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Pair of Aces vs. Pair of 10s Pt. 03

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Eric and Joy were excited as the pulled in at Richard and Candy’s house. They had played with them a couple times before and those two were a lot of fun. Eric and Joy were a good looking 40-something couple. Especially Joy, who was increasingly becoming more and more confident about her body as the years went on. Candy and Richard were interesting in appearance. Richard was somewhat short and thin, and had a lightly muscled body. Almost the body of a swimmer. His blue eyes and blonde hair were captivating for Joy. He was also well endowed, which wasn’t a bad thing or good thing on its own, but he looked a little strange with his huge cock hanging off his thin 5’6″ frame. Candy was a 6′ tall, thick girl that looked odd next to Richard. Eric loved all her curves though and her fiery red hair and green eyes gave her cute face a fierce, yet innocent look.

On their last visit, they had both played on Candy’s new ‘yoga’ chair that they had equipped their playroom with recently. Joy rather liked it. Joy also liked the fucking she got last time, but was pretty sure that Richard could do better. He was a little eager early on in their last visit. Joy was intent on slowing him down a little more this time. Eric had taking Candy’s anal virginity on their very first play date, at her request. This led directly to some extra ass play more recently. Candy seemed to really enjoy the new experience, including the butt-plug Eric asked her to wear during their intermission. For this she received a lot of attention, which she also seemed to like. If there was one thing to note about Richard and Candy, they rarely wasted any time getting to the good parts and they made getting there feel very natural.

Richard met them at the door in a robe and Joy’s pussy immediately started tingling at the sight of him. Eric had held out on her for a couple days and she was very horny. Richard gave her a big tight hug and grabbed her ass as she moved past him. She gave his package a little caress on the way by as well. Richard put his arm on Eric’s shoulder as they walked toward the kitchen. He thanked Eric for coming, then he leaned in and said Candy had a surprise for him. Eric raised an eyebrow and said he couldn’t wait. Richard grabbed some extra beers and water and motioned for them to follow.

“C’mon, she’s already in the playroom.” Richard said, and led the way. He took a turn at the bottom of the stairs and went to the bar with the provisions.

Joy and Eric immediately spotted a new addition to the playroom. The playroom was thickly carpeted and provided was a very big open space. Almost the entire basement. There was a pool table and the sex chair they had used last time. There was also the big king bed that they had also used before. However, now there was also a sex swing hanging securely from the ceiling. Joy led Eric immediately to it and looked it over.

“It’s brand new as of yesterday and hasn’t been used!” Richard called out as he stocked the bar.

Without looking back, Eric pulled at the apparatus hard and found that it was securely bound to the ceiling. Eric’s penis twitched at the thought and just a little blood rushed in. He grabbed Joy by the hips and pulled her back against his growing erection. He kissed her neck, knowing what she was thinking and she wiggled her ass and grabbed her own pussy, which was now starting to flood at the idea.

“Dude, that’s sweet!” Eric said as he turned around.

There was Candy, smiling big as she stood facing him in front of the newly finished bar, hands on her hips. Eric paid no mind to the bar. Candy stole the spotlight as she stood there wearing a slutty nurse outfit, which was appropriate given that she was a nurse. However, there’s no way she went to work looking like that. The bottoms were non-existent, just her long thick legs and little red bush. Her big pussy lips stood out from her crotch deliciously. The top was a short tight overcoat that was probably designed for the wearer to pick a revealing top to go underneath. Candy had no top and her big, luscious breasts poured out the front. It was completed with the obligatory white nurse’s cap, with big red cross, perched atop her head of long red hair. Joy giggled as she came up beside Eric and grabbed his hard on.

“Mission accomplished, Candy. He’s hard as a rock and you look sexy as hell!” Joy said with a big smile.

“Thank you, gorgeous.” Candy replied. “Would either of you like a beverage?”

They both nodded and she turned to fetch their favorite drinks. As she turned Joy and Eric both saw a short horse’s tail! She swooshed her meaty ass and the tail went this way and that as she disappeared behind the bar.

“Oh my.” Eric said, even harder than before.

