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Poster Boy Pt. 02: Fun at the Movies

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Author’s note – this is the second part of a three part series. The first part, “Poster boy – a ‘hole’ new story” can be found in the ‘exhibitionist her mouth pressed against my neck. Her hand is pumping my cock as I caress her pussy but it’s pulling and kind of irritating the skin of dick because there isn’t any lubrication. I reluctantly remove my hand from her pussy and gently grab her wrist.

“Am I doing it wrong?” She says, disappointment clearly in her voice.

“No, you’re great! It just needs to be a little more slippery.” I move the palm of her hand to my mouth and try and generate some saliva, then lick her hand making it as wet as I can, and place it back on my throbbing dick. She automatically starts pumping away again on my grateful cock, her hand sliding with much more ease.

“That’s better, baby!” I let her know.

Ann whispers in my ear, “I have a better idea.”

She bends her head down into my lap and wraps her lips around the tip of my cock. Licking the head of my dick with her swirling tongue she slowly slides more and more of my cock into her mouth until the tip of my penis is being squeezed by the back of her throat.

Oh fuck that’s good!

Since my dick, is now being well attended to, I turn my attention and my fingers back to her pussy. Having a better idea of what’s going on down there, it’s a lot easier this time to find my way back to her clit. The sensation of her mouth on my cock is making it a little difficult to concentrate on exploring her pussy, but I really want to feel what it’s like to be inside her.

I seek out her vaginal opening and slowly work bahis siteleri a finger inside. Her pussy is so wet and slippery, lubrication isn’t a problem, but she is also so tight that I don’t think she is used to having something inside her. Once she’s had time to adjust to my finger I work a second one in her and wiggle them around. Her moaning increases in response to my double digit fingering, and is now quite loud and obvious, especially during moments in the movie where the sound track is low.

It feels amazing to have her mouth move up and down the length of my cock, and I do my best to pleasure her as well. I’d love to be able to lick her sweet little pussy too, but the awkwardness of being seated in these theater seats with her head already in my lap, makes using my fingers on her really my only viable option.

After a while I realize that I have unconsciously matched my fingering to the rhythm of her blow job. As she slides her mouth down the shaft of my cock, I slip my fingers into her pussy. When her mouth is around the base of my cock, my fingers are in her to the hilt. Our movements become one and consequently we begin to moan and grunt in unison.

I can feel the tingle in my balls build and the sensitivity of my cock head heighten as I approach my orgasm. My dick is so hard that, as strange as it sounds, it’s also the reason I haven’t cum already. Sometimes when my dick is that stiff it helps to prevent an early release. At any rate I have to make a choice at this point. Either cum in her mouth or have her stop sucking my cock.

I decide the best thing to do is to let her know where canlı bahis siteleri I’m at. “Ann if you keep…ahhh..sucking my dick..ahhhh…you’re going to make me…ahhh…cum! Would you like to maybe…sit on my cock first?”

She stops blowing me (just in time) and lifting her head from my lap, kisses me. Thankfully her mouth doesn’t taste of penis (I’m not sure if penis has a taste but I really would really prefer not to find out!). I pull my wet fingers out of her pussy and she watches me as I slowly lick her love juice off them (pussy does have a taste, and it’s delicious!).

Once I’m done she stands, removes her panties, then takes a step over from her seat and stands in front of me facing the movie screen. I hike the back of her skirt up and stare for a second at her amazing ass. Her waist is so tiny and the cheeks of her ass are so voluptuously round, that I can’t imagine seeing anything sexier than this! I can’t resist planting wet kisses all over her beautiful sexy butt.

Ann bends over placing her hands on the seat in front of her and presses her ass firmly against my face. It’s never even occurred to me before that the thought of licking a woman’s asshole could be sexy but at this moment in time there is nothing I desire more than to do just that!

I spread Ann’s curvaceous butt open and run my tongue from her sweet pussy to her puckered butthole and swirl it around the hole in her bum. I can’t believe I’m performing oral sex on a woman for the first time and I’m actually choosing to lick her asshole!

My cock is so fucking hard, and this unexpected turn of events is so erotic, canlı bahis that my dick is literally pulsating and is threatening to explode without my permission. Her asshole must be super sensitive because as soon as my tongue makes contact with it she squeals and jumps forward giggling.

She can’t go far since the next row of seats is just inches in front of her and she is quickly trapped between the immovable seat and the eager tip of my tongue. I push it into her anus as far as I can (which isn’t very far at all) and I try to wiggle it back and forth. The sensation of the anilingus drives her so crazy she begins to giggle uncontrollably and literally starts climbing over the seat ahead of her to get away from my tongue!

I chuckle to myself. Okay, enough of that. I don’t want to ruin my chance to get laid!

I back my face out of her butt and Ann relaxes. She is still game to ride my dick and bends down into a seated position hovering just above the tip of my cock.

It dawns on me as I’m about to enter her that, really just as an afterthought, I grabbed a condom on my way out to meet her and stuck it in my pocket. Ever the optimist, I took it on the outside chance that we might end up back in her room after the movie and if things progressed to the point of having sex I didn’t want to be denied because I wasn’t prepared. I never dreamed I would need it at the movies!

I reach into my pants pocket and pull out the square packet. Ann looks back wondering what I’m doing and grins what she realizes what I have. I really hope I get this right because it’s dark, I’m nervous, and I’ve never actually put a condom on before and I only have one. I place the rubber on the tip of my dick and then… shit why isn’t it sliding down over my cock? It seemed so easy in health class when the teacher demonstrated on that banana!

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