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Public Service: Sasha

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The Public Service Program was first piloted in 2050, at the time it was offered as a way to help the people living on Basic feel useful. Every person living on Basic would be put into a lottery and when your name came up you would have to spend a week doing some menial task. At the start it was things like painting walls and digging ditches. Dull but easy tasks that could be given to anyone. At the time it was a huge success, dozens of countries around the world picked up on the program and it soon became the standard.

But, as the number of people finding themselves replaced by machines grew so did the pool of people in the Public Service Lottery. Within a decade almost 40% of the population was living on Basic and there were calls for the range of Services offered by the Public Service Program to be increased. More complex jobs were added to the list that, over time, grew to cover almost all of the jobs people could do.

It wasn’t until 2085 that the Public Relief Service was proposed. By then most of humanity was living a life of idle luxury. What work that was done was little more than play acting. All of the heavy lifting is done by the vast planetary neural network A.I’s that run most things. This had left people free to explore science, art and, above all else, sex. It was suggested that there should be a way for the public to relieve its pent up sexual stress and that the Public Service system already in place was a perfect fit.

So Public Relief Service was born. A opt-in part of the Lottery that would see a person, if picked. Providing sexual relief for the public for 7 days. Signing up for this had some benefits to it. The largest being that a person who was called up would be exempt from all Public Service Lotteries of any kind for 5 years. Add into that the much more loose view people took of sexuality and monogamy and you had a recipe for a roaring success.

After being piloted in three cities the program was rolled out across the nation to huge success. Very quickly, custom built ‘Service Stations’ were constructed across the land. Each a three to five story building made up of at least 100 rooms. Each room equipped with a double bed and shower with two doors. One door the customer comes through and the other door leading to a internal rest area the worker could go to for a rest.

It’s been twenty years since the program was fully implemented and in that time the opt in rate has been increasing year on year. With the total number of people taking part in the lottery making up 80% of the population. The higher numbers have only fed into the view that if you sign up for it you are pretty much safe from getting called up.

Of course none of that made Sasha feel any better as she lay on the cold doctors table, her legs up in stirrups as a chirpy young woman took swabs and samples from her crotch. The light hearted banter and ‘Everything is great, no really’ posters in the waiting room only made her feel more depressed. The pictures of sunny beaches and smiling people only serving to remind her of the great holiday she was missing out on. All because she had to be called up for Public Service!

Sasha had signed up for the lottery as soon as she turned 18. At the time it had been just another dumb thing her 18 year old self was doing. To go along with the several dumb people her 18 year old self was doing at the time. Even when she had got older and calmed down she had never opted out. After all, the numbers in the draw went up every year, so her chances of being called up went down as well. When the letter did come through the door she almost had to laugh at the timing of it. Ten whole years where she had never gone further afield from home than the staduim on the outskirts of the city and as soon as she books a holiday to Japan she gets called up.

As the doctor finished up and she started to change back into her clothes she consoled herself with the knowledge the tickets had been refunded. One of the few upsides to this whole situation. So with a clean bill of health in hand Sasha completed her registration for Public Service and headed home to await her first day of “work”.


“Welcome to your first day of Public Relief Service!” The woman at the front of the room proclaimed in the forced tones of every corporate speaker in history. “In this talk we are going to explain how this all works to everyone and answer any questions you might have. But before all that, do we have anyone here who has taken part in Public Relief before?”

The room stayed deathly silent, the mix of men and women all with the same mildly bored expression on their faces. The speaker didn’t seem bothered by the silence, plowing on regardless.

“So everyone is brand new! That’s bahis siteleri great!” A new slide with a bunch of brightly coloured text appeared behind her. “So your first day is not going to be too intense. We understand that this might take some getting used to. As such you are only going to be expected to service one customer each today. ” A new slide appeared, this one a chart with increasingly larger numbers on it.

“As you can see, each day of the seven you are here you will be expected to service more customers.” The slide changes again, “But if you are feeling overwhelmed then feel free to ask a handler for some help. We are all here to help you.”

From there the talk went further into how things would be run. Sasha quickly started to zone out from it, thinking instead of what she would opt out of on the service list. Ever since the program had started they had been increasing the tastes and needs they catered to. She knew that she would be opting out of same sex. She had figured out pretty early on that women were not for her. Opting out of condoms would save a lot of time but also make a much bigger mess. Then there were all the fetishes, from anal to incest play you could have a lot of your ‘needs’ fulfilled through the Public Relief Program.

The thought of her missed holiday was still smouldering away in the back of her mind, so when they finally allowed her to fill out the forms to opt out she dropped nearly everything. Leaving only oral , vaginal and hand relief still in. On a whim she ticked the box to opt out of condoms, she had always hated fiddling around with those things and having to do it a dozen times a day sounded like all kinds of none fun.

