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I really hope you liked my last one and i hope you’ll like this one even more. I am SO excited about writing these, they are so much fun. COMMENT & VOTE!! Enjoy 🙂


Imharia rushes up the steps and barges into her room, throwing her back pack on the floor and immediately beginning the first day of her weekly routine.

Last weekend she had confessed her love to her best friend of 2 years, Judy, and she’s never been so ready to see her again. They had been texting all week about how they were going to cuddle and watch movies but i’m reality, they knew that the night would end with a hard core make out. And for that, Imharia set up a routine.

She replaces her school wardrobe with something more comfortable like short, tight, black shorts and a white tank that hugged her torso the way that Judy told her she liked it, before. Her black crew cut socks make the lazy outfit look 10 times better before the messy bun bumps it up to 20x.

Imharia smiles, gazing at her body in the long mirror that lied in the back of her bed room door. Her eyes snaps over to her bed, watching her phone screen brighten when a call is received.

“Yes, sweetheart?” Imharia flaunts into the phone, propping a hand on her hip as she hears Judy’s voice.

“Would you like me to come over?”

Judy relentlessly asks, knowing the answer would be yes, considering her best friend had revealed the huge crush she had on her.

Imarhia’s face was bland at the stupid question, she doesn’t even answer it. “What time?”

Judy’s smirk is basicly heard over the phone. “Maybe an hour. Maybe 10 minutes. Either way, you better be ready for what im bringing you.”Judy can hear the liquidy sound of lips going over teeth to form a smile.

“Seriously, you got me something?” Imharia asks, trying and failing to hide the excitement in her voice.

“Us.” Judy corrects. “I got us something.”

Imharia’s searches in her brain for anything and everything that her best friend could ever want to give her, that she hasn’t given her already.

“Can I have a hint?” Imharia politely asks, knowing that would get her some where, at least.

“No, its a surprise.” Judy rejects, chuckling into the phone.

“Well, you know I hate surprises. What if I don’t like it, then what?” Imharia tries, failing again.

“If you claim you like me, then you’ll like what i’m going to give you.” Judy says, not meaning to sound so forward because she knows how her friend is about that.

Imharia gulps at Judy’s words, feeling as uncomfortable as she did when she told her. She didn’t want the conversation to linger on any longer.

“O-ok Judy, ill see you when you get here.” She can hear Judy sigh in disappointment after she speaks before they hang up on each other.

Imharia doesn’t mean to make her feel bad but she just can’t face the fact that she’s in love with her. She hates love and she hates being in love with a girl, let alone, her best friend. She knows its sort of petty to try to keep the relationship under wraps but Judy had never said she’s had a problem with it. She’s lucky the other girls she fools around with don’t find out. The whole situation is kind of messy, at the moment but Imharia feels that when she grows a bit more comfortable with Judy, every thing will be back to normal.

“Stop hogging the pop corn, Judy. I made it so I deserve most of it.” Imharia says, reaching for the pop corn before its Esenyurt Escort snatched away from her personal space and put way over the edge of Judy’s side of the bed. Her arms wail wildly as she tries to grab the bag from the obnoxious, cackling stud until her finger hits it and it spills all over her floor.

Both of their mouths gape in shock as the movie plays behind their silence.

“Are you kidding me?” Imharia huffs, leaning back onto her headboard, crossing her arms and glaring at the tv.

“Im sorry, I didnt mean to waste it.” Judy apologizes, holding in her laughter that bursts out immediately after.

“Its not funny.” Imharia says, pointing down at the mess. “Your cleaning that up.”

Judy sighs but nods. “Ill clean it up if you do some thing for me.” Judy says, scooting in close to her friends body and pulling her in until her lips are inches from her cheek.

“Judy,” Imharia exhales, rolling her eyes and really not wanting to play this game. “Just clean it up and we can finish the movie.”

“Do something for me.” Judy repeats, snaking her hand up to Imharia’s jaw and turning her head to face her. Judy looks into her big brown eyes before watching them roll again.

“What do you want me to do.” Imharia sighs, giving in to that convincing face and watching the smirk grow on it.

