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Reconnecting Ch. 06

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I only had about an hour of work to do before a quick appointment later, yet it was afternoon before I was anywhere near completed. It was terribly difficult to look at numbers and code when my thoughts continued to drift to memories with Wade and JD or ahead to what may come next. Either way, these invasive thoughts kept my nipples hard and pussy aching as I tried to get some work done.

Somehow, still with time to spare before my appointment, I did manage to get just barely enough done to keep my income flowing in. And it was a huge relief to get it out of the way so I could surrender to my dirty thoughts.

I wrapped up work stuff, and got ready to go out. I continued to be taunted and seduced by the sexual explorations I’d taken the day before. The box was open, I was hooked, and it seemed liked every move I made was erotically charged.

Opening my little closet and surveying my small assortment of clothing, I chose a blouse based on the electricity pouring from my hard nipples. What would feel best for them would be airflow and exposure, and of course, the watchful hungry eyes of Wade upon them.

Under the spell of desire, I chose my lightest bra and a button shirt, leaving the top three undone. I grabbed loose cotton shorts, and opted against any underwear. Walking out of the storage lot and down the street to the bus stop, the attire worked well to maintain my simmering passions. With each step, I could feel my boobs swinging and imagined Wade’s eyes upon them.

The bus ride wasn’t far, but there were a lot of stops. From my seat by the window, at each stop, I found myself evaluating each man I saw for potential sexual prowess. With each man I gazed upon, I drank him in from top to bottom, imagining what it would be like to run my fingers through his hair, press my boobs into his chest, or what kind of cock might emerge from the bulge in his pants. I’d never experienced a day so driven by lust.

My appointment was at the local horse track. I had five bets to place. With a little hacking, lots of research, and some luck, I’d actually managed to live okay on winnings. The trick was not getting greedy, moving around from track to track, and acting stupid. Playing the ditzy woman and making two good bets and three stupid ones usually well camouflaged my regular moderate winnings as pure luck.

After I got off the bus, and began walking the last few blocks, I noticed two welcome things. I was early, and about halfway there, across the street, I saw an “adult store”. Ordinarily, I’d barely glance at such a place, just seeing it as a hang out for lonely horny men. Today though, it seemed to call out to me like a last chance gas station in the middle of a desert.

Waiting at the corner to cross the street, I realized I was feeling zero inhibition or nervousness. I had no worries about entering such a store, only saw it as something to explore and fuel my lust driven day. And yet again, I thought of Wade, and the way he made me ask for what I wanted. It was almost like he was there to guide me over my fears and to dive into the desires I never even let myself think about before.

Walking across the street, I thought it seemed unreal that such a transformation could have occurred from just one night. Unreal, but welcome. As I pushed through the door to the store, my pussy was already hot and wet enough for any hard cock to slide right in.

The store was nicer than I had expected. There was a section of novelties, another of clothing, a small section of books, large section of DVDs and few aisles of toys. There were only a few people scattered about the store, all men. After looking around and seeing my options, I headed first to the clothing. I reviewed the racks of under garments. Immediately, I noticed the guy at the counter was not being coy about watching me. I was facing him, looking at the garments before me, but could easily see him as he stood and watched me.

I continued to browse and did not acknowledge him, though found I welcomed his gaze. Barely aware of the items at my fingertips, I imagined calling him over to help me. I could quickly undo his pants, take out his cock, and turn around to let him pull up the loose fabric of my shorts and jam his rod into my burning pussy. It would be delicious to feel a stranger’s dick rammed up tight into me while a couple other men watched and I continued to select a few new bras.

What a thought, but even in my imagination, I knew I could not take much of that without wanting more. It would get even better if he would slowly undress me while the other men watched. I could gyrate on his buried cock while he pulled my blouse over my head, then unclasped my bra and tossed it aside. I could stare into the eyes of men watching me there, a cock deep in my pussy, my nipples hard, hanging free for them see. He could rip off my old shorts and I’d step out of my sandals to leave me totally naked and exposed and filled.

Before he started pumping into me, I’d want him to pick me up, and walk over to one the walls of DVDs. I could Sakarya Escort raise my arms and grab a shelf while he pressed me against the plastic covers and began ramming me. He could slam into me right up against the wall of porn while the other men in the store gathered around to watch.