Joy giggled again, shaking her head. Candy came back around with a beer and sweet tea for the two of them as Richard cracked a beer open for himself. Joy walked past her toward Richard, retrieving her drink and smacking Candy’s ass playfully on the way by. Eric was fascinated with her ass and moved to her side. She leaned back and pulled an ass cheek aside to reveal the end of güvenilir bahis a butt-plug. He could hear Richard and Joy murmur something, but couldn’t focus on them. Candy caressed Eric’s cock lightly through his pants, happy to see that he liked her surprise. He pulled on her tail gently a couple times and she quivered a little. Her ass and pussy were immediately stimulated. He spun her around a few times admiring the details of her outfit, and tugging on her tail once more, eliciting the same response from her pussy. She leaned down, close to his neck and paused.

“I’m your little ass-slut tonight.” She whispered.

All the blood in his body went to his cock. He felt light headed as he grabbed her close, burying his face in her cleavage and spreading her ass with his hands.

“MMMmmm, yes you are.” Eric confirmed, playing the part. “That’s sexy as fuck! Walk around real pretty for me. Wiggle that ass.”

He smelled the sweet odor of weed as his wife approached with a doobie. He barely looked her way as he watched Candy, transfixed. Joy handed him the spliff and unbuckled his pants, unaffected by his distraction and very pleased that he liked Candy as much as he did. He pulled off his T-shirt without removing the doobie from his mouth. It didn’t even occur to him that this was the first time that they were smoking weed with them. Joy pulled his pants down and exposed a raging hard on. She could tell by the way his tattooed dick bobbed with the rhythm of his heart, that he was extremely turned on. She knelt and wrapped her lips around him and he sighed, still watching his filly, Candy, slowly swish her hips around the playroom. His wife sucked him softly for a few minutes while he enjoyed Candy’s strutting. Joy stood up when Candy returned and Eric shot gunned Candy a hit, followed by his wife, then turned the jib over to Candy who grabbed his cock firmly with her free hand. Eric leaned over and held his wife, kissing her passionately, while Candy squeezed his cock.

“Thank you, my love. That was extremely considerate of you.” Eric said.

“I’m just trying to help. It looks like you have your work cut out for you tonight.” Joy replied coyly.

Richard was sitting at the bar, nude, smiling as big as could be. Eric grabbed Candy firmly, by the base of her tail and used pressure from it to turn her toward the bar. She sighed heavily as he pushed it.

“Swish those hips.” He commanded as a whisper into her ear.

Candy did so, walking toward Richard with the joint in hand. Eric held the plug still as she swished, making it grind lightly in her ass. She sighed again and handed over the jib to Richard after she took a couple tokes.

“You know, Eric. Candy has developed a problem.” Richard stated with feigned seriousness. “She’s pretty much played with her ass constantly since the last time you two came over. She’s had me helping as well.”

“Oh really? How so?” Eric asked.

“Well, mainly just playing with fingers and toys. She said one day she’s going to work my dick into her ass. I hope you don’t mind when I play with your ass-slut?” Richard gave Eric a wicked grin. Eric liked that Candy had shared this dirty talk with Richard. Not only did it mean that she hid nothing from him, which was very healthy for a swinging couple, but it also meant that she really liked it.

“No, of course not, my friend.” Eric said laughing, “Share and share alike. I’ll help her get ready for you, and the day she slides your big cock into her ass, you can claim her as your own little ass-slut. How does that sound?”

“Excellent, you have deal!” Richard exclaimed and shook Eric’s hand heartily with a huge smile. Then he turned to Candy. “You do what you’re told to do, ok?”

“Yes, sir.” Candy replied dutifully, biting her lip and playing along.

Candy’s juices were starting to run down her legs because Eric had been slowly working her butt-plug tail around in her ass since he’d grabbed it five minutes ago. She had no idea she’d like that so much, nor did she expect that she’d be further drenched by the boys talking about her like a sex object.

Richard handed Joy the joint and kissed her deeply. Joy toked and smiled at the thought of these boys giving this amazonian sized woman instructions. Joy had already joined everyone else in the nude (or mostly nude), and her free hand had been kneeding Richards semi-erect cock since the moment she stood beside him. Joy liked a hard cock and knew that her hands always seemed to motivate a man. The way Richard looked at her, and touched her skin kept stoking the heat in her box as well.

The joint continued around and everyone used their free hand to stroke their swapped partner, or work their butt-plug as the case may be. As the joint made its final round, Eric called dibs on the sex swing. Eric led Candy to the swing and Joy followed, pulling Richard along by his hard cock. They got Candy situated, tail and outfit included, into a missionary type position. She was suspended at the perfect height for Eric’s cock. Joy was distracting Richard a great deal as she continued to squeeze güvenilir bahis siteleri his hard-on while he made sure his wife was securely fastened.

