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Red Pt. 04

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Helen and Hope in a brave new world

We arrived at the realtor’s office and followed him in. It took a little while to get the offer sheet written up. The fun part was when he asked what names to put on the offer.

“Michael Mitchel, Helen Rogers, and Hope Michaels,” said Hope with confidence and smiling.

“That is not really standard. Mr. Michaels, don’t you just want to have you and your wife on the house?”

“While none of us are married yet, we are ALL in a committed relationship to each other, so if that is going to be a problem…..I guess we could find another realtor who would like the commission on a house of over a million dollars. It will be ALL three names on the offer.” Helen and Hope were both holding my hands under the table.

“I meant no offense, but it is really not conventional.”

“Then no offense taken, and no we are not conventional.”

All three of us signed the offer sheet and started to make our way out of the office.

“Oh, and by the way…..Mr. Cunningham, I have been out of the country for a number of months, and I look forward to having mind blowing sex with the two people I consider to be my husband and wife, the two people I love in this world,” said Hope with pride.

The three of us got in Hope’s car, with Helen driving. I sat up front in the passenger seat while Hope sat in the back.

“You both know this is my car, right?” said Hope.

“Yes Hope, it is your car, but you have not driven here for a while, and it is dark out. We don’t want you driving on the wrong side of the road and crashing into a tree or something,” replied Helen in a motherly tone, “and Michael, well if I had him sit in the back with you, the two of you would get up to no good without me, and I would get distracted and crash into a tree or something.”

“Yeah, you don’t want Helen crashing into a tree or something,” I added for good measure.

“You both suck, but can we, at least, get home quickly so we can, well you know.”

“We really should stop and have dinner first. You know we aren’t going to want to cook, and you want Michael to have as much energy as possible,” quipped ‘mother’ Helen.

“You know I will need my energy Hope,” I threw in, though Helen was doing a good enough job torturing Hope on her own.

“You two REALLY suck, but PLEASE tell me after we eat that we will go home and have…….”

“Well yes, though don’t we have to stop at the grocery store on the way home Michael?”

“If we don’t go straight home after dinner, you two can sleep on the couch or do what ever you want, and I will entertain myself.”

“I think we can stop teasing her now. We’ll have a nice dinner near the apartment and then we take our Hope home and ravage her senseless. Will that work for you Michael?”

“I don’t know, we probably do need some stuff from the store…..”

“If you ever want to get anywhere near my nickers Michael, you won’t finish that statement,” interrupted Hope impatiently.

Personally, I could have done without dinner, but knowing Hope and knowing Helen, Helen might be trying to not only torture Hope but also to get a little alcohol into Hope to make her more relaxed. Even though Hope wanted our threesome to be, she was so used being emotionally distant from me, and to a lesser extent Helen, she might be too nervous to truly let go and enjoy herself. Maybe, I was too much in Helen’s head, but I was pretty certain that was playing a part in her reasoning.

We got to the restaurant that was near Hope’s apartment and asked for a booth in one of the darker corners. Helen and I had eaten there a few times after Hope left for Africa and liked it for the food and its closeness to the apartment.

“When did this place open?” Asked Hope.

“Soon after you left,” said Helen. “You should like it. The food is really good.”

“So, what is good here?” Asked Hope.

“You’ll love the Veal Piccata. We can do it family style and order a bottle of Chianti or two,” from me.

“That sounds good. Let’s order and get this moving, so we can go home: to our current home,” said Hope.

We ordered and asked that they bring the wine as soon as possible. Our waiter was deserving of a good tip, as the wine and three glasses showed up quickly. Helen made sure to keep refilling Hope’s glass while she and I drink ours slowly. While Hope began to show the effects of the wine, both Helen and I remained clear headed and focused.

As our dinner arrived, I saw Helen’s hand closest to Hope slip beneath the table causing a little jump from Hope. A soft moan escaped from Hope, and Helen asked me to serve out the food. I saw Helen’s arm moving slightly and I guessed that she was causing the moans from Hope. So being the dutiful husband, I did what I was told and served our dinner.

With her free hand, Helen started to eat, while gently caressing Hope under the table. I watched as the scene continued to unfold and slowly worked on eating. Hope tried to eat as well but was distracted by Helen’s hand and the wine she had consumed. kaçak iddaa As if the waiter could read my mind, he returned with the second bottle, again I refilled Hope’s glass and my own.

