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A warm thank you to my volunteer editor, Asylum Seeker, for his time and patience producing a polished version. I apologize for any errors I might have made during my final revisions.

“Welcome to Eastern-Western Spa Massage. How can we help you?”

Paul knew that announcing his true intentions would get him thrown out or arrested. He looked at the stunning receptionist behind the glass window. A bulletin board displayed the same options as his last visit, with some allowance for inflation over several years.

“Sixty minute massage,” he answered.

“Very good, sir. Please fill out the medical form.”

She handed him a clipboard with a familiar form. The important and scary part was at the top. Writing his real name and address had been nerve-wracking the first time, but now it gave him a sense of security. They must have had some amazing database to screen clients, since they’d never had trouble with local police departments. The rest of the form required consenting to medical treatment and a statement of risks.

After he handed the clipboard back under the glass, the receptionist said “Please wait for a moment while I file this.” She returned in less than a minute with a more relaxed smile. “Do you happen to recall your last appointment and who your therapist was?”

Paul answered “About six years ago. It was with Jordan.” That knowledge was used as a password to confirm that he was indeed a return client. He was sure they used photos as well, but couldn’t see an obvious camera.

The receptionist handed him the returning client flyer and had a much more relaxed and cheery tone. “Here is our list of options.”

The list was quite similar to his last visit, again with somewhat increased prices. Paul decided to pass on the hot tub and other exotica. In the second section was listed the options for therapist attire.

“Full nude,” he announced, and handed the paper back to the attendant. He removed several large bills from his wallet and passed them under the glass as well.

“We should be able to take you in just a minute,” she replied, and he sat down to peruse the collection of magazines on the table. Moments later, the receptionist opened the door with the stock phrase, “Right this way, sir.”

She led him to the interior waiting room, where four women in white medical coats waited. Aside from looking far better than ordinary medical assistants, they had their coats unbuttoned a bit further than proper for a doctor’s office.

He was disappointed to see that Jordan was not among them. He immediately ruled out the one that was as thin as a runway model with obviously bleached hair. Another two, one tall, one petite, seemed to have the unnaturally precise cleavage of implants. The remaining woman was just his type; brunette, very pretty, and with an honest face. She moved as though she had an athletic body with very nice, completely natural curves.

“Hi, I’m Paul,” he said, stepping forward to shake hands with this classic ‘girl next door.’

“I’m Cindy, pleased to meet you,” she answered in a pleasant voice. “Please step this way, you’ll be in Room 4.” As they entered the room, she continued in a lower voice, “Jordan is a very good friend of mine. She decided to move nearer to her family in Colorado, but we still e-mail each other, and she’s doing well. If you’d like, I’ll tell her you said hello.”

“Thanks, I’d like that.”

“Please take off all your clothes and lie down on the table. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Despite the background check, he knew nothing more would be discussed until he was naked. It was an additional, customary, but ineffective precaution against undercover cops. He complied, looking around the room as he undressed. The wallpaper was a calm, green jungle print that coordinated well with the wicker furniture. A speaker in the ceiling piped in gentle rainforest sounds. Aside from a chair and clothes rack in the corner, the only furniture was a sturdy massage table in the center of the room covered with a white sheet.

After hanging his clothes, Paul stretched out on his stomach. He used the next minute to enjoy the calm and relaxed atmosphere until Cindy knocked on the door and re-entered.

“I just need to confirm some details of our session. You’ve paid for a 60-minute, full nude massage. You are aware, I presume, that all of our massages start with a table shampoo? Are there any other details we should discuss before starting?”

“Well,” he replied, “As the session progresses, I might want to extend the time by a half-hour or so.”

“That would be fine with my schedule, sir. If you wish, you may put on this robe to walk to the shower room. I’ll notify the office and be back in a minute.”

Paul climbed off the table and into the comfortable white robe. With a smile, he noted that the quality had improved from terrycloth to the type of square-knitted cotton found in exclusive hotels. He sat in the chair and waited. He could feel his accelerated heartbeat as the adrenaline of görükle escort temptation won out over the lingering doubts in his mind.

Again, a knock on the door sounded before Cindy re-entered. “Right this way,” she said, leading him down the corridor to the shower room.

