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Private Dancer

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After working all day, I was driving to my friend Joni’s house. I was planning to surprise my boyfriend, Tom who lives near her and I needed to use her house to prepare for it. I have always wanted to surprise a lover by wearing a raincoat and little else underneath it.

As I was getting dressed this morning, I thought this evening would be a good time to surprise Tom. We had made plans to go out for dinner, so he was expecting me around 6:30 p.m. As I got dressed for work, I paid special attention to my lingerie. I wore black panties, black bra, black hose and a black full slip. I wore a black dress and rust blazer with sensible black pumps.

As I was driving to Joni’s house, I thought about how I would surprise Tom. I had the idea, but wasn’t quite sure how to execute it. I guess I could just open the raincoat and yell “surprise” and let him take it from there. But, I decided, I wanted to take a more active role.

I was listening to some music playing on the radio and dancing in my seat as I drove to Joni’s house. I did a shoulder shake every now and then, throwing in a little hip action while I bounced up and down on the seat to the music. As I was dancing in my seat, I remembered how many times Tom told me he likes the way I dance. We had frequently gone dancing early in our relationship, but hadn’t done so lately. I also remembered the night I showed him the dance I did for my workout routine. He liked that performance and has asked me to dance like that since then.

“Hmmm….”, I thought. “I could do a dance for him after I take off the raincoat.”

I was frantically shuffling through my CD’s as I was driving. I came across a CD I had made that contained a bunch of my favorite songs from the 80’s. When I saw ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson, I knew this was the song I would dance to for Tom. It has always been a favorite of mine. Right then and there, I was imagining how I would dance to it and was choreographing the dance routine in my mind. Every now and then, my hands would leave the steering wheel to make a particular dance move in concert with my animated body.

At Joni’s house, I freshened up and took off my dress and blazer. I slipped on the stilettos that I had brought with me. I put on my long army green raincoat over my bra, panties and slip and headed out to my car with Joni calling after me, “Good luck and have fun.”

I arrived at Tom’s house and knocked on the door. I heard him holler, “Come in”.

I entered to find him talking on the phone. I stood in my buttoned-up raincoat and waited for a minute until he was finished with his call. I could tell by the look on his face that he knew I was up to something. I don’t wear my stilettos to work and he was focusing on them.

As he hung up the phone, I handed him the CD and said, “Track 9.”

He looked at me inquisitively, but did as he was told.

As the beginning strains of “Beat It” echoed through the living room, I led him to the sofa güvenilir bahis and said, “Have a seat, Tom.”

I slowly unbuttoned my raincoat and gave him a sexy look. I opened first one side of the trench coat and quickly closed it, teasingly giving him a glimpse of what was beneath. I then opened the other side and closed it in the same manner. I opened both sides of the raincoat at the same time and gave my body a little shake. In one fluid motion, I shrugged the coat off my shoulders and ran my hands down the side of my body. I then started dancing in earnest.

I thought to myself, “Enough of these slow tantalizing moves, it’s time to start the bump and grind.”

I started moving my body to the beat. My hips were swaying to the beat and every now and then I did a shoulder shake that caused my tits to jiggle. A maximum amount of cleavage was showing and my tits were bouncing out over the top of my black bra. The sheer lace of my full slip did little to disguise their roundness. At this point, I was letting myself go and Tom was staring at me as if in a stupor.

I joking told him, “You can do that if you want to.”

He replied, “What do you mean?”

I said with a grin on my face, “Listen to the song. You can ‘beat it’, if you want to.”

He laughed, but didn’t respond verbally and left his hands where they were, on the sofa by his side.

I then turned and had my back to Tom. He is particularly enamored with my ass. From this view he could see it up close and personal. I continued to shake it and every now and then gave it an exaggerated thrust at him. I moved my ass in circles and then turned to face him. I continued to move my pelvis in circles, simulating a certain way my mid-section moves when we are fucking.

Now, I don’t have the best body or the most confidence when it comes to showing my body. But knowing that my guy likes my body as it is and in fact, relishes my curves and smooth fair skin; made me all the more confident in doing what I was doing. I continued to flaunt my body for him and my movements became more pronounced as I lost myself in the dance. The music blared, the guitar solo started and I kicked off my stilettos and became even more wild and danced with abandon.

My body was gyrating flesh in fluid motion. Glimpses of thigh, tit and ass all captivated Tom as he just sat there and stared. I was building to a frenzy and my body continued to move to the beat of the music.

As the song ended and my body performed its final thrust, I collapsed on the sofa next to Tom and gave him a big hug. I was glistening with a bit of sweat, but he didn’t seem to mind. I could tell he liked the feel of the silky slip beneath his fingers. He caressed my body over the slip and as I laid my head on his chest, I looked up at him and said, “Are you going to fuck me now?”

He nodded and we kissed as he led me up the stairs to his bed. We both stripped frantically and reached for each other in hunger. güvenilir bahis siteleri I could tell from his erection that he had liked the dance. He ran his hand down my body, feeling the soft skin that had visually teased and tormented him minutes before.

