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Party Pick-up Pt. 02

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Billie Jo pulled herself off, and said, “Let’s wash off by jumping in the lake, a moonlight swim feels so good!”

She went over to the patio doors, pulled them open, and dashed outside. I quickly ran after her, drinking in the flashing of her ass in the moonlight as she ran towards the water, giggling, kicking up little clots of beach sand.

She dashed into the water, letting out squeals as the cool water hit her skin until she dived forward and popped to the surface a few yards away.

“The water’s so refreshing, jump right in!”

I did so, the water was pretty brisk, but if she could bear it so could I. I leaped forward and felt the invigorating shock as the cool water surrounded me, diving down to touch the bottom, then shooting back up like a cork.

I broke the surface and her jade green eyes and big smile greeted me.

“I love to skinny dip, after dark, when it’s nice and quiet. I cannot stand to have anything between my body and the crisp nip of the lake water. It feels so natural to be nude in the water.”

She floated closer to me, and purred, “And afterward, we can warm each other up, once was just the beginning!”


She entered the bedroom, a towel wrapped around her head, and that’s all she was wearing. She looked at me with an “I want it” smile. She pulled off the towel, rubbed her head briskly.

“Dry enough, now, let’s warm each other up again. Put me against the wall, and take me standing up.”

I gently backed her against the wall, pulled her to me, and our lips mashed together. Our tongues were sweeping against each other, making my cock rock hard. I stepped in between the spread of her thighs, and ran my fingers over the folds of her pussy, listening to her moans of pleasure. Her hand around my stiff cock started to stroke me, feeling the throb of my cock in her fingers. I grasped her ass cheeks in my hand, and pulling her to me and lifting her slightly, I felt her legs circle my waist as I lined my cock-head up against her warm entrance.

Billie Jo cooed, “Oh, yeah, I’m already warmed up, there’s lots of heat in there for you lover. Warm yourself up, for as long as you like!”

I felt my cock nudging against her opening, then she wiggled her body, and slid down me. I gasped Gaziosmanpaşa Escort at the warmth of her tight hugging sheath as it enveloped me, her pussy slid slowly down my length, right to the balls as she took me in. We stayed still for a few moments, enjoying the sensation of being joined again. I drew back, and then slowly slid my cock up her again. I wanted to take it slow, draw it out. Billie Jo squealed with pleasure as I slowly filled her again. I settled into a slow, steady rhythm, sliding it up her, over and over. She gasped and grunted as my steely hard fuck pole slid into her, slowly, again and again. The repeated penetration of her was so tight and buzzing, every thrust felt like an urgent request for me to gush my load. I fucked her tight, fiery cleft deep, feeling my nut sack cinch up tight, my balls moving into firing position, ready to gush their hot load into her burning cunt.

“Oh fuck, YES!” Billie Jo gasped. “Give it to me Dan, it feels so fucking good! Flood me, gush your load, let me have it! Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, yes YES!!”

As her voice rose to a shriek, I let out a roar of pleasure. I could feel Billie Jo’s body wrap tightly around me, her pussy clamping tightly around my cock. Gripping her ass cheeks tightly, I slammed it home, hard. Her second shriek of pleasure made my cock explode, and as her pussy wrenched hard, clamped tightly around my cock and spasming wildly, the hot, tight hug of her around my shaft made me go off, and I squirted wildly inside her welcoming depths, my seed splattering her insides. Her pussy pulsed with her orgasm, milking my spurting cock, sucking the last drops from me, draining my balls. I held her close to me as she drifted down, her body shuddering with aftershocks.

“Mmmm, that was just what I needed,” Billie Jo purred.

We went to bed, but we didn’t sleep much. After a few hours nap, I was treated to the delights of her hot mouth, her fellatio skills made my prick tingle, and when I erupted, she sucked it all out like it was manna from heaven.

Another couple of hours, I was awakened as she sucked me up to a hard stiff ready to go state, and I watched the hot view of her swinging into position, Gölbaşı Escort squatting over me, and with a loud growl of pleasure, she drove down on my prick, impaling her wet, needy heat. Her boobs were bouncing, her nipples jutting up, she grabbed them, cupping the luscious full mounds, squeezing and tweaking her nipples, her hips pumping up and down.

