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Pippa Ch. 08

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3D Adult

I was a virgin and it was the thing I hated most about myself. Even my acne which had failed to clear up after my teens was more acceptable than that particular albatross around my neck.

All my friends had seemed to have popped their cherry without a hitch. Why was I any different.

Now that I had started at university I thought things would be different.

Ironically enough one of the guys I was now living with was also a virgin. Something that he admitted one night after a lot of drinks. It was something I would never admit.

We all made fun of him, myself included.

Then the real rub came. He managed to pull a super hot blonde. I don’t know how he managed it. He wasn’t any more special than me.

We were all in a nightclub and I was egging him on, making fun of him, and then somehow he ended up going home with her.

It was such a nightmare. That’s when I decided to do something about it.

Of course getting a girlfriend wasn’t as easy as that, but I knew it was my confidence that needed a boost. There was too much worry and anticipation swimming around in my head.

A prostitute was my only option. I’d heard that lots of guys were using them to pop their cherries. So there was no real shame in it at all. I think there were even some very famous people who had similar experiences.

I found her online. It was a website that listed lots of different types of girls. She stood out to me the most.

We exchanged messages by email, and talked briefly about what services I wanted. She gave me the price upfront.

Her name was Nikki. I had to assume it wasn’t her real name. She was really cute, a nice petite body, and really nice tits. She had short dark hair that gave her a real girl next door look.

She was definitely the girl I’d have loved to date.

I thought about going for the full experience and going with one with huge fake boobs, and bleach blonde hair, but in the end I think I made the right decision.

I had to get a bus to the hotel. It wasn’t far though.

It was part of a chain of hotels. Not at all seedy…

“Can I help you?” The bloke behind the reception asked.

“Uhh, yeah, my name is Kevin. I’m here to see my friend in room twenty-eight.”

He took a few moments and looked down at his screen, and then pointed me in the direction of the lifts.

It was pretty late in the evening. There was no one else about.

My heart was racing. I had only just gotten past the reception and I was almost ready to make a run for it. People online had warned of nerves getting to you. I had to just power through.

Technically I knew I hadn’t done anything illegal, but all those films where the girl turns out to be a copper started to really put the fear into me.

On my way up I knew I could always turn back. I wish I had had a few drinks in me. That would have relaxed me a lot more.

Money was an issue. Especially with what this girl was charging. I had to borrow some money off my Father. I told him it was for text books.

I laughed a little, thinking that I would indeed be getting an education of sorts.

It took me a while to find the room. The corridors weren’t laid out in easy to understand way. It would have helped if everything didn’t look so bland.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

She was everything I had dreamed about. Exactly like her picture.

“Hiya, it’s Kevin?” She asked.

I nodded, my mouth was dry. My nerves hadn’t abated in the slightest.

I’d had what I was going to say planned out in my head. As soon as I saw her though, mind went blank.

She was wearing skimpy white lingerie and a pair of black high heeled shoes. She couldn’t look more sexy if she tried.

“Come in and get settled.” She said cheerfully.

It was a small room. A double bed, desk, a few chairs and a door that led off into the bathroom. It was well lit too.

“Do you want a drink of water or anything?” She asked.

I just shook my head.

She must have sensed my nerves as she took a seat next to me on the bed.

“Don’t be shy.” She said, squeezing my knee.

“Ahhh sorry, I’ll be alright in a minute. I’m not used to this sort of thing. My first time with an escort, actually.” I said, stumbling over my words.

I think maybe she would appreciate the fact that I wasn’t a regular user of prostitutes.

“Don’t worry about it darling. You’ve got the money, right?”

I nodded. I had almost forgotten. I pulled out my wallet and dug out the money we had agreed on.

With it in her hand she went and put into her purse which was on the desk.

She turned and gave me a big smile.

My eyes were transfixed on her cute little body.

There was no going back now.

“Take your clothes off, babe.” She said. “You can have a quick shower, okay.”

“Sure.” I said. I had expected this.

I got up to go into the bathroom.

“You can leave your clothes here. You don’t want them getting wet.”

She must be so used to naked people, I thought. For me though getting naked in Esenyurt Escort front of her was super embarrassing.

I started to strip. She just smiled and watched. Finally, I was naked and feeling very self conscious.

