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Quickie: Coworker

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I showed up late, couldn’t get away any sooner. Walking into the hotel, I quickly went up to the front desk.

“Do you have something for John Smith?” I asked, using the fake name she told me to use.

“Let me check,” the nice looking desk attendant returned before turning around and checking lettered boxes behind her.

“Here you are, sir,” she said, handing me a sealed envelope.

Turning around from the desk, I ripped the envelope open and looked inside. There was a keycard and a little note.

“Waiting for you in room 323… don’t make me wait too long.” With a small heart for a signature.

I quickly found the elevator… I was really pushing my luck now. She might have left already. Finally the elevator door opened and I went in pushing floor three and begging for the door to close faster. Up on three, I was out of the elevator before the doors fully opened, searching the signage on the walls for the direction of 323. Once found, I darted down the long hotel hallway. Standing outside the door, I fixed my hair, and felt my heart racing in my chest… my cock jumped a little in my pants from excitement. Was I really going to do this? I could turn around and walk away. There was no going back if I opened the door.

I made my choice… or maybe my cock did.

Using the keycard, the door unlocked and I let myself in, hoping to find her still waiting. I walked into the small hallway leading toward the main room, seeing a single king sized bed up ahead. I turned the corner.

“Took you long enough… I got started without you,” her voice floated toward me.

There on the bed was a sight I’ll never forget. She was dressed in a black negligee but only the top was still on, pulled to one side to reveal her left breast. The nipple was hard and looked wet, shiny with the areola all bunched up. Her dark hair was loose, falling over her shoulders a few inches, her back up against a couple of pillows. Her lower body was naked, her sex shaved completely with her labia hanging open, glistening and flushed from some kind of stimulation. Her long, shapely legs slightly bent, extending onto the bed. As I looked at her, she licked her fingers and one hand went to her nipple and the other hand went back to her sex, rubbing her clit and lips in a circle.

“I’m so horny… dying for you cock… don’t make me wait any longer,” she said, using her hand from her breast to motion me to her with one finger.

I started tearing my clothing off, my cock jumping to life in my pants and already well on the way to erect. Shirt, belt, pants, shoes and finally boxers were kicked clear and I moved to get on the bed but as I was undressing she had gone to hands and knees, crawling toward me. As I stood naked next to the bed, she reached forward, grabbing my cock and pulling me up against the mattress.

“I better sample the goods first,” she said, sucking my head into her red lipped lined mouth.

The sensation curled my toes and I let out a long moan as she swallowed more and more of my cock, looking up at me with her deep blue eyes. It disappeared into her mouth, the hot, wet sensation, making my eyes widen and heart pound in my chest. It was mind-blowingly good. She held me deep, I could feel her tongue working the shaft before she clamped down with her lips and inched me back out, to suck the head firmly. Needless to say I was rock hard. Without releasing my head, she descended back down on me, keeping the tight grip with her lips and not using her hands at all. I’d never felt anything like it.

I watched her work without blinking. Up and down her red lips worked my cock, leaving lipstick residue on the base as her lips held tight, her eyes constantly looking up at me. She was still on hands and knees, only using her hand the one time to pull me into her mouth. It was probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. My cock going in and out of her mouth, her sexy back arched and extending onto the bed with her legs spread and bottom half naked. I’d fantasized seeing her naked and the reality was even better.

She sucked me like this for several minutes until most of her lipstick was now on my cock and my balls had tighten up considerably. She let my cock pop out of her mouth. It was covered in her saliva and my pre-cum, a bright red ring around the base. She moved, sitting on the edge of the bed and lifting the black negligee top off of her round, fake breasts. With her sitting on the bed, my cock was at the perfect height for her to wrap her tits around my cock. With all the juice, she easily started moving her breasts up and down my shaft, holding them together tightly. I watched, again spellbound, as my cock slid in-between her boobs, the head popping through her cleavage with each downward fall. She tipped her chin to her chest, licking and sucking the head as it slid through.

“You like?” she asked.

“Hell yes!” I said.

“Not used to this kind of attention?” she asked.

“Not even close.”

“Such a waste… you’ve been neglected far too long… such a nice cock…” she said, sucking the head back into her mouth and letting saliva run down güvenilir bahis the shaft to her breasts.