“I want you to do some thing you might not want to do, but in order to make this relationship work, your going to have to do.” Judy kisses on her jaw line before pecking her lips.

“D-do you mean sex?” Imharia gasps, feeling Judy’s hands linger on her sensitive sides. “Because, I expected you to want that, and I want to give that to you.” Imharia assures, extending her neck when Judy goes down to plant kisses on it.

“Mhhmm,” Judy answers, her lips never leaving the Carmel toned neck. “But that’s not it.”

Imharia’s eyes flutter shut and a light moan escapes her lips. “Anything,” she adorns, her blue metal covered teeth biting down on her lip at the sensation growing in between her legs.

As their bodies grow hot, Judy climbs over and lets her waist slide in between Imharia’s legs, feeling them lock around her, shortly after.

“How am I making you feel?” Judy whispers, her actions growing more aggressive as she begins to bite.

Imharia yelps when she feels the teeth sink into the skin under her ear before moaning when she feels the soothing feel of soft lips against the reddening mark.

“I-i dont know.” Imharia sputters, feeling her eyes roll in the back of her head. “It feels good when you do that.” She responds as Judy sucks and nibbles on her neck.

“Oh, That’s what you like?” Judy arrogantly remarks, moving to a sweeter spot and causing her hips to buck up at hers. “You really like that, don’t you.” Judy slowly sucks on the spot, listening to the girl’s breath increase like she was about to watch herself be stabbed.

“Yes,” she whispers, her hands moving up to Judy’s sleeveless shirt and groping at it before they decide to go under it.

They moan in unison when Imharia feels each peck as she slides up Judy’s toned stomach.

“When did this happen?” Imharia asks, snapping her head up and opening her eyes.

“You like my abs?” Judy smiles gazing at her as she nods before going back to kiss her neck.

“I don’t remember you having them but they’re nice.” Imharia says, enjoying the feel of the muscles under her trembling Esenyurt Escort bayan finger tips. “They make me so hot.” She moans, sending Judy right over the edge.

Taking the bottom of her sleeveless shirt into her fingers, Judy pulls it over her head, revealing her wrestlers abs. She watches Imharia’s eyes grow at the muscles that she had yet to see.

“Your arms,” Imharia exhales, gazing at them in awe.

“Thank you.” Judy says, feeling flattered before leaning down and being stopped by two small hands.

“Let me look,” Imharia says in a childlike voice, gently pushing Judy back, watching her flex as she sits up right. “Yes,” Imharia moans. “I could cum just looking at you.”

Judy’s eyebrows raise at the compliments before she feels warm hands begin to feel on her arms and around her black sports bra.

“Seriously Judy, where did all this come from? I mean, I’ve been knowing you for all these years and ive never seen you, like,” Imharia stops earning a confused stud. “All big and strong. Like a dude or something.”

Judy’s lust has disappeared and she’s completely pissed and confused to why they’re make out session was interrupted by this.

“I did wresting and I guess I got ripped, I don’t know.” Judy says, scrunching her eyebrows like a child causing Imharia to laugh.

“Ok, ok. I’m sorry. Hug me, kiss me, do what you want.” Imharia smiles, holding her arms out to


Judy pouts but is grateful that Imharia made an effort to start her back up. “Its ok, I cant stay mad at you.” Judy says, falling into her arms, but pulling Imharia ontop of her. “Its your turn.”

Imharia shakes her head, her face growing red. “I dont want to strip, I already told you Im not into that type of stuff.” Imharia complains, shifting ontop of her best friend to be more comfortable.

“But I want you to.” Judy pouts, lying her hands on her hips and rubbing them slowly. “You said you’d do anything.”

Imharia thinks back and knows she said it. “Damn, fine.” She grunts, earning a happy dance from the girl under her.

“After you make out with me.” Judy adds to her request watching Imharia do her signature eye roll before leaning down and pecking her lips.

“And I can kiss your neck too, right?” Imharia genuinely asks, looking closely into Judy’s big brown eyes and listening to her giggle.

“Yeah, sure. Go crazy.” Judy confirms, watching her nod and go down to kiss her neck. “And talk to me.”

Imharia plants small, soft kisses on Judy’s neck before tasting it, dragging her tongue along the skin.

