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Pakistani Asma Nasir Ch. 07

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This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of Asma’s sexual journey will be found by reading the entire series.

It was the night following her 3peat with Afsar; her first fuck with him for 15 years and the night she had taken his monster cock in her cunt, mouth and arse, draining him 3 times in the process. Afsar had mentioned that tonight would be the Annual meeting of his Pakistani Refugees in Australia Group. It had originally started at the Coffee/hookah shop where he met daily with his Pakistani middle-aged cronies and with Government funding had evolved into something larger. Normally she would have claimed University work and not attended but after last night’s bonding fucking she felt she should attend.

Dressed in full Burqa with only her eyes visible she and Afsar approached the club premises. Due to the Government’s search for ethnic votes by funding for minority groups the Pakistani refugees had managed to obtain a peppercorn rent 100-year lease on an old, disused suburban movie theatre and it had been converted into its present use. A win win situation. Spend some taxpayers dollars and make an ethnic new arrival group happy and shore up their votes for the next election.

In the poorly lit street, Asma took one of her husband’s hands and ran in over her upper thigh. She heard his gasp and her other hand reached for his groin feeling the instant growth in his cock as he felt the garter belt attached to her stockings. A 9 inch lump of meat, which was small compared to the big black cock she had seen on the net, but not even those could match its Champagne bottle circumference or the amount of seed his balls could hold. Now his hand moved to her tit where he traced the shape of a hard nipple as she wore a quarter cupped bra, and it was accessible through the Burqa material. She extended a leg and raised her floor-length buqa to reveal her high slut-heels.

Afsar had expected it to be a normal annual meeting. Some formalities, a thank you and then a vote to re-elect him unopposed as President. But he had walked into an ambush: a coup he had no idea was planned. Member after member spoke, their wives and daughter sitting beside them dressed not in a burqa or even a full-length chador or abaya. Yes, they wore a hijab on their head and shoulders, but they also wore Western-style clothing. It was an orchestrated attack on Afsar saying he was too much of a traditionalist and had not changed in the new country and unless a change occurred the club was dead and finished.

Afsar slumped beside Asma, defeated. It was his club. He was the man. He had not expected this, was unprepared and as each speaker finished his shoulders and head dropped lower and he held his head in his hands. It was his turn to speak but he did nothing. The moderator was about to close the session and call for a vote when Asma stepped forward. Immediately there was uproar with members calling on the moderator to forbid her speaking as she was a woman. Asma shouted them down saying they wanted to remove tradition, well here was a chance. Allow a woman who was attending university, (though she omitted the fact that it was a third-rate university where unemployed ethnic groups were “directed” to lower the unemployment figures), to speak. Eventually, Afsar’s opponents, convinced they had the numbers and nothing she could say would change that, magnanimously allowed her to speak.

“You accuse my husband of being too bound up in traditions, yet nothing could be further from the truth.”

She was interrupted by the crowd. “Look at you. You are wearing the full Burqa,’ and similar comments.

“Yes, I am wearing the Burqa, but this is how my husband demands I dress all the time. At home and outdoors.” She ripped off her Burqa and stood before the crowd of 250. “Look and judge.” Asma walked to the seated audience tottering on her slut 7-inch black platform heeled shoes. Her legs were encased in black stockings, far higher than normal stockings and attached by a very short strapped black garter belt that would allow even a mini skirt to be worn. A matching minuscule thong and quarter cup bra that fully exposed her nipples completed her ensemble.

She pointed at various women. “Asali, what do you wear under your Western dress? What about you, Memona? Shaima, you wear a mini here tonight. Show your lingerie. Is there any woman who can match how my husband wants me to dress?”

There was silence until Daumaa stood up. She was 18 and the daughter of Hamza who had been one of Afsar’s fiercest critics and she walked down to stand beside Asma. She was a little shorter than Ama’s 5 ft 7, younger and more attractive and when she removed her body fitting cocktail dress her white thong and sheer bra revealed a taut body with pert 32B tits.

“I guess this proves london escort agency what you are doing is nothing special, and just in case you have doubts, Mum come down here.”

