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Pam , Zach , Krysti Makes 3 Pt. 01

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These are our stories, embellished, but true. Names have been changed, dialogue and details added for literary purposes, but these events actually somewhat happened.

And Krysti makes Three…Part 1

After the Fourth of July weekend (see Life’s a Beach…Days 01-03), I knew I had to have that talk with Krysti. Zach seemed okay with pursuing a possible threesome in the future with her, as long as we set the ground rule, that it was to be just about the sex. Strictly physical, as we both knew that any emotional complications could be detrimental to our relationship, which we agreed, neither of us wanted.

It always sounds easier to say than to do, just keep it physical. Believe me, I know from experience. In the past, pre-Zach, I tried just that, not a threesome, but a relationship I was having with another woman. I was having fun, experimenting with girl-on-girl for the first time. Plus I was so young. Apparently the other person, who was older and had agreed at first to just keep it physical, really couldn’t.

Maybe it’s just a feminine thing, this feeling that sex has to be emotionally driven. But, I’ve heard of many guys who say they can keep it just physical, but then get clingy, jealous and needy as well. Perhaps I shouldn’t gender define it. I guess it really comes down to an individual personality trait.

Anyway, I was hoping that Krysti was truly as free-spirited sexually as she acted that weekend and that we could, so to speak, ‘have it all’.

That next day back at work, it seemed as if nothing was different, which was great. The interaction between Charlene, Jennifer, Krysti, myself and the clients was normal. Gossip was spread, laughs were shared and work flowed smoothly.

As I was locking up and the others were leaving, Krysti stayed behind so that we could talk.

“Pam, first of all, thanks for a great weekend. It was such fun spending time with you and Zach. And I also want to say how happy I was that you allowed me to discover so much about myself. And how helpful and understanding you both were.”

“Thank you for inviting us. We had a great time as well. And as far as discovering yourself, we all learned a lot about, not only about ourselves, but about each other.”

“True, but the way you showed no qualms about sharing Zach with me, well, I can’t believe how lucky I was for that. I know I must have seemed like such a dork, you know, about that whole not having seen a dick thing and such.”

“Oh Krysti, stop it. I never thought such a thing. And as far as sharing Zach, you helped me get him to another level that I was afraid would’ve taken me another year, if it hadn’t been for your cooperation.”

“I knew, deep down, that Zach wanted to be seen naked by someone other than me. I’d seen how excited and aroused he had gotten in situations where just the possibility of that existed. I also knew he would never ask outright. It was only because of how uninhibited you were that made that happen. Which, by the way, took me quite by surprise.”

“What did?”

“Your casual no big deal attitude of getting naked in front of him. That’s what.”

“I’ve wanted to do something like that for quite awhile. After those two bad sexual experiences I had, I was afraid there was something wrong with me. Sex twice but never naked? What’s that about?” Krysti laughed.

“You just had the wrong two guys. Seeing your body, guys should be killing each other for the chance.”

“Well, you just made it so comfortable and easy, that’s all. I may seem a little naive about sex and stuff, but I’m only inexperienced. I’ve been watching porn and using dildos and vibrators on myself for awhile now.”

“Also, when I was watching you and Zach fucking at the salon, and your eyes were encouraging me to stay, I knew, then and there, that I wanted to be as open and free as you were.”

“Speaking of open and free, Zach and I were talking and we were wondering if you’d like what happened over the weekend, to happen again sometime?”

“I haven’t thought of anything else since! Yes! For sure!”

“Great. But we have one hard fast rule and I want you to think about it tonight. We are dead serious. If and when we do this, it has to remain strictly physical. It has to be just for fun. There can be no emotional baggage created. I think Zach and I, being more experienced, can handle that. But we want to make sure, because you’re younger, that you truly understand that.”

“We want you do whatever you want when the three of us are together. Any and all options are open. We know we’ll benefit from whatever you chose to do, for sure, but our main concern is that you are comfortable with all that happens.”

“Pam, I respect your concern and I definitely will think about that tonight. But let me say now, that I love the relationship that you two have and I would never jeopardize that in any way. I want a relationship like that myself someday. I want this to happen with the three of us for purely selfish reasons. I want to experience and learn new things sexually and I want to Eryaman Escort feel good and have fun doing it.”

I leaned in and kissed her softly on the mouth, holding it as she returned the gesture.