She tit fucked me for another several minutes until I was ready to blow my load all over her. I wanted too… cumming on woman’s chest while being funneled between her breasts would be a first for me as well. I didn’t know what she’d do. I was used to cowering and not wanting to upset and that weakness came into my mind as the pleasure grew and grew.

“You want to cum? You’re getting so hard… you can cum… cum all over my breasts!” she said, reading my mind and body.

She no sooner said it, than my cock surged forth in an excitement fueled orgasm I’ve never experienced before. I’d never seen so much semen shoot out of my cock either. It sprayed powerful jets of white, hitting her neck and face over and over as she kept her breasts moving slightly on the shaft. I jerked and bucked with each explosion as more and more shot forth like a geyser, covering her breasts, neck and mouth with semen.

“Wow… you’ve been a little pent-up,” she said as it finally eased down.

“Just a little,” I said, admiring the mess I’d made.

I was breathing rapidly after the orgasm, my legs a little weak from the spasms. She released my spent cock and laid back on the bed. My cock was covered as well as her chest and I stood next to the bed looking down at this beautiful creature covered in my fresh load. My mind wandered to the first day I saw her.


She had just been hired as a clerk and my boss was taking her around the office to introduce her to everyone. When I saw her for the first time I hesitated shaking her hand, taken aback by her beauty. Her dark hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail for work, her pencil skirt tapered to her hips and legs, the white blouse buttoned tight around her enhanced breasts with just a hint of cleavage.

“Rob, meet, Jessica our new clerk,” my boss said.

“Jessica, nice to meet you,” I said, extending my hand.

“Nice to me you, Rob,” she said, shaking my hand.

We shook hands briefly before she was escorted to the next office. I snuck a look out my door at her backside as she walked. I was excited for some office eye candy but that was as far as it went that first day.


“Mind getting a towel from the bathroom… I’m kind of a mess,” she said looking up at me in my daze.

“Oh, sure,” I said, turning around and going to the hotel bathroom. I grabbed a towel, wiped off my cock and returned to the bed.

“Clean me up?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said, kneeling on the bed and using the towel to clean her face first before moving down to her incredible breasts.

I cleaned up all the semen, and might have spent more time than I needed to on her breasts, causing her nipples to grow slightly. She was so hot, I couldn’t believe I had just cum all over her. Once she was clean she continued to lay on the bed, looking up at me.

“So what took you so long to get here?” she asked.

I fell to my side, using my hand to prop up my head and continued to look at her before speaking.

“I had to get this bid done,” I said.

“Figured… always work.”

“Exactly,” I said, looking up and down her body.

“So are you going to touch me or just stare?” she asked.

“Sorry… this is so new.”

“Maybe, but it’s not like you haven’t thought about it before now,” she said.

“True,” I said, reaching out caressing her arm.

My hand slid up to her shoulder, over toward her collarbone and across her upper chest and breasts.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” she said.

I used the tips of my fingers to glide over her skin, noticing she had no tan lines… her skin was all the same olive-tan color. Down between her breasts, I traced my fingers, over her flat stomach to her navel before coming back up to caress the underside of her enhanced boobs on both sides. She kept watching my cock, wondering if it was going to get hard again soon. I ignored it, enjoying my fingers and palms touching her warm flesh. I finally circled her nipples watching the skin begin to crinkle and pull together to lift her pink nipples slightly.

When I brushed the growing flesh, she moaned as they grew erect so I could run them between finger and thumb, twisting them slightly. That’s when I began to feel movement in my cock and a resurgence in arousal. I rolled toward her, keeping one hand on her breasts and placed the other between her legs on her inner thigh. I could feel my cock moving as the blood began to flow again. My hand slid up her leg until I found her moist, shaved sex, still flushed, engorged from her play and the blowjob. I let my fingers spread her open, moving upward with juices to find her plump clit. She arched into me, moaning as I slid across the enflamed nub. This made my cock stiffen more, over halfway now to erect.

I circled her clit a few times before digging two fingers deep into her wet sex. She moaned loudly, pressing her body onto my hand as I curled my fingers up toward her g-spot. I found the rough patch of skin behind the clit and pressed my fingers on it as my thumb flicked güvenilir bahis siteleri her nub. My other hand tweaked a nipple and she called out the loudest yet.