Her mother Jinari was the same age as Asma, but there the similarity ended. She was short at 5 ft 1, a study 135 pounds with a 40DD 38 44 body encased in a navy-blue mid-calf length tight dress and blazer with a white blouse. She removed her blazer and blouse to reveal a Japanese JAV porn style elaborate lace bra and wriggled out of the skirt displaying that she wore no panties just a huge patch of cunt hair. Close up Asma could see panty lines which showed she had removed her panties while her daughter was taking centre stage. But that detail was too far away for the crowd to see. She looked at Asma, pointed at her tits then removed her Japanese bra. Her huge melons flopped out and she flaunted them to the crowd. But that was only the teaser. In the centre of her 4-inch areolae were 2-inch teats. Nipples would not be the word to describe them. These were teats and slightly smaller replicas of those of a milking cow.

Asma was beaten. Daumaa and her mother Jinari had called her bluff in front of the crowd and won. But then Daumaa couldn’t help herself. “Sometimes the old traditions have their use. Just like Rudi Giuliani called up the old ways for Trump, let my mother and me show that Asma is a fake, all talk and no substance. My mother and I will sexfight her to prove that.”

Her mother took over, “First to make the other cum 3 times wins.”

“No,” her daughter said ignoring her mother’s head shake and glare, “Let’s make it last longer and humiliate the bitch. 12.”

All Asma could do was go along with it and hope that it was over quickly or that a miracle happened. She had to make the mother and daughter cum 12 times in total while they rotated, and she faced a fresh rested opponent who only needed to make her cum 12 times with no respite between cums. Of course, if one of them came 6 times then that half of the duo could no longer participate, but smart tagging would cover that. As she expected Daumaa took the action first after all 3 women had stripped ready for combat. Asma and the lean, pussy shaven 18-year-old locked into 69 and the action began. It was obvious that Daumaa had eaten pussy before as not only did she use her tongue on Asma’s pussy she used her hands to work on her nipples. Nevertheless, Asma’s sex with Ai, plus her actual doubles sexfights as Ai’s partner against a Vietnamese combination, held her in good stead and after about 8 minutes Asma tasted hot juice in her mouth and heard Daumaa scream as she came.

Jinari yelled at her daughter to tag, but her daughter’s pride pride took over and she ignored it and continued against Asma. She was concentrating on long lingual strokes of Asma’s cunt which finished with a tongue flick of Asma’s clit and her concentration on one thing paid off as at the 15 minutes mark Asma could no longer stand the incessant, arousing eating of her slit. Her hips shuddered, she screamed a long “Nooooooooooooooo,” and registered her first cum. Success went to Daumaa’s head. She relaxed and Asma pounced taking the 18-year old’s clit totally in her mouth, immobilising it with her teeth and raking it repeatedly with her tongue. Caught off guard the teenager quickly came again making the score 2 to 1 in Asma’s favour, but this time she obeyed her mother’s screams and tagged.

The first thing Asma noticed was Jinari’s confidence. She didn’t look worried as she rolled her rotund body and Asma, not into 69, but a face-to-face dual. Asma soon found out why as the mother forced her tongue into Asma’s mouth. It was like a lizard’s, long and flexible yet at the same time shaped similarly to a dog; broad and strong. She overpowered Asma’s tongue battering it aside and forced hers towards the back of her opponent’s throat threatening Asma’s gag reflex. While Asma was frantically trying to defend this attack Jinari had manoeuvred her 22-pound heavier body completely on top of the 113-pound Asma, physically semi controlling her. Her 40DD tits had flattened Asma’s and her 2-inch rock hard teats had painfully forced Asma’s thinner 1-inch nipples back into her flattened pancaked tits. To complete the manoeuvre, she was tribbing Asma’s slit with her own from above, the preferred position for success.

Rocking her hips from side to side the mother parted Asma’s cunt lips and then spread them wider and wider, all the time forcing her pussy into Asma’s open cunt. Their clits engaged and although Asma was proud of the size of hers, she knew instantly, just like her nipples, she was outclassed. Jinari’s clit was larger than hers. She gave a despairing gasp and looked up into the Pakistani mother’s smiling face. “Enjoy it, bitch because I am going to do you slowly. Here is a taste,” hissed Jinari, “And the escort london crowd will be watching.”

Somehow, Asma didn’t know how, Jinari vibrated her swollen clit without moving her hips. It was muscle control alone. Asma’s body reacted to this with her clit soon throbbing in arousal as it neared orgasm. She knew she would cum within 30 seconds. She couldn’t stop Jinari’s clit mastery, and the heavier woman had her pinned with her tongue still threatening her throat and potential gagging and her teats forcing Asma’s inverted nipples back into her flattened mounds and defeated nipples.