Hope let out another moan, so I decided to investigate exactly what was going on beneath the table. I moved my hand to Hope’s thigh and stroked from her knee to her crotch to be greeted by the feeling of Helen’s hand moving between Hope’s legs. I moved my hand to join hers.

“Glad you could make it to the party,” croaked Hope, “otherwise I would have probably done something to derail it when it came down to it. Let me finish my wine and then we need get home and fuck.”

I signaled to our waiter for our check. We paid and took our to-go box, and the last of the bottle of wine and got Hope to the car. Helen drove and had me sit in the back with Hope. As Helen pulled the car into traffic, Hope was on top of me, locking her mouth on mine and fumbling with my pants to get to my already hard cock.

“I have wanted this for so long……so hard……I can’t believe you stuck around……..oh….. you feel so good in my hand…….”

I took one of her breasts in my palm and gently squeezed and caressed her. We continued to kiss, alternating with Hope either apologizing for making me wait or how good it felt.

“OK, kids were home. Put your tits and cock away in case we meet anyone on our way up to the apartment.”

We did as we were told and walked up the flight of stairs to Hope’s second floor place. As soon as we reached the top of the stairs, Hope had already unbuttoned her ever present blue button-down shirt, revealing her lovely tits. As Helen opened the door, Hope’s shirt was completely off, and she was working on getting her khakis down off her hips. Her shirt on the floor by the door. She almost stumbled but was caught by a smiling Helen.

“Don’t you laugh at me Helen. You try to do this after a bottle of wine. I know what you did.” Hope kicked off her shoes: the impediment to getting her pants off.

I pulled off my polo while Helen started to pull off her sexy top.

“Don’t you dare take that off Helen. I want to slowly peel those beautiful clothes off you. Red…..get those clothes off. I want to see your gorgeous cock.”

Hope’s slacks were off, leaving her in just her white panties. She was quick to lose those, and they ended up on the floor at the door to the bedroom. I had stripped down to just my boxers in time for Hope to grab my erect penis through the material.

“I want that in my bare little cunny, and then….then I am going to enjoy this very wonderful girl of mine….my wife. Yes, my wife……don’t care what anybody says….my wife…..now my almost husband……fuck me…..”

Hope got on the bed on all fours and wiggled her ass at me. Who was I to deny this lady what she desired, and which I had almost given up hope of ever having.

I grasped her hips and pushed the head of my hard member into her dripping pussy. Hope let out a moan of absolute pleasure.

“Now my little minx. I want to kiss you. Kiss me while my almost husband fucks my little cunny.”

Helen positioned herself on the bed to kiss her lover. As I stroked in and out of Hope’s wet gash, Hope and Helen kissed passionately. Hope’s mouth and lips fiercely attacked Helen’s mouth. Their tongues dueling it out with the built up hunger of being separated for almost five months.

“I will love you forever, my Helen.”

“Forever is a long time, my wife.”

“Not long enough, my wife.”

And they both resumed their kiss.

Hope began to meet me thrust for thrust, pushing back on to me. Changing her position on the bed slightly, without breaking their kiss, Helen reached under Hope and found her wet pussy. I heard Hope moan into Helen’s mouth as her well-aimed fingers found Hope’s clit. I kept my thrusts slow and deep, wanting Hope to cum long before I did.

Sensing my restraint, Helen again shifted her position, breaking the kiss so she could play with both Hope’s clit and her nipples. I speeded up my thrusts, slamming in Hope hard and fast with my swollen manhood. I rammed her hard making her moan loudly. Helen began to pull and twist Hope’s nipples with each of my thrusts. I could feel Hope’s dew coating my balls as I buried my cock deep inside her.

“Fuck me…….fuck my cunt……fuck me Red…..so close…..yes…..so deep……fuck me…….nipples……pull them….yes…..” Hope started to pant out her words with each thrust of my cock into her depths. I could feel her pussy muscles flexing against my invading rod as the first shudders of her orgasm ran through her body.

Helen worked her fingers hard on Hope’s clit as I drove harder and harder into her dripping cunt. Hope shook and she screamed.


Helen cut her off by locking her mouth over hers, kissing her passionately. She slowed her assault on Hopes nipples and clit while I eased my thrusts. As Hope came down from her orgasm, I remained inside her, just slowly moving my hips with each little tremble kaçak bahis of her body.

Hope pulled off my rampant cock, and breaking her kiss with Helen, turned to me and leaned her head to mine. I needed no further invitation and kissed her hard and with the same hunger that she and Helen had been sharing.

