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I run three days a week. Anywhere from three to six miles through the neighborhoods around my apartment complex. Today, as I returned from a few miles, seat soaking much of my shirt and my hair tousled into a crazy wave, I noticed her car parked nearby. All of my tiredness washed away and I grinned and jogged over to lean down next to the window. She smiled back and waved, and then got out of the car to hug me. “EWWW, you’re all gross and stinky,” she exclaimed as we embraced briefly. I laughed; it was only to be expected. She told me to go get into the shower and I led her upstairs and into the bathroom.

She sat on the counter and watched as I undressed. Her eyes roved up and down my pale yet toned body. It is a runner’s body, and I have all of those lines around my hips and abs at which she likes to look. We made small talk about her day and mine and I climbed into the shower after warming the water. I was as quick as possible, scrubbing soap across my body rapidly and washing it off almost immediately. She just sat outside and watched my blurry motions through the curtain. I pushed the water off and stepped out dripping into the heated air of the bathroom. She tossed me my towel and I dried off, lingering on drying my cock and watching her smile at me.

I stepped over to her with a devious plan forming in my mind. I finally kissed her. A kiss with a thousand emotions swirling around us as our lips and tongues met and explored each other. I tucked my towel around my waist and slid my hands up her legs and thighs. I briefly rubbed her crotch and then undid the snap and zipper on her jeans. She sighed and grinned in anticipation. I pulled on her jeans and she lifted up off the counter so that I could remove them, followed by her cute little panties. One of my hands moved back up her athletic left leg and began rubbing her clit with my thumb in firm wide circles. She sighed and opened her legs wider.

My cock was straining against the towel, but I ignored it. I pulled her across the counter to the very edge by her butt, continuing my circles. Her legs spread even wider, allowing me to see her beautiful pussy. My thumb motions became quick flicks up and down with finger tips. From there I slid my two fingers across her whole pussy and then up into her. There was no resistance, as Büyükçekmece escort bayan she was extremely wet with anticipation. She gasped and put her arm around my shoulders for support on the edge of the cabinet. I bent over a little and picked up my pace inside her. Quicker and harder my fingers plunged into her, bringing more gasps and the short breaths that let me know she was already close. My fingers pushed up into the top of her pussy rapidly. They came all the way out and back in each time, filling her again. As she reached orgasm, her gasps gained volume, becoming audible and infinitely more arousing to me. She shuddered for a moment, her arm clenching my shoulders, and then began to relax again. I fingered her through the orgasm and then stopped suddenly, taking a risk to try out my plan.

I surprised her by picking her up off the counter and turning, placing her facing the wall, a couple feet away. “What…?” Was all she got out before I dropped the towel and ran my rock hard cock down her butt and up between her legs. The shaft pressed against her pussy and the head poked out in front of her. She has strict views about sex, but I’ve always enjoyed pushing the boundaries. My first quick thrust cut her question off with a grunt. Followed by a sigh as I continued, picking up the pace. She leaned with her hands against the wall. With her eyes open she could see the head of my cock snaking in and out between her legs.

I leaned my body against hers in a kind of hunched embrace and reach around her. I used my finger tips to push my cock up against her, increasing the pressure. Her warm pussy began to slick my cock with wetness. The ridges and veins adding to her excitement. My hand left my cock briefly to unhook her bra and then immediately returned to push myself against her. My other hand crept up under her shirt and sought out her tender breasts and nipples. I twisted them and cupped her breasts, returning my focus to my pumping shaft. I thrust quickly with the added lubrication, my cock pushing against her lips and clit, back and forth. She began to orgasm again, this time louder and clearly harder. The newness of the experience and the unexpectedness must have excited her greatly. I was nearing an orgasm myself, but wasn’t sure Escort Çatalca how to handle that in my current position.

Luckily, she decided for me. Her orgasm subsided and she spun and knelt quickly. She ran both her hands down my chest and stomach and down towards my crotch and then, without them, she took my full cock into her mouth. Her rough sucking licked away not only my pre cum, but her own juices as well. She replaced them with saliva and I clenched my member as she bounced her head up and down. As excited as I was with what had just happened with her pussy, I couldn’t help but entwine my fingers through her hair and lean back. I started thrusting into her mouth, her motions mixed with mine getting her mouth much farther down than I’m sure either of us expected. I leaned back and gently pounded into her for a few moments. Her arousal was so palpable that she let some moans escape, but never took her lips off my shaft. I finally began to cum into her mouth and stopped thrusting so that she could take care of me. She sucked a surprising amount of cum out of me as it shot out to spatter against the roof of her mouth and her throat.

Once spent, I leaned back against the edge of the counter top. She stood and joined me in a hug that turned into a make out session only interrupted by one of us catching our breath. Her mouth was an extremely warm, salty experience that I became lost in as the minutes stretched on in passion. We finally parted, spent and happy, and I grinned at her half naked, beautiful body. I told her I had a surprise that I had been saving for the next time I drove to see her, but that I was willing to give it to her now for this unexpected visit. She laughed and timidly agreed, suddenly nervous at what I might give her.

I took her hand and led her into my room, which was a mix of art studio and bachelor pad. The floor was covered with an old sleeping bag, and I asked her to lie down. Her nervousness clearly increased as she lay down, slightly covering herself with a nearby blanket. I laughed and fished through some boxes until I found what I was looking for near the bottom. I asked her to get naked and then I got onto my knees by her hips. I leaned down onto my hands and kissed her, whispering to her not to be worried, or nervous. Esenler escort I spread her legs a little bit wider and removed the blanket so that I could watch her body. I decided it would be better if I was between her legs, so I moved over.

The glass dildo I slipped across her pussy was apparently cold. She gasped out and then relaxed, getting used to it. It was a dark purple shaft about the length of my cock, with random swirling ridges simulating veins. I slipped it up and down her pussy in motions reminiscent of my cock that had just been there. As it got slick as well, I pushed the tip into her. I knew she didn’t use toys, and that this was new to her. I worked slowly, first the head and then inch by inch, in and out, getting her acclimated to the feeling. I was so focused on her pussy and making it enjoyable that when I finally looked back up at her, she was breathing hard, mouth open, eyes closed. I grinned and picked up the pace once she had taken the whole thing. It just barely fit, filling her fully.

I grasped my end and thrust the dildo into her and out, pretending it was my aching cock inside her. It was standing, hard again. I began to stroke myself as I pounded her. She was moaning loudly, clearly completely unaware of anything except the shaft plunging in and out of her, sliding against every part of her pussy. The veins stimulated her lips and my knuckles rubbed and pushed against her clit when I had the toy deep inside her. My jacking reached a frenzy pace as she began to cum for the first time. Her back arched and she moaned out loud. She shuddered, arched, the orgasm lasting much longer than I had expected. It finally subsided and I moved to kneel next to her, only stopping the thrusting of the toy briefly while I moved.

She relaxed back down and began to enjoy the toy again, building to another climax as its rhythmic thrusting slid through her ever increasing wetness. She looked over to watch me jack off and moved a hand up to her breasts to play with herself and urge me forward. She closed her eyes to enjoy the toy but kept playing with her erect nipples. My second orgasm didn’t have quite the volume of the first, but it still splashed cum across her sweaty stomach and breasts. The warm liquid brought her almost instantly to yet another orgasm. When her back returned to the floor, she lay exhausted, dreamily looking at me. I slowly stopped with her toy, teasing her as I removed it with the tip. I grinned down at her. “Now you’re the one who needs a shower. I’ll be on the counter.” She laughed and pulled me down onto her, to kiss passionately before going anywhere.

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