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Quinn’s Senior Year Ch. 2

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I got in my car and found my key chain in my backpack. As I started the engine, I flipped down the visor to look in the mirror. My face was flushed, and there was a smile playing on my lips. I had lost my virginity to Mr. McPhee!

I backed out and drove from the school parking lot to Kristen’s house, singing loudly to every song on the radio, and to some of the commercials, too. Her mom greeted me at the door, and asked if I wanted to stay for dinner. I answered that I would. Anything to keep me out of my house for as long as possible.

“Kristen’s in her room.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

I walked through their family room, messed up her brother’s hair, petted her dog, and continued to her bedroom door, where I knocked briefly.

“Come in!”

She had her stereo going, Third Eye Blind was playing. She was laying stomach down on her bed in our practice uniform we were instructed to wear for the day, black shorts and a white tank top with the words “Dance Team” embroidered on it. Her shoulder length brown hair was up in a ponytail, and she was studying for the history quiz.

“What’s up?” she asked as she sat up looking toward me expectantly.

“You would not even believe what happened today with Mr. McPhee after school!” I began.

“What? What did he do?”

“He fucked me!”

Her reaction was almost comical; first her brow wrinkled, then her jaw dropped like a cartoon character, and her eyes widened.

“No way!” she exclaimed, as her hand flew to her mouth.

“Dude, I am totally telling you, I had sex with him, and he wants to do it again I think!”

“Where? Where did you do it?!”

“The History Offices.”

She just shook her head in amazement, hand still covering her mouth.

“So that was it, that was your virginity!” She announced with a giggle. “Start spillin’ it………is he big?”

Laying back on her pastel patterned quilt, I recounted every detail of my incredible encounter with Mr. McPhee. Kristen leaned back next to me, asking questions here and there, analyzing everything, comparing my experience to her first time with her boyfriend Aaron.

“You wanna go out to my car and smoke?” I asked.

“Yeah, lemme grab my jacket.”

It was getting close to dinner time as we head out to the car, attempting to leave the house unnoticed. This was virtually impossible in the Kerry household.

“Hey, where you girls goin? We’re havin’ chili here soon,” her mom continued, “Q, did you call your aunt?”

“Um, no, not yet, but I will in a few minutes.”

Nobody ever called me “Q” but Kristen’s mom. I didn’t mind it.

Kristen’s house was set back off a two lane road, surrounded by trees, but still visible from the street. We walked across her gravel driveway toward my car in the turnaround. Upon shutting the doors and starting the radio, I dug through my backpack, found a bottle of ibuprofen, popped off the top, and pulled out a little baggie. Kristen opened my glove compartment and retrieved my bowl, and I proceeded to pack it up. After putting the pill bottle in my bag, contents safely locked away, I pulled out my lighter. Neither Kristen or I smoked cigarettes, the lighter was kept around for one thing only. Minutes later Pink Floyd was serenading us as smoke filled my car.

“When do you think you’ll fuck him again?”

I wasn’t actually sure. “I don’t know, but ya know what – he asked about you.” Kristen sat forward suddenly. “Really?! What did he ask?” she implored with a somewhat confused, shy smile.

“He wanted to know if you thought he was hot. He wanted me to tell you about what happened today, and for me to tell him what you thought about it.”

“What are you going to tell him?” she questioned me.

“I’m not sure yet. Ya know what, though, I think he wants to get with you too.”

“But I have a boyfriend,” she said, confused.

“Dude, güngören escort that would be like me telling you that Brad Pitt wanted your body, and you being like ‘But I have a boyfriend’! Mr. McPhee is hot! You have to have sex with him if he wants you to! It’s like there isn’t a ‘no’ option!”

“But Aaron is the only guy I have ever been with,” she protested.

“I guarantee you that Mr. McPhee is, like, so much better.”

“I think I’d be so nervous,” she replied.

“I was totally nervous the whole time, but it was, like, the best experience of my life.”

She seemed to think about it for a moment, but her mind began to drift. Soon she started listening to the CD I had just put in. It was a song by Eazy E, “Gimme Dat Nut.” We both started to sing to it at the same passage:

“In some pussy is the place to be, always fucking is the life for me, spread them legs open far and wide, fuck this shit, just let me put my dick inside!”

By the time we were finished, we were both giggling and falling all over each other, a side effect of the herb.

Still laughing, Kristen looked at me as seriously as possible and said, “I wonder what pussy feels like,” and continued to giggle softly.