“I love you Red……I am so sorry that I tormented you for so long……can you ever forgive me?……..I need you to say yes……I don’t know what I would do if you said no…,,,”

“Yes, my future wife…..yes.”

“Thank you……I love you……for a long time……should we unwrap this most sexy gift now?”

“It might make fucking her easier, but she is very sexy. You should see some of her even sexier…..slutty…..clothes. It is hard to keep your hands off her, but who would want to keep their hands off her in the first place?” I said smiling at Helen.

“If I can walk into a room and make you hard Michael and make you wet Hope, then I know that fucking is probably not too far off. Or, when we go to the store and that hunky guy or cute girl thinks ‘oh they are so lucky to such have a sexy woman, I wish I could fuck her,’ then my work is done.”

“Well then, that tells us,” quipped Hope. “So, show us gorgeous.”

Hope pulled me to sitting up against the headboard, slowly stroking my hard member.

Helen stood a few feet from the bed and took a sexy pose: hand to the back of her slightly tilted head, one on her hip, and her tits pushed up. Her hard nipples standing up under her clinging, low cut blouse. Her tight, black leather ankle pants showing off her firm ass. Her four-inch black leather heels accentuating the length of her slim legs. She did a little spin to show off all her angles.

Hope bent her head down to the head of my cock and gave me a quick lick as she continued to stroke me.

“I would want to fuck you in the grocery store, take you behind the meat counter,” said Hope with a smile. “Now what do we have underneath?”

“I thought you were going to do the unwrapping?” Questioned Helen laughing.

“I am, my little slut. I am just making you do the hard work……I have been going since yesterday, and you got me tipsy. Now, don’t cheat this, give us a little striptease,” and she bent down and took my shaft down her throat, licking at my base. She came back up leaving a trail of saliva up and down my cock.

“Well, anything for you Hope.” Helen started to move her hips seductively, moving her shoulders to the beat in her head. Slowly, button by button she opened her blouse to reveal the one-piece red lingerie beneath and her full exposed tits. Her nipples standing proud and hard. Still gyrating her hips, she lowered a zipper down on one hip, and then the other. A hand went down the front of her leather pants to her crotch.

Hope went down on me again, swirling her tongue around my head, while her hand moved deftly up and down my shaft.

“A very beautiful slut, isn’t she?”

“So beautiful and sexy,” I responded.

“Oh, and did I tell you how much I love this cock of yours?”

“Yes, but I love hearing it from you.”

“Well, tell me if you can hear this,” and she took my entire length down her throat, without a sound.

“Loud and clear. You are quite good at this.”

“Thank you, love.”

By now Helen had been able to step out of the leather pants and danced before us in just the red lingerie and dog collar. Her hand still worked over the split of the crotch making her puffy labia escape the material. Her juices, darkening the crotch of her one-piece.

She continued her silent dance, now working her tits with her free hand, and bringing her dew-covered fingers to her lips. Seductively she opened her mouth to lick at her juices.

“So, what is the story of the dog collar?” As Hope again licked around my hard cock. With Helen’s striptease, I did not really need the extra stimulation, but who was I to refuse my beautiful Hope?

“It is kind of a long story, but the short of it is that she likes being possessed by us. She wants to be dominated. She craves it. We need to get her a nicer one and one that she does not need to take off in the shower. It shows her devotion to us.”

“I thought you were going to give me the short version?”

“That was the short version,” I said. Hope laughed before going down deep on my cock again, using her tongue to great effect.

Helen continued her dance by turning as she moved her hips and breasts to her own rhythm. How she moved so gracefully in her heels was amazing. She was well suited to the cup-less lingerie as her tits swayed to the rhythm. She bent over with her legs open to show us her beautiful pussy lips spreading out from the split of her crotch: her juice dripping from the succulent lips. Reaching between her legs she ran her index finger through the folds.

“I could just put my tongue in the lovely hole,” Hope said in a loud whisper. “Do you think she wants me to?”

“I think what matters is that you want her to want you to.”

“You are sure?”

I nodded and smiled.

“Slut……our slut….” Helen illegal bahis looked back over her shoulder at the sound of Hope’s loving but commanding voice, “come here so I can taste your dripping snatch.”

“My honor my wife. I hope it pleases you,” cooed Helen as came towards the bed. “Where would it please you for me to be?”

“I want that pretty cunny of yours over me while our husband fucks me some more, and if you are a good little pet, you can have a juicy reward from him.”

