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Patty’s Lace Ch. 04

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Patty’s Lace

This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to her story, and a link to image albums of the outfits used during appointments kept.

Chapter 04 Shopping with Steve.

Waking up mid morning without an alarm, Patty wondered if there was a alarm clock in her future. She liked her independence but it seemed to be slipping away. Stretching and cuddling with her dolphin for a while, she finally popped out of the bed smoothing the creamy Van Raalte full slip as she went to the kitchen.

She prepared the pot with the last of the coffee. Jacqueline was wrinkled from being slept in but still stunning in the bright sunshine that poured into the windows. Patty adjusted her boobs in her cups as the coffee brewed.

Walking into the living room with the coffee, she saw it was Officer Young’s mug from last night. Setting it on the table, she plopped down on the couch, thinking of him. She started feeling warm down south and moved to play with her slip, then thought, No I will save Jacqueline for him.

Standing, the delicious full slip went over her head. Patty shook it out, admiring the slip’s beauty then hung the wrinkled delight in her spot behind the door. She picked the top half slip from it’s drawer in the armoire’.

A ivory Vanity Fair new classic as she called them, extremely silky with a wide band of lace and walking slit. Closing the armoire’ doors, she rubbed her snatch with it’s alluring lace as she looked in the mirror. A few minutes later, she was back on the couch fucking herself with the sumptuous half slip as she thought of Young.

Looking around it was late morning and there was not much food in the house. Sliding her freshly fucked slip up her legs, she found a long sleep shirt and stepped out to her “balcony” which was just a fire escape.

Her neighbor across the alley saw her and opened the window. “How you doing,” he asked.

Patty removed her now dry dress from the line and, answered, “Good and you?”

Steve replied, “Better now that I see you. Say, that’s a nice slip you have on.”

Patty smiled and looked down. the sleep shirt was long but not long enough leaving about four of the five inches of her slip’s lace peeking from underneath. Looking at him, she threw her hands up and shrugged, but made no attempt to adjust her clothing.

“Those are some nice goodies also,” he said, as he waved his arm at Patty’s slips and panties still on the line then asked, “What’s on for today?”

Patty answered as a couple panties came off the line, “Lunch and groceries at Superior. Exciting, huh.”

Steve laughed and said, “I need some food also. Mind if I tag along?”

Patty answered, “Sure, why not. Give me a few minutes to get ready. Ohh, fuck.” Patty said as she dropped a Drop-Dead Gorgeous Shadowline half slip.

They watched as the slip floated the four stories down to the alley blown by the breezes of the street and alley. Her lace ruffled and flapped as the slip settled into a silky pile with her lacy slit wide open between a couple of garbage cans. Steve said, “I’m on it, see you in a little bit,” and closed the window.

Grabbing his keys and wallet, he was out the door. Steve must have sprinted down the stairs because within moments he was in the alley. Not finding the slip, he looked at Patty and threw his arms up.

Patty pointed and yelled, “Over there by your building.” He turned around and retrieved the slip from between the cans.

Holding her with one hand and giving a thumb’s up with the other, he started brushing the dirt from her as Patty yelled, “I’ll be right down!”

The slip wiggled and fluttered as Steve brushed and shook it out, until he heard a bum say, “That’s pretty nice, Buddy.”

Looking around he saw the bum turn into the alley coming toward him. He stopped shaking the slip and pointed up. The bum looked up and smiled seeing the panties along with the other half and full slips on the pull line.

As the bum passed by he said, “My wife has nice lingerie like that.”

Picking a Floral semi-sheer dress, the sleep shirt went over her head, but the freshly fucked half slip stayed on. A pair of plain panties quickly slid up her legs, then she donned a plain bra. Finding a matching camisole for her slip, the dress went over her head. Sitting on the couch she put on socks and brown sunflower boots. Outfit complete she went to the armoire’, plucked a couple hundred dollars from her bank bag and checked herself in the mirror. She could see her attractive Vanity Fair slip faintly through the dress, but at least it was covered, this time. As she went out the door, she topped off her outfit with a black leather bomber jacket.

The smell of a cherry cigarillo filled the air as she exited the building. Steve was at the bottom of the steps with the smoke in his hand, by him on the banister column was her neatly folded half slip.

He said, “There she is,” and Patty went to him, they hugged with her kissing görükle escort his cheek. Offering the Shadowline to her, Patty put the slip in her bag, as they started walking up the street.

Making small talk. He asked, “Where would you like to do lunch?”

