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For Melody it had been lust at first sight; even better the very attractive longhaired blonde seemed just as keen. Like herself the blonde was dressed in a PVC buckle up dress, stockings and patent stilettos all in black of course. Over the din in the fetish club the girl introduced herself as Emma and within minutes had made it blatantly obvious she was well and truly available if Melody wanted her. Once the introductions were over they danced together for a while, Melody took over and led dominating the conversation as well as the dance. It was still quite early when Melody led the girl away from the dance floor to a slightly quieter part of the club where they could talk. The atmosphere between them was electric as she backed the panting blonde against a support. Her lips were inches from the other girl’s and their eyes locked, she saw the shiver of anticipation shudder through Emma and spoke, seizing the moment perfectly.

“I can tell you want me you dirty fucking bitch,” she hissed breathlessly watching Emma’s hazel eyes light up as she insulted her, “leave with me now slut and I guarantee you a night you’ll remember for a long, long time!”

“Oh really!” retorted the girl sharply, “quite cocky aren’t we Melody?”

“Cocky enough to have you begging for it you tart!”

“I may be interested in furthering our relationship,” Emma pouted clearly trying to see how far she could push her, “then again why should I?”

“Don’t try and be funny slut!” she barked menacingly, “when I get you home I’ll make you pay for your discourtesy, you bitch!”

“You want to take me home?” Emma gasped feigning shock, “why?”

“I want to make you scream!” she hissed coldly staring hard into Emma’s unblinking eyes.

All the time they talked she had held the blonde’s gaze, watching the reactions her hazel gaze betrayed. She watched her grow more excited clearly wanting to be dominated by her despite her stupid comments to the contrary. Now the conversation died abruptly into an intriguing lull whilst Emma digested her last statement. The blonde’s eyes fell breaking the delicious contact, had she pushed too hard?

“Yes, do!” sighed Emma quietly after a brief pause looking down at the floor and blushing.

“Do what bitch?”

“Make me scream,” moaned the blonde seemingly embarrassed “I want you to take me home and make me scream Melody!”

“That’s nice to know,” she smiled icily at Emma, “but I don’t care what you want, it’s what I want that counts now, still interested Emma?”

“Yes Melody”.

She made Emma sit in the back of her car blindfolded under strict instructions not to speak as she drove in silence with Wagner pounding out on the stereo. At her apartment block she pulled into the underground car park and knew instinctively it would be deserted. As she led the helpless girl from the car to the lift she wondered if anyone was watching the security camera footage. She tried to imagine what their reaction might be at the sight of her kissing the blindfolded blonde feverously whilst they waited for the lift. Once in the apartment there was no time to waste, she hurried the girl into her bedroom, unlocked the hidden door in her closet and dragged Emma into the room beyond.

The apartment had been a real find, she fell in love with it instantly, it suited her purpose perfectly. Above three floors of offices, which were deserted during the night the building was unpatrolled by security, there was only one floor of apartments at this end of the building so on one lived above her. Furthermore there was this room, the previous owner had been a photographer and used it as his darkroom, windowless and backing on to the service shaft all the other occupants of the apartments used theirs for storage. Melody didn’t, she had had it soundproofed and lined under the pretence of making her own recording studio. The idea of hiding the door by building her walk in closet around it had been a touch of genius she thought, no one would wander in accidentally or enquire why the door was locked. Her den, her playroom, it was her little hidden kingdom away from the masses, she had toiled hard to get it just right. Pulling off the blindfold she watched Emma intently seeing the excitement in her eyes as she took in her surroundings.

“Oh fuck Melody this is amazing! ooh God you’ve got a cross, tie me to it please!” words spilled from Emma in an excited babble, ” Oh Melody, tie me to it, tie me to it and abuse me Melody!”

“Perhaps, now kiss me!” she couldn’t believe how eagerly the blonde co-operated kissing her enthusiastically as she backed her against the upright X of her cross, “don’t move!”

Melody was quite proud of her cross; borrowing a welder she had made it over a weekend out of steel box tubing, heavy hinges and thick base plates a friend had got for her. Very robust it was securely bolted to the raised floor of her secret dungeon and could be pivoted to lie flat if needed. Spread about it she had screwed eyebolts to the floor and walls to secure her partners to in a variety of positions. From its upper extremities unbuckled leather cuffs dangled on short Beylikdüzü escort lengths of chrome-plated chain waiting for custom.