Then the clit manipulation stopped. She looked up into Jinari’s face for an answer. She saw complete confidence. The clit work started again. Jinari’s huge love bud vibrated, flicking against Asma’s once again building her to orgasm. Again, it stopped then resumed. Asma realized the overweight Pakistani was toying with her, letting the audience see and hear via Asma’s groans Jinari’s total control of her. Then suddenly Hazma’s wife struck like a snake. Asma was expecting her to build up to near an orgasm then stop but she kept going, even increasing the speed of her muscle-controlled clit stimulation. Asma’s body stiffened, and her heels drummed the floor. A long groan was drawn from her as she came, her pussy spewing cum into Jinari’s cunt to make it 2 all (Asma 2, Daumaa 2).

Twenty minutes of the same and Jinari had effortlessly drawn 2 more cums from Asma. 4 to 2 (Asma 4, Daumaa 2). Jinari settled in to continue and slowly finish Asma off in front of the audience, but her daughter tapped her for the tag, The two argued but the ydaughter took over giving Asma some recovery time and enabling her to go on the attack. She and the 18-year-old rolled on the floor before Asma managed to get control wedging the 18-year-old in a corner facing the wall with Asma lying on her back with her head under her opponent’s slit. She proceeded to eat her out using her tongue and face to ravage Daumaa’s cunt. Unable to fight back as she was facing the wall Daumaa was dragged to 3 long loud shuddering orgasms: Asma 4, mother-daughter 5 (Daumaa 5) and it looked like only a matter of time before Daumaa came 6 times and was out of the event. Every time the 18-year-old had tried to lower her weight fully onto Asma’s face, Asma worked her 2 hooked fingers in Daumaa’s arse with the pain forcing Daumaa to stop.

But her mother had other ideas. She didn’t tag, merely dropped down between Asma’s splayed legs, used her hands to part Asma’s slit lips, extended her prehensile tongue and went to work. She reached up, dragged Asma’s fingers from her daughter’s arse and yelled at her daughter to drop her body weight onto Asma. Within a few seconds, Asma was pinned to the floor with Daumaa’s knees pinning each arm, most of her body over or in front of Asma’s head and her feet facing her mother, and the mother with her body weight on Asma’s legs and her face buried in the 42-year old’s Pakistani’s cunt.

Jinari screamed to the crowd, “It’s legal. I’m the only one working on her. My daughter is just sitting and getting a closeup look.”

“Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

“Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, ohhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

“Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Noooooo.”

5 to 5 (Asma 5, Daumaa 5). Asma’s grunts and moans became a backdrop to Jinari’s skill as she plundered the widespread cunt in front of her face. Soon the audience could see Asma humping Jinari’s face, her lip bleeding as she bit it to try to stop cumming. They could also see Jinari fingering one of her 2-inch nipples until she was finally satisfied when she couldn’t bend it. She changed her body position so that her tit covered Asma’s fuck hole and guided her nipple in before using the stiffened teat on Asma’s throbbing swollen clit. It didn’t take long. “Ahhhhhh oohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuckkkkkk I’m cum cum cuuuuuuummmiiiiiinggg”

Jinari kept fucking Asma’s clit with her rigid teat and quickly brought another even stronger cum from the sobbing Pakistani.

“Noooooooooooooooooooo, ungh ungh cuuuuumiiiiing ohhhh agaaaaiiiinnn.”

Asma 7 Mother daughter 5 (Asma 7, Daumaa 5).

Asma’s body spasmed with the massive orgasm that surged through it. So hard in fact that it dislodged both of her opponents with Jinari’s head hitting the floor causing her to grab it in pain. A last desperate effort by Asma saw her drive two fingers into the sprawled Daumaa. By luck, one reached her spongy G spot, and some frantic finger work took the daughter to her 6th cum putting her out of the event. She disputed she had cum, but it was obvious from the ejaculate on Asma’s fingers. However, it was delaying the inevitable as Asma had to front up against Jinari. The scoreline was Asma 8 Mother daughter 6 (Daumaa out 6, Jinari 0).