There was no judgment from her. It was just her job. It was nice in someways, clinical.

I wasn’t hard at all, she didn’t say anything.

It was the first time a woman had seen me naked. Apart from my Mother.

I gave her a half-hearted smile and went into the bathroom.

“Don’t lock it.” She called out.

I did what she told me, she was in charge. I read stories about guys going too far and getting hurt or in serious trouble. That certainly wasn’t me. I had respected her rules and boundaries.

The shower was above the bathtub. I turned it on and waited for the water to heat up. Once it was comfortable I got in and started washing. Then I noticed that she was standing at the doorway.

“So what do you do, Kevin?” She asked.

“I’m just a student.” I replied.

“Ohh, cool. What do you study?”

As I told her she came closer to me. I was washing under my armpits when she reached out for me.

It was just her finger. I tensed up as she touched my stomach. I took a deep breath as her finger started to make circles around my belly button. It made my stomach flip.

I couldn’t think of what to say next. She didn’t speak either. She just looked up at me with her big doe eyes and traced lines across my skin.

I was getting hard. She noticed, and grinned a little. Her hand moved lower and started to stroke my cock.

It made my heart pound. No one had ever touched me like this before. With the water her fingers rubbed slickly against my cock. She wasn’t jerking me off. Just playing with it.

She wasn’t shy at all. I was blushing though. My face like it was on fire.

“Towel yourself off, darling, and come join me in the bedroom.” She said, and then left.

I breathed out. I was so horny and excited. My nerves were almost completely gone. I let myself have a smile at myself in the mirror. I felt like a real man for once.

There was a big fluffy towel which looked clean. It took me a few minutes to dry myself. I was very eager to go into the bedroom. My head raced with thoughts of what was going to happen.

When I went back into the bedroom, she was sat on the bed. Her lingerie was gone, and so were her heels. She beckoned me towards her.

Naked and still hard I went to her. She stopped me by putting her hands on my hips.

“You remember what you have paid for.” She said looking up at me. “If you want more, you have to pay extra, okay.”

I nodded. Her tone was very friendly and sweet.

She started to stroke me again, but this time she slipped off the bed onto her knees. She played with it while she looked up at me. It was inches from her face. Her fingers felt like silk as they caressed my hard cock.

She licked her lips.

With my cock in her hand she began to lick it gently. I didn’t really feel anything at first. Maybe I was too hard. It was nice watching her though.

Her tongue was wide and flat against the shaft of my cock. She licked all the way up to the head. This I felt. It made me tingle all over.

She went back to the base, and licked up my length a second time. Her eyes were wide and she looked straight at me.

Without a word she put me into her mouth, she sucked at it hard. I groaned.

Her lips were tightly around me. I could hear her sucking it. Just the noises of her mouth as she worked at it.

I wanted to put my hand on her head. Run my fingers through her hair, but I didn’t want her to think I was being to aggressive.

I just stood there with my arms at my sides, as this petite beauty sucked my cock.

She took me all the way into her mouth, then slid me out slowly. As she did, her fingers massaged my balls.

It felt so great to have her on her knees for me.

I closed my eyes for a second and imagined the blonde that my friend had pulled. I masturbated a few times thinking about her. Each time in my mind she had been on her knees as I face fucked her. The fantasy really enhanced my feelings.

I don’t know how long she had been doing it, but eventually she stopped, and got to her feet. Her breasts brushed against my cock, and I felt it come to rest against her stomach. It was still wet from her mouth.

My eyes opened and I looked at her. She had a wicked smile on her face.

I hadn’t paid for kissing. I really wish I had, she was stood so close to me. I wanted to hold her and kiss her deeply.

“Do you want to do it missionary or doggy style?” She asked seductively.

“Missionary.” I said happily.

She pulled me on the bed. Before I could do anything, she reached over for a condom on the side table. I had never worn one and my nerves suddenly returned. She was quick with it though, and kept me hard with a few gentle tugs.

It was a relief to get it out of the way. I had worried I would be made to put it on myself.

I made a mental Esenyurt Escort bayan note to how she had done it. Just in case I’d have to do it myself one day.

She lay back on the bed and pulled me on top of her. Never once did she let go of my cock. She guided me inside of her. It felt wonderful. She was tight and slippery. Her pussy must have been so wet.