Her answer was, “I was thinking the Capital Grill or Pantry Cafe, You decide.”

“A steak so The Pantry sounds good, I can taste that rib-eye now. I’ll get us a ride-share.” Said Steve

Patty spotted a Bell Cab coming up the street with the light on and said, “Watch this.”

Letting go with a piercing stadium whistle, the cab slowed to a crawl, and she waved it over. Pulling up to them, Steve held the door open as Patty stepped inside saying, “see no wait and smiled.”

Her dress rode up a bit as she slid across the seat exposing some slip lace, as he stepped inside.

The driver turned looking over the seat and said, I’m Paul, where are you folks going today?

Patty saw that his eyes were focused on her lace and looked out the window.

Steve said, The Pantry.

Putting the cab in gear Paul said, Aww yea, on Figueroa, Good Place.

As they rode through the bumpy streets toward downtown, they made small talk Paul saying, “Pretty loud whistle guy, I heard it even with the windows up,” as Patty discreetly watched the inside rearview mirror.

Paul’s eyes were on her lace as much as they were on the road. Patty’s hand went up as if she was in class with her forearm sliding the dress up exposing her lace and some shimmering nylon, and said, “Ummmm mmmmph.”

Paul looked up in the mirror as Steve thumb pointed at her with a smirk on his face.

“Damn Girl! That was you making all that noise?” Paul said and continued, “I thought the cops were pulling me over, how did such a big whistle come out of a pretty lady like you?”

“I’ve been to a lot of concerts!” Patty replied.

Paul’s eyes went back to Patty’s lace as he said, “Wish I could do that.” Patty just smiled at him through the rearview, not knowing if he meant whistle, her lace, or her with the slip on.

Steve now noticed the slip and without looking up said, “Snow in L.A. Who would have thought it.”

Patty replied, “And on such a sunny day, shall I make it stop?”

“No No,” said Steve, “Is this the same one You had on earlier?”

Patty quipped, “You mean as we,,,,”

Steve shot back with a smile, “talked from our balconies”.

Paul’s eyes were wide in the mirror now glued to her slip as Steve said, “It is a nice one.”

Small talked ensued as Patty placed Steve’s hand on her lace. A few minutes later Paul stopped the car. Pantry Cafe’, here we are.

Patty pulled a couple of $20s from her bag and Steve said, “I got this.”

Patty answered “Nope, I hailed him, I’ll pay,” handing them to Paul, “One for the ride, One for You.”

Steve exited the cab. As Patty slid over the seat, to get out, Paul said, “Thanks and by the way, Nice Slip.”

Patty giggled as she exited the cab. Her dress fell back covering the lacy delight as they walked inside the restaurant.

Sitting at the table with her bomber jacket on a coat rack by the door. Steve went for his Rib-eye and Patty had the Teriyaki Chicken. The waitress brought the pitcher of tea and the set-up. A guy brought out a platter with their plates.

When Patty recognized him, she jumped from her chair. “Matteo! My Guy!” She yelled as she hugged his neck. “How you doing, and what are you doing here?”

She kissed his cheek and said, “Meet Steve, a good friend of mine, Steve meet Matteo, another good friend!” They nodded at each other as he placed their meals.

Patty kissed his cheek over and over as Matteo said, “Ahhhh, Norton called sick, so here I am until the morning. But, what are you doing here? You are usually my midnight angel!” Matteo finished and said, “There we are steak, medium rare, and your usual, il mio angelo, Enjoy! I make them myself!”

Patty motioned to him, kissed his cheek a few more times and said, “I rubare baci amico mio!” Matteo went back to the kitchen with a wide smile.

After dinner, the waitress asked if they wanted dessert and they declined. Matteo chimed in through the window. “I make your favorite later, Mixed Berry New York Cheesecake! Come back when you usually do and I save you a slice, I’ll be here all night!”

Patty answered, “Maybe I will Mattie, Maybe I will.”

Matteo said, “Maybe, Maybe, thatsa all I ever get from You! Ci vediamo dopo mezzanotte, angelo mio!”

Dropping the tip and splitting the check, then back on the sidewalk Patty used her magic to hail a cab. “Superior Grocers, South Central, Please.” She said as they climbed in the cab.

It was a pretty short ride, more small talk was made and soon, the cab stopped in front of the store. Paying the driver and exiting the cab they made their way inside. The place was not really crowded as it was early afternoon.