He gave my tits special attention as he sucked the nipples and made them hard. He knows this is a sure fire way to get my pussy juices flowing. I swear there is a direct connection from my nipples to my pussy.

It didn’t take him long to kneel on the bed to the side of me and bring his cock to my mouth. He knows how much I enjoy sucking his hard cock. I feel so feminine and very much like a wanton little hussy when I suck his stiff meat. I also know that he loves the way I suck his cock and how it sends him into orbit.

As I took him into my mouth, he said, “You are such a good cocksucker. I love how your mouth feels on my cock. You make me feel like a king.”

I murmured against his cock, “Baby, you know I love doing this” as I sucked it.

As I feasted on his cock he asked, “Who’s my little slut puppy tonight?”

I gurgled, “Me” as I continued to take his cock deeper into my mouth.

He said, “You know what I like to do while you suck my cock, don’t you?”

I nodded as I continued the blowjob; sucking on his hard cock as I cupped his balls in my hand. Periodically touching the area between his balls and anus with my finger pad.

As his fingers moved from my tits to my pussy, he said, “You know how much I like to finger-fuck you as you suck me, babe. I love to hear you moan and scream around my cock as you suck me. Plus, I know how much you like my finger in your cunt while you do it. I love to get you off.”

I was lying on my side as I sucked him and opened my thighs so he could have access to my pussy. I raised one leg in the air, so he could easily reach my hot box. His finger tested it and found it warm and juicy. He thrust one finger into my wet pussy and reached for my G-spot. He continued thrusting a few times and as the first wave of pleasure washed over me, I moaned around his stiff cock. His fingers thrust faster and deeper and soon I screamed around his cock, trying to keep the oral action going as I became lost in my own pleasure. After a few more thrusts with his finger, I experienced an amazing G-spot orgasm. As I felt the vibrations pulsate through my body, I screamed and trapped his fingers between my thighs, not able to take any more of that sweet torture.

I calmed down and put his cock back in my mouth and started sucking. His cock fucked my mouth and I was loving it. Soon, he took it out of my mouth and said, “I can’t take any more of that or I will cum.”

Like I said, I feel especially feminine when I am giving a blowjob and I just stretched my body and luxuriated in feeling supremely feminine, knowing I had just given great pleasure to my man.

Tom then started moving his finger in and out of my pussy iddaa siteleri again and this time as he drove me over the edge, I was able to freely scream and moan while I lost myself in the blissful orgasm. I needed a few moments to recover from the intensity of my orgasm. He softly caressed my body as I regained my strength.

By now we were both ready for some fucking. I was lying on my back and brought my knees up to my chest. As he knelt between my thighs, Tom asked, “Who wants my cock?”

I replied, “I do, give my pussy your big cock.”

Tom teased my clit and pussy lips with his cock head, but wouldn’t feed his dick to my hungry pussy. I was whimpering and trying to capture his cock with my pussy when he said, “Huh? Who wants this cock in her juicy cunt?”

“Please, Tom, give me your cock. I need your cock in my pussy, NOW! Fuck me!”

His cock entered my pussy with one strong fluid motion and bottomed out on the first stroke. He continued to fuck my pussy hard with his cock, pulling almost all the way out and then driving deep into the depths of my cunt.

I was screaming, “Yes, Yes, Yes” and making incoherent sounds as he pounded my pussy with his hard, throbbing cock. It didn’t take long and with one last thrust and a moan, his huge load exploded inside of me. Sapped of strength, he collapsed on top of me.

We both lay there for a minute, recovering from our fast and furious fuck. He moved to lie on his back and I curled up next to him.

Tom said, “That was so good, babe. You made me cum so hard.”

He continued, “I am still processing what just happened. I had no idea what I was in store for when you walked in the door earlier this evening. When I saw those shoes, I knew you were up to something and I couldn’t wait to get off the phone.”

I replied, “When I shared my raincoat fantasy with you a few months ago, and you expressed an intense interest in it, I knew I wanted to do it with you.”

I added with a laugh, “Especially when you would reference me wearing a raincoat for you in several different conversations we’ve had since then.”

“Baby, I’ll never see you in that raincoat in the same way again”, Tom said.

After a few minutes, we looked at each other and Tom said, “Let’s go eat. You know how hungry I get after we have sex”.

I giggled and as we got dressed realized how lucky I was to have found a man with whom I can act freely (and fuck freely) and just be myself. And the fact that he finds me sexy and we can still surprise each other, after a year of terrific sex, is a blessing for which I am thankful.

It’s been a week since I did the dance for Tom. Whenever he calls me at work, he begins the conversation by asking, “Is this my private dancer?”

I laugh and come up with different responses depending upon my mood at the time. Its fun to be able to share that memory with him and remember exactly what happened when I was his private dancer.

I’ve always wanted to do a strip-tease dance to the song ‘Brass in Pocket’ by the Pretenders. And maybe, just maybe, one night when he least expects it, Tom will hear a knock on the door and I’ll hand him a CD and say, “Track 4.” And then, the fun begins.

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