Once the boys were satisfied with the swing, Joy knelt in front of them and took a dick in each hand. Eric stayed close enough to play with Candy’s tail. Joy turned to Richards cock first, stroking his fat 10″ cock while stuffing his dickhead into her mouth. Her pussy was soaked with many days of pent up anticipation. Joy really needed three hands to cover his massive shaft, even while its head was in her wet mouth. She worked his pussy-killer to full hardness with vigor for several minutes while stroking her husband’s dick. She turned to her husband’s modest 6″ member. She sucked him into her mouth and used her hands on Richard while taking him in. While his dick didn’t compare in size to Richards, he knew exactly how to use it in a great many wonderful ways. This was one of them, as he carefully held her cheek and stroked into her mouth. After she had gotten Eric good and hard, she stood up and smiled, knowing that Candy was about to experience another way he used that perfect cock. Joy kissed her husband with her wet salty lips and led Richard away, still holding onto his massive member.

“Come with me.” Joy said demurely.

Richard followed as ordered. Joy stopped near the bed, not far away, and guided his cock between her legs from behind, smearing his shaft in her wet pussy on the way through to poking out slightly in front of her. He leaned in to kiss the back of her neck and she arched her back to him. She used a hand to press the top of his cock against her pussy and clit and she humped it slowly. She enjoyed the lightning through her skin from his kisses on her upper back, along with the warmth spreading from her clit as she slid his cock all over the outside of her pussy. She looked at him over her shoulder with her special fuck me look.

“I need you to take your time tonight. You are not to cum until I tell you that you can. Ok?” Joy commanded. He nodded with a smile, cock throbbing. She turned and slid into the middle of the bed, flipping to her back. He crawled toward her, his face aiming for her wet cunt.

Eric turned to Candy who looked very vulnerable bound in the swing. He pressed the head of his dick, decorated with a shamrock tattoo, on her pussy. She hummed a little, but he withdrew.

“Your pussy and mouth will get a turn only when I’ve had enough of this ass.” Eric stated with authority.

Eric’s seriousness made Candy shiver, she was very much looking forward to that. He grabbed the lube from a pouch in the swing and lubed his cock from top to bottom. Eric tugged at her tail and Candy made an ‘O’ face as it popped out of her ass. The tail-plug had a big bump that her ass had been gripping and her ass remained slightly gaped in front of him. Eric slowly inched his cock toward her gaping ass. His cock barely touched Candy’s sphincter as he pushed into her. Her ass gobbled up his entire length in a single push and she moaned with volume and caught her breath. The pressure in Candy’s ass felt amazing, and the nerves around the opening of her ass radiated hot pleasure. Her asshole involuntarily squeezed against his shaft. It was obvious that she had prepared her ass inside and out as he glided into her with very little friction. After only a few seconds Eric withdrew until he could see the head of his cock peek out of Candy’s ass, then pressed back in with a firm motion. She seemed to get off on it, so he talked dirty to her.

Eric told Candy what a good ass-slut she was for having her ass all ready for him. He praised her for learning so quickly and told her that if she kept up the good work, that he’d let other men fuck her tightest hole. He told her how he knew that very first night that she didn’t just like butt-lovin’. What she really liked was to have her ass fucked. She moaned back at him, and answered yes when he asked for affirmations. Eric’s pace had slowly been quickening. He asked her if she was going to be a good ass-slut and take a pounding tonight. He needed her to ask nice and make him believe she wanted it.

“Yes.” Candy pleaded immediately. “Oh god, yes! Please fuck my ass! Please! I want you to fuck my ass all night.”

Eric started thrusting harder and used the swing to leverage his thrusts so that he was giving her ass all of his dick. He wasn’t pounding Candy too hard, yet. Instead he was concentrating on nice long strokes, popping the head in and out of her ass when he could. Using the head of his dick to stimulate all the nerves around her ass. Minute by minute, Eric continued to stroke in and out of Candy’s ass. She whined and moaned quietly at first, then her whines turned into a low roar until she squirted her hot cum all over him. Shuddering and bucking in the swing. Candy’s pussy was exposed to him just above his dick, and Eric could see the opening pulsing in time with the muscles in her ass. He had set her off with some careful pressure to her clit at just the right moment. He smeared her cum on his dick and limited his motions as iddaa siteleri she enjoyed the pleasure radiating all over her body.

