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Rage Against the Latrine Ch. 27

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Big Tits

A couple of weeks before Easter, Natasha and the band booked ten days away in Spain. They had two music videos to record for the first tracks on their new album – called Gossip and Nympho – and then planned to have a bit of time beside the Mediterranean as the weather warmed.

Joseph travelled to Essex twice a year to see his family, and I encouraged Natasha’s brother to visit London the weekend Natasha was away. The couple got cheap tickets to come down on the Friday and I met them at the mainline station, a short walk from my office.

My fiancée spoke to me before she left and texted me as I ambled down the side street to our rendezvous point. “I know you got off playing with Adam at Christmas. He’s a cheap whore, but fun. Let yourself go. For me and for you. Explore because you will enjoy yourself. I’m fine with whatever you do. The kinkier, the better. It’s hot here too. Faye has a fetish for preggo girls, which I never knew. She won’t leave me alone. Love you loads. N.”

Joseph teased us about our plans over dinner at a local pub, but he enjoyed his partner’s promiscuity. They had some filthy adventures planned for their final day in London together; the gay couple had travelled to the capital city to have a range of sordid encounters. When Adam’s partner wandered off towards an Underground station to take a connection to his parent’s home on the edge of Epping Forest, his boyfriend and I checked into a double room at a budget hotel. 

The youthful receptionist lustfully smiled as we collected our keys; he eyed Adam and licked his lips as his gaze scrutinised the cheeky gay man. Natasha’s brother wanted to visit two clubs he used to frequent with Gary, and when we got to the room, we changed from our daywear. 

The warm evening was humid, and Adam chose a white athletic singlet and tight black jeans. The outfit amplified his youthful appearance, and he looked sexy as he waited for me to don my dark T-shirt and trousers. We walked the short distance to the cruising bar near Warren Street. The nondescript venue was at the bottom of a thin staircase on a side road, and we paid our ten quid to gain entry to Adam’s favourite club.

They illuminated the dark space with several bright neon lights, which gave the busy, compact establishment a trendy atmosphere. A DJ played music in the room’s corner, and metal chain mail curtains added to the harsh, industrial ambience of the bar. There was a rough character to the gay nightclub. 

We checked our tops and trousers into the “coat check” along with our personal possessions. I tucked my credit card into my socks, and we bought a drink from the barman. On the far side, we saw a man on his knees fellating two older daddy types. There was kissing on the sofa, and snogging against the wall. Men of all ages and all types walked around in their underwear as they surveyed the meat market.

I was in a gay paradise, and Adam squeezed my buttocks through my thin cotton briefs. So much homosexual eroticism, and I wasn’t sure if I felt overwhelmed or excited. I was mostly heterosexual. Until I agreed to Natasha’s wishes and explored, I had never thought about touching another man. My partners had always been female, but I found I enjoyed my play with Jamie and adored Adam’s visit to our rented cottage in Cumbria. I was excited about the hedonistic weekend we had planned, but this amount of sexual activity felt a little unnerving. 

On every occasion where I had explored my bisexuality, Natasha, or Monika, had been present. The homosexual acts had been an extension to our female-led relationship and domination kink, but the weekend, with Adam and I, was a step further. I was flying solo, with no dominatrix on hand to “guide” or “force” me to play with other men. I was Adam’s gay, slutty friend, and I was engaging in same-sex libertine frolicking because of my wanton sexual desires. 

Adam kissed me on the cheek. “Come see the playrooms,” he whispered into my ear, over the music. We walked to the private booths in the dark corridor, pushing past half-naked men. A couple groped me as we passed them. 

In the playroom, there was action everywhere. I felt like I had wandered into a porn studio, as every space had a dozen guys engaged in sordid activity, or watching the orgy unfold.

In the dark room, a group of men lined up in front of a restrained twink; a bearded man pounded their hole as guttural shrieking emanated from the submissive. A small assembly of naked blokes were on their knees, sucking the pricks of the dominant tops, as they waited their turn to sodomise the young bottom. The gay bar was a free-for-all; a decadent utopia for sating male arousal.

As my eyes lurched from one act to another, and as I sipped my beer, I had a passionate stirring in my briefs. My erect dick twitched as my lust rose. I pressed Adam against the wall and wantonly kissed him, holding his hand against the cold brick as my tongue caressed him. It felt natural as I did it. 