The room had a very different appearance, still peaceful, but more masculine in colors. The tile on the walls was almost Moorish or African and gave the appearance of a courtyard rather than a modern shower room. There was an elegant teak grate covering the entire floor, and while Paul could see the telephone-style shower head on its flexible hose, the rest of the plumbing was out of sight.

“After you take off your robe, you should lie on the table on your stomach.”

Paul hung the robe on an elegant teak hangar, climbed up on the padded vinyl table, and positioned his dick so he would be prepared for the inevitable erection.

Cindy stood casually to one side of the table and began unbuttoning her white lab smock. Paul had always loved this phase of the experience. Watching women undress with a sense of innocent openness was much more arousing to him than a brazen strip tease. Cindy finished removing her outer garment, revealing a petite, athletic silhouette.

He smiled at the artificial number of layers she still wore as a consequence of the undressing options menu. Her shimmering white camisole swelled outward over a nice bosom and tucked down to a pleasantly slim waist. Her short slip showed off very shapely thighs.

Without making her moves overtly showy or aggressive, her casualness made the disrobing extremely sensual. Paul had to rock his hips to the side to let his dick expand. Cindy pushed her slip to the floor, revealing a white garter belt over white panties. As she peeled the camisole over her raised arms, Paul was entranced by the sight of her trim midsection. Her white bra barely covered her nipples, which were clearly revealed through the thin fabric. Seeing the natural curves of her décolletage made him happy about his earlier deductions.

Next, she sat on a side stool to remove the stockings, flexing and stretching her shapely calves in the process. Standing again, she removed the garter belt; it joined the rest of her lingerie on the hangar. Facing Paul, she unhooked the back of her bra and slipped off the straps while holding the cups to her breasts with her forearm. She cradled each cup in one of her hands and made direct eye contact with him to watch his reaction as she slowly tipped the cups down to let her breasts spill out and be revealed.

His broad smile reassured her that he was quite satisfied. He drank in the sight of her breasts during the natural and sensual motion. Her breasts were not overly large, but full and youthful. The top slopes of her globes relaxed into a less-constrained convexity as the bottoms flared achingly outward. Her nipples were delicious nubs perched on the mound of her dusky areola. Together they shifted downward in the delicious proclamation that this was a real woman rather than a carved plastic doll.

Finally she pulled the tiny thong over her hips. She slid it smoothly down her legs and off her feet. As she turned to place it on the impressive pile of insubstantial garments, Paul caught a glimpse of her incredibly delectable ass. Pausing for a moment as she turned back to face him, she let Paul soak in the view of her exposed center, revealing a neatly trimmed, tiny square of short curls above her shaved lips.

Breaking the spell, she reached to turn on the shower and adjusted the temperature. After asking if it was comfortable, she rinsed Paul from the neck to his toes, reminding him to move carefully since the table would now be extremely slippery. Using a fragrant body wash from a pump, she lathered her hands and proceeded to soap Paul.

He was pleased for the moment that she didn’t try to make conversation as the relaxation finally started to seep into the knots in his shoulders. While this was just a prelude to the real massage, she did use the time with the slippery shampoo to start making a dent in the tension in his muscles. Her expert touch, soaping and rinsing, progressed seamlessly from neck and arms to waist, then starting again at his feet, traveling up the back of his legs until kneading his glutes.

She asked him to turn over, reminding him again to hold onto the edge due to the extreme slipperiness of the table. He had forgotten just how slippery, though, and was forced to grab her hand to avoid sliding off. The calm strength of her fingers in response to his frantic grasp was unexpectedly reassuring.

Once safely on his back Paul noted that his dick, while not yet rigid, had expanded fully enough to not make him feel inadequate. Her complete casualness put him at ease as she repeated the soaping procedure down to his waist and then up to the top of his thighs.

Pausing, she recited the magic question, “Now, sir, are there any areas I might have missed?”

He answered bursa görükle escort by taking her hand, placing it on his growing member, and saying “Please, call me Paul.”

“Mm. Thank you, Paul,” she said as she gently lathered his thick pubic curls, full-sized shaft and sensitive balls. “Ready?” she asked.

