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Our New Neighbors Ch. 4

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Kitty was now teasing Kim, tormenting her aroused body that seemed to be so hungry for more of Kitty’s touching. We had watched Kim and Nicole on our monitor and picked up on everything that these two sexy women liked to do to themselves and as well as what Kim liked her husband Don, do to her. However, the one thing that Kitty and I were aware of, for the short time we were observing this family while Don was still at home, Kim and Don never practiced oral sex.

I knew that Kim liked to be fucked doggy style, as well as her sitting on top of Don and riding him like a jockey in a horse race. I also knew that Kim’s sexual drive was almost insatiable. But I didn’t know how strong young Nicole’s sex drive was, but after Nicole, watching her step-mom being sexually stimulated to several orgasms by my sister Kitty, I now believe that Nicole’s sex drive is as strong as Kim’s.

Of course, I should realize that women have a lot more sexual energy than most men, including myself. My sister Kitty was no different than Nicole or Kim, but I guess most females don’t like to admit that they have a strong sexual need, even to themselves, and are able to restrain themselves, at least from the advances from men that hit on them. These women will say no, no, no, and they mean it, but as soon as they get home, they’ll quickly get themselves off either with their fingers, or their trusty vibrator.

Kitty took off her skirt and blouse while Kim was impatiently waiting in anticipation of more sexual pleasure from Kitty. Kim was now on fire and feverishly aroused from her previous orgasms and stimulation that Kitty had given her and was wanting more. I remember as I watched on the monitor as Don fucked Kim, I remember Kim yelling, “fuck me more, fuck me hard.” Even after Don had fucked Kim for an hour, Don would fall asleep and Kim would start masturbating, either in bed or would go to the bathroom. Kitty looked at Kim, with a big smile and said to her, “now my beautiful, sexy slut, do you want me to give you more pleasure.”

“Oh, God yes Kitty, I want more, I need more. My body is craving your touch, I need you.” How the hell does Kitty pull this off? Just a short time ago, even though we knew she had a strong sexual drive, Kim was as straight as an arrow and now she is begging Kitty for more. Another thing, as I had written in a previous chapter, I said that Kitty was a lot more aggressive than me and if we were married, she would be the husband, however, now I believe Kitty is just into female sexual domination and that’s how she manages to meet and have sex with beautiful, sexy women.

Then Kitty moved right up to Kim, Kitty now totally naked, and said to Kim, ” Do you find me beautiful, you little slut? Are you going to obey all of my orders and do everything that I ask of you without hesitation?”

“Yes, yes, yes, Kim almost screamed back. I’ll do anything that you ask of me, but please, I need more, I need it now.” Remember, Kitty had worked Kim up to a pitch of sexual excitement and arousal before she stopped to take her clothes off.

“So now you don’t find lesbian sex disgusting, Do you? Kitty was really putting Kim through hell before she would give her any more sexual pleasure.

“Oh no Kitty, I love you, you are soo beautiful and you really know how to pleasure a woman. Please, I’m begging you, please touch me and do as you like with my body, you give me more pleasure than I’ve ever had. I want you to make me cum all night.” I could feel the desperation in poor Kim’s voice and I realized, I was sure that Kitty did as well. Kim would now be her sex slave and Kim would do anything to please Kitty. Then Kitty did something that even shocked me.

Kitty turned around and looked straight at Nicole and me and said, “look Kim, your lovely little girl and my brother, have been watching us all along.” Then Kitty told us to come up close to them and said to Nicole, “don’t you think that your mom is sexy and beautiful? How about you Bob, have you ever seen a woman as sexy and beautiful as Kim? Look at her pretty cunt, look how smooth it is without all that messy hair. Look at her engorged lips, her love hole eagerly waiting to be touched.” Then Kitty said to Nicole, “I knew that you were masturbating as I was making love to your mom, does it excite you to watch Kim being sexually aroused and cuming?”

Kim’s face was almost as red as a beet as both Nicole and I stared down at this beautiful woman. I could see the sexual frustration on her face, but I could see her trembling in embarrassment, or was it from her state of maddening sexual need?

“Kim,” Kitty said, “I want you to show all of us how you use your dildo. I want you pretend that we are not here, I’m sure Nicole will be happy to learn how to use it. But under no circumstances, do I want you to cum, is that understood?”

Kitty gave Kim the dildo and Kim said, “Ohh Kitty, how could you ask me to do this in front of your brother and Nicole.” Kitty was giving Beylikdüzü escort Kim a menacing look. “Kitty, please, I’ve never even done this in front of my husband, what is Nicole going to think of me?”