They started in the produce section and as Patty was looking at packaged salads. Steve walked up bursa merkez escort behind her and rubbed her ass with a large english cucumber through her clothing. She jumped, dropped the bag of salad, and quickly spun around. He held up the cucumber laughing and said, Good for the joints, and walked away.

Patty held up her dainty fists and said, Do that again, I’ll box you! She looked for Steve after finishing her produce shopping. Spotting him, she went to the bananas.

He was re-arranging a bunch so she ripped one from it and put the rest in the basket. After peeling it, she seductively licked the tip and did other things with it as she slowly ate it. With pouty lips, she said, I need some meat, and walked away swinging that glorious ass. Steve looked down and shook his head, then caught up with her.

As they left produce and entered seafood, Patty still had the banana. An older lady looked at her disapprovingly, so she seductively pushed the rest into her mouth.

Just as she was about to swallow it, Steve said, “Damn, I can’t take You anywhere!”

She just about spit it out and punched him in the arm as they went in the deli.

He grabbed something out of the case, held it up and asked, “Would you like some of my summer sausage?”

She held up a package and answered, “You mean your Lil’ Smokey”? She laughed as he said, “Very funny and smiled.”

They separated in the paper goods. Grabbing some napkins and towels, she went through the grocery aisles filling her basket. Canned goods, coffee, honey buns, all the staples.

A elderly gentleman walked up to her in the snack aisle and said, “Excuse me, Miss. Do you know that you are snowing down south?”

Looking down, she said, “Ohhhh My” as she fidgeted with the waistband making the lace disappear. “Thank You, Sir.” Patty said.

She leaned in as he quietly told her, “I’ve not seen a slip in years, other than the ones of my wife. You are a beautiful young lady and that is a very pretty slip.”

Patty asked, “Where is your wife?”

He replied, “Ohhh, we divorced after the kids finished college.”

Patty leaned against the shelving and lifted the front of her dress. He smiled as she exposed her lace and some of the nylon.

“Very pretty,” he said as she took his hand guiding it to her slip.

As he played with her slip, She said, “I feel beautiful when wearing one of my slips.” Giving a card, she said, “Give me a call, if You want to chat.”

Her dress fell as they parted with him saying, “Keep it up, Angel and have a good day, as he walked away.”

Patty met Steve in frozen foods. Patty grabbed some ice cream and food, then noticed Steve slipped something into her basket.

She found the box of condoms and holding them up with a hand on her hip, she said, “Hmmmm Jolly Joker, are we?”

She tossed the box into his basket saying, “I’ll get You, my friend, Yes I will.”

As they went for the checkouts, Patty distracted him and slipped a package of pantyhose in his basket. She went through first, then helped him put his groceries on the belt. Slipping the pantyhose in with the groceries, The checkout girl saw what Patty was doing and she held her finger to her lips to say, shhhh.

The checkout girl winked and when she got to them, held them up with a smirk on her face saying, “These look a little small for You.” Steve saw the pantyhose. looked at Patty, and said, “Ok ok, You got me, but round two is just starting.”

Motioning to the checkout girl to scan them, she did, then he tossed them into one of her bags.

Leaving the store, a gust of wind blew her dress up exposing her slip as it swirled around her legs. The sight caught the eyes of a couple guys going into the store who smiled wide.

Steve said, I think we’ll need a SUV to get home and set up a ride-share. Showing up in a few minutes, they loaded the groceries into the back of the Tahoe. The ride was uneventful and soon they were back in front of their buildings. The driver waited as Patty helped Steve get his groceries upstairs and then they took her goodies up.

Inside, after they put her groceries on the counter. Patty turned on the radio. KLSX was gettin’ the Led (Zeppelin) out with, When The Levee Breaks followed up by Ramble On. Steve sat down in the chair.

Patty came to him and turned around asking, “Unzip Me, Please”

Steve jumped up, happy to do so. He said, “With Pleasure, My Friend” as her zipper went down.

Her dress dropped to her feet exposing her lacy Vanity Fair New Classic slip/cami set. She said, “Thanks” and went to the kitchen to put away groceries.

He walked to the door and studied Jacqueline as they chatted. When Patty came back into the living room with sewing notions in her hand, he had Jacqueline’s hem lace in his hands. She said, “Can you come help me, Please? Bring her with you if you like.”

He did and stroked her lace along with her silken body with his fingertips as they went into the 2nd bedroom. “This one is bursa sınırsız escort soooo fine, sooo gorgeous!” He said, holding the full slip up by her straps. “Where did You find it?” he asked.