The form completed she was handed a set of clothing to wear whilst on duty. A loose grey shirt and knee length skirt. Both of which came with a note that underwear was optional but not recommended. As she walked out of the room she glimpsed the men’s clothes. the same loose fitting shirt but with a pair of trousers with no way to button them closed. She had to agree that all made sense, no point making it hard to get to the goods after all.

Following her guide she was lead through the hallways and halls that made up the interior of all the Public Relief Buildings. A customer would only see a row of small rooms with the complex of support rooms hidden on the inside, a lot like Disneyland.

As they moved down the hallway past door after door that led to the Service Rooms themselves they would sometimes pass people just coming back from or going on break. Those going back to work had the same resigned look of any office worker after lunch and those coming out often still had traces that hinted at the kind of “Relief” they had just provided. A tall bronzed man they walked past had a long streak of cum splashed across his cheek as he walked out the room. A short black woman had forgon putting her skirt back on completely, the cum leaking from her sex clear as day. She was admonished by the guide as we passed with a warning about health and safety. She simply shrugged and kept on walking.

Finally they reach Sasha’s room, inside it was the low double bed and shower that all the rooms had. With a touch screen console in the corner that would give her information about clients and when she could take a break.

Customers were matched to Service Personnel based on what kind of relief they required. You didn’t have any say over the kind of person you would get, only that they would be willing to do what you wanted. This made using public service a spin of the wheel so to speak. You might get an adonis with a massive cock or you might get a fat guy with a pencil dick. Since the service was provided free of charge you really couldn’t complain all that much. Anyone that wanted something higher class could simply go to one of the hundreds of brothels or just run a sex sim.

The console in the corner would tell Sasha when a customer was waiting to be seen. The door would only unlock if she gave the ok which would give her some time to prepare for the next client. Aside from that the console also controlled the dispenser beside it.

The dispenser was put in the room to give out drugs to help the Service Personnel. It was understood that a great many people find it hard to remain aroused in stressful situation. So drugs were formulated to allow the men to stay hard and the ladies to stay wet. Whilst these had little to no effect on the mental state of the person who took them it was still advised that if at all possible, you should avoid taking them.

Once she had been shown the room, Sasha was then shown around the other facilities she could use whilst working there. There was a canteen that smelt of old cabbage, a shower/locker canlı bahis siteleri room that smelt of old socks and finally a restroom that had a busted tv and a vending machine. All in all it was about standard for a government run program.

When the guide finally left her in the room she almost felt relieved. Being beaten over the head with so much information had made her just want to get it over with. Changing into the clothes provided and looking through the Console Sasha saw that she was only expected to service one customer today.

Her finger hovered over the button to switch to available for a long time. It made sense to get it out of the way quickly but still she hesitated. She had never been shy about her sexuality, seldom few are nowadays, but still she looked back on her younger wilder days with a strange sense of embarrassment. It was almost like she had used up all of her sexuality in the space of a few years. The number of men she had slept with was unknown to her, between drink and drugs stretches of days where a blur. Usually the only way she had known she had sex was the cum stuck in her pubes and pictures on her phone. She had always loved taking pictures whilst she fucked.

As she had got older she had calmed down, finding herself bored of the one night stands and quick fucks in cars, bushes and bathrooms. She was glad she did, as she had started to date and spend more time with the guys she slept with whole new worlds of pleasure had opened up. The pleasures you could only get from truly knowing anothers body. And now she was working as a whore for the government.

The blinking of the console drew her out of her memories. There was someone waiting outside the door. It was a man, the fields for fetishes and specific requests was empty. An easy one to start with at least.

Taking a deep breath Sasha hit the accept button, hearing the mag lock on the door open as she stepped back over to the foot of the bed. The door swung open to reveal a young man, well, more of a boy really, standing nervously on the threshold. Seeming to remember himself he quickly stepped inside, pushing the door closed behind him. He was maybe 6 feet tall with short black hair and broad shoulders with the slightest hint of fat around his hips.and thighs.

“Hi, “He stammered, shuffling his feet whilst he tried his best not to make eye contact with her.

He was so different from what Sasha had expected that it took her a moment to collect herself. When she did she found her heart warming to him. He wasn’t anything like what she had expected. The kinds of people that used the Public Relief Stations tended to either be so poor a higher class offering was out of the question or so addicted to sex that they really didn’t care who they fucked.

No, this one had the look of an anxious virgin and something about that plucked at Sasha’s heart strings. Sitting down on the edge of the bed she held out a beckoning hand to the young man.

“Why don’t you come and sit beside me?” She said, trying to keep her tone soft, glancing over at the timer on the console as she waited for him. “We only have 30 minutes remember.”

He sat down on the bed beside her, his body rigid, eyes staring straight forward. His whole body seeming to vibrate with nervous energy. When she reached out to run her fingers through his hair he flinched away like she was going to hit him.

“This your first time?” She asked, fingers still running through his hair as she watched his face. After a few false starts he finally managed to speak.

“Yeah,” He stuttered out. “Sorry.”

His nervousness made Sasha laugh. “Why are you apologizing?” she said, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him in close. “You are not the first boy to use Public Relief to pop his cherry.”

