s no one waiting for me.”

That was all I needed to hear. Ruthie was mine for the night and I was hers. What could that possibly lead to, I teased myself with? That was the last time that night that I thought anything about who she really was. At least for one night, she was going to be mine and with that I slipped my fingers from her warm mouth and back into her cunt. She was surprisingly tight, considering her having born those two children, but I was going to make her cum like she had probably never cum before. I frigged her sloppy wet pussy hard and she gushed all over my entire hand! Orgasm number one. With no mouth covering hers, her cries of anguish escaped her like the howl of a deranged siren. It was loud and it was mournful. It was the release of years of pent up needs and desires.

After she came, I pulled her pants down to her ankles and steadied her as she stepped out of them. I noted her full, white cotton panties and made a mental note… they’d have to go! She watched as I stripped for her. My cock stood straight out and was poking her right in her thick, red bush.

Taking her by the wrists, I raised her arms above her head and held her there, pinned to the side of her van. I kissed and licked the lobes of her ears, along the length of her neck, then back up to lick behind her ears and nibble on the soft cartilage that formed the shape of them. I ran my tongue over the tiny nub and then over it and into the sensitive canal of her ear. Again she screeched as my tongue ran back down the length of her neck, over 2 or 3 of the hypersensitive areas that sent shivers through her mind and then nibbled and kissed my way onto her shoulder. One has to be careful about licking a lady’s underarms, lest you want a coating of Right Guard all over your tongue. But, with a bit of careful nibbling and kisses… she might just pee her pants for you!

The entire time I was nipping and nibbling, I had been rocking back and forth slowly as my cock rubbed in and out against the lips of her fiery pussy. I was no better than a thief, totally devoid of morals and she was a defenceless object of my desires–just begging to be stolen.

Then my mouth made its way back to hers. I fingered her lonely, married pussy once again as my tongue twisted and danced with hers… first in my mouth and then in hers. She panted like a bitch in heat.

“Stick your tongue out!” she hissed at me and I did as I was told.

Her lips closed around my tongue and she began sucking on it for all she was worth. First, she’d cleaned my fingers as if they had been dipped in caviar, now she was giving a similar, sloppy, wet facsimile of a woman with a desperate need. My tongue made her hornier, but it wasn’t the only thing she wanted to suck. I obliged by releasing her arms and with my hands on each shoulder, slowly pushed her to her knees and replaced my tongue in her mouth, with my thick, bobbing cock.

With her head against the side of the van, I fed her. She had nowhere to retreat to as I pushed my cock inch by inch into her sucking mouth. She could bob forward to take more, but she quickly came up against the van, if she retreated, as I pushed more and more of it into her. I took her head in my hands, my fingers sliding through her short red hair. It was bright enough to see her well as I looked down at her sucking me off. Her face and that distinctive red hair, that I had looked at so many times over the years we’d worked together, were etching themselves into my mind. The moonlight quietly showed what we were up to, but nobody would have ever guessed!

I have no idea how long it had been since she’d had a real cock in her mouth, but by the way she was literally devouring me, I guessed it had been quite a while. She was moaning as she slurped and choked herself on me. I thought that I would be the aggressor, but she had her own plans on that. I’d had some pretty fantastic blowjobs over my life, by some pretty exceptional cocksuckers… but, none of them had anything on Ruthie!

Now, I make no bones about it, when it comes to my taste in women. I like them hot. I like them horny. And I like them slutty. If you had all three and threw in married just for the sheer audacity of it… you’d have Ruthie. I would have never believed that to be a possibility! I had been pissed at her when she first came on to me, but what that little titty rub had turned into, was a full-on, five alarm fire and I was lovein’ it!

She sucked my cock like she was never going to see another one in her life, but as fine of a job as she was doing… I did not want to cum just yet; not like that. I needed to fuck her. I led her over to a picnic table that was only a few feet away. I bent her over and had her stretch her arms out, high above her head, across the table top; her big, meaty tits were crushed under her weight against the rough wood. Placing my hands on her hips, I kicked her legs as wide apart as they would go, then looked at her naked body splayed and ready to be fucked.

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