He said nothing as I tugged at his skimpy cotton Maltepe Escort briefs and pulled his prick free. I slid to my knees and glided my lips over his long, thin shaft. He tasted slightly of piss, and completely of manly ardour. I bobbed on his cock, stroking his dick as my tongue massaged his purple tip; men stepped over and around me as I blew Adam, drawing his member into its fullest erection. 

Voyeurs watched me as I publicly fellated the young man. They stared as I sucked on the cock of my fiancée’s brother and they casually stroked their pricks as he caressed my dark hair. He rocked his hips slightly, smiling as I provided oral service to his slender dick.

He stopped me from finishing my blowjob. “Calm down,” he joked, tugging me away from his wonderful genitals. I looked up at him and he gestured for me to stand. His hands squeezed my buttocks as we snogged; he understood how ravenous I felt. 

The atmosphere had made me hypersexual, and desperate for cock. 

I wanted everyone. A kid in a sweet shop, there was a hundred delicious treats for me to experience as my eyes took in the scene once more. It was not overwhelming, but exhilarating. I finished my beer as Adam guided us towards the leather sofas at the back of the playroom. Seven men of various ages sat with their pricks in their hands, watching the action around them and stroking themselves to keep their dicks hard.

It felt like an advert; displaying their well-endowed wares to passing sluts eager to taste and experience their meat. I stared as I perused them, and my eyes met the gaze of an intimidating character.

Tall, muscle-clad skinhead with forbidding tattoos across his face, chest, arms and legs, to his chunky black boots. “Want some?” He gruffly asked, without smiling.

I did.

And he knew it.

The sizeable cock was a magnet.

Like a moth to an open flame, my lust pulled me towards the shaven-headed, forbidding guy. In the street, I would have avoided the man, with his cold and unfriendly look. In the club, my arousal attracted me to his thick, meaty prick.

An invitation I could not refuse. I tugged at Adam’s hand as I stepped in between the semi-circle of couches and knelt on the floor, positioning my mouth over his sweaty, erect cock. He never asked for my name. I knew nothing about him. 

My tongue swirled around his slippery frenulum and glans. He glared at me as I suckled the tip of his dick and ran my hands over his muscular thighs. He barely acknowledged me as he idly bucked his hips, pressing his shaft deeper into me.

Thick and meaty, his substantial cock filled my mouth as I slid up and down the first few inches of his member. I could not deep-throat that monster, but I held the base with my right fist and bobbed on the top of his dick. 

“He good?” A voice asked, and the skinhead snorted.

“He’s OK. Had far worse.”

“Do me, kiddo.”

“Yeah, do him.” My lust intensified as the inked man passed me to another stranger. I loved that I was a disposable piece of meat, as the nude guy to his right guided me into his erect dick. 

I sucked a black cock for the first time. His body, wrapped in espresso-coloured skin, was smooth under the neon lights. Shor dark hair at the base of his thick prick and he flashed a smile as my lips closed over the mushroom head.

Musky, sweaty, masculine and addictive. I sucked on his cock, bobbing passionately on the stranger’s dick in full view of the gay bar. My hands roamed over his tree-trunk legs and washboard stomach. They flicked his nipples as my mouth worked his stiff prick.

“He’s liking that,” his friend joked. And I was.

I got given to another and another; each guy, with their well-endowed pricks, had me blow them for a couple of minutes before they passed me onto the next top and then the next. I was merely a discardable warm-up act, and when I reached the end of the line, I looked to see Adam on his knees in front of the skinhead, as the young Cumbrian brought the intimidating Londoner to orgasm.

Sweat dripped down my chest and across my forehead, and I wiped the drool from my lips with the back of my hand. We left the playroom and returned to the bar; I bought us both another drink as we sat on the stools.

“This place is crazy,” I said as the barman put two bottles on the beer mats. “It’s amazing.”

“Yeah. One of the seven wonders of the world!” Adam joked as we watched the action from our bar stools. The air was thick with sexual arousal, with grunting, groaning and squealing loudly carrying over the music in the warm, sweaty underground venue. 

I saw the black man, with the firm six pack, enter the bar area, and he made eye contact with me. “Drink?” I asked, and he smiled. 

“Yeah, OK,” he muttered and tapped my bottle. He took a seat next to Adam, and I flashed my card to buy three more beers from the barman. He said little; nobody did. We watched the debauchery in front of us as the well-endowed man idly stroked his prick with Anadolu Yakası Escort his left hand. When a sofa became free at the far end of the room, my companion suggested we take it.