“Let me know tomorrow, okay? Now get out of here so I can go home,” I quipped.

Krysti picked up her things, waved and headed to the door.

I don’t want to say Zach was anxious, but as soon as I walked in the door I heard,

“Did you talk to Krysti?”

“About what?” I teased.

Zach just shook his head and greeted me with a hug and a kiss.

“I’m sorry,” he offered. “That was rude. How was your day?”

“My day was fine and yes I did.”


“I told her the condition and that I wanted her to take tonight and make sure she understood before giving me an answer, but, yes, I’m sure she’ll be okay with it.”

Zach smiled broadly, kissed my forehead, then turned and headed to the kitchen whistling and with a bounce in his step.

I though to myself, ‘Men are such horndogs’.

I was standing behind Zach as he brushed his teeth naked in front of the mirror before bed that night and it was obvious that he had future threesomes on his mind. I could tell by the partial erection he had, which because of his height and how low the vanity is, was resting on the edge of the sink.

“Little horny there Babe?” I queried.

“Just a bit,” he sarcastically replied.

“Want me to take care of that for you?”

“I’d love that. Just let me finish brushing.”

“Keep brushing. I’ll do it right here.”

I reached around and started stroking his cock with one hand and playing with his nipple with the other, all the while staring into his eyes in the mirror.

When his balls started to tighten, I let go and used both hands on his nipples. I was also kissing his neck.

Zach buckled a bit, just before he spit out into the sink and placed his hands on the countertop. I kept on playing with his nipples.

“Don’t you touch it,” I told him.

He was clenching his teeth and attempting to rub his cock on the countertop.

“Stand up straight,” I whispered in his ear.

He complied.

“You play with your nipples. I’ll take care of the rest.”

As Zach reached up to do so, I slipped to one side and my one hand went to stroking his cock while my other went between his thighs and under his balls. I used my foot to make him spread his feet further apart.

“Looking at each other in the mirror, I told him,

“Keep your eyes open.”

I reached across and put some liquid soap on my hands, making them nice and slippery. I returned one back to that cock, sliding it back and forth slowly. My other hand slid down his ass. I dragged my finger down his crack and rested it on his puckered hole.

“Start pinching those nipples,” I cooed.

As Zach did just that, I pushed my index finger into his ass, causing his knees to buckle.

“Now stand up straight. I’m gonna fuck you two ways. Imagine my one hand is a dripping wet pussy and the other is my purple strap-on.”

“Keep those eyes open. Keep looking at me,” I instructed.

Zach opened his eyes, staring into the mirror at me as I fucked him from both sides. His moans nearly drowned out the sounds of my hands slapping into his crotch and ass as I increased the pace,

“Now imagine the hand on your cock is Krysti’s pussy and I’m playing with your nipples while pegging you from behind.”

That’s did it.

Seconds later, Zach’s body tensed. He rose up on his toes and grabbed the countertop.

“Aaaagggghhhh!” he screamed as he shot several streams of cum into the sink. The first one was so powerful it splashed on the mirror.

Still looking at him in the mirror I smiled as I pulled my finger from his ass. I kissed him on the shoulder, washed my hands off and said,

“You got this, right?”

“I’ll clean up,” he replied.

Krysti got into work a little late the next morning, and as she readied her station she handed me a note. It read:

To: Pam and Zach

After considerable contemplation, consulting my horoscope, the advise of council and being of sound mind and especially body, I agree to the terms as explained in our discussions that took place yesterday.

My only stipulation is that the actions discussed, in said agreement, take place as soon as reasonably possible.



I read it, and laughing out loud, rolled it into a ball and tossed it at her, just missing her head. Krysti hurried to retrieve it as Charlene and Jennifer looked on quizzingly.

“Oh, it’s just an inside joke,” Krysti explained, hoping they wouldn’t start asking questions. She handed it to me and whispered,

“Show it to Zach. I’m sure he’ll get a laugh out of it too.”

I stuffed it in my pocket to show him later.

It wasn’t till eleven days later that we were able to find time for the three of us to get together at our house. During that time I was the one getting it from both Sincan Escort sides. And not in the good way. Anxious Zach at home. Anxious Krysti at work.

We made arrangements with Krysti to come over around 7:00PM, Saturday night. I must say, the sexual tension that was in the air while working together Saturday was palpable.