“I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it,” I lied. I had thought about it a few times before, especially after the first time I had gone web surfing a couple years ago. I ended up bored, so I had typed in the word “sex.” It returned with 5,472 matches. I clicked through all the sites I could, looking at every free tour, completely amazed, and very aroused. That was the first time I had ever seen anything like it. The memory of touching myself while looking at the screen began to arouse me. I regarded my friend once more.

Kristen by far was the most beautiful friend I had. She had stunning dark eyes that were framed so heavily with eyelashes that she never had to use mascara, shiny dark silk for hair that famed her face, soft olive-toned skin, and a figure to die for. She had both the tits and the ass, and was just tall enough to carry it off, creating an erotic and head-turning hourglass shape. I had often been jealous of her body, as most teenage girls are never happy with themselves. Then again, I often touched myself when laying in bed next to her, on weekend sleepovers. I had wanted to feel her sometimes in the worst way, and she was asking me now if I ever wondered what pussy felt like.

“Do you?” I asked.

“I just wondered, you know, ’cause I know what dick feels like. I was just thinking I have no idea what it is like to have sex with me.”

“Hmm, I dunno,” I began, “maybe it’s like having sex with me, I mean, like another girl, ya know?”

Kristen giggled nervously, and I joined her. We were still hunched pretty close to each other, partially from our last giggle episode, and partly because it was beginning to get chilly in the car. We were leaning our heads on each other, and slowly, she turned her head and looked at me. Her face was very serious all of a sudden, and she looked apprehensive.

“Can I kiss you?”

I looked at her blankly. Never had I ever imagined she would ask me that. I wanted to say yes, but my throat was unable to utter a sound.

My beautiful best friend did not wait for a response. Lifting her hand to my cheek, she began to run her fingers through my hair. Placing her hand behind my head she leaned forward as I closed my eyes. I began to breathe heavily as her warm, dark pink lips pressed my own. Her hand found it’s way into my coat and under my starched white blouse. Unsure of herself, she placed her hand at my waist and slipped it slowly upward, so that it stopped just short of my breast, creating a trail of fire on my skin. I could hear both of our hearts beating over the music as I pulled the bottom of her tank top over her breasts, exposing her ample bosom eskort şişli almost spilling out of her bra. She was wearing a sheer cream colored underwire bra, through which her nipples could easily be seen. Dark, almost brown, her quarter-sized areolas peaked into two extremely large, erect nipples. Her tits were fantastic, all I wanted was to have my mouth all over them.

Softly, I let my hands fall on the sides of her bra, and slid them toward myself to cup her soft , firm bosom. A small wimper escaped her lips, and she became more confident. She moved her hand behind my back, unfastened my bra, and took both of my perky breasts in her hands while her tongue licked my bottom lip before pushing into my mouth.

And there we were, high in my Lumina, fondling, squeezing, caressing each other’s tits, best friends since fourth grade. I wanted to touch her everywhere, to let my hands wander over this foreign but so familiar body in my hands, to kiss her in so many places.

I flipped the armrest up off the seat, and pulled her closer to me. Her tits pressed against mine, and I could feel the hardness of her nipples rub against my own. The car was cold, but our body heat and letter jackets kept us warm.

Kristen reached behind her, and grabbed my dance bag, full of clothes, and shoved it between me and the driver side door. She pushed me back onto it as her mouth fell upon my neck, near my collarbone. My fingers tangled in her dark hair, removing her hair band, as her mouth traveled to the soft swell of my breast. She glanced up and looked at me, her eyes mirroring my lust. My heart was pounding and my tits were aching for her mouth. She pinched my nipple between her thumb and forefinger, watching my response intently as I dropped my head back and began to moan. Satisfied with my reaction, she licked my nipple with a warm, flat tongue, and then so quickly did she begin to suck, I arched my back in sheer surprise and pleasure. She released my tender flesh only for it’s twin moments later, her hand working the nipple she had left.

“Oh, my god,” I whispered hoarsely.

Looking up, my dearest friend, for whom I would do anything, gave me yet another reason to love her. She traced her finger from my areola across my stomach, around my bellybutton, and then directly down. She reached underneath my skirt and gently cupped my lace covered pussy. I took a sharp breath as she pushed aside my thong, and slowly, softly, explored my bare lips.

“You shave yours?!” she asked in surprise.

“Yeah,” I managed with a smile, “I saw it on the internet once.”