Our guest sat in the middle of the settee, with his legs widely spread. His eyes met mine and then Adam’s as he swigged from the beer bottle. Wordlessly, he said what he wanted, and I eagerly fellated him once more.

The power and control the stranger possessed over me was intoxicating and arousing. I licked his sweaty testicles as he lifted his semi-erect prick and sucked the saltiness from his pores. My lips swirled over his glans, and my mouth slid over his shaft, growing as I suckled his manhood.

The musky smell, the firm feel of his cock, the tangy taste, the debauched sounds and the sights of his shimmering flesh and black pubic hair were a sensory overload. My body sang as I worshipped the stranger’s dark prick. His left hand rubbed the back of my head as I bobbed on his dick, taking him further and further into my mouth. 

I felt powerless and submissive. As my tongue swirled over the glans of the adonis, I glanced up at him, as he looked out across the room, enjoying a pornographic show behind me as I worked his cock. I inhaled his masculine scent as pre-cum from my arousal soaked the front of my white briefs. Both hands gripped the back of my head as his hips bucked and rocked, and he held my face deep into his sweaty, virile loins. 

The macho alpha grunted as my tongue tickled his frenulum and his shaft pulsed. A jet of thick, salty emission hit the back of my throat as his hips pumped his prick in and out of my mouth. 

I frantically swallowed his cum, soaking my briefs as my cock strained in my underwear. His legs quivered as wave after wave of his masculinity poured into me. He glanced down at me and smiled. “Thanks,” he muttered, held up his beer and left me sat on the floor. I turned to see Adam, leant over the back of the other sofa as an older gentleman railed him. I took a seat on the leather settee, watching my friend.

“Is this free, mate?” A middle-aged bald-headed man, wearing just a red singlet that had several splashes of cum down the front had asked.

“No,” I muttered, and the cushion sank as the guy sat down next to me. 

“He’s really taking a pounding,” he added as he watched Adam groan and squeal. His hands rested on my thigh as our legs touched and he looked at me, eager for action, as we enjoyed the pornographic show of my friend crying and squalling.

The thick prick pounding him unloaded into a rubber sheath and Adam stayed in his position as the dominant withdrew from his butt. Waiting for the next top, ready to plunder his open invitation. The little slut wiggled his posterior as another man readied himself; openly twerking to encourage the fat cock to accept his desperate invite.

My horniness rose. The adjacent gentleman, fondling my skin, smiled as Adam took the dominant’s dick to the hilt, and I leant over to take the veiny prick of the seated stranger in my mouth. Thick, ridged, sweaty; the weighty cock tasted of muskiness as my lips rolled his foreskin over his tip and I suckled his semi-erect member.

He stroked my back as I cricked my neck, suckling his sensitive prick in his lap. His dick stiffened as I massaged his ridged tool with my tongue and bobbed on the length of his manhood. “God, that’s good,” he muttered, parting his legs further, as my nose bumped against his shaven pubis. He held my neck as his shaft pulsed and I tasted a jet of cum hitting the top of my palate. 

Then another. And another. 

My sluttery peaked as the stranger’s warm juices hit the back of my throat as I frantically sucked his dick.

In two hours, I had doubled the amount of pricks that had ever been in my mouth, and I groaned as I drank the last of his salty, musky masculinity.

I glanced across to Adam, finishing up with a third man, and pulled at his wrist, nearly toppling him.

I wanted the twenty-four-year-old adonis, and I gestured for him to follow me. 

Desperate, I dragged him into the playroom once more; Adam squeezed my butt as we entered a private booth from the darkened corridor. Two men were spit roasting another as I kissed my fiancée’s brother, but we ignored them. They were close to finishing their play. Adam was my focus, and our hands explored as we pawed at each other’s clothing. I wanted him as the gay man pressed me against the rough wall of the room, as our dicks touched through the cotton underwear. 

I had swallowed two loads in my mouth, and I craved Adam’s touch. He held my buttocks and squeezed them, kneading my flesh as I felt a movement behind my gay lover. My eyes met those of the three men leaving the booth and I made eye contact with the submissive bottom, with splashes of cum over him.

He gasped and stepped back. “Oh My God.”

I didn’t recognise him at first in the low lighting and if he had not have reacted, I would not have remembered İstanbul Escort him. The mature gentleman clapped his hand to his cum-covered mouth as I scowled at his reaction. His face reminded me of disdain and annoyance, and I placed him as the conversation came back.