Both of us casting little glances. Way too many “That’s what she said” jokes. Her getting caught staring far too long down my blouse when I bent forward. Me getting caught admiring her ass. I’ll admit it. My panties were almost wringable by the time I got home.

In the shower, while shaving my legs, I contemplated removing my small tuft of pubic hair too. Then I caught myself. I knew Krysti would be smooth down there. Was I already showing signs of jealousy? Was my subconscious turning this into some kind of competition? God, I hope not. I chided myself for even thinking that nonsense. I left it there.

Before she arrived, we turned down the bed, attached the restraints to the corners, placed our open toy box on the bedside table, put our sleeping bags out, set up the TV so we could watch porn if anyone wanted and covered the couch with blankets. We were set for whatever Krysti wanted to do.

“Don’t you think we’re going a bit too far with all this preparation?” Zach asked me.

“No. I want her to know that nothing is off the table. That if she wants to do something, or wants us to do something, I want to be ready and not kill the spontaneity.”

Krysti arrived right on time. Zach and I greeted her at the door then showed her around the house.

When she saw the box of toys and restraints, she went over and looked through the collection of toys. Holding up the vibrating nipple clamps she expressed,

“These are something I’ll definitely want to try.”

Then, examining the restraints, she tried one on her wrist, smiling.

“This is surprisingly even better than I had imagined. I can’t thank you enough for doing this,” Krysti expressed, hugging us both.

Then she kissed Zach passionately before turning to me and, holding my face with both hands, and kissed me as well. Stepping back, she proclaimed,

“I want to act out a dream I had this week, if that’s okay?”

“What’s that?” Zach asked.

“Well, in the dream I got to undress each of you, one at a time. And then with the other’s help, I got to make you each cum. Then it will be your turn for you to both undress me and make me cum.”

“Let’s do this,” I replied, looking at Zach with, I’m sure, surprise on my face. He looked equally puzzled but pleased.

“Sure,” said Zach. “Right here?”

“No, over here,” Krysti replied, walking over to where the sleeping bags were laid out.

She turned to me, kissing me again as she began slowly unbuttoning my blouse. My nipples got instantly hard. When the last button was undone, she slipped the blouse off over my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. She then broke the kiss, looking at me as her fingers found my tits. My eyes closed.

She went to sucking my nipples, taking turns with each one. I could feel my hands clench.

“Zach, would you stand behind Pam and play with her tits?”

“Love to,” Zach replied as he went behind me and followed Krysti’s lead.

Krysti went to her knees, moving her lips down my body as she undid the snap and zipper on my shorts, pulling them to the floor. Her mouth kissing my pussy through my panties. I was already wet.

Krysti slid her hands up inside my panties from the bottom, her thumbs squeezing my clit. She spread her hands apart and took my panties down to the floor, her mouth tracing their removal until it settled on my pussy.

She then took one foot, then the other, so I could step out of my clothes and flip flops. Next, she spread my feet wide apart. Her lips kissing me, her tongue licking me. She dragged her fingers up my leg until they found their way between my folds and then inside.

She fucked me slow, all while her lips and tongue were sucking and licking my clit. Zach’s fingers kept my nipples buzzing, especially when he started kissing my neck.

I found it hard to stand straight, my knees kept wanting to buckle. I opened my eyes and saw, in the mirror on the wall, Krysti’s head between my legs, Zach’s hands on my tits and his face on my neck and I lost it.

“Faster, please. Faster,” I directed Krysti.

Krysti complied, now pistoning my pussy with her fingers, sucking on my clit. Zach pinched and pulled my nipples hard. And I exploded.

“GGGGGoooodddd!” Was all I could muster as my entire body first tensed, then drained all its energy.

Krysti was sucking me dry and lapping up all my fluids. It was only Zach’s arms under mine that kept me from collapsing to the floor.

Krysti stood and kissed me softly. Zach sat me down on the floor and went to get a bottle of water.

“That was fuckin’ fantastic!” I proclaimed.

Krysti sat down next to me.

“Just as I dreamt. Thank you.”

“No, Etlik Escort no. Thank you, that was incredible. I think the fact that I was standing added to the eroticism, along with it being done to me by two people. Whatever you’re doing, or eating or drinking before you go to bed that creates dreams like that, I want some,” I said grinning.

I took the water from Zach and chugged half the bottle.