Or maybe they could help. If I turned around, two men could lift each of legs and the counter guy could get in between. I could lean back, open my legs wide, press my arms out open against the wall while he pounded his cock into me. Yes, that would do just fine, how hot of thought to picture myself getting slammed against the wall over and over while others watched.

Better yet, let them take turns. Let all four men take turns between holding me up and ramming into me. Oh right now, so damn hot at the thought of it, I could absolutely take each one fucking me hard, pounding me against a wall of porn, and holding nothing back. I could almost feel hard thick cocks ramming my pussy as I stood thinking about such a scene.

I shook the image from my head and focused again on the bras in front of me. Still aware I was under a hungry watch, I could not suppress a new fantasy that came to mind. Not quite as lustful as the last, but still a nice little helping of the forbidden.

I selected a black “shelf” bra in a “C” and placed it on the top of the rack. I set my pack down, then turned slightly, pretending to look at something else, so my hands were not visible to the counter guy. I unbuttoned my blouse, and then took a deep breath.

I felt a huge charge when I turned back, my blouse hanging open. I looked up, and keeping eye contact with the guy at the counter, I took off my blouse. As I let it drop to the floor, I saw him smile. He was a young guy, probably in his twenties. He looked very thin, with a scraggly beard, long brown hair, and wore a ragged concert t-shirt and jeans.

Holding his gaze, I unclasped my bra and removed it. His eyes dropped down. I glanced around the store, and was oddly pleased to find the other guys were too engrossed in the shelves of porn to notice me. So under the watch of just the counter guy, I put on the shelf bra and arranged my tits within the half-cup molds. I put my blouse back on, but left the front open, then picked up my stuff and walked over to the counter.

Standing in front of the man, I asked, “What do you think?”

He smiled and nodded.

I opened my blouse and shifted my boobs around some in the bra. “Better?”

He nodded.

I stepped in closer, “Would you like to try?”

He nodded, but didn’t move, and glanced up at the others in the store. His hesitation sent a wave of heat through my body. I ached for him to touch me and delighted in that I’d have to convince him some.

“Do you think they are better hanging or held up and formed like this?”

He tilted his head and seemed to be thinking about it. Then with a quick glance up at the others, leaned in to whisper, “Maybe if I could see hanging again?”

I pulled each out from the little shelf and held my shirt open. He stared at my chest. Leaning in again, he whispered, “Would you come around the counter? We’ve got a little office back here…”

I picked up my stuff and quickly walked around the counter and walked into the little office to the side. He followed, closing the door behind him, and said, “Could I see with nothing on, then with the shelf bra on?”

Seeing him up closer, and seeing his reservations, made me think he was probably on the low side of his twenties. His polite manner was incredibly sexy and seemed to make me feel all the bolder in this otherwise stupid lust driven move. “Sure, help yourself,” I said.

He looked puzzled for a moment, and then his face seemed to read, “Okay, what’s the catch?” Prank or not, he moved forward and pushed my blouse off my shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. He then reached around and unclasped the shelf bra, then pulled it out from under my breasts. He took a step back to check out my breasts hanging free.

After a minute or so, he stepped forward again, and tried to slide the bra back under my breasts, at first, without actually touching them. He was not very successful, and after a moment, dared to go ahead and grasp and lift each of my boobs to position them over and partially in the half-cup moldings. After clasping the bra around me again, he used both hands to grasp each of my boobs and work them into the cups. I could barely control my breathing as he handled them and worked them into the bra. It was disappointing when he stepped back again to take in the view.

He tilted his head, and seemed to be considering what he liked best. While he stared at my tits, I let my eyes drop to his crotch. His pants were baggy though, so left little clue of what might be inside. Whatever he was packing, I was eager to let it fill me up.

Finally, he whispered, “I can’t decide.”

“So you think I shouldn’t buy it?”

“No, buy it. Your tits look great either way. You going to wear Sakarya Escort Bayan it out?” He asked.

“Do you think I should?”

“Yes,” he answered, his eyes still on my tits propped up with the shelf.