Hope eased herself into a reclining position with Helen on her open knees above her face, facing the headboard. I moved between Hope’s now spread legs with her feet on my shoulders and eased my cock into her waiting pussy. It was obvious, by the wetness of her gash, that she was enjoying taking charge. There was no way her subconscious could sabotage our union.

As Hope dragged her talented tongue through Helen’s dewy lips, I started a slow in-out of Hope’s tight cunt. She moaned into Helen’s gash.

“Yes Michael, fuck my hot cunt…..fuck me……”

Helen began to roll her hips over the moaning Hope, working to get every bit of the tongue licking out her flooding box.

“Yes Hope, please……yes……feels so good……lick me…..lick your pet……”

Hope drove in hard with her tongue at Helen’s pussy, each time making sure to hit her clit. As furiously as Hope licked and sucked and nibbled on Helen, I picked up the speed and depth of my thrusts into Hope’s dripping cunt. More moans from Hope were muffled in the depths of the dripping pussy of her wife.

“So good Mike…..so fucking good……make me cum……make me cum…..fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours.”

As Hope moaned, Helen ground her cunt down on the pleasuring mouth.

“My clit….bite my clit……suck it…..yes……”

I could see Helen’s juices running down Hope’s face, as she pleasured her.

As she licked Helen, Hope moved a hand to her own pussy and began to rub her hard nub in time to my increasing thrusts. I drove my hard member in and out, repeatedly. I could hear Helen letting out quiet moans of pleasure as Hope ate her out, raking her tongue over her sensitive clit and through the folds of her pussy, or thrusting her tongue into Helen’s hot, wet hole.

‘That’s it, Michael, ram your cock into me……fuck me hard…..make me cum……”

With Hope’s penetrating tongue, Helen was getting closer and closer to orgasming, as was Hope from the constant pounding of my rod in her hot cunt. Each time I buried my hard, throbbing cock I could feel the moisture from Hope’s cunny flowing onto my swelling balls.

“Slam it in to me Mike, fuck me……so close to cumming…..god…..”

“Fuck me with your tongue Hope…..fuck me…..make me cum all over your face……god yes…..yes……cumming……’ I could see Helen shudder and her ass quiver as her orgasm washed through her. She ground her gash onto Hope’s face and screamed, “cumming……yes….cumming….”

Helen’s orgasm set Hope off and I could feel her muscles gripping my manhood as I continued to push in and out of her.


Both women were breathing hard and shaking as they experienced their mutual orgasms. Hope’s cunny muscle spasms were bringing me close to cumming myself. Even still in the euphoria of her cum, Hope could sense this and pulled Helen down and softly took a fistful of her hair positioning her so that when I pulled out, Helen could receive my gooey reward.

“Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue, our little cum slut.” Helen did as she was told eagerly. “Now ask Michael if he would cum on his pet’s tongue and face.”

“Please Michael, will you cum on your pet’s tongue and face. It will please Hope, my wife to see me covered in your seed.” With Hope’s fist in her hair, Helen lifted her eyes towards mine and smiled. Fisting my shaft, I laid the tip of my cock on her tongue and shot my first rope of cum into her mouth.

“Very good sweetheart, would you like some more? I know Michael has a lot more to give you.”

Helen nodded her head as best as she could with Hope keeping a grip on her hair. Hope pulled Helen’s head back a bit and my second spurt hit her on the cheek and eye. Again, I splashed Helen’s face, a rope streaking across her nose and forehead, as Hope moved her head to make sure my cum would make a mess of Helen’s beautiful face. Hope allowed my last few shots to coat Helen’s tongue and mouth. Through my whole orgasm, Helen maintained her smile. Hope tilted Helen’s face so she could look into my eyes.

“Now thank Michael for painting your face and for your reward.”

“Thank you, Michael, for covering my face in your cum and giving me my sweet reward. Have I made you both happy?”

“Very happy, our pet, and very lovely,” I answered lovingly.

Hope moved Helen slightly and leaned in herself to cover the head of my cock with her mouth and get the last few drops of cum as they escaped the head, and then, still grasping Helen’s hair, kissed her long and deep. Breaking the kiss, Hope used her tongue to lap up globs of cum from Helen’s painted face, and kissed her again. Then we all kissed and hugged, dollops of cum still dripping from Helen’s face. To that point I had never seen Helen so happy. Even Hope was beaming.

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