“What, now?” Imharia replies, letting her hand tuck a piece of hair behind her ear before moving it down to rest behind Judy’s neck.

“Just, say dirty things. And move your hips around.” Judy directs, pushing her hands against her hips and helping them move. “Baby, try to turn me on.”

The words hit Imharia like a ton of bricks and she finds herself grinding like crazy against Judy, 10 minutes later.

“Yes,” Judy pants, watching Imharia hump the living shit out of her. She didn’t know if Imharia actually wanted to take her clothes off but it didn’t really matter if it was going to get both of them off and it looked like it was. “Fuck. Imharia,” Judy grunts, watching her continue to violently abuse her waist but grabbing her attention.

“Fuck, Judy. What?” Imharia replies humping harder and harder.

“Say some thing Escort esenyurt dirty to me.” Judy says, trying to keep the moment and smiles when she sees her put on her thinking face.

“Goddamn, I cant wait to cum for you.” Imharia moans, letting her hands slide down Judy’s abs, knowing it’ll turn her on more.

“Baby, im gonna make your first orgasm so special.” Judy purrs, as Imharia begins to grind down on her.

“Yes Baby, Tell me how.” Imharia whispers, listening to Judy’s words wrap up an image in her head that drives her insane. Just as she feels herself about to unravel, she feels the drastic change of Judy now being the one on top.

“Im gonna rip your clothes off and let you tell me what you want me to do.” Judy says before lifting from her friend and moving down her body. Her fingers play with the hem of Imharia’s shorts, teasing her until she speaks up about it.

“Stop teasing me, take them off!” Imharia exclaims, wriggling under Judy and causing her to laugh.

Judy pulls them down her Carmel legs, past her ankles and off of her feet.

“Now, I know how you are about touching so don’t freak out when I do this. Prepare for it.” Judy warns her, watching her exhale and prep herself.

“Im ready.” Imharia says, blowing air from her lips then nodding.

Judy nods back then climbs up to kiss her gently. She keeps their lips connected to destract Imharia from her hands that was now traveling down the cream colored stomach. Their lips press against eachother until Imharia gasps when her hand goes into her panties, causing Judy to stop.

“Its ok, Imharia, I promise. It won’t hurt, I would never do that to you.” Judy smiles, kissing her lips again and feeling her nod.

She continues with her hand, letting it explore her best friend. She hears a moan every so often but doesn’t go at it before Imharia can get used to it.

“Imharia, I love you, ok.” Judy assures, letting her finger press at her clit and watching her eyes fall shut as her breath hitches in her throat.

“M-mhhm, I-i love you, t-too.” Imharia sputters, trying to catch her words but finding herself too focused on the hands working at every sensitive spot she had.

Judy’s fingers rub back and forth at the hardened nub, feeling the pulse against her finger tips. She smiles listening to Imharia’s breath chop in segments all because of her skilled fingers.

“J-judy, please say something dirty.” Imharia begs, letting her arms wrap around Judy’s neck.

With no hesitation, Judy speeds her fingers up, beginning to bully the clit and watch her squirm. “Im gonna fuck you until you cum all over me.” Judy moans, rubbing faster. “Your gonna cum so hard and its gonna feel so fucking good, Baby.”

Imharia’s eyes tighten and her thighs clench at Judy’s waist before Judy’s fingers slow down.

“Here comes your surprise.”

Imharia’s orgasm rips through her like lightening, causing her her face to blush deeply and tears to fall from her eyes. Her body violently shivers and she cries out Judy’s name when she feels her hands grab at her wrist and pin them above her head. She feels Judy’s lips slam into hers and her body deflates as Judy grows slower with the kiss.

Soon she pulls away.

“You alright?” Judy asks, her tone full of care. “Did you love your surprise?”

Imharia nods at her. “That was amazing, I didn’t know I could do that.”

Judy cocks an eyebrow. “You mean, you didn’t know I was capable of that.” Judy laughs before Imharia playfully smacks her arm.

“You think your so great, always getting what you want.” Imharia says, watching her shrug and rest on the head board, laying a hand on her abs. “I did what you asked, now clean up the pop corn.”


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