I stood silently for a bit, watching him. I found the moment of awkwardness so hot. It was like that luscious moment before – the last seconds of anything resembling sense – before I would step forward and initiate sex with a stranger. I made myself stand for a moment longer as I so deeply wanted to press myself against the man before me. It was like that amazing hot burning passion awakened yesterday was right there, right in my grasp, and just grew hotter with each second I let it build.

When I could stand it no longer, I unbuttoned my loose shorts and let them fall to the floor. I watched as he moved his eyes from my tits to my exposed pussy and saw a smile form on his lips as he realized I wore no underwear. I stepped forward and went straight for the button of his khakis, then slowly unzipped him. I pulled his pants and his boxers down to his ankles and let my eyes linger on the long thin hard cock that was revealed. I considered, for a second, giving it a taste, but after all day lost in lust filled fantasies, I was aching for one thing only – a good hard fucking – and I said it out loud, “I really need a good hard fuck.”

He let out a deep breath, then stepped out of his pants and pushed me over next to a desk, turned me around, bent me over it and told me to spread my legs wide. I did as he said while he grabbed a condom from the many displays everywhere around the office. In a moment, he was between my legs. I reached back and guided him in. He let out a deep quiet groan as he slid down into my burning wet pussy.

I suppressed a scream as he sunk down into me. I had been aching for that more than I thought. And I knew I’d need him more than once. As he began pumping in and out of me, I turned around and said, “Don’t hold back, I want it hard, and I want it twice.”

He shook his head slowly, looked at me with wonder, and then was quick to comply. He started pumping hard, taking long full strokes, grunting quietly each time he drove in deep. I held onto the desk tightly, mashing my tits down on assorted paperwork, as he continued to pump. He cock felt incredible, the shaft was thin but the tip was a big full mushroom head that sent sparks of pleasure through me as he slid in and out. I was quickly lost to his long steady strokes and relished the feel of his cock. It was all so nice, so nice, felt divine, yet not enough. From somewhere deep inside, beyond my control, I heard myself shout, “Harder!”

I heard him gasp from behind me and say a quick, “okay, but shhhh”. Grabbing my hips, he moved slightly, then really started pounding into me. It took everything I had not to scream out again as rammed me. The desk shook, and there a slap of skin to skin each time to drove in. I moaned softly, quietly repeating over and over, “yes, man, yes, hard, give it hard.”

His panting was the only sound that came out of him as he continued to give me just what I wanted. I felt all the small waves of joy that built up before a last huge orgasm. I wondered if he could keep drilling long enough to get me there. I uttered, “Oh yeah, more man, more, oh yeah hard.”

Over and over he pounded into me, short quick jabs, so deep and good. I rode another wave of electricity and knew I was nearing orgasm, “so close man, let go, ram me!”

With a deep quiet grunt he did three more long hard rams, then sunk in deep to cum. I squeezed his cock with my pussy as I rode a deep orgasm. Feeling him spent, deep within me, had finally soothed the lust that had building in me all day. Yet even as I lay there, savoring his cock within me, I was already planning what I wanted to do next.

After a few minutes to catch his breath, he slowly pulled his long cock from me. I stood on weak knees, to turn and face him. “Would you mind helping me shop for a little while before we do it again?”

He stepped forward and pushed my boobs back evenly into the shelf bra after his pounding on me had displaced them some. When he seemed satisfied, he leaned in and ran his tongue over my nipples that stuck out over the shelf and were still hard. “I’m glad to help you with anything, ma’am.”

I stepped forward and let my hand cup his balls and said, “I’m RT.”

“Dave,” he replied.

I smiled and gave his balls a squeeze. Then I stepped back to look for my clothes. I decided to leave the shelf bra on, as I liked how it exposed and supported my boobs. It felt so good to be nearly naked in this office with this man that I wished I could wander the aisles wearing only the bra. Holding my blouse in my hand, I turned to face Dave who was zipping up his pants.

“Dave, have you ever had to close up the store for a little awhile if something came up?”

“I never have, we’re open around the clock.”

“So there’s no way we could have a little privacy in the store?”

He Escort Sakarya took a long look at me, no doubt considering the possibilities there, but then shook his head, “I think that could get me in even more trouble then letting you back here, sorry, but I better not.”

I nodded, “Understood. I just thought it would it be lovely to shop wearing only this,” I said, gesturing to the bra.

