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Pleasing and Pleasure Ch. 04

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Slut Kelly Puts on a Show

I gulped as the Mistress in the red dress said those words “…when I shove it up your ass.”

The dangling rubber cock she was smearing Pixie’s cunt juices on was fucking huge! It looked so very real as she stroked it in front of my face. Then, moving closer she put it against my lips. Immediately I parted them and took the knob into my mouth, tasting the rubber and Pixie’s delicious flavouring.

“Suck it like the Sissy Faggot you are Kelly” She said as she began to flex her hips, forcing the cock to enter my throat, then withdrawn, then throat again, “Slobber it up too Slut, you’re going to want the lubrication.”

I did what I could, summoning up my saliva generating slurping as I took the dong down my throat, my gurgles and grunts an indicator of my abilities to take long, thick phallic toys deep; a skill greatly admired I notice in the audience, as several watching applaud.

I felt fabulous.

“If your ass can take cock like your face, I may have to get a bigger toy” the mistress smiled, then moved behind me, leaving me staring directly at Pixie’s wide-open cunt again. I felt as her fingers smeared some of the saliva on the dong around my anal rim, then without ceremony pushed the head into my ass.

“Unnnnggggghhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” I managed to moan as I felt the intrusion in my hole force my ass apart. I could feel the knob forcing its path into my anus, and the rubber ridges and veins each rippled my sphincter as the huge dildo proceeded deep inside.

I heard fingers snap just as Mistress began to pump slowly in and out of my hole. The shuffle of feet scurrying up the steps to the stage, followed by the appearance of the young man that had led us into the depths of the building earlier in the evening, told me all I needed to know about the size of his cock. He was no longer nearly naked. He was totally naked, and hung like a horse!

“It’s such a beautiful cock isn’t it, Kelly?” Mistress asked as she quickened her pace fucking my asshole…I felt my muscles contract as though I was squeezing a sausage with my hole (which in a way, I was!) I watched as the young man moved Pixie’s cross, and her lovely cunt once more in licking distance from my face, then I watched as a small trickle of fluid seeped, assisted by gravity, down the folds Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort of her labia, over her perineum, and sparkled beautifully as it spread slowly around her brown star.

WHACK!!! Followed by several more painful slaps to my buttocks, each accenting the stern words the Mistress was uttering “I ASKED YOU A QUESTION SLUT!”

For the moment my mind raced! The pain on my asscheeks, in direct competition with the pleasures washing over me with the buttfucking, and the visual stimulation of Pixie’s outspread legs all mashed together to create chaos in my head! Then, as the naked man proceeded to straddle Pixie’s face, settling his balls on her chin, I saw his enormous cock again…thick…solid…bulging…bouncing as Pixie now started to rim his asshole…

“YES MISTRESS, YES!” I screamed, perhaps a little too loudly but didn’t care “IT’S A BEAUTIFUL COCK MISTRESS!”

The pain on my buttocks stopped, leaving a stinging, tender, hot feeling, not entirely unpleasant. The pounding in my ass continued to build, with Mistress increasing her pace and driving the dildo as far into my body as my body would allow. I nuzzled Pixie’s folds, probed into her vagina with my tongue, stiffened it into a short, thick muscle and tongue fucked her, I drank in her smells and her fluids, smearing her over my face, my make up a sloppy mess. All the while the rubber cock fucked me. My vision came and went as I closed and opened my eyes with the combination of pain and pleasure I was experiencing. At some point my mind registered the young man’s change of position as he slid backwards off of Pixie’s face, a trail of slime following his bag until his cock traced its way along her face. At lip level he put it in her mouth, deep in her mouth. So far that I thought I would taste it in her cunt. Then, in unison with the dildo in my ass, he proceeded to throat fuck the little beauty’s mouth.

Every time Mistress drove into my ass, the young stud drove into Pixie’s face, pummelling all the way into her lips, her nose mashed against his abdomen. Simultaneously, the thrusting of dildo and cock pushed our bodies closer together, mine with my face in Pixie’s crotch and hers with a throat full of cock. I could not see what was happening behind Yenimahalle Rus Escort me, my hole being slammed hard and forcefully, but I could see the drool and spittle squirting out of the corner of Pixies lips wrapped as tightly as possible around the shaft, now at the largest I have ever seen in a cock, or a toy!