“Give me a second.”

“Take all the time you need. We have all night,” Krysti reminded me.

After a bit, I stood up proclaiming,

“Okay. I’m good. Zach’s turn.”

I faced him in the same direction that I had been, looking at the mirror.

Krysti began by kissing Zach, then she first took her hands and raised his arms over his head before taking the bottom of his shirt and lifting it up, parting the kiss only to get it completely off. With her mouth still locked to his, her fingers went to teasing his nipples. She broke the kiss, only to stare into his eyes, as her fingers twisted and pulled at them. Zach was moaning. She just kept at it. Much longer than I thought he could stand. I know he wanted his cock touched.

I could see Zach’s pants tenting as his erection rose. Moving her mouth to one nipple, she licked, sucked and flicked it before her hands found the button of Zach’s shorts.

“Pam, would you please get behind Zach and play with his nipples?”

I took my place, wetting my fingers in my mouth before reaching around and gripping them between my thumb and forefinger. The mirror giving me a great view.

As she did with me, her mouth made its way down his abdomen as she dropped again to her knees.

Krysti’s lips started to follow Zach’s zipper down, when suddenly, out popped his cock, as he apparently was going commando.

“Oh my. What a nice surprise,” Krysti exclaimed.

Her lips went around the already swollen cock head as she pulled his shorts to the floor. Without taking her lips off Zach’s cock, she too, assisted him out of his shorts and sandals, also spreading his feet apart, as she had done to me. Her hands rose to take his shaft and balls as she throated him deep.

Moving her head back and forth, her lips gripping hard against his shaft, Krysti’s one hand was cupping and tugging Zach’s balls. She lifted his cock up, her fingers rubbing the tip, while running her tongue tracing the vein on the underside from the tip to his balls. Then she sucked one testicle into her mouth, her tongue attacking it, before pulling off and doing the same to the other.

I watched as she lifted his balls up and tongued his peritoneum before running her lips up and down both sides of his now leaking cock.

This time, when her mouth engulfed his cock, her hand started jerking him off. His balls went tight. Her free hand slid back to his ass. I started pinching hard and pulling his nipples.

Zach was breathing hard and fast, trying to hold back. Then I whispered in his ear,

“Cum in her mouth Zach. Cum down her throat.”

That must have done the trick, since seconds later, he was gritting his teeth, clenching his fists and pushing his hips against Krysti’s face, just before shooting his load.

She surprised me. With her one hand pushing his ass into her, Krysti never stopped moving her other hand. She never stopped sucking. She was determined to drain Zach dry. And she did.

Zach bent over, his hand on his knees, attempting to catch his breath. Recovered, he walked off, toward the kitchen.

“I am immensely impressed,” I whispered, tapping Krysti on the shoulder as she stood and swallowed.

“What? That I was able to make him cum?” she whispered back.

“No. Not that. That was a given. I was impressed with your technique. You did everything but stick your finger in his butt.”

“I thought of that, but, you know the expression, always leave them wanting more.”

We smiled at each other as Zach returned.

“I needed to move, felt myself cramping up,” Zach explained.

“Krysti, that was great. Thanks.”

“My pleasure. Now it’s your turn to do me.”

I moved her to face the mirror.

“I’ll take the bottom,” Zach declared, kneeling beside Krysti before I got the chance. I didn’t protest since I had gotten to eat her that weekend at the shore. I moved in front of her, my hands reaching for her blouse.

“Wait till I’m done. I want to watch,” I instructed Zach.

Kissing her, I plunged my tongue passed her lips as my fingers began unbuttoning. There were only three buttons, as Krysti already had the others undone, displaying her cleavage.

I slipped the blouse off her shoulders. Then my hands started fondling her tits through her lacy bra. I moved my lips to her neck as I reached behind and undid the clasp, allowing her bra to fall free.

When my mouth landed on her breast, I heard Krysti utter a slight gasp. I flicked her nipple with my tongue before sucking it hard, my other hand pinching and flicking her other nipple. I dwelled there. God she smelled good. I was loving how soft her flesh felt and how long and hard her nipple got in my mouth.

Having gotten my fill, I released her from my mouth and took my place behind her, reaching around to continue to play with those gorgeous tits as I looked at Zach.

He began by undoing her belt and pulling it out of the loops, handing it to me and saying,

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