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Poked Before Breakfast

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So, we are making breakfast. I am in the kitchen cooking. Whipping up some scrambled eggs. I am in my bathrobe, and your now cum-stained, baby blue cotton panties that you had me wear last night. You come into the kitchen and kiss the back of my neck. You are wearing your own bathrobe and pink, fuzzy slippers.

You coo and say, “last night was wonderful, honey. I love you so much. You took it like a champ.” You hug me tight from behind, and then reach around to undo the tie around my robe. You then begin caressing my cock over the panties. “Hmmn, you say, looks like somebody came a lot last night.”

“You know I did,” I say.

“Want to come again?” you ask.

“What? We’re making breakfast.”

“Yes, we are. Mine.” You start to press harder and more insistently now with the base of your palm and my cock begins to swell to your touch. You pull back my robe, and it falls to the floor around my ankles. You are still rubbing my cock between the panties. It is at full erection now, and I begin to leak precum onto them. It relubricates the dried mess already there from last night’s encounter. With a swift and forceful tug from behind, Taksim escort you pull the panties down and they fall to my ankles just above the robe. You grasp my cock from behind and squeeze. It twitches and throbs in your hand. You begin to slowly stroke it and you lean in to whisper in my ear. “This is what I want, you say. You want it too. Don’t you? You love it too. Don’t you?”

You move your free hand to my chest and caress it. You pinch a nipple hard between your thumb and index finger, and you nibble on my earlobe. You move your hand up to my lips and enter my mouth with your index finger, then another finger. I suck them in.

“Yes. Lick it. Suck it. You know what to do. I don’t have to tell you. Suck a good boy.”

You remove your hand from my mouth and reach over to turn off the stove.

“I think the eggs are done now.” And then you slide your hand down and around to my backside where you place your lubricated finger against the tiny entrance to my ever-loosening hole. You press your index finger inside of me, then you introduce another and wiggle them around. You push in to find my prostate, and I gasp, becoming Taksim escort bayan lost in throes of ecstacy and submission.

Meekly, I plead, “but we’re making breakfast.”

“I know, baby, we are. You were,” you say and chuckle to yourself, as I bend forward at the waist without being told or even being fully conscious of my actions. My ass pushes back into your fingers, my face and arms above the sink. You press further into me. You run your fingers around in a circular motion, and I can almost feel my new entrance loosen and open for your intrusion more with every movement of your fingers.

Your right hand retains its grip on my cock but you are careful not to stroke it now. It is your other hand that has gone to work this morning.

“Do you like that?” you ask in a warm, nurturing voice.

“Ahh.” Is all I can say.

You repeat the question, “Do you like that?”

“Yes, oh, yes.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Oh, no… Don’t stop. Please don’t…”

“Stop?” Your fingers hold still.

“You begin to pick up your rhythm. You No… Don’t stop.”

“What’s the magic word?”


“Good.” Escort taksim And with that request, your resume your thrusts, all the while holding tight to my purple, pulsating cock, never once stroking to the thrusts of your hand from behind. Your fingers are pumping me fast and hard now in and out of me. Still my ass pushes back to meet your thrusts.


“Yes,” I stammer, eyes closed and mouth drooling.




My knees begin to buckle and knock together. My whole body spasms. “Oh my god, I’m cumming!” The muscles at my anal opening obediently squeeze your fingers now. Squeezes and releases them, then squeezes and releases them again, like taking breaths. I moan over the sink. You push in deeper with your fingers during the moments of release, but your rhythm slows. Your other hand releases its vice grip on my cock. It points southward now, and you notice that an unbroken stream of cum dribbles from its head down to the blue panties around my ankles above the kitchen floor. You finally pull your fingers out of me and slap my ass. You grab my balls with your other hand as I begin to straighten up, and I can feel you smearing my balls with the cum on your fingers.

“I should use this as lube next time, don’t you think?” You lean in and kiss me on the cheek. “Now, we can have some breakfast,” you say. “I love you, baby.”

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