Kitty waited for a few seconds before she responded, and then told Kim, “get up slut, I think that it’s time that you learn that when I tell you to do something, I don’t want any back talk.” Kitty pulled Kim up from the bed as Kitty sat at the edge of the bed. Kim is fairly petite and Kitty is about two inches taller than Kim. Kitty grabbed Kim and physically put Kim over her knees.

Kitty said to Nicole, “young lady, this goes for you as well as Kim, when I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it immediately, I don’t care whether you want to or not. Your dad told us to take care of you two and he told us to make sure that both of you behave or you’ll be punished. Another thing, every time I have to punish you, the punishment will be worse than the previous one.” Don said that? That’s news to me, but then again, Kitty has been known by me ,to fib if she has too, and this sounds like she is making it work.

Now I don’t know if Nicole was trembling from fear of it was from sexual arousal, but she was looking at Kim’s beautiful shaped ass. Kim, her ass on top of Kitty’s knees as Kim was softly crying. “Nicole, come here.” Kitty said to Nicole, “Now I want you to give Kim ten hard slaps on her butt.” Nicole hesitated and I whispered to her that she better do as Kitty told her or she’ll be next to get spanked. I nudged Nicole towards Kim.

Kitty took Nicole’s hand and put it on Kim’s butt. “Now Nicole, I want you to slap her ten times as hard as you can, and if I see that you’re not spanking her hard, then I’ll spank both of you and you can be sure that it’s going to be as hard as I can. Maybe I’ll even have Bob do it, he is a lot stronger and can spank a lot harder.

Meantime, as Kim is sobbing, she tells Kitty, in between sobs, “I’m sorry Kitty, please don’t humiliate me like this. I promise, I won’t disobey you ever again, but please don’t spank me in front of my sweet Nicole.”

“Kim, I’ve warned you several times, after this you’ll obey me and Bob. Nicole, start spanking your mom, right now, and remember, you better make it hard or you’ll get the same.” Then Kitty said, “before you start Nicole, take off your robe, from here on, I want both of you to stay naked all the time that you’re in the house or in the back yard and pool. The only thing that we will allow you to wear will be shoes, however they have to be at least 5 inch stilettos with open toes and ankle strap. Clothes are not an option regardless of what the circumstances are, unless we to tell you to do so and you will only wear what we select for you. As far as when you go out, I’ll select what either of you will wear.”

Kitty answered Kim, much to my disappointment because she was giving away the fact that we had been spying on them, “Kim you’re right about Nicole being a sweet young lady, look at that beautiful body. With that pretty face and with her young sexy body she is fully developed and will be desired by every man and woman, even now she is making me very wet. But did you know that your sweet Nicole would watch you and your husband Don, having sex and would be in the hall looking through the open door and would be masturbating as you and Don Fucked.” The fact that both Kim and Nicole were so turned on, I don’t think that they were aware of what Kitty just told them, “that in fact, we were spying on them.”

Nicole’s hand was laying on Kim’s butt where Kitty had put it, and I noticed that she was,( unaware I believe,) gently and lovingly caressing Kim’s soft and beautiful ass.

“Nicole, start with the spanking” Kitty said in a demanding way. Nicole looked at me, then Kitty and was aware of the fact that she had no choice in what she had to do. She raised her hand and it came down on Kim’s left cheek. Kitty shouted out to Nicole, “if you can’t do it any harder than that, I’m going to show you how a hard slap feels when I slap you tender ass. So young lady, do it as I ask.”

Nicole slapped Kim much harder, hard enough to make Kim moan. Nicole slapped Kim’s beautiful, tender ass first on one cheek, and then the other as Kim was moaning louder and louder as she was grinding her pussy onto Kitty’s thigh.

Kitty was counting, slap after slap, and after Nicole was on the ninth slap, Kitty told Nicole, “make this last slap be as hard as you can.” A couple of things. For one thing, poor Kim’s butt was getting pretty red. Secondly, I noticed a look of sexual excitement on Nicole’s face and I noticed as well, she was leaking love juice down her thighs. Could this be??? Was Nicole getting so sexually aroused by spanking her step-mom, that she was ready to cum?

Nicole, did in fact, make the last slap a hard one, and with the last resounding slap, I became aware of what my sister was all about. Nicole dropped to her knees Beylikdüzü escort and kissed Kim’s butt all over, as Nicole was in the throes of a blasting orgasm, trying as hard as she could, not to be obvious about her sexual arousal. No ifs, ands or (butts,) Nicole’s body was convulsing as she was moaning and Kissing Kim’s red ass.