“That’s perfect! Don’t stop!”

I had no intentions of stopping and either did my cock which was now fully hard in record time. I knew it was due to the excitement and the exceptional woman my hands were on. I basked in the sensations coming off my hands and the throb of my cock as I played. Again my mind wandered.


“I’ve worked her three months now, Rob and we’ve never really talked,” she said, sitting in a chair in front of my desk.

“What do you want to know?” I asked, trying not to stare at her breasts at work.

They were covered in a tight, long sleeved shirt and she had a skirt on again, shorter skirt then the day I met her.

“What makes Rob tick? What do you like to do outside of work?” she asked.

“Golf, bike, hike… I’m an outdoors guy,” I said, stealing a glance downward when she wasn’t looking at my face.

“So working in an office probably drives you crazy.”

“I work so I can play when I’m not working.”

“Yeah, me too. Sounds like you and I could have some fun together,” she said, smiling and flashing her blue eyes at me.

She was so out of my league but I sure didn’t mind looking at her.

“Yay, that’d be cool,” I said.”

She stood up, smoothed her skirt and said, “Well back to work,” and left my office with my eyes all over her backside.

Things I wanted to do to her flashed through my mind… things I’d been thinking about for those three months she’d already work with me. Things a married man should never think about.


My fingers dug deeper as my mind returned to the present. I switched breasts, twisting her nipple, making it rock hard again between my thumb and finger. Rolling further over, I moved down her body with my mouth, kissing and licking her stomach and down lower to the start of her sex. Diverting my path, I licked her inner thighs on both sides, running my tongue around her lips but not touching them, teasing her before finally splitting her open from the bottom to the top with one long lick. I stopped at her clit and flicked it with my tongue as she groaned in pleasure and grabbed my head with both hands.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to do this to me!” she said.

I sunk my tongue lower, deep into her tangy hole, rooting around as deep as I could go with her forcing my face into her sex. I couldn’t talk so I just continued giving her what she wanted apparently. I feasted on her sex, alternating between clit and hole, back and forth licking everything I could, sucking and pulling at her labia and erect nub, driving her nuts.

“Are you hard yet? You better be hard because I have to have you in me!” she called out.

I raised my head from her sex and smiled up at her. She got this wicked look on her face and rose up quickly, pushing me onto my back on the large bed.

“Oh, yeah… nice and hard,” she said, crawling over me and grabbing my cock.

She didn’t play games, feeding it into her well eaten and open hole, dropping down all the way onto my cock. We both let out a long moan as she stayed fully down on me for several seconds.

“Just as I imagined!” she said, before she began to rock back and forth, grinding down on me.

Her hair fell forward, almost in my face as she looked fiercely down at me, moving in a circular motion now, bending my cock around and around. I grabbed her breasts, holding on with both hands as she worked me where she wanted. Her hair, all messy and forward made me flash back again.


It was after hours at work… I was just about to leave, having finished up a project and sent it to the printer in the copy room. I got up from my desk to get the copies and walked in on Jessica all fired up and disheveled in front of the copy machine.

“Fucking thing,” she cursed slamming the paper drawer closed before seeing me standing there. Her hair had fallen out of her ponytail and she had popped a button on her blouse. I got an incredible view down her shirt as she stood up and saw me.

“Oh… sorry about the language… this stupid things broken again,” she said.

My eyes had not gone to her face but had stayed on her exposed cleavage. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

“Rob? Yeah, sorry, I popped a button off… I’m glad your enamored with them, they cost a lot, but my eyes are up here,” she said, with a big smile.

“Sorry… really sorry… I was just caught off guard.”

“No problem really… I won’t tell if you don’t,” she said, reaching out and touching my arm.

“So… printers broken huh?” I said, trying to get back to business.

“Yeah… hope you didn’t need something?” she said, trying to fix her hair but ended up just taking it out completely.

“I did, but its fine,” I said, turning to leave.

She reached out and grabbed my arm, “Maybe you can stay a little while and try and help me fix it?”

“Umm, sure…” I said, turning back around.