Billie Jo growled, “FUCK, feels so good, fuck!”

Watching Billie Jo riding me, and seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time to her hard thrusts down on my stiff cock, fired me up. God, the tightness was like a velvet-lined glove, milking eagerly, wanting more. Billie Jo smiled, she was able to take advantage of the fact that her tightness had already sucked 2 loads out of me plus the volley I had filled her mouth with, as she rode me to 4 orgasms, her cries and howls of delight filling the bedroom, her cunt spasming wildly.

My cock was working up another load, and the tremors of her approaching 5th orgasm gave me the final push. Seeing the joy and delight of our coupling playing across Billie Jo’s sexy face, hearing her cries of orgasmic delight, and watching her beautiful body shuddering from the orgasms tearing through her took me over the edge, I joined her as her fifth orgasm slammed into her shaking body, and I let it go with a roar, as my cock exploded, squirting another volley of thick spunk up into the center of her burning fuck-hole, the orgasmic spasms of her inner muscles milking every last drop out of me.

When Billie Jo pulled herself off, she purred, “There’s something so hot and slutty about taking a cock that just came all over my pussy into my mouth and sucking it clean.”

She did as she said, and my cock encased in the warm wetness of her mouth, I was licked and sucked of every drop of our mingled passions. Once I was licked clean, she cuddled against me, I had been drained, and I spiraled down into an exhausted slumber.


In the morning, we had one more, hot frenzied fuck, Billie Jo was eager to take advantage of my morning wood.

“Mmmmm, so nice and hard, give me that hard dick, fuck me,” she purred.

More than eager to oblige, I mounted Billie Jo and in one bold Grup Escort thrust, buried myself balls deep in her well-lubricated tunnel. She growled and squealed as I bottomed out, and I let out a growl as the fiery, eager moistly sucking depths of her clasping vagina wrapped around my prick. her little cries and mmmm’s of pleasure were a massive turn-on as I drove into her greedily clinging vaginal flesh again and again.

Billie Jo cried out, “Put my legs over your shoulders and go deep Dan, really bury it, I want to feel that hot cream flooding my womb!”

Happy to do so, her legs were put into place, her body almost bent double, and I started to power-fuck her, testing the liquid depths of her gripping pink fuckhole. Driving into her with everything I had, God, the penetration was making my cock sizzle. I could feel the orgasm building, I was on the verge.

“Fuck, gonna fucking, fuck, oh yes, ah-aha-aha-ah, Cream, CREAM MEEEEE!”

Billie Jo cried out wildly as she climaxed, her body shuddering beneath me, I felt her nails raking my back, her mouth was sucking on my shoulder, and the orgasm made her bite down. That brought on the explosion, and my cock burst, spilling my seed into her with a loud growl of satisfaction, splattering my sperm tight against her cervix, her fiery fuck-hole eagerly milking my cock for every drop.

Before we left, she once again gave vent to her sexy need to suck my just milked cock, this time, she kept going until I got off one last volley, which she gulped down eagerly.

When she stood up, she smiled and purred, “Now, we can get about our morning!” and when we parted, it was the last time I would see her.


I learned the next day, that she had broken it off with her boyfriend Chip, and he was not pleased after she told him that she had been picked up, and well used.

She texted me, “Chip is showing what a jerk he is, he was too interested in his team bromance, but when someone else takes his place, he becomes the stone age man. He’s pissed off but knows nothing about who took his place, and I intend to keep it that way. I’m flying out to Washington state in a few hours, so I can settle in during the summer at my Auntie’s house, and get ready for my classes to begin at WSU in the fall. He knows nothing about where I will be, I want nothing more to do with him. Dan, I will always remember how well you took his place!”

I read it, then texted “Safe travels baby, you are amazing!”

I had a big smile on my face. From a second-hand invite to a first-hand fuck and suck, that worked well for me.

The End

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