It would have been so much better without the condom.

I braced my arms against the side of her head, and started to fuck her.

“Ohhhh.” She gasped.

She was moaning straight away. I couldn’t believe it. It really gave me confidence and I started to fuck her a bit faster. My head was alive with passion and lust.

Her moans made me harder and my heart was jumping out of my chest.

I watched her face, her eyes were closed, and her face looked full of passion as well. I was really turning her on.

It wasn’t the feeling of my dick inside of her that felt the best, it was listening to her moaning. Knowing that it was me making her make those noises.

I moved my hand and squeezed her breast. It was so big in plump in my hand. Her nipples were rock hard. I leaned in closer to kiss one.

“No kissing.” She said softly.

“Sorry.” I mumbled.

I knew I hadn’t paid for that, I just for a second thought that it only meant on the lips. I resigned myself to just squeezing and touching.

My dick felt close to cuming but I didn’t want it to stop.

“Can we do it the other way?” I asked.

She nodded, and got onto her hands and knees.

Again she guided my dick inside of her.

I was more comfortable in this position. There was no temptation to kiss her, and she couldn’t see my face.

My hands were on her hips now. It was a much nicer feeling as I started to fuck her again. I could see her whole body move forward each time I thrust into her.

It was like when she had been on her knees. It was a position of power. It made me feel manly.

Her moans were low and constant. I ran my hands up and down her body. Her waist felt tiny in my hands.

I started to really pound into her. Each time, I got a louder squeal of pleasure. It was building and building.

“Ohhh, baby.” She mewed.

My hand reached forward for her neck. She arched her back letting me touch her hair. My fingers ran through it. It was so short and pretty.

I wanted to pull her head back. That was always great to see in porn films. I wasn’t going to with her though, just in case she didn’t like it.

I imagined it though. My mind went back to the blonde. How I’d love to fuck her like this. Pulling her hair back tightly. Making her moan for me.

It was amazing with Nikki though. She was moaning and groaning loudly. Her pussy convulsed on my dick. I felt it deep down in my balls.

That familiar feeling of release came over me, even though I tried, I couldn’t stop it.

My cock pulsed and I felt myself cuming into the condom. A strong feeling of accomplishment washed over me.

“Fuck.” I mutter and let out a loud sigh.

“Oh my god.” I moaned, as my orgasm hit in full.

She just stayed there for a few moments. Her pussy gripped me a few times enhancing the pleasure.

Both of us were out of breath. I was panting hard.

“Lie down, darling.” She said, disengaging from me.

I didn’t argue. I was really exhausted. As I lay there she pulled to condom off me carefully. My cock was still hard and it felt great to have it free of constriction.

The cool air soothed the warm feeling it had.

She got off the bed, and in the background I heard her flushing it down the toilet.

“We’ve got some time left.” She announced and lay on the bed next to me.

She cuddled up and rested her head on my chest.


“That was really amazing.” I said to her finally getting my breath back.

“I’m glad you liked it, darling.” She said nicely.

It was really nice having her laying next to me like this. It felt a bit awkward though. I didn’t know what to say to her.

My cock was limp and wet. It was resting against my thigh. I wanted to go and wash, but I didn’t want to leave the bed.

“Have you been doing this long?” I asked, hoping to spark up some conversation.

“Yeah, for a while now.” She said softly.

“What made you choose this line of work?” I asked. I was actually really curious.

I started to stroke her back. She didn’t mind at all. Her skin felt very warm and soft.

“It’s good money.” She said.

“What did you do before?”

“I’ve done all sorts, the last place I worked was in a bank, it didn’t work out. This pays much better anyway.”

I agreed with her. For the hour, I had paid her a decent amount of money. I was somewhat jealous that she could do something that paid so well.

I moved my hand up to her neck and began rubbing it.

“That feels nice.” She said lazily.

I felt very close to her, like we had a connection. I was pretty sure she didn’t cuddle up to all the other men like this.

The Escort esenyurt sex had been mind blowing, but just holding her like this was worth the money. I felt a bit of melancholy that I couldn’t stay the night.

That had been an option. I could have paid for the whole night, but it was so expensive.

“Is Nikki your real name?” I asked.