“Actually,” he replied, “I’d like to return the favor and shampoo you.”

“Ah,” she said with smile of surprise. “Thank you. What a nice treat.” As they carefully switched positions, she pulled her hair up into a towel and wrapped it around her head.

Paul drank in the sensual experience as his hands glided over the graceful curves of her back. He massaged gently and asked to make sure the pressure was right. Her body was toned and it was a delightful experience to massage her shapely legs and tight tush.

“Let me turn over,” she said, as she swiveled her hips, sat up, and stretched out on her back with considerably more grace than Paul had managed.

The wondrous sensation of her skin was more than Paul had anticipated, and more than once, he bumped his stiffening cock on the shampoo table. Her curves were delightful to look at, and more delightful to hold as he first lathered the soft pillows of her breasts, and then the achingly tantalizing mound between her legs. Their only conversation was a contented “Mm” as her nipples peaked when he returned to them after stroking her legs.

“Is there anyplace I missed?” he asked with a smile.

“Oh, no,” she replied. “You covered everything quite nicely, but I think this would be more fun back in the other room.”

As they dried off, Cindy shook her hair from the towel causing it to gently cascade over her shoulders. After donning robes and gathering up her clothing, they returned to the first room. As they removed and hung up their robes, the sight of this beautiful woman made his cock twitch happily. He stretched out on the cloth and a moment later her fingers began to knead his shoulders under a layer of warmed massage oil.

“I can still feel quite a bit of tension in your shoulders,” she commented and asked “Shall I work on that some more?”

“Sure,” he answered, feeling the knots slowly dissolve under her touch.

“It’s nice to have a regular customer back; any special occasion?”

“It’s a long story, but the introduction is that sex has always been a problem in my marriage. Sara and I did make out while we were dating, but she always said she wanted to save intercourse until we were married. On our wedding night, though, she completely freaked out and it took over a year until we finally did it.”

“You poor dear!” Cindy exclaimed as she kneaded down along his spine. “How did you survive?”

“By coming here,” Paul said with a wry smile. “I had denied myself for so long while dating Sara that I just couldn’t take it anymore. About a month after the wedding night disaster, I came here in an attempt to convince myself it wasn’t my fault. Jordan became my confidant and my release. She actually gave me some good advice for how to ease through Sara’s anxieties. It took months of patience, but we finally consummated our marriage and I’ve been faithful to Sara from then until today.”

“Sorry about bringing up the memories,” Cindy apologized, working on Paul’s thighs. “Jordan was always extremely good with understanding people, and her nursing training probably came in handy with the advice. You don’t have to tell me what changed today.”

“I’d rather get it off my chest,” Paul replied. “I had become too wrapped up in my job and gotten completely out of shape. About a year ago though, I finally started working out and lost about twenty pounds.”

“You look good,” she interjected.

“Thanks, but I’ll bet you say that to all your clients.”

“No, it really is more of a pleasure to work with guys who aren’t overweight,” she explained. “Sorry for interrupting. You can get back to your story.”

“I’m finally starting to get some definition back into my muscles and get a little sense of pride and satisfaction. Last night I was sitting on the floor with my arms propped up behind me. Sara was sitting in the chair next to me and touched my arm. She said she felt ‘an egg’ in the back of my arm. I said it was just my triceps – it’s not one big muscle, it has three small heads. She insisted it felt weird, like my grandmother’s arm after she ripped a tendon. I said it seemed to change shape smoothly as I moved, like it should. She said it was different than the other arm. I said maybe my right arm is just stronger than the left, and I wish all my muscles would pop out that prominently. She said I should have it looked at.”

“Hmm. I’m actually trained as a physical therapist. I think the similarity of our backgrounds was one reason Jordan and I were such close friends. I’ll look at it if you want,” she offered.

“OK,” he agreed, straightening his elbows and tightening his arms.

She felt his triceps on both sides, and then asked him to relax bursa eskort while she felt again. “It feels fine. Your tendon might be a little longer on the right side, making that muscle bunch up more when you flex. That just gives it a little extra definition, though. It looks good.”

“Well, thanks. Sara’s final words were, ‘not cool.'”

