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Preparing Melissa Pt. 03

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Melissa and Mark had now been together for well over twelve months.

I guess their initial sexual excitement had waned a little, even as Mark had become increasingly acquainted with Mel’s incredibly responsive breasts.

‘Squeeze’ for him meant much more than having a steady girlfriend, or having unfettered access to a comely waist that he could embrace whenever he so desired.

He had licence to gently – so ever gently – regularly squeeze Mel’s boobs, lick her nipples, jiggle, nibble, caress her mammaries…as he had an almost-nightly invitation to explore that love-area between her legs – around the point where her still-youthful, frequently-damp slit seemed to disappear into her now lovingly-sculpted, beguiling, beckoning Brazilian.

Mel clearly remembered the offer I had made to her some years previously – to suggest ways that she and her partner might be able to lift their love making. But when she rung to finally accept my offer, I had to suggest we leave the chat for a week or so until I had again collected by thoughts.

I considered inviting both Mel and Mark to join the discussion, but decided that mother and daughter, just talking together, would be far more intimate. And, as it turned out, that was to be the case.

It was a warm afternoon when she visited, so I popped a bottle of champagne.

‘Here’s to a long, enjoyable sex life for both of us,’ we toasted.

‘And how IS your sex life?’ I then enquired.

‘Active…and enjoyable.’

‘You know,’ Mel continued. ‘You can take much of the credit for that. You can’t begin to know how encouraged I was by your willingness to have that chat about my losing my virginity…and how helpful your suggestions were to me.’

‘As you know, I also had a chat to Kirsty,’ I said.

‘Do you have any idea how she is getting on?’ I enquired. I did not reveal that we had had a second talk.

‘Two chats, you mean!’ Mel retorted. ‘She told me…and I guess you ended up giving her a lot more advice than you gave to me.’

‘Possibly,’ I replied teasingly.

‘Either something you said, or something happened after that. Because Kirsty suddenly became quite open about her prospect of having sex, and ever since I seem to have been her principal confidant. She tells me almost everything,’ Mel said.

‘Like what?’ I probed.

Melissa hesitated. ‘Well you know she and Luke hung out together for a while…and it wouldn’t surprise me if Luke is still able to occasionally pull down her pants and fill her with a load of his cum.’

‘But, let’s not talk about the past – especially my past! I’m hanging Bostancı Escort to hear what you think I should be doing from now on.’

Melissa was probably worried I was about to ask who had taken her virginity, or how many men she had now allowed to screw her – which was fair enough, I guess, because I had already asked her not to quiz me about whether I had personally done any of the things I was about to suggest.

‘Well the best advice I can give is to lie back and make sure you enjoy it. But that advice won’t really help you. And neither will being told that the longer you and Mark are together, the more both of you will benefit from trying that little bit harder to spice up your lovemaking,’ I said.

‘And, as I’m sure I told Kirsty many years ago, there are times when it really pays for the girl to initiate things and take the lead in your love making.’

‘And there is nothing wrong with adding some mystery to your play…which, of course, should always aim to include an element of fun and frivolity!’

‘But probably the most important advice I can give you, as a mother, is never to go to bed angry and to never, never deny your man sex because you remain angry,’ I said. ‘If he is willing to thrust his bulging cock inside of you, then he’s over it, and is looking ahead – if only to the possibility of filling you again the next night. And by the time you feel his cock slide inside and you start to help pump out his cum, you’ll have realised that there are more important things in life than that little spat you have just had.’

‘Aw, Mum,’ said Melissa. ‘I never thought you’d be quite so explicit!’

‘Well you’re old enough and, I’m sure by now, experienced enough to handle it,’ I replied.

‘So what can I suggest?’ I continued.

‘How about initiating a regular ‘Boy’s Night In.’ Perhaps once a month. And that’s Boy’s Night In…B, O, Y, apostrophe S…not B, O, Y, S apostrophe!’

‘Make it the aim of Your Boy’s Night In to do something new – like trying a new position, or getting Mark to bring home some new, small sex toy to surprise and excite you…or perhaps even giving him the thrill of – just once – pushing a zucchini, rather than his cock , up your vagina!’

‘I’m sure you’ll find Your Boy’s Night In would be much more exciting that any possible Girls’ Night Out.’

And I handed Mel a copy of ‘365 Sex Positions’ that I had wrapped in a colourful sheet of paper decorated with vegetables – including a zucchini! I’d discovered this wrapping paper some time ago and was waiting for just the right occasion to use it.