I looked at my sister, almost admiringly, the way she could bring a woman’s sexual arousal to a point beyond which they never, ever, thought that they could reach in their wildest dreams. But there was even more, as I was paying all my attention to Nicole, watching her body spasm, I noticed Kim’s body also was making moves and moans as Nicole was Kissing her red butt,. that could only mean one thing, Kim was also having an orgasm. Kitty looked at me with a broad grin, but I also observed that Kitty, as well as myself, were pretty well worked up.

After a minute or two, when Nicole’s body seemed to be more relaxed, Kitty told Nicole to get up and she then told Kim to get up and get back onto the bed. “Look what you did to me, Kim, my thighs are all wet, did you pee on me?” Before Kim could answer, Kitty turned around to Nicole, and said to her, “Nicole, I want you to smell this and tell me if Kim peed on me.” Nicole looked at Kim, and then looked at Kitty and the got her nose to the wetness on Kitty’s legs. “So what do you think, is it pee?”

Nicole looked up to Kitty and said, “I’m not sure Kitty, it could be pee. But maybe it’s just sweat from me spanking her so hard.”

“Nicole, if you can’t tell if it’s pee or sweat, there is only one way to find out for sure.” Nicole looked up at Kitty with a bit of confusion on her face. Then Kitty told her bluntly, “Nicole, I want you to lick it up and then we’ll find out for sure, won’t we?”

Nicole started hesitantly, but not reluctantly, to lap up some of the juices of Kitty’s leg. After Nicole removed all of the wetness hungrily from one of Kitty’s legs, Kitty told Nicole to stop. “So, my sweet sexy nymph, what is it that’s on my leg?”

Poor Nicole, not sure how to tell Kitty that it was cum that Kim had spread all over kitty’s legs. “I’m sorry Kitty, but I’m not quite sure what it tastes like, it could be sweat.”

“O.K. Nicole, that will do.” Then Kitty asked Kim, “now Kim, I want you to taste the wetness that you left on my other leg, then tell me what you think it is.” Kim didn’t waste any time because she didn’t want to go through another round of spankings. After she licked it all off of Kitty’s leg, she stopped and looked up to Kitty. “So what is it Kitty, pee or what Nicole thinks that it maybe it could be sweat?”

Kim looked at Kitty and said, “Kitty, can I just whisper it to you. I know what it is but I don’t want Bob and Nicole to hear me, but I’ll tell you the truth, honestly.”

“That will be acceptable Kim, you can whisper it to me.” When Kim whispered to Kitty that she came and it was cum on Kitty’s legs, Kitty said loudly, “you mean that you came all over my legs while you were being spanked by sweet Nicole?” Kim didn’t answer and just lowered her head.

“Nicole, come here and give me your hand.” Nicole did as Kitty asked. “Now I want you to feel how smooth Kim’s pussy is.” Nicole ran her hand over her step-mom’s bald pussy and we could easily see that Kim’s pussy lips were still in a state of arousal, damn, Kim was one hot and horny gal. “Nicole, I now want you to stick a couple of fingers into Kim’s opening, as far as you can and I also want you to wiggle and twist your fingers while they are in her sex hole. That’s it, keep doing it for a while longer. Now pull your fingers out slowly as you feel the top of her love hole.”

As Kitty was instructing Nicole as to how to work her fingers into Kim’s cunt, poor Kim was again being worked up to a frenzied pitch of arousal. Nicole was obviously aware of what she was doing and I could tell that she was no longer self conscious of stimulating her step-mom. Meantime, as Nicole was doing this to Kim, Kim was now starting to hump the hand of her step-daughter as she was moaning over and over, “oh god no, oh please no. Kitty, please let her stop, Please, please Kitty, this is not right.” But even as Kim was saying this, Kim’s body was still responding by trying to hump Nicole’s hand.

Kitty and I could see that Kim was getting closer and closer to another orgasm, then Kitty told Nicole, “stop and take your fingers out now, my little sex kitten. Now I want you to stick those fingers that you just had in Kim’s cunt and put them in your mouth and suck them clean.” Nicole did as she was told, she was going to be a very obedient sex toy for Kitty and myself. I watched poor Kim, once again waiting to climax, as she tried to sneak her hand down to her pussy while we were paying attention to Nicole, but Kitty spotted her and slapped Kim’s hand. “Now Nicole, what does it taste like, pee, sweat or what?” “I think it tastes, like you know, cum.”