She stared at my moistened mound for a moment, and then slowly licked her top lip. Without averting her gaze, she moved her body back away from me while pulling my legs forward. When she was done, her breath was on my pussy, and my thighs were on either side of her head. Then she began.

It was the most incredible experience I had felt until then. She traced the opening of my pink lips with her dark tongue, and I lost control. As she began to push past my soft skin into my wet slit, my hands, still woven in her hair, suddenly pressed her face into my pussy. Both of us gasping for breath, she shoved her tongue into my hole, and then with a flat tongue, she licked from my opening over the folds of skin, and pushed roughly over my clit. I almost screamed in pleasure, as she began to hold back my lips and lap at my clit like a kitten would do with a bowl of cream. My face pressed against the steamed window, all it took was a glance down at my best friend eating my newly deflowered pussy to send me over the edge.

My thighs began to tighten, and my hips thrust up to meet Kristen’s golden tongue. The explosion washed over me in waves, my eyes never leaving the sight of Kristen’s mouth being filled with my pussy juice. She continued to explore inside my lips with her tongue, even esenler escort after I had cum. Gently I raised her head from between my thighs, and smiled, as I saw her face was covered with my juice. I sat up as I pulled her to me, and began to lick my honey from her face. Her tongue met mine and we kissed passionately as my taste covered my own mouth.

My hands went back to her magnificent tits, which I began to fondle through her bra, as she nuzzled her face into my neck and covered me with soft, tiny kisses.

“I want to make you feel good,” I said softly.

“I’m all for it,” she said with a smile.

As I slowly moved a hand from her tits to lower latitudes, we heard a call from the house.

“Girls! Chili’s ready! Get on in here!”

We quickly sat back from each other, her mother’s voice not a welcomed intrusion.

“We better get dressed,” she stated awkwardly.

“Yeah, I know.”

Quickly we arranged our clothes, and made our way into the house, looking at each other with a mixture of lust, fear, and guilt the whole time. We mostly felt lust, though. Eating chili at the table with her family was pure torture, as Kristen sat next to me, and I wanted to finish what we had started so badly. I thought about touching her under the table, but what if her parents or brother noticed? I couldn’t. I was too much of a chicken shit.

Kristen’s mom asked me again if I had called my aunt to let her know I was eating with them. I said I hadn’t, and she suggested that I do so that very minute. With much reluctance, I got up and went into the kitchen. Dialing the numbers, I began to get a little nervous. I did not have a good relationship with my aunt and uncle, and I knew that they would not be pleased or lenient with me for not calling. I knew this when I was reminded to call in the first place, but if I had called, I would not be permitted to stay. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission, that was my theory.

The phone call did not go well, as expected. I was informed that I better get my ass home, that I was in for it. I knew that I would be. I was always on their shit list, as they called it. Just another day in my life.

I went back into the dining room and thanked Kristen’s mom for dinner, looking at beautiful Kristen the whole time. Her eyes were sympathetic, she knew what I had to go home to. I signaled for her to call me, said good night to everyone, and left the house.

The night had gotten colder, and I looked up at the stars as I crossed her gravel driveway. There was a clarity in the air, between the chill, the cloudless black sky ablaze with celestial lights, and the crunching sound my shoes made across the gravel. The wind moved through the trees, creating a rustle among the autumn leaves not yet sent to the earth. The moment was like an explanation that I could not translate. Reaching my car, I opened the door, moved my dance bag to the passenger seat, and slipped inside.

After turning the key into the ignition, I turned down the music, and with my hands and head resting on the steering wheel, I took a moment to think about my day. I had been embarrassed beyond belief in school, lost my virginity to my incredibly sexy history teacher, and had my pussy licked by my incredibly sexy best friend. It was a lot to take in. My head swam with the details of the events, when I realized I had not performed my dance team check-offs for Kristen as instructed.

I’ll just call her when I get home, I thought. She’d cover for me, I knew.

Tired, and not really up to going home and facing the tyrants, I backed out of the driveway and turned up the radio. I changed the station, never settling on anything. All I wanted to think about was seeing Mr. McPhee and Kristen tomorrow. I just needed to get through the night alone, and tomorrow would be even better than today. I wondered out loud what my name would sound like if Mr. McPhee married me.

“Quinn McPhee,” I stated with a smile.

Then I realized with a frown that I didn’t know his first name.

“No biggie,” I reasoned out loud, “All that matters is that he loves me. I’ll find out tomorrow.”

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