“No.” She admitted. She went to tell me that it was safer for her to keep her name secret. I had to agree she was probably right, and didn’t press her any further.

“Is Kevin yours?” She asked playfully.


She giggled, and told me it was cute.

My fingers were in her hair now. Just stroking and enjoying the nice feeling. In any other situation it would have felt very romantic.

“You’re very pretty.” I said.

“That’s sweet of you to say.”

“Sorry again for trying to kiss you.”

She told me it was alright, and didn’t blame me for getting lost in the heat of the moment.

“Maybe next time, you can pay extra for that.” She suggested.

“Yeah, I’d really love that.” I said.

I wasn’t sure if I could ever afford her again. That wasn’t really my plan anyway. I had promised myself that it was a one time deal. As we cuddled together though, that seemed to be very short sighted.

It was really lovely just lying here with her. In my mind I started doing some mental arithmetic wondering if I could see her again soon. It didn’t seem likely.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked.


“Do you give discount to, you know, good guys?” I asked clutching at straws. I thought that maybe she’d prefer to see guys that treated her well.

“Not really, sorry. If I do it for one guy I have to do it for all of them.”

I agreed with her. It was worth a shot I suppose.

If I borrowed money again from my parents. I could maybe stretch to once a month. That was probably something to sleep on though.

Her hair was really soft and silky. I loved how short it was. It made her seem very bold and mature but also cute and innocent at the same time.

As we lay there I definitely thought she was the type of girl I would love to date. I wanted to ask her if she had a boyfriend, but decided not to. If she wouldn’t confide her name I doubt she’d give that much personal info out.

Her finger was making circles on my skin again. This time on my chest. She wasn’t being provocative. I think it was just something she was doing out of boredom. Like she needed to her hands to be active.

Instead of an erection it gave me goosebumps, and made my heart beat faster. With her head on my chest I was sure she was well aware.

“It was my first time.” I said quietly.

“I know, you said, darling. You had fun though.” She said, not understanding.

“No, I mean, ever.”

“Oh, wow.” She said. She didn’t sound disappointed, she sounded happy in a way.

“You don’t mind?”

“Of course not, I wish you had said. We could have gone slower if you’d have liked.”

“It was perfect, Nikki.” I said

It was such a relief telling her, telling anyone. I guess it was an easier thing to share since I wasn’t a virgin anymore.

Also, I knew I couldn’t tell my friends. What was I going to say. I had to tell someone, even if I was paying her to listen.

“You couldn’t tell?” I asked, worried about the answer.

“Not really. You were very nervous, but if it’s your first time with an escort, that’s to be expected.” She said reassuringly. “I wouldn’t have guessed you were a virgin at all.”

That made me happy to hear.

“I remember my first time with a guy.” She said. “It was really awkward and there was lots of fumbling. Not sexy at all and I was really self conscious. I wouldn’t even let him take my top off.”

She had a little laugh, which was very cute.

“Did you see him again?” I said.

“Yeah, we went out for years. He eventually cheated on me. I cut my hair like this to spite him.”

I ruffled my fingers though her hair.

“It looks much better this way.” I said. I had never seen her with long hair, but thought it was a nice thing to say.

The way she opened up to me, made me smile. I still wish she would tell me her name though. I didn’t like calling her Nikki.

I was far more relaxed now. She was really easy to talk to.

“So, there must be lots of girls after you?” She asked jokingly.

“Nah not really.” I said honestly.

“You can tell me. A special girl you have your eye on?”

“Not really.” I said again. I thought of the blonde. Every time I saw her I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, but I didn’t want to talk about her. Not now.

“Come on. Tell me.” As she said it she moved her hand to my arm pit and gave me a playful tickle.

I laughed out loud. I was very ticklish. She didn’t stop. Her little hand started to torment me. She was laughing too, in a playful way.

I had to sit up to avoid her assault.

Her face was beaming. There was a big smile on her lips.

“Come on.” She said again. Her hands trying to reach past mine to get at my sensitive sides.

I was laughing too. It was really silly.

Both of us were naked and playfully wrestling on the bed. She tried to tickle me as I tried to defend my self. It was like nothing I could have imagined. It was so fun.

She giggled as I wrestled her onto her back.

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