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Pizza with the Works

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3D Hentai

Lilly was bored. One hundred and thirty six channels and not a damn thing worth watching. Throwing the TV remote onto the coffee table in disgust, she went to her computer and log in. No emails, no one her chat list logged in, and no interest in surfing the net. She opened a story she’d been working on. “Tongues of Tomorrow” She read it over and with a sigh, logged of and shut down the computer. Returning to the television, she picked up the remote and continued flicking through the channels again, more for something to do and actually looking for something to watch. With her other hand she reached for the phone.

“Hello. I’d like to order a pizza with the works, a coke, and garlic bread.” She gave the address and hung up. As she continued flicking through the channels, something caught her eye and she went back to find it. There, on her screen, was a woman; spread wide on the kitchen table, a large, dark haired man between her legs devouring her crotch, and another man, slighter in build and sandy blond hair holding her head, sliding his hard cock in and out of her mouth.

Lilly watched for a moment, trying to get the gist of what was going on. The woman seemed to be reluctant to participate in the in the men’s pleasure, struggling and trying to get off the table. The man between her thighs got up and stated going through the kitchen draws, finding a roll of tape, and returning to the struggling woman. Sliding the woman back along the table until her ass was right on the edge, he taped her ankles to the legs of the table, laughing sadistically and slapping her thigh. Diving down he growled roughly against her pussy, biting the pubic hairs and pulling them between his teeth.

The woman cries out and the other man pushed his cock further down her throat, making her gag. The dark haired man went to the refrigerator, opening a beer and throwing one to the blond guy. They both drank deeply, emitting a loud sigh görükle escort of satisfaction and tossing the empty cans on the floor. Opening the bottom draw, the dark haired man produced a long cucumber and a carrot, a can of dairy whip and a bottle of chocolate sauce, returning to the table saying something about the appetizers, main course, and desert.

Lilly could feel more than just her curiosity beginning to grow, her pussy beginning to warm and her arousal becoming unmistakable. Watching the actions of the two men becoming more wicked, she found her own desires to be a little wicked beginning to grow as well. Opening the front of her jeans, sliding them down as far as her knees and pushing her fingers down the front of her panties, she began to stroke her bush, slipping a finger into her slit and searching for her clit. Her jeans prevented her from getting as far as she wanted to go, so in frustration she kicked them off across the coffee table, pulled her g string aside and ran her fingers over her hot hole, making them wet and slippery with her own juices. Returning her fingers to her already throbbing clit, she began to stoke and fondle herself as she watched the scene that continued to hold more than her interest.

Shaking the can of cream, the dark haired man covered the woman’s tits in white foam, continuing down over her stomach, and between her legs. Opening the bottle of chocolate sauce, he dribbled the sticky liquid up and down the entire length of her body, bending to lick up any that escaped and ran down the inside of her thighs. The woman wiggle and squirmed in protest but it did her no good. Taking the cucumber, he began to rub it roughly over the woman clit, covering it in cream and chocolate, then forcing it into her mouth, making her suck it clean. He took the long green vegetable back to her pussy and began teasing her hole with it, pushing it slowly inside her, using bursa görükle escort it like a cock as he began to fuck her with it. The woman groaned loudly as the blond man bent to lick and suck all the sweet sticky mess from her ample tits, covering his face in the delicious treat. The dark haired man started to lick the cream from her clit as he fucked her with the cucumber, licking her harder and harder as he pushed it deep.

Taking the cucumber out for a moment he replaced it with the carrot, covering it in her pussy juices, then pushed the cucumber back in again. With the tip of the carrot he started teasing her ass, running it roughly around and around the edge of the tight little hole.

As the man began to work the carrot into the woman’s ass Lilly’s pussy was throbbing in pure lust. She rubbed her clit hard, working her own sweet juices over her lips and hole. So intent was she in her viewing pleasure that she didn’t notice the pizza delivery guy come to the open front door, but he noticed everything. This was his last delivery for the night, and he had some time to spare, and now he had an idea of how to occupy that time.

Setting the pizza on the coffee table and kneeling between her legs, he gave her a wicked smile. She moaned, spreading her legs wider, lust and heat consuming her senses. He pushed her hand aside, replacing it with his tongue. There was no need to make her ready, she was already there. Licking and biting her clit, plunging the full length of his tongue into her melting hole.

Dropping his jeans to his knees, he turned her around, bending her over the edge of the sofa, her tight little ass sticking up at him, inviting him. Grabbing her hips, he rubbed his hard shaft across her throbbing clit, making her ass wiggle a little, he liked the way it did that. Positioning his cock against the opening of her pussy, he pushed deep into her, filling her in the bursa eskort first thrust. She cried out, arching her back and pushing back against him, wanting more. He pounded into her, thrusting and driving his cock deeper and harder with every push. Soaking his fingers with her juices, he began to tease her ass, running them around the rim and pushing at the opening of the tight little hole. She pushed back against his finger, yes, she wanted it, and he would not deny her. Pushing his finger deep into her ass, she groaned loudly with the pleasure, working his finger in time with his pounding cock.

He added a second finger to her ass, then a third. She was almost screaming but she continued to push back against him in her heat. He pulled his cock from her pussy, pushing it slow and deep into her hot tight ass. She screamed and he stopped moving, holding himself inside her, and allowing her find a pace that was right for her. She pushed back against him slowly, working him deeper into her ass, and began to slowly ride him, pushing herself harder and faster back on him as her body adjusted. Holding her hips firm, he started driving his cock into her ass, fucking her harder and harder. She cried out, digging her fingers into the cushions as her orgasm consumed her. Wave after wave of lustful heat washed over her, her sticky cum running down the insides of her legs, his cock continuing to pound into her ass. With a groan he pushed himself deep into her, holding her hard against him as he pumped his load into her ass. She could feel his hot cum pulsing from his cock, filling her tender ass with his thick cream. He pulled from her and she collapsed on the sofa, lightheaded and spent.

He stood and pulled up his jeans, tucking his sticky cock back into his boxers. Leaning over her, her kissed her softly, whispering in her ear.

“Next time you want pizza with the works, ask for Michael.”

He left, closing the front door behind him, leaving Lilly to contemplate just how much pizza she could eat in a week. Sinking to the floor, she reaches for the pizza and watched the end of the movie, amazed at just how hungry she became after sex. It was nice to have both her hungers satisfied.

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