Richard’s face eased up to Joy’s hot pussy and he snaked his tongue out right on her clit. She quivered for him and told him to eat that pussy good and get her ready for that thick cock. He did as he was told and massaged her pussy with his tongue and mouth. Richard lifted Joy’s ass slightly and started to rim her gently. She swooned and told him she liked his new skill.

“If you behave like a gentlemen, you can play with my ass.” Joy offered. He hummed his agreement and continued to tongue her smallest hole. Richard used the lube he’d grabbed off the bedside and lubed some fingers. He worked two fingers into her pussy, then three. Finally, he used his pinky on her ass as well. He lapped at her clit as he worked her holes with his fingers, making her squirm with pleasure. For many long minutes he worked on her, relaxing her.

Finally, just before Joy was going to ask, Richard sat back and lubed up his cock generously. She looked down and his hands looked small wrapped around that big beautiful dick. He stroked himself to full hardness and placed the head of his cock against her pussy. With one slow push, at a familiar angle, he eased all 10″ into her tight cunt. Joy groaned and smiled with pleasure as Richard’s girth stretched her so deliciously. A tremor went through her as he pressed against the back of her hungry pussy.

“Oh fuck… That’s what I wanted tonight” Joy said. Richard laid his light body on top of her and pressed in again, making sure his whole manhood was surrounded by her hot flesh. He continued moving his hips slightly and inching up until he had nothing more to give. He loved the feeling of her fire-hot snatch surrounding his cock. Richard was thinking how much he loved her tight pussy at about the same time Joy was thinking how much she loved his fat cock. It was also about this time that Candy started begging Eric to fuck her ass. Richard and Joy smiled at each other and started to slowly work their hips together while they listened excitedly as Eric brought Candy to a thunderous orgasm on his cock. Joy shivered occasionally as Richard worked his thick meat inside her. He stayed nearly all the way inside her and moved his hips left and right, up and down. He stretched her pussy in every direction while she was lost in pleasure.

“That’s right, work that cock nice and slow. I want you to do me all night too.” Joy said.

“I plan to.” Ricahrd said, and continued the dance with his hips.

Joy slowly lifted her legs and Richard pressed into her even farther. She shuddered again and again as little waves of orgasm swept over her. Each time he pressed into the back of her pussy, another wave. Never pulling out, just pressing, and working, and pressing, and whirling. She lowered he legs again and he straightened his out. She clamped her pussy around him and he stiffened. Joy knew he liked that, as did she. It made Richard’s cock feel that much bigger inside her, and the increased friction made waves of pleasure wash over him. He hooked his arms under her shoulders and used the leverage to make short strokes into her, nudging her over and over. Without withdrawing he just kept pressing and pressing. It felt like she was going to be split in two, and it felt amazing. He licked her nipples lightly at first, then with a slow increasing of intensity. After five minutes of that pressing and sucking they were breathing hard and she was starting to moan. It wasn’t long before her body started to twitch and she moaned loudly as her pussy gushed all around him. Richard had to freeze, afraid he would cum. He was frozen for nearly a minute, right on the edge of orgasm before he sighed and relaxed.

“That’s a good boy.” Joy said as Richard smiled in relief.

Eric had slowed after Candy came for him. His cock was freshly lubed with her cum and he used his slick rod to work in her ass. He moved the swing left and right, working her hungry ass on all sides. He put his hand on his shaft and used his dick like a utensil to stir her with. She let him know her pleasure by moaning back at him softly. Eric worked her like this for several minutes before adding a bit more lube to his dick. After which, he began to stroke once more in and out. Not too fast, but fast enough to start to stimulate Candy as he did before.

“Oh yes.” Candy said lustfully. “Please fuck my ass again. Yes, just like that.”

At her request Eric picked up a little more speed, driving his dick into her over and over. She loved the sensation she got when he drove himself all the way into her. Little bursts of pleasure from her ass. It was far more pleasurable than she had imagined prior to the first time he pushed that beautiful cock into her ass and it wasn’t going to take long before she came for him again. He pulled her pussy apart with his fingers as he continued his assault. He could see her clit swelling without him touching it. When Eric felt she was close, he pressed on Candy’s lima bean sized clit with a firm pressure and she immediately bucked and started moaning and squirming. He kept bumping into her ass and his finger on her clit until her orgasm started to subside once again. He’d been in her ass for 20 minutes now and decided a change in position was in order.

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