“I can see that would be extremely frustrating, but everything seems fine, and you look pretty buff compared to most of my clients.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” he laughed.

“I’m serious,” she insisted, returning to massage his glutes. “You would be surprised by how out of shape guys let themselves get, and then, because they’re not getting dates or getting hot with their wives, they come here.”

“Tough job,” he sympathized.

“Not bad,” she said. “I try to look past the occasionally rough exteriors to find the nicest parts of everyone’s personality.”

“I can tell,” Paul responded. “You seem to have a very nice heart.”

“Thank you,” she answered with a smile. “Are you ready to turn over?”

“Yes, indeed,” he said as he rolled onto his back.

She massaged his pecs and repeated her message, “You’ve got nice muscles. I like a guy that works out and can keep up with me.”

“What type of exercise do you prefer?” Paul asked.

“I do a bit of everything,” she laughed. “I have dumbbells at home for my workout videos. When the weather’s nice, I go swimming. When I’m mad, I use the stair climber until my butt burns.” She punctuated the expression with another musical laugh and started rolling the front of his thighs with her gentle but insistent fingers.

“We should work out together sometime,” he offered.

“I’d like that,” she said, looking directly into his eyes. Breaking the connection after a moment, she paused, seeming reluctant to step back into reality. She wiped her hands with a disposable wet towel. “Now, is there any place that I missed?”

She smiled as Paul again took her hand and placed it on his cock. It had gotten a bit smaller during the conversation, but this was her area of expertise. She took a bottle of water-based lube, warmed some in her hands and worked her fingers around his shaft. She slowly stroked upwards, lingering around his tip before returning to the base.

He stiffened rapidly to her touch, feeling the tightness in his shaft as he reached his full length and circumference. Her fingers slowly danced and then almost strummed his rod. The bulbous head of his cock swelled and a drop of his pre-cum emerged. He closed his eyes to savor this moment, trying to get as much satisfaction as possible from the incomplete act to come.

A moment later, he was shocked to feel Cindy’s breasts rubbing along his chest. His eyes flashed open to watch her dueling with him nipple-to-nipple, in a competition clearly won by her tightening cylinders. She kissed along the arc of his neck, and then turned his head to nibble on his earlobe. Still slowly sliding her breasts along his skin, she whispered in his ear again with sex dripping from every syllable. “You had me hot and ready with that shower. Feeling your muscles left me wanting your body and your heart. Are you ready to deliver?”

“What?” he asked in surprise. “Since it’s our first time, I didn’t think…”

“Any friend of Jordan’s is a friend of mine,” she countered in a throaty whisper. Without even waiting for his reply, she rolled a condom onto his throbbing cock. “How do you want me?”

“You are so gorgeous that I want to see you on top,” he stammered.

“Nice choice,” she purred. “You haven’t been ridden until you’ve had me in the saddle.”

She climbed up to the table, and then swung her knee across Paul so she straddled his hips. She rose up on her knees and took Paul’s cock in her hand. Fully rigid and pointing firmly at his belly button, she gently angled it away from his body and guided it to her center. The mere sight of this beautiful woman sent pulses of pressure to his tightened balls. He watched her full breasts sway gently over him as she lowered herself onto his aching rod.

She began to swivel her hips with the fluidity of a belly dancer. He gasped as the stimulation focused on the base of his cock, causing it to throb in a way that made him want to arch his whole body into her. The visual artistry of her trim, undulating midsection added to his excitement.

He felt the familiar rise of semen from his balls, and just as he was on the verge of exploding, she shifted rhythm to stroke along the full length of his shaft. Just as his head was about to pop out of her canal, she tensed her muscles to hold him in and pulled his cock upwards. Once, twice, three times she tugged gently upwards, triggering gasps from the overwhelmed man.

Finally, when he had returned to the edge of orgasm with the new set of sensations, she delayed him again by shifting to the slow, smooth strokes of her pussy down his entire length. This time, he was so aroused that the second time he reached her full depth, he climaxed with a shout, sending a spurt of semen bursting out of his rod. The second contraction started before the first was even finished, combining their intensities. The third contraction left him completely spent, and he collapsed under her triumphant hips.

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