Melody watched Emma’s eyes widen as the girl felt the icy chill of the steel burn through her thin PVC dress. Emma smiled excitedly biting her lip in anticipation of what Melody may be about to do to her, in turn this enflamed Melody’s hunger. Oh how she ached to have this wanton slut at her mercy. Emma watched her every move intently as she unbuckled the top buckles of the unresisting blonde’s over-tight PVC dress, as the tension was released it opened readily exposing Emma’s firm swollen teated breasts.

“Lift your dress slut!” she hissed demandingly, “let me see you touch yourself!”

As expected Emma obeyed instantly, it was more than evident but no surprise for Melanie to find the girl was wearing no panties just a black PVC suspender belt and black nylons. Standing back she watched the girl begin to touch herself, as she did so Emma’s eyes stared directly at her showing the pleasure she was giving herself openly. Allowing the girl to caress herself excited her but it soon was time to proceed. Melody moved to the girl kissing her and tasting the excitement on her breath as her fingers joined Emma’s upon her neatly shaved pussy. The girl whimpered appreciatively into her mouth as she found her firm little clitty and worked on it. This wanton little tramp was putty in her hands; still kissing Emma passionately she seized the girl’s right hand and raised it above her head. Emma made no attempt to resist, quite the opposite in fact. Without breaking the kiss Melody’s well-practised hands soon had the girl’s wrist buckled securely into a waiting cuff. Emma’s kisses grew more urgent and excited as Melody took the girl’s other hand and secured it in similar fashion.

“Jesus this is so exciting, Melody” gasped Emma breathless as Melody pulled away to examine her handiwork, “I’m feeling so hot, what are you going to do to me?”

Giving no reply Melody fell to her knees and took hold of Emma’s right ankle, watching eagerly the girl allowed her to guide it over and secure it in a cuff that was bolted directly to the leg of the cross. Even before she could reach Emma’s other foot the girl had moved it into position for her and all she had to do was wrap the cuff about her slender stockinged ankle and fasten it nice and tight. Rising to her feet Melody shuddered with excitement as she admired her handiwork, on the cross Emma gazed imploringly at her with those big hazel eyes, but Melody masked her own excitement and coolly reached out, unbuckling the girls belt she undid the rest of Emma’s dress pulling it aside. The girl was fit; her body ripe and firm fired Melodies imagination. She could smell Emma’s excitement; the girl wanted fucking so very badly you could sense it in every fibre of her being, Melody wanted her just as much but she was in control and relished that power. Without even touching Emma at all Melody turned and strolled past the blonde whose head followed as far as she could moaning quietly in frustrated disappointment.

“God Melody where the hell are you going?”

She ignored the girl’s enquiries as to what she was up to and began to make preparations for the entertainment proper. The Japanese screen was out of sight of anyone secured upon the cross and the cabinet hidden behind the screen was her perfectly arranged toy cupboard. Melody opened the cabinet and lifted out the small folding table and erected it. Casually selecting what toys she was going to amuse herself with first tonight she placed them on the tray in an ordered pile. Finally with a smile she picked up one of her favourites “The Inquisitor” a jet-black well-contoured twelve-inch overly fat strap on with electrodes in the head that she could trigger by a tiny remote control. She wriggled from her dress and stepped into the leather harness pulling it up and fastening it good and securely. Slipping the wire for the remote over her shoulder she wound it loosely spiralled around her arm to her wrist before slipping her dress back on. She fastened the wrist watch like controller about her wrist adjusting it to a low setting for now then slipped the trigger ring onto her wedding finger and plugged it into the controller, Emma would be in for a shock tonight, she smiled to herself, a few shocks for sure.

“I don’t know what you’re up to Melody but I’m getting really excited here!” Emma called giggling like a schoolgirl.

Melody fastened her dress back up by both zip and buckles and taking the table snuck up behind the unsighted girl. Placing the table down silently close behind Emma she strolled round into the girl’s peripheral vision. Emma’s head snapped around, the girl smiled expectantly as she slipped past her. Feeling so aroused and powerful Melody took a deep breath to steady her raging excitement and turning to face Emma she struck a hands on hips feet splayed power pose for the blonde. Emma giggled stupidly at first but her mirth faded as she looked into Melody’s severe face. Crushed beneath the tight PVC Melody could feel the bulk of “The Inquisitor” pressing Beylikdüzü escort into her belly, knowing how immense a bulge it made in the front of her dress she wondered how long it would take Emma to notice it. It was a good two minutes before Emma’s eyes noticed the odd shape; she gasped in disbelief at the clearly outlined phallic shape beneath Melody’s dress.