I pulled Kitty Escort Beylikdüzü aside and quietly told her that I was getting horny as hell again and I needed a good fuck, and soon. Kitty said to me, “hold on little brother, I need it as badly as you do, but we are going home in a minute and watch these two sexy sluts put on a show for us that we’ll be watching on our large monitor. At the same time, you’ll be pumping away on my hot horny wet cunt doggie style, O.K.”

Kim was still lying down on the bed and Nicole was standing beside her as she was holding Kim’s hand. Kitty went over to them and said, “ladies, Bob has just informed me that he is getting tired and that he would like to go home. We will leave now, but before I go, I have some instructions for you. Kim, I want you to shave Nicole’s pussy hair just as I did to you. Then I want you to show Nicole how you masturbate with your toy and I want you to cum for her. Nicole, after your mom has cum, I want you to take it out of her cunt and immediately, while it is still warm and wet from her juices, put into your love hole and you do as your mom did until you cum. After that,I want you both to go to your own rooms and go to sleep, and NO MORE MASTURBATING. One more thing, Bob and I will be over for breakfast tomorrow morning and I’ll know just by looking at both of you, if you have done exactly as I have instructed, if not, both of you will be spanked very hard by Bob. Good night, we’ll see you in the morning.”

Kitty and I couldn’t get to our house fast enough so that we could watch these two, (now bi-sexual nymphs,) go to it on each other. With the fear that Kitty instilled in them, as well as their own potent libido, they would not disobey Kitty. While watching these two put on a live sex show for us, we would be fucking like a couple of wild dogs in heat.

When Kitty and I went to my computer, the first thing we did was strip. My poor cock was throbbing so hard that it just wouldn’t stay still. Kitty took one look at me and said, Bob, you better not cum for a while because I want to be fucked to at least a dozen good cums. Go get us a couple of beers and cool off a little.” I got the beers and we sat on the couch and started sipping away.

I had the volume turned on high so that we wouldn’t miss a word, just as if we were there. Kim and Nicole were just where we had left them, Nicole was still holding Kim’s hand and they were talking lovingly to one another.

Kim was saying, “Nicole, sweetheart, you know how much I love you, and you know how much I love your Dad, I hope you’re not upset with me hon.” “Of course not, Mom, I love you just as much, if not more. Before you married Dad, he told me how enjoyable sex was and he also encouraged me to masturbate so that I would realize how much pleasure there was in having sex. Before he married you, I would spy on him when I knew that he was masturbating and it would get me all excited and wet, I’ve been masturbating since I was thirteen.”

We were sitting on the couch sipping beer and watching this live, very erotic show and the only thing that was missing was pop-corn. Kim asked Nicole what she thought of Kitty and me and did she think that they should do what Kitty asked them to do. “Oh yeah Mom, Kitty will know if we don’t and I don’t want to get spanked hard like I had to do to you. I would do anything for them, I really love them and I know that they will take care of us until Dad comes home.”

Kim agreed with Nicole and got up from the bed and gave her a nice hug, tit to tit. Then she did something else, without hesitation, Kim gave Nicole a nice, open mouth, tongue to tongue kiss. Nicole’s mouth still had to have some of Kim’s cum on it that Kim could taste, this was awesome.

I was sitting next to Kitty on the couch and as I was watching Kim and Nicole, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kitty slowly move her hand, opposite of me, quietly stroking her clit. Oh shit, I don’t think I can take much more of this, between Kitty and our neighbors, if I don’t cum soon, I was going to lose it.

Kim told Nicole to get on the bed and then went to the bathroom and brought out what Kitty had used on her to shave her pussy hair. Nicole’s hair wasn’t as thick and long like Kim’s so she really didn’t need to cut it first.

“Spread your legs sweetheart.” Nicole opened up her legs and I could see Kim look right into her pretty step-daughter’s sex hole. I have to admit, Nicole had a beautiful soft pink pussy and with nice puffy lips. Like Kim’s, as well as kitty, her pussy always looked as if it was in a state of arousal. The one difference between Nicole’s cunt and the other ladies, was that she had a very prominent clit, even when it wasn’t protruding outside of its protective housing, as it did when she was highly aroused, the sheathing of her clit was very obvious. Nicole’s cunt was wet, very wet in anticipation of her new experience, being bald like her beautiful step-mom.

To be continued.. Thanks for the many letters of encouragement. I have received some great comments and suggestions. these give me the incentive to get to the next chapter. Any of you that have voyeured a spouse or friend masturbating, please write me about it.. Thanks again.

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