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I want to walk into a room where you are, walk over to you and put my hands on your chest, lean into you and kiss you, run my tongue around the curve of you lips…suck your bottom lip into my mouth and taste the sweetness of you…put my arms around you, hands tight against your back…lightly scratching my nails across your shirt-covered back…while nibbling your ear and then working my way down your neck with forceful bites…

I want to stand back and look at you, your intense eyes, your serious mouth, your posture so unsure of a body so sexy…I want to reach over and take the tail of your shirt in my hands and pull it up off of your body, exposing your chest…then lean in to quickly take each nipple between my teeth…before kissing my way down your stomach…alternating kisses and bites down to the waist of your pants…kneeling, I want to put my hands on your hips and move you in closer to me…then run my hands over your hips, down the outsides of your legs and then back up the insides, until I again reach the waistband of your pants, only allowing bahis şirketleri my hands to lightly brush your cock…then I want to unfasten your pants and slide them down your legs slowly, feeling the natural contours of your body, and admiring the bulge in your boxers.

Once your pants are removed, I want to run my hands up your legs, sliding my fingers into your shorts, feeling the smooth skin on your pelvis, hips, and ass…Then I want to stand and move behind you…again run my hands up your legs and under your boxers, squeezing one of your beautiful ass cheeks in each hand…biting your cheeks through the thin fabric of your shorts….then pulling them firmly down and off of you, leaving you completely bare…

While you stand with your bare ass before my face, I want to run just the tip of my tongue between your ass cheeks, softly tasting your sweet skin….I want to lavish attention on your creamy white ass, tasting every bit of it, while your cock, untouched, becomes engorged.

When I’ve had my fill there, I want to lay you down on your bahis firmaları back, and put your legs over my shoulders, lifting your ass and giving me a good look at your hard cock, your balls, and of course your asshole…I want to lean in and touch the tip of my tongue to the head of your cock, gently, but firmly penetrating your piss hole…pseudo-fucking you as a harbinger of things to come…I want to feel and taste your pre-cum on my tongue, before I use the it’s tip to spiral down the length of your shaft, to the base of your cock…and then gently suck on your balls…every inch of you tasting so good.

I want to take your whole cock in my mouth, my lips tight around its base, then slide slowly up the length of your erection, keeping my lips tight, attempting to milk the cum from deep inside of you, hoping you can feel my desire pulling hard on all the soft parts inside of you…making you want to cum….but you won’t cum, because in my imagination, there is more planned…

After giving your lovely prick some affection, I want to turn my attention kaçak bahis siteleri back to your ass…and trail my tongue from the base of your throbbing muscle to the tight pink folds of skin around your asshole, tasting each fold, wetting your puckered opening, pressing the tip of my tongue against it, nearly penetrating you, before I push all the way in and taste you at your depths…I want to push my face firmly between your ass cheeks, trying to get my tongue deeper and deeper inside of you, rolling my tongue around, making it full inside of you, touching all the walls of your tunnel…the taste so sweet, I push harder between your cheeks trying to reach all the way inside of you…

As I probe the depths of your beautiful ass, I want to take your swollen cock in my hand and stroke it, squeezing it as firmly as my pussy would…and when you reach to help me, I will move my hand to your balls caressing them, encouraging you to keep stroking your hard cock, I will roll my tongue inside of you, and massage your balls, now tightening, like the rest of your muscles, from the pressure of an imminent orgasm.

Why you ask? Because I can think of nothing better than having my tongue buried in your sweet ass as your hot white cum gushes out of your cock and all over my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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