“What the fuck is that under your dress Melody?” giggled Emma licking her dry lips nervously she gasped eagerly, “It’s a dildo isn’t it, are you gonna fuck me with it?”

“Do you think you deserve it?” purred Melody as she began unbuckling her dress.

“I dunno about deserve it but I damn well want it!”

“Mmm, I’m not sure you deserve it,” Melody unzipped the dress to expose just the bulbous head of “the Inquisitor” to the girl.

Jesus it’s enormous!” squeaked Emma her eyes transfixed as the zip slowly opened itself because of the tension in the fabric.

Moving close to Emma Melody unfastened the last of the zip she gripped the dildo in her hand as she came so close and pushed the bulbous head against Emma’s ripe cunt.

“Emma I want you to meet “The Inquisitor”, She laughed menacingly, “He’s eager to get to know you most intimately!”

“Oh Melody, tis huge ” her captive whimpered excitedly, “I can’t wait, please do me now!

The brazen slut thrust her pelvis forward in an attempt to skewer herself but Melody had expected that and pushed the phallus downwards to prevent her. Laughing at Emma’s groan of disappointment she moved her lips close to the overexcited girls lips.

“Try as you will,” she whispered into Emma’s face, “You’ll get fucked only when and if I want you to!”

Her statement fell on deaf ears; Emma was too excited to heed her. Each time Emma tried to engage herself with “The Inquisitor” as it was teasingly rubbed it over her pussy Melody pulled it out of reach. Then when Emma calmed and grew still Melody drove the length between her thighs once again, hard against but never entering her dripping gash. Each time Emma tried to kiss her she pulled her head back out of reach too keeping her prisoner frustratingly excited. By the time she was finished she had Emma mewling like a kitten and so excited the slightest increase in activity could trigger a climax. Timing it perfectly she pulled away, still holding “the Inquisitor” out straight she looked down at its copiously lubricated surface.

“Oh dear, you’ve made a bit of a mess of him now,” she scolded Emma teasingly.

“Please! Melody fuck me for god’s sake!” Emma wailed in frustration.

“You’re not ready for him yet you dirty bitch!” Melody growled enjoying every second.

“Believe me I am!”

“Oh no you’re not,” she smiled feeling a rush of anticipatory excitement, “But you will be soon enough you fucking dirty whore of a slut!”

“Hell Melody I don’t understand you!” Emma whined, “I’m so hot I could take twice that!”

“I said that you are not ready, and as for your ability to take twice the size of my friend here, ” she gave the girl a menacing look, “I advise you not to tempt fate!”

Emma threw back her head shaking her long straight blonde hair in frustration, taking advantage of the girl’s distraction Melody began to circle her watching her predatorily. She circled the girl three times then on the next lap slipped silently over to the table. Knowing Emma could not see her Melody picked up a leather hood from the table, it was one of her favourites it had no eye holes only openings for the wearers nose and mouth both of which M could cover with various gags and tapes making breathing very difficult for the wearer, two buckles secured it behind the head and a strap could be fastened around the neck. Careful to prevent the buckles jingling and with great precision she crept up behind the unsuspecting girl. Lifting it slowly wide open above the girl she suddenly drew it down rapidly over a very surprised Emma’s head before the girl comprehended what was happening. The girl loosed a small involuntary scream and even struggled for a moment then settled allowing her to secure the eyeless hood tightly. She drew the throat strap quite tight but not enough to restrict Emma’s breathing or blood flow.

“Like I said Emma, you’re not ready for “The Inquisitor” yet, not yet!”

“Shit Melody this is getting scary!” Emma’s voice contained a distinct tremor of fear as she spoke.

“Scary for you, exciting for me!” Melody laughed still stood behind the trussed and now unsighted girl, “Do you still find it exciting Emma?”

“Ohh God yes, I can’t wait for you to let “The Inquisitor” loose on me!” Emma was telling her how excited she was as Melody picked the next implement up from the table, a nice fat rubber butt plug.

Coming around she knelt before the girl, rubbing the butt plug over Emma’s pussy she teased her for a moment before pushing it into the gasping girl’s pussy, almost the girth of “the Inquisitor” at its widest point the butt plug must have felt really good to Emma, she was gasping and groaning with delight as Melody smeared her fingers with her secretions Escort Beylikdüzü and began fingering the blonde’s tight little puckered anus. Emma gasped as Melody eased the first slippery finger into her but squirmed herself eagerly against it and soon Melody had loosened her enough to get three fingers inside the groaning girl’s rectum. She was ready as she could be, Melody removed her fingers, grasping the ring on the butt plug she yanked it from Emma with a loud slurp and with no finesse and several hard thrusts forced the well lubricated latex plug up the yelping girl’s bum right to the hilt.