He stared at me, nodding his head slowly. “Well, the guys that are here are regulars, they hang out, watch a few flicks in the booths, probably they’d be more than happy to help out, watch the door, just in case.”

“They won’t get you in trouble?” I asked.

“They are cool, no reason to say anything to my boss, hell, he probably wouldn’t believe it even if they did,” Dave answered. “What did you have in mind?”

“I wanted to get your opinion on a few more things – some underwear, maybe a toy or two.”

“Okay, yeah, I think we can do that, hang out here, let me talk to the guys,” he said, then started for the door but stopped. He turned back to me, “But, uh, well, them…they can watch, but how about only I touch?”

I smiled and nodded, then asked, “How much can they watch?”

Dave stared back at her, mouth slightly open, “Are you saying you want them to watch you and me?”

“I wouldn’t mind…” I said, gauging Dave’s reaction.

“Who ARE you?” He exclaimed.

I giggled and shrugged, then said, “I’ve been asking that of myself lately.”

Dave looked at me for a moment, then after considering things, said, “Okay, so long as I get someone to watch the door, we’ll see how it goes and you totally have to give me your phone number.”

He left quickly, before I could have objected. I grabbed some stuff from my pack to clean up a bit and wondered how the conversation must be going out there. Wasn’t quite sure how I would explain it either – some horny slut is desperate for cock? I guess that about covers it, far as they are concerned anyway. It seemed like more to me, I think I’d go with “unbridled” or “unleashed”.

It probably would have been better to dress, buy the bra and get out. Probably. Except for another word that rang true as well, “unquenchable”. Wade had stirred something free in me last night, and I had a lot more to explore, starting with the aisles of this store and Dave’s young powerful hips slapping into mine.

With my bag all squared away, clothes laying beside it, I started looking around at things in the office. There were a lot of funny little sex themed novelty items. It was such a joy to wander around this office wearing only the bra, still buzzing from the ride on Dave’s cock and eagerly looking forward to more.

Dave opened the door wide when he returned. He came in smiling and said, “We’re all good, a couple guys back in the DVDs, one at the door. If someone else comes, we’ll give you time to get out. But we have to put your stuff at the back so you can get out if my boss shows up, but he won’t.”

I picked up my pack and my clothes, but Dave took them from me. “Let’s go to the back first, I’ll put this stuff back there and show you where the exit is.”

Dave walked off with my stuff, and I was thrilled to be freed from my hiding spot and walk exposed through the store. I did not let my eyes travel, I kept focused on Dave in front of me as we walked quickly to the back.

Once the escape route was all settled, I wandered back out, this time making eye contact with the men in the store and giving them both a smile and nod. Probably until that moment, they hadn’t quite believed what Dave had told them. Feeling so hot and free, I sauntered back up to the lingerie section, and with a nod to the guy at the door, began browsing undies. Dave returned to the counter still watching me intently, somehow his gaze felt even hotter now that I knew what it felt like to be skewered by his shaft.

I browsed the selection of undies, and chose three I liked. Fully aware of all the eyes on me, I browsed through and found two more of the shelf bras in different colors and fabrics. Smiling at Dave, I walked up and placed the items on the counter in front of him. “Do you think I should still wear this one?” I asked.

As I had hoped, he shook his head no. Liking the idea of getting totally naked, I asked, “Could you help me with this then?”

He came around and pulled each of my tits out of the bra, then reached around to unclasp it. “I’ll put this with your other items, ma’am,” he said.

I smiled and played along, “Such great service here.”

He nodded, and then went back behind the counter. Left naked, I slowly walked up and down a couple rows of DVDs, glancing up here and there to smile at the men. I wouldn’t have minded a bit letting them touch me, but I also liked the deal Dave and I made. With all eyes on me, I wandered over to the toys section which is where I was most eager to browse. I felt a flash of fire between my legs at the thought of the men watching me browse the toy shelves totally naked.

After glancing the vibrators, cuffs and other goodies, I stopped in front of the shelves loaded with dildos. I scanned the shelves for the biggest one I could find, then slowly, made my way towards it and reached out to grasp it. It was enormous, so thick my hand barely fit around it, and heavy with a big ball sac.

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