Sasha stood up and turned to face the young man. Feeling as she did some of that old fire return. The cruel edge that had lead her to laugh in the face of many a man unable to meet her standards was gone. Worn away by the passage of time, leaving behind something softer but no less sensual.

“Tell you what,” She said, starting to loosen the cord of her skirt, “Why don’t you just lie back and let me take care of you.”

Eyes wide and face red the boy lay back on to the bed. His legs still over the edge, feet firmly planted on the ground. Even as he lay back his eyes never looked away from her, his face going a new shade of scarlet when the skirt dropped to the ground. Revealing her shaved pussy, the lips already starting to part as she felt her own excitement building.

“Now,” Sasha said as she unbuckled the boys pants. “We better get these out of the way.”

With a strong tug his pants were pulled down to his knees, taking canlı bahis his boxers with them and finally exposing his cock. Resting between his legs it was already starting to harden as Sasha watched. Wrapping her fingers around his cock as it rose to its full length.

Climbing up on to the bed, straddling the young man, Sasha feels that same fire burning brightly in her. Seeing the lust burning brightly in his eyes only makes the feeling stronger.

“I never caught your name,” She said her fingers playing over the boy’s cock head as her pussy hangs mere centimeters above it.

“M…Michael,” He stuttered out, his breath coming hard and fast.

“Well, Michael,” Another smile, this one hungry, as her pussy makes contact with the tip of his cock. The head parting her moist petals. “We are going to have some fun together.”

With that Sasha relaxed her muscles, letting gravity spear her on Michael’s cock. His head was thicker than she expected, the sudden feeling of delicious stretching almost more than she can take as he slid into her. The pleasure was clearly too much for him, before he was even halfway inside he came. His cock pulsing as it slides deeper inside, lubricating its passage with spurt after spurt of cum.

When he finally bottoms out Sasha fell forward, her head hanging just a few inches above Michael’s. Both of them panting as his cock twitched deep inside of Sasha’s pussy.

“Sorry,” Michael whispered, his eyes screwed tightly shut, not daring to look Sasha in the eye.

A breathy laugh escaped sasha’s lips. “Don’t worry about it,” she says, trying to sound as reassuring as possible. “Everyone cum’s fast their first time.” Pulling her shirt off, Sasha rests her body against Michaels, her lips finding his to plant a gentle kiss there. Already feeling his softening cock beginning to harden again in her cum soaked pussy.

“You just stay here with me and we can go again in a few minutes.” She whispers, between kissing his jaw and mouth. Rubbing her breasts across his chest. Within five minutes she can feel his cock inside of her. Hard and ready to go again. Pushing herself back up, the motion again pushing his cock deep inside of her.

“Now, the real fun begins. ” Sasha growls. Her hips grinding against Michael, getting into a rhythm as she begins to lift her hips. Relishing the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her well lubricated cunt. The feeling of power over him, the needy look in his eyes as his hands reach up and cup her breasts. Squeezing and fondling as his hips buck up into her, both of them in synch. Thier bodies moving as one, his cock slamming into her pussy so hard it sends droplets of fluid splashing on to the floor. Every thrust sending her closer to the edge, the timer forgotten, the place forgotten, the situation forgotten. Nothing but the feeling of his cock hammering inside of her, his hands playing across her breasts.

Michael reaches his orgasm a few seconds before Sasha, his hands gripping her hips and slamming her down on to his spasming cock enough to send her over the edge as well. Wailing out her muscles spasms as he fires shot after shot of cum inside of her. Somehow this load is even bigger than the last, coating her insides with thick white fluid.

They sit there for a long minute, catching their breath, before they are rudely pulled out of the afterglow by the blaring of the console. The time is up, Sasha now needs to get him up and out of the room in the next five minutes, otherwise there will be problems.

After a quick shower and dry, Sasha sends Michael on his way with a warm hug. The young man still seems shell shocked after what has just happened but managed to stutter out a thank you before he walks out the door.

Turning to the console Sasha hits the ‘End of Session’ button. Bringing up a set of questions, most related to any complaints about the customer. Skipping through these she answers the only ones that really matter.

Did you use a condom y/n?


Did the customer ejaculate inside of your Vagina? y/n?


Do you intend to clean the semen out during your shift? y/n?

The weirdly awkward and clinical questions made Sasha laugh. Doubling over as the sound poured out of her, gales of laughter pouring forth. Taking with it all the fear and nerves that had been building up ever since she had received the summons.

When the laughter subsided she pushed herself back upright in front of the screen. The text box now asking if she was ready for another customer. Technically she had already met her quota for her first day. She could spend the rest of the day reading a book if she wanted to.

The green button to set herself to ready blinked at her from the screen…What the hell, She thought, sitting here reading sounds boring as hell. Pushing the button she set herself to ready and, cum still leaking from her pussy lips, she sat on the bed and waited for the next person she was going to serve.

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