‘Don’t Anadolu Yakası Escort open it now,’ I said. ‘It’s something that both you and Mark must unwrap together.’ I’m sure she didn’t know whether I’d given her a vibrator, a dildo, or some other erotic sex toy.

‘Well, thank you Mum,’ she said as she leant over and kissed me on the cheek. ‘I can’t wait to see what’s inside. And you’re making me quite wet down there just thinking about it.’

‘If that’s the case, then I can only imagine how you and Mark will react when you start using it,’ I added cheekily.

‘And on one of Your Boy’s Nights In, you must insist he takes you out toy shopping…and I don’t just mean looking at toys for kids!’

‘Some playful discipline can also add spice to your life,’ I then suggested. ‘And this is something you can also easily embellish or prolong. But, I suggest, you never do this when you are really mad at one another – it must be purely a play thing.’

‘And it must be an occasional thing – not something that happens too often.’

‘For example, he could give you a few smacks on your bottom for not coming to bed early enough, or you could give him say five swipes on his butt for – purportedly – coming too fast when he made love to you the previous night.’

‘And you could include in his punishment that he has to flick your nipples with his tongue for a whole minute, or two. And if his lips, or any other part of his body, touches your nipples while he was doing this, then he will earn an additional five slaps from you on his butt.’

‘You might consider, in addition, buying a cheap cheese board with a handle which you could call ‘The Corrector’…which you might put out for him to notice in your kitchen early on each of the days on which you think he has ‘earned’ another paddling – giving him something to look forward to for the whole day!…and you can always instruct Mark to ‘assume the position’ – kneeling over the end of the bed with his bare buttocks in the air awaiting the punishment you will soon be delivering – whilst you slowly stroll to the kitchen to fetch ‘The Corrector.’

‘But, darling, you must to be prepared to be disciplined just as often as you give it to Mark.’

‘I’ll have to think about that one,’ she said. ‘But it certainly has possibilities.’

I paused for a moment, letting Melissa ponder the pain she might experience.

‘But making up, after you’re still stinging from Mark having just warmed and reddened your cute little ass, might prove to be something pretty special!’ I suggested.

‘And times like birthdays, of Ataşehir Escort course, give you an extra excuse for being playful.’ I quickly continued.

‘One suggestion – which I will admit I haven’t tried on your father – would be for you to grab Mark as he emerges from his morning shower on your birthday, and tell him you are tying a big pink bow using curling ribbon on his manhood – to constantly remind him that it’s your birthday all day. Tell him he must not remove it, but that you will untie it when he comes home and you discover whether he plans to give you the one thing that you’d most like to receive on your birthday!’

‘Oh, I love that. How naughty,’ Melissa said. ‘Mark, that’s one birthday present you can definitely expect from me!’

‘And if you make the bow big enough, his mates at work – and all the girls at work – will probably have a lot of fun wondering what that extra bulge is, the one that has suddenly appeared in his pants,’ I added.

‘I know feminists will hate this, but you have been blessed with a pair of the most enticing boobs. And I can’t help thinking you should flaunt them occasionally – privately – whilst they are still at their most beautiful, physically…to really tease Mark.’

‘How about having a couple of ‘undies only’ dinners with him? After he’s sat across a candle-lit table from you, being constantly distracted from his steak dinner by your enticing breasts and nipples, you will tell him that dessert is something like Kahlua and cream – which he must, of course, lick from your nipples. And you won’t mind at all if he asks for a second, or third, or fourth helping!’

‘And then tell him he’ll personally be providing the fresh cream for dessert at your next ‘undies only’ dinner…and he has to deliver it right to your dinner table!’

‘Similarly, he’ll be thrilled when you tell him you’ve always wished he could pop your cherry, and you’ll be giving him the opportunity that evening because dessert will be fresh cherries that he’ll be able to pluck from the most beautiful bowl imaginable…’

‘And, a little more mundanely, if you are not already doing so, you should add Kegel exercises to your daily routine. I understand there is nothing more satisfying to a man than feeling his lady’s vaginal muscles clasping, squeezing his cock. And these exercises should simultaneously and dramatically improve the lady’s sexual gratification…and they are good preparation for childbirth which, of course, you are probably not thinking about yet!’

‘When you get home, Google the word ‘pompoir.’ You might find it’s a challenge you’d like to accept!’

‘But that’s probably enough ‘information’ from me for one session,’ I concluded. ‘Now please tell me about…’

‘Yes, Mum. But I’ve first got to make a really urgent trip to the bathroom,’ Mel interrupted.

As I did too! I was damp, quite damp. And I could feel it.

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