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Play With Each Other

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“You want to watch me play with my pussy.” Judy purred. Her hand was already stroking clit before I answered.

“No, I want to go home and jerk off by myself.” My dick was hard, harder then normal. The porno played in the background but my eyes were glued to her pussy. She took a dildo from her night table. It was a big one, she smiled and brought it to her lips.

“Mmmmmm, I love to suck cock, I want to suck your cock.” She took the entire length in her mouth and down her throat. My hand began to pump harder as I watched. I moved closer, standing in front of her.

“That’s it Joey, stroke that cock for you bitch. I love a man with a cock in his hand.” The dildo went directly into her very wet pussy. No hesitation, it slid in without any problem. Judy twitched and squirmed as she took the length. Her open had grabbed my cock and she brought me to her mouth.

“Come to me bitch.” With that, she took my cock in her mouth.

“Oh god, you are a big fucking whore.” I knew she liked to talk dirty….

“Look at the video I said to her.” On the screen a woman was butt fucking her best friend with a strap on. Judy watched and gripped my dick even harder.

“You want me to fuck Karen?” she slurped. “You like seeing me be a big whore…” Her mouth went back around my cock.

“Suck it bitch.” I grabbed the back of her head and drove my pelvis into her mouth. I began to fuck her mouth and she couldn’t get enough. Opening her mouth, she took it all in and clamped down as I fucked her face.

It’s a good thing that both our kids were out together. Our daughters had become close friends and I was always flirting with Judy when I came by to drop off my daughter. She was single, so was I. Both of us went through divorces and from the tone of our conversations, we were both looking for the same thing. I don’t know how the topic came up but one night she told me masturbating was the only way she could have an orgasm. Besides, it was real easy to play with yourself and no one did her like she did herself. I laughed and told her I love to masturbate and I would love to masturbate with Beylikdüzü escort bayan her. It planted the seed and each time I saw her we would talk about it. She had some big tits and one day I was walking by her in the kitchen. It was summer, she had a t shirt on and from what I could tell some shorts on under that. The space we were passing by each other was maybe 2 feet wide, her tits were there for the touching and touch them I did. Nothing blatant, but I touched them enough for her to stop. She stopped and I took both my hands and felt her up, right in the kitchen. My hands had a handful to say the least. She let me rub her tits, she had no bra on. I figured that out early on. There were people in the house but the area we were standing in was isolated. I leaned in very close and her hand went directly to the front of my shorts. My dick responded the way she wanted it to. She smiled, I was starting to run my hands under her shirt. She didn’t stop me. I pulled her shirt up and gazed at her nipples. They were perfect and perky. She surprised me by pulling my dick out of my shorts and stroking my hard on. I guess she realized then that we couldn’t do this in her kitchen and she pulled away from me. Her shirt was stilled pulled up exposing her tits. My dick was hanging out of my shorts. We both had some extra time, a few sweet seconds to stare at each other. I took my dick in my hand and told her she could watch me jerk off. She pulled her shirt down and put her finger to my mouth.

“Pull your pants up, we have company.” But she also motioned to the basement, meet me downstairs. The spare bedroom….

Oh, oh, oh, the action on the video was smoking hot. One chick was doing three guys. She had one in her mouth, another in her pussy and the other one being jerked off besides her. Judy was watching and so was I. She sucked harder as the action got hotter.

“You like sucking dick don’t you.” She just looked up and smiled.

“Keep going baby, you’re so fucking good at this.”

I was ready and she knew it. Instead of finishing me off she stopped. I knew Escort Beyoğlu what she wanted to see. I laid down and began jerking off for her. Her face was inches from the head of my dick and she egged me on.

“That’s it big guy, jerk off for me. I want to see you cum.” Her tongue flicked across the head and she laughed.

“Do it, cum for me.”

I stroked and stroked. She had me sit up. I noticed her holding something.

“Come on baby, tell me when you’re going to blow your load.”

“Right now, I’m going to cum right now.” She had a shot glass in her hand. She aimed the head of my dick towards the shot glass and I exploded. Most of it went into the glass, some of it shot onto her stomach. The second shot went mostly in, it also had some shoot up onto her tits. She wanted more and began to milk me.

“I want it all, give it all to me.” She stroked me again and I didn’t disappoint her. Her shot glass was almost full and she smiled. I was trying to catch my breath.

“Now watch me.” With that, she brought the glass to her lips and sucked it all down. She then planted a wet, sperm filled kiss on me and I obliged. I had no problem with that.

Her embrace loosened as she was waiting for my comment.

“You dirty little whore.” The video was over, all that played was the snow.

“Now fuck yourself with that dildo.” She jumped on the bed and slid the big dildo right up and in. I surprised her by getting on my knees within inches of her pussy. She worked it in and out, faster and faster. I grabbed her hand and began to help her, changing the pace. She moaned and soon I found myself working the tool for her. I wanted to make her cum, make her scream my name. I also wanted to show her I could make her cum by going down on her. So I went for it. I licked her pussy, slightly flicking my tongue over her pussy lips. She squirmed and raised her ass up off the bed. I had my invitation. The dildo was moving with vigor, she was absolutely absorbed.

I worked the dildo in and out. I pulled it slowly to the tip and it popped out with a pop. Bomonti escort She moaned and wanted me to keep going.

“Joey, fuck me with that…. Oh, god!” She was floored when my tongue began to work on her clit. Not fighting me off, her hands grabbed the back of my head and she began to grind her pussy into my face. Judy liked it hard and fast. I dove in and start to nibble on her clit and lapping at her pussy. Faster and faster I worked one then two fingers into her pussy. Her hips bucked upwards.

Fuck me, oh god, your fucking so good, fuck my pussy…”

I kept at it. Faster I worked my tongue and fingers. She was getting ready to explode and I didn’t let up. Judy told me she was a squirter and a clear stream of fluid came shooting out of her pussy before she screamed.

“You fuck, you fuck, oh my god, you’re fucking so good, ohhhhhhhh please don’t stop!”

I kept going, my face was soaked. She was quivering and shaking and couldn’t get enough. I had proved my point and in my head I was just waiting to tell her that. Right now, she was getting ready to cum once again. 30 seconds later, she did just that.

That’s when I raised my head up to see her neighbor watching us. His shorts were down around his ankles and his dick was out. Pete was older then both of us, late fifties. He was a biker dude, rough on the outside but had heart of gold. He had a big fat cock and it was at full staff. Judy noticed him and waved him over to join the fun. He was standing besides me jerking off in her face. His didn’t need much time to finish and he took the head and aimed it towards her open mouth and tits. I was still eating her pussy. He came with a fury, covering her face and tits with white creamy cum. She gargled it down her throat. I stopped eating her pussy. My face soaked with her cum.

“Joey, this is my neighbor Pete. Pete, this is Joey.” I stood up and shook his hand. Judy was lying on her back trying to catch her breath and swallow all the cum in her mouth.

“Well Judy always wanted to do two guys at once.” He winked at me.

“Guess she wants it now or later.” I looked at Pete, waiting for him to take charge.

“She is a fucking horny little bitch, how about you and I talk about it and let her relax a bit.” He motioned towards the door. Two swinging dicks walked out while a naked and sweaty Judy laid down, giggling like a kid in a candy store.

Stay tuned…

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