“The Salvation Army Store over on Pico.” Patty answered.

They went into the second bedroom. Steve said looking around the room. “I never would have thought something this glamourous could come from a thrift store. I was thinking more like The Grove or even Beverly Center!” He said.

I’m heading to St. Vincent’s in a little bit, You wanna come? They have cool stuffs for guys too!” She said.

“I’d love to, but I have to live stream in a couple of hours.” Steve said looking around the room.

On a long banquet table was a sewing machine on one wall with clothing on each side of it. On the other side of the room was a cutting table. A wire shelf ran the length of the back wall filled with dresses and skirts hanging from a closet rod, slung below. A dresser was below the skirts, while numerous clear plastic storage containers were below the dresses. They were clearly marked with names of their contents like, Jeans, Full Slips, Tops, etc.

“What do we need to do?” Steve asked.

“Can you hold up the shelf as I mount it? I have already installed the anchors, so it will only take a few minutes.”

“Sure, which end” He said.

“Take the far end and I’ll start mounting it over the door,” She said as she set up a step-stool. Steve laid Jacqueline over the sewing machine and watched Patty scurry around in her lacy slip/cami set. Patty opened her tool box, getting an adapter and bits from it, She grabbed a portable drill from it’s charging cradle, and chucked it like a pro. Taking a handful of screws from a small paper bag, she said, “Ok Ready? Here we go.” then put them in her mouth, and they lifted the shelf in place.

She started mounting the shelf straight away, screwing it into place, quickly moving down the line until she was at the other end by Steve. He stood back as she finished, throwing her arms up as if signaling to stop the clock. In less than five minutes, the shelf was in place, and solid. She did a pull-up using the closet rod to test it, and back on the floor, turned to Steve, kissed him and said “Thanks, I’ve been wanting to get that up for a week!”

Steve pulled on the shelf and said, “Good Job! I didn’t know you were a carpenter!”

Patty, replied, “My dad is a carpenter, more like Mr. Fix-It and I tagged along cause I’m a daddy’s girl! Carpentry, plumbing, electrical, he fixes it all! I can too.”

“You sew too?” He asked.

I’m learning to sew, check this out” she replied, knowing that Steve was all about some lacy half slips, she held up a dripping with lace sky blue half slip. “The waist was dead on this, so I replaced her elastic.” Holding up a gorgeous apricot Van Raalte half slip, she said “Compare the waist on these”

Steve looked the slips over and said, “I can’t see any difference”

Patty smiled wide and said, “Thanks.” Placing them aside, she held up a stunning black mini slip with five inches of white lace at her hem. “I did that myself!” She said.

He asked, “You made the slip?”

She answered, “Well no, but I cut a plain black slip into a mini slip and added the lace.”

He proclaimed, “That one is fabulous!”

Patty replied, “Thank You! She is also one of a kind.”

She laid it aside, did another pull-up on the curtain rod, and said “Good Job!” as they shook hands.

She led him out of the room, asking. “You sure you don’t want to come?”

Steve answered, “Wish I could, gotta stream to eat.”

“Know what you mean,” Patty said. “Come and check these out, I picked them up the last time I was there.”

Opening the armoire’ he smiled at the sight of all the enchanting full slips and slip/cami sets. Sitting down in the floor Patty opened the bottom drawer revealing the crumpled half slips. He sat down with her adjusting himself as she pawed through them tossing a few in the floor between them until she found a long ivory one with deep lace.

“This one is a St. Michael, from England, I have a few more just like this one, but always grab them when I see them” She said handing it to him. “See how silky she is? Ohh, look at You!”

She reached over and unbuckled his belt, then his pants, and returned the favor he did for her earlier. Fishing his long thin cock from his boxers, that soldier stood at attention with the delicate hanging lace of the slip he was holding caressing it. She stroked him a couple times with the soft lace, then tugged at it. He let go and the beautiful slip fell encasing his member in her silken folds.

“It’s Ok, You can use her, You will be her first.” She said guiding his hand to the wrinkled mound of silky fabric and lace.

Patty gave his cock a couple more strokes with the slip and he took over. She pulled another from the drawer saying, “This one is an Applause, She is a gorgeous shade of pink, don’t You agree?”

Leaning back on his hands, His dick made an impressive tent with that slip. She twitched and shook as his soldier did pushups inside her. He said, “Yes, You have so many stunning slips and that is one of them. I have a question though. Why don’t You fold them before putting them in there?”

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