She gurgled, her eyes rolled, her breath coming in gasps allowed only when the man’s cock withdrew. Her tears flowed down her cheeks, smearing mascara and eyeshadow along her face as well. Her small but firm tits jiggled and shook with her efforts to make the man cum.

“Enough” the Mistress said quietly, as suddenly all seemed to stop at once. The rippling pleasures I was feeling in my asshole continued as my buttocks twitched involuntarily, feeling the form of the rubber cock as it was withdrawn from my anal passage. A groan escaped my lips as I suddenly felt empty…and desensitised.

Chuckling Mistress smiled and moved in front of me “Don’t worry Kelly Slut, your sissy fuckhole won’t be empty for long.” Her hand was wrapped around the cock now out of Pixie’s mouth, her slobber still running down the shaft, and down her chin, neck and shoulders. Mistress could hardly get her hand around it! I thought as I watched her slowly pull his foreskin back over the head, now purple and engorged, “ohhh…I want to taste that cock so badly…so…” I opened my mouth by reflex, fully expecting his cock to be directed there when, quite by surprise, Mistress popped a bright red gag ball in my mouth!

“Oh Kelly, Kelly, Kelly…you can’t have that cock yet honey,” Mistress said leaning in very closely, ” …it hasn’t shot its ropes of cum up your ass yet.” She grinned. “Bite down on the ball gag when it starts to hurt.”

With that comment she motioned for him to fuck me.

His cock was massive.

I felt my hole open wide…then get pushed wider and wider’ as though I was being torn apart…

I bit down on the ball gag, my eyes squeezed shut in pain. He slid all the way in. my eyes opened wide at this as he began to slowly pump.

“AaaaahhhhhhhhhHHHHH!” I moaned with each thrust, followed by a disappointed whimper as he pulled back, then repeated as he plowed back into my ass…over and over. I became entranced, partly with pain, but mostly with pleasure as I gripped his dick with my hole. I looked around the room in a haze. Pixie’s cunt was inches from my face, I could smell her musk. I saw other stages and other participants engaged in lewd acts and slutty fucking. There were whips and ropes, screams and moans, a blur of lust and passion swimming across my eyes as I succumbed to the relentless pounding I was getting.

Finally, I felt him grow even larger! His thrusts became more urgent until with one final dig he exploded deep inside me. His hot cum sprayed the insides of my anal chute, searing me with his ropes…one grunt, two grunts…three…four! And then he withdrew.

Mistress snapped her fingers and he quickly moved in front of me. She let the ball gag fall from my face, a line of drool dropping with it.

“Clean him Slut” she said simply as he pushed his sloppy dripping cock into my mouth, she then removed Pixie from her cross and knelt her behind me, pushing her face into my asshole. Mistress then repeated the command, this time for Pixie.

Mistress began to stroke me as Pixie started to lick and rim the cum drizzling out of my ass. I could taste my ass and his cum from the cock in my face. I sucked and licked, and sucked and swallowed what I could drain from his balls, but it wasn’t a lot…Pixie was slurping down the lion’s share of that. I became lost in the feelings I was experiencing. The pleasure and excitement of the evening now culminating in our live sex performance as Mistress motioned for Pixie to slide beneath my jerking cock. Lying on her back she opened her mouth wide and my cum suddenly exploded into her mouth…and over her lips and face. Some shot into her cute short hair. I spasmed as I orgasmed…the excitement was too much. I collapsed on top of Pixie momentarily, then Mistress ordered me “Now Kelly, clean our little girlfriend up really good. Eat your jizz off her body, then smile for the camera.”

I did as I was told. I was exhausted and spent. I looked a sight to be sure, my slutty outfit now sticky and soiled, the lingerie crumpled and loose, my asshole still swollen and sore, my mouth aching from being stretched, my tongue barely able to move. The unmistakable tastes and feel of cunt and cum swirling around in my mouth lingered as Mistress presented Pixie and I as full members of the Family, photographing our happy smiling faces.

I was in heaven. I was finally home. I looked at the applauding crowd throughout the room as each stage was presented and accepted, and there, right up front was Sir, and Gina, with her hand inside her panties as she blew me a kiss.

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