Jinari went to work again london escorts on Asma. Two more orgasms later, one clit against clit and the other via Jinari’s 2-inch teat and Asma was practically gone. The contest had gone 100 minutes. The last 2 orgasms had drained her, and she only had 2 cums left. Jinari was skilled, had only been in action for 50 minutes and had not been worked over or cum and had 6 cums to go. Wearily Asma entered into 69 with her opponent whose tongue quickly fastened onto Asma’s sensitive, now semi-raw clit. Asma’s tongue latched onto Jinari’s clit, and she frantically varied it with long sweeps of her opponent’s sex trench. She was desperate and her fingers played with the teat that had been used on her clit. Jinari moaned long and deep and Asma could taste her juices, but it didn’t stop Jinari’s tonguing of Asma’s sex slit and fingering her arse. She felt her opponents’ areolae swell and the groans became louder. Had she found a chink in her opponent? It didn’t matter because it was 10 to 6 with Jinari yet to cum. It was too late. Both women came almost simultaneously to make it Asma 11 mother-daughter 7 (Daumaa out 6 Jinari 1).

Jinari only needed one more cum to win and she kept to what was working; slow steady two-fingered arse fucking combined with her prehensile tongue work on Asma’s cunt and clit. True the fingering of her teat and Asma’s tongue work on her clit was bringing her close to another cum but so too was Asma close to her cum, her final losing cum. She felt Asma’s belly contract in short rapid spasms and opened her mouth to receive the final flood of cum and victory. One last bigger contraction of Asma’s belly and she knew it was over as the first fluid drops hit her mouth.

She was coughing, spluttering, pulling away. Instead of defeated ejaculate filling her welcoming mouth, it was the acrid taste of warm piss and the first drops soon turned into a torrent. It had been Asma’s last despairing throw of the dice, and she pounced on the retching Jinari. Caught unaware and off-balance Jinari was quickly manhandled by a desperate Asma into a classic Filipina control position. Jinari was flat on her back with a sitting Asma underneath facing her. Asma’s legs were extended past the captured Jinari’s head, her calves pressing down on and immobilising Jinari’s arms. Jinari’s body was bent at the waist with the back of calves against Asma’s tits before they bent at the knee to be trapped between Asma’s back and the wall. Asma’s arms wrapped around her opponent’s thighs holding them to her chest.

Jinari struggled to break free but couldn’t beat physics and gave up. She was imprisoned by Asma’s body with her spread open cunt just below Asma’s face. Asma waited a couple of minutes to regain her composure. When her breathing steadied, she lowered her face and extended her tongue and ran it along the sex trench in front of her. After six or so passes it was wet and another 10 bought a shudder from Jinari. But she was no quitter and was doing everything possible not to cum hoping for a miracle; lockjaw, Asma biting her tongue, anything. She resisted for 6 minutes before her sodden cunt was involuntarily fucking Asma’s juice covered face, but she still hadn’t cum. Asma turned her attention to the large clit of Jinari and soon had it standing out like a black man in Trump’s advisors. A long lick of the sex trench was matched by a deep moan. The flick of the tongue at the end produced a high-pitched squeal and rapid clit flicking a series of guttural grunts. They were combined and between each set a varying pause before Asma started her tongues journey again.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, eee, ungh ung.” Pause.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, eee, ungh ung.” Long pause.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, eee, ungh ung.” Pause

Asma found varying the length of the pause and the waiting involved changed the volume of Jaziri’s vocalising and increased her responsiveness. At the 12-minute mark, Jamari exploded into orgasm squirting her cum into Asma’s face. Asma 11 mother daughter 8 (Daumaa out Jinari 2)

Asma lowered her face and went to work. Despite all that had happened Jinari resisted, her face contorted as she tried to stave off another cum. Her face and neck muscles and tongue tiring, Asma inserted 2 fingers into the saturated fuck hole and used her thumb on the clit. Jinari’s body jerked, and she shrieked and squirted again. Asma knew she had struck gold: she had hit the Pakistani’s G spot. Within 15 seconds Jinari wailed and thrashed with another cum. Not even pausing had much effect as it took Asma just under a minute to draw Jinari’s 4thrd. Jinari finally stopped resisting. The rest was a formality.

“Ahhhhhhhh ohhhh I’m cummmming. No no nooooo Noooooo Yeeeessss agaaaain. Ohhhh ohhhh Allah, sweet mercy, yes. Ohhhhhh Agaaaaaiiiiiiiiiin.”

Asma had won. Won against 2, one of whom was a very good sexfighter. She had been operating in a vacuum and now became aware of the crowd. Most were standing yelling or whistling. Some were even cheering. Afsar was safe and from the look on his face, she knew she would get no rest that night in bed.

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