“Ohh my God!” groaned the girl in excited disbelief as she calmed down, “I’ve never had that done before!”

“So you’re not the dirty little sub you made yourself out to be?” Melody asked as she stood and returned to the table.

“No, I’ve done some bondage and the likes fooling around and really enjoyed it, but nothing really serious, forced sex fantasies and the likes,” she sounded more than a little nervous as she continued, “but I’m eager to learn.”

“So I’ve got me a discipline virgin,” she laughed picking up the table and brought it around to the front of the cross, “so you’re willing to learn, that’s good to know!”


“Its so good that your willing Emma,” purred Melody as she strutted around the helpless girl, “because you’re about to get some serious education Miss Emma!”

While she had been talking Melody had selected her next playthings from the pile on the table and set them close to the edge ready for use at a moments notice. There were three sets of nipple clamps; a flogger, a crop and some of the other components of the hood, all were arranged ready for her. She made no attempt to mask the noise now as she readied her things. Emma cocked her head listening apprehensively wondering what exactly Melody was up to.

“You’re gonna hurt me aren’t you?” Emma suddenly bleated quite forlornly.

“Of course I am,” Melody replied chirpily, that’s what you want isn’t it?”

“Yes but not too much I hope!” Emma’s voice faded almost to a whisper, “please Melody don’t hurt me too much!”

“I’ll hurt you as much as I like, you bitch!”

“You’re scaring me Melody!” gasped the girl breathlessly.

“Scaring but exciting you more I think?”


“Good, I’ve heard enough,” she demanded picking the leather and rubber contraption up from the table, “now be a darling and open your gorgeous mouth for me.”

Perhaps Emma didn’t know any better but she did as Melody asked without apparent concern. In Melody’s hand rested the special mask gag, one of a selection that came with the hood. It would completely cover the exposed lower half of the wearer’s face, around its snugly fitting edges it was fixed to the hood with studs. Upon the inside face protruded a four-inch latex penis to gag the wearer, the first inch of which where the wearer’s teeth bite down was almost solid rubber. The rest of the gag could be inflated by using a small dangling bladder pump via a valve so that the wearer’s breathing could be restricted to suit. Into Emma’s pert mouth she slipped the phallic shaped latex portion of the gag, unsuspecting Emma willingly sucked it into her mouth as Melody thrust it in and out several times. Eventually though Melody popped the mask snugly against Emma’s face securing it with the studs laughing wickedly as she did so and Emma cried out in shock. Emma was trying to tell her something or shout but she paid no heed, six slow squeezes of the black bladder all but silenced the girl.

“There’s a good girl,” Melody hissed elatedly, “you’re almost ready for “The Inquisitor”, believe me Emma all the wait will be worth it!”

Masked and gagged with only two small holes beneath her nose to breath Emma nodded her head in agreement totally unaware what was happening around and to her. Melody brought the table around placing it closer so that everything was handy. She picked up a clamp, one of those spring-loaded pincer types. Crouching slightly she applied her lips to Emma’s right breast she sucked hard on her victim’s swollen teat hearing the faint stifled moan of pleasure from within the restrictions of the mask. She closed her teeth on the distended nipple rasping them over it feeling Emma lurch as she did so. Sucking harder still she repeated the effect until Emma’s nipple was as stiff as it could possibly get. In a moment she had replaced her warm seductive mouth with cold steel and nimble fingers, with a sharp click and a muffled cry from her victim and the first clamp was on. The girl lurched and jumped about frantically against her bonds as the agony swept through her and Melody watched her dance chuckling gleefully to herself. Once Emma finished writhing in her bonds she adjusted it tightening the little tensioning wheel till she was happy. It took moments to repeat the action on Emma’s other breast as the girl tried to wriggle away from the inevitable, she shook her head frantically to no avail right until the click and then she danced again. Once more Melody waited for her to calm before she clipped the length of chain between the clamps running it through the loop on the chin of the mask before connecting the clamps. If Emma moved her head too far or too sharp she would suffer. The girl had fine breasts the nipples stood proud despite the weight of the clamps dangling from them.

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