Robin Heaton. Chief Technical Officer to the large bank that had dismissed our platform so aggressively. The man with a wife of 33 years, four children and a multi-million pound mansion in South London. “Hello, once again,” I said curtly. His behaviour still rankled. 

“This is a mistake. A first time. I didn’t know. Don’t tell anyone. My wife would…” He gibbered. His greying hair and distraught face had several spatters and streaks of cum. He panicked. I was not about to “out” a bisexual man to his family or his employer, and I said nothing as I studied him. To do so would be malicious and evil, and it was not in my nature. To think that I would do such a malevolent act irritated me further. “Please.”

I ignored him and returned to kissing my friend, but when he left the room, Adam sensed I was tense. “Shall we finish at the hotel?” He asked, and I nodded. We dressed and exited the venue, walking through the cool streets at midnight to our hotel. 

The receptionist watched as we crossed the atrium, and Adam noticed his gaze. He stopped and walked up to the desk. “Hiya, what time’s breakfast tomorrow?”

“Six thirty to ten, sir.” My companion studied the definition of the short-haired, blue-eyed man in his white shirt, and squeezed my hand.

“Thanks. My friend and me have been to the underground club near Warren Street. We had some fun, but plan to have a little more. In our room. One-one-three, if you get lonely.” 

Adam bit his lip as he stepped backwards and held the receptionist’s gaze until we rounded the corner of the corridor. “You sure he’s gay?”

“Yes,” my friend snorted. He spoke as we took the stairs two at a time. “He has a Rainbow Pride bracelet and had been ogling me all stay.” I chuckled as he opened our bedroom door. Adam’s fingers pawed at my trousers, and they fell to the floor in seconds. I stood bottomless as my clothes pooled at my feet and I unbuttoned my fuckbuddy’s belt. 

His lips touched mine; his palms stroked my flanks. The underwear dropped from his waist. We had unfinished business as my hands grasped his buttocks and kneaded his muscles. He panted as I explored, caressing his bare flesh.

Adam pulled his fingers over his shaft, collecting pre-cum, and raised his hand to my face. My eyes focused on the globule of transparent liquid, and I licked the saccharine, tangy goo from his skin.

I knew what he wanted; his gaze sparkled as my tongue curled over my top lip and a cheeky grin cracked across his face, as I slid down his body, until I rested on my knees.

I took a few seconds to admire his cock; the bulbous purple uncircumcised glans atop his engorged, long, thin shaft. The smell of spicy male arousal and musty water-based lubricant was deliciously stimulating, and my mouth closed over the velvety head. 

My tongue swirled around his ridge, and a few more drops of pre-cum dropped onto my tastebuds. I coated his shaft in my saliva as my lips slid further down his dick until my nose brushed his smattering of pubic hair.

He grunted, muttering words I couldn’t hear. I bobbed on his cock, unsure of whether Adam wanted to orgasm in my mouth, leaning against the wall. But I chased his cum. I quickened my pace and ran my tongue across his frenulum as my tight lips pleasured the whole of his shaft.

He groaned louder. “That’s good,” he muttered and rubbed his nipples through his cotton singlet. His hips ground his prick to my rhythm, aggressively thrusting his dick towards me as my nose nestled amongst his pubes. He panted, and I steadied myself for an influx of his cum.

And then he stopped as a gentle knock on the door brought Adam from his lustful haze. He giggled and gripped the handle, exposing us to the corridor. 

The receptionist’s eyes widened. My friend, with a wet, erect prick, was leaning against the wall and I was on my knees in front of him. “I understand that you’ve had some problems with your television, sir?”

Adam took a few seconds to appreciate the reason for the cute receptionist’s words and he grinned. “Yes, if you could just look.” I scrambled to my feet as the smartly dressed man stepped into our room and caught the name off his employee’s badge as he walked into the bedroom.

Nervousness radiated from Marcus’s body language. I expected that if his employers discovered that he had sought sex from a guest during his shift, then they would take a dim view of his actions. 

Adam closed the door and gestured for me to sit on the double bed. “Front or back?” He offered the receptionist. “Or do you want to be in the middle?” My companion’s hands slid over his white shirt and navy trousers, and the employee took his wallet, keys and phone from the pockets and put them on the wooden desk behind him. 

Marcus gulped; he was a strapping, sculpted individual with short black hair. He could easily have been a semi-professional athlete or a military man, with his brawny frame. “You take the back,” he said in a sharp voice before his lips broke into a smile and his eyes met my gaze.

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