My cock was in heaven as she iddaa siteleri began to get even more aggressive, lifting her body up higher with each thrust and slamming down on my cock as she bent it in different positions. She put her hands on my chest, riding me as I palmed her breasts and looked up into her gorgeous face and blue eyes. I had to smile from the memory of the printer incident and she saw it.

“What are you smiling about?” she asked, driving my cock deep.

“Just remembering the time the printer broke and you and I were the only ones still at work.”

“I remember that… it was the first time I caught you looking at my tits and I knew you liked what you saw.”

“Oh believe me it wasn’t the first time… I was just better at hiding it,” I said, chuckling.

“Well, that was the beginning,” she said, working hard and riding me like no other woman ever.

I could tell she was working on an orgasm and working hard. I helped as much as I could by playing with her breasts and nipples. It didn’t take much longer before she tightened up and began to pant from the climax that washed over her. She made these cute little noises as the waves crashed over her body before falling down on my chest and trembling. My cock throbbed and pulsed inside of her as she tried to gain her breath back. I was humming with pleasure but not close to orgasm since she had made me cum with her breasts and mouth not too long ago.

I rolled us both over so she was now on the bottom, still gaining her wind back. Rising up off of her with my arms, I took half my cock out of her and slid it back in slowly. It felt so good, she was really wet now and even warmer if that’s possible. I began a steady rhythm, in and out, in and out as I held myself off of her for about five minutes, loving the wet sensations and her lips clinging to my cock as I moved in and out of her.

I rose even higher, getting on my knees so I could use my hands for other things. This gave me an incredible view of her body with my cock moving in and out of her shaved sex. Her breasts were large round orbs on her chest capped off with taunt nipples and dark areolas from the skin scrunching together. I grabbed them both, holding firmly and picking up the pace. Moving in and out faster now, she started to moan again as my cock rushed deep each time. This positions really added the friction and sensation to my cock and my hum of pleasure began to grow and grow. The visual and the sensations emanating from my cock and hands, fueled my arousal to almost orgasm. Luckily my mind wandered again.


“I just don’t get women like that. I love sex… I mean really love it and it pisses me off when I hear about women that don’t care or never want it,” she said.

We were gossiping in the breakroom during lunch. A fellow clerk was discussing with Jessica her recent marriage and how much her new husband bugged her to have sex. Jessica wanted to kill this young girl or at least smack her around a little. I guess she was depriving her new husband of sex already and Jessica was mad about it and telling me.

“That’s pretty much the norm, Jessica. Women like you are a rare thing.”

“I know, that’s what I’ve heard and it drives me crazy. What about you and your wife?” she asked me.

“Like I said you’re a rare thing.”

“No shit? You don’t get any either! That really pisses me off… why would she want to waste all you can offer?”

“Umm… Just the way it goes.”

“Not with me… I wouldn’t ever tell you no.”

“Good to know,” I said, grinning.

“I mean… if… like if we… well, never mind.”

I laughed and she went a shade darker red. I knew then my chances of things getting out of hand with her were a possibility.


My mind cleared and I looked down at my cock rushing in and out of her wet sex. Her clit poking out among her folds, glistening with her juices. Taking one hand off her breasts, I moved it lower and using my thumb, rubbed her nubbin up and down as I plunged my cock in and out.

“You’re going to make me cum again!” she said.

I could feel her chest rising and falling rapidly under my one hand. I wanted to make her cum as many times as I could. I kept everything the same to help her achieve orgasm. Both hands stayed consistent on her breast and clit and I thrust hard and deep without varying anything. I watched her face and body, watched her getting closer with each passing second, so focused on her pleasure I forgot my own. Her hands clenched the bed sheets and she arched her back as the climax took over. Her body tightened and the spasms took over. I could feel her contracting muscles grip my cock as I moved in and out of her body. The small little noises came again from her mouth and her eyes closed as the rapture flooded her. So fucking sexy!

I eased down with her… slowing my thrusts as her body relaxed and her white knuckled hands began to get color back. She released the bed sheets, her body melted into the bed besides her heaving chest for air. Both nipples were hard and her clit actually deflated after her orgasm like a little cock would after a man climaxes. I all but stopped thrusting, moving very slowly, letting her return to the present. She looked so peaceful, so content and happy after the orgasm, she even had a little smile on her face as I admired from above.

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