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Our First Adventure Pt. 01

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Our First Adventure

We hope you enjoyed the story of our first step into a Hotwife life, posted under “How it all started”. This was our first adventure that took us into a completely new way of life. Emma insisted we tell you the full story, from both our viewpoints, so it is a bit lengthy. It is in Three Parts which we will download one after the other. We hope you enjoy x

Part One


Over the next few weeks, we talked about what we would like to do next, and what we would not do next. Although initially Emma had said this had been a one off, her revenge, we recognised this had changed things, we hoped for the better. The change in Emma had been incredible and we both loved it. So, deciding that we wanted to continue this route was an easy decision. But how to do this was a more difficult question.

We both quickly agreed that whatever we did, it would not involve our current circle of friends. The days following the party had shown us why we should stay clear of friends. Emma was riddled with guilt because of Claire and Simon was now riddled with guilt on all parts and her called Emma several times about what had happened. Fortunately, Claire, his wife, knew nothing about what happened but Simon kept calling Emma so she told him I knew, in fact she had told me it all, in detail. And it would not happen again. He was obviously upset but got the hint. And I am pleased to say we have remained friends.

We also agreed we would focus on single guys and started to look at some popular web sites to see if we could find some suitable studs. That proved a complete failure. Several so-called studs turned out to be ghosts and when we did finally arrange a meet, booked into our hotel, no one turned up.

Eventually, after a month, we gave up on all that. I was due to be in London the following week, just for a couple of days working with an overnight stay, and I suggested to Emma she came with me. It was the first time she would have come with me on my working trips, and she jumped at the chance. The hotels were always good quality and, I pointed out, there were always well-groomed, middle-aged men, and women, on business stays, so you never know.

We arrived in London early Wednesday morning, and I went off to Maltepe Escort my first meeting leaving Emma to do some shopping having arranged to meet her at the hotel early evening. It was a dry but cold October day, and she was clearly excited and happily waved me goodbye as I ran for the tube.

My day had gone according to plan. Emma messaged me late afternoon to say she had booked into the hotel early, everything was great and was going to have a shower and would meet me in the bar about 5pm.

My final meeting finished on time, and the guys suggested we had a couple of beers before heading off but I politely declined, “meeting the wife”, and I got there just as Emma sat down with a glass of fizz. The bar is a good spot, everyone passed through it on the way to the rooms, and Emma had seated herself looking towards to the main lobby. She looked gorgeous and she gave me a huge smile and a tender kiss as I sat down next to her. She looked stunning, her dark hair almost shone, her skin glowed, (she has the most beautiful complexion). She had a new black dress on, casual but classy, and her shoulders looked soft and smooth. “And I have some new lingerie to show you later” she added. It wasn’t very busy yet, so I said I was going to have a quick swim – the hotel has a decent pool, I try to swim three to four times a week, in summer outdoors, but colder months I keep up my fitness by pool swimming. She had expected me to swim, she was very happy with her fizz, and “you never know, I might have a date by the time you get back” she smiled and gave me a wink and blew a kiss.

As I swam up and down my mind kept thinking – is she really going to try and pull a bloke? We had talked about it, true, even tried to arrange a date, true, but now here she was, looking like sex on legs, and on the hunt! I swim decent distances and I was a good hour in the pool before I jumped out and rushed up to our room to shower and dress.

I glanced at my phone, and I had a message. “Hope you don’t mind, I’ve been invited to have a bite to eat, no rush, I’m great xxx”. My stomach turned over, my heart began to rush. Had she pulled, surely not? I saw it had been sent about 30 minutes earlier, so I quickly replied, “you ok yes?”. There was a pause Cevizli Escort of a few minutes then the reply, “Yep, very, his name is Andy, I’ll message you later xxxxx”. Holy shit!

I wondered down to bar, perhaps hopeful she was winding me up, and looked around. There were quite a few people sat around drinking and chatting. No, she was not there. At first, I thought what an idiot I was to have left her alone, but then remembered this is what we had talked about, it was one of the reasons she had come up to London with me. But I still didn’t feel too happy about it.

The next few hours were not my best. It was one thing to talk about this, to fantasise about her with another man, but the reality is quite another matter. What were they doing right now, will she flirt with him, touch his skin, give him a kiss, let him feel her soft skin, stroke his thigh??? And would she go back to his room?

I felt physically sick. I ordered a snack in the pub next door but didn’t eat it. I went to another bar close-by, had a few more beers. There were lots of people out, relaxing after a working day, a scene I’d seen many times, but it felt different. I looked to see if she was there, but I couldn’t see her and, to be honest, I didn’t know if I’d really want to spot her with this Andy bloke.

It was just after 10pm when my phone pinged again. “I’m back at the hotel are you here?” I said I would be there in 10, and she replied, “You’ll see me in the bar, I’ll be going to his room soon, hurry back x”. Holy shit! This is it.

I finished my drink, although I had trouble swallowing the couple of mouthfuls left and walked back to the hotel. Part of me didn’t want to see what was going to happen next, but I realised I was also excited.

Taking some long deep breaths, I walked through the hotel to the bar. It was very busy, and I walked straight to the bar and ordered a drink. My heart was pounding, I was so nervous, was she still here, would I spot her?? I turned to my left, lifting my beer to my lips and there she was, dead ahead looking towards me. She was sitting on a low sofa with a guy sat next to her, his arm on the back of the sofa behind her, with his hand resting on her shoulder. She was laughing and smiling and Atalar Escort talking to a man facing her, with his back to me.

I walked towards them and I caught her eye, she looked at me but didn’t seem to react and I turned quickly left and sat on a seat a few tables away. I had never felt like this before, a mixture of nerves, worry, excitement, of near panic. Do I stop this? I knew I could, I could simple walk up and say hello, and step in. We had agreed either of us could say stop. But look at her, I said to myself. God, she is beautiful, it was hardly surprising someone had asked her to have drink with them, to share dinner. But I doubt if they had known then that they had picked a reawakened young lady, whose husband had agreed she could take a man of her choice to bed. My beautiful brown eyed Emma, my hotwife, so fucking horny. And my cock was rock hard.

I pretended to be using my phone and looked more closely. The guy with his arm over her shoulder was in his mid to late 30’s, appeared to be quite tall and as I looked, Emma pressed her leg into his and unmistakably ran her hand down his thigh as she reached forward and picked up her glass. I then realised the guy facing her was also party to this fun. Holy shit…..there are two of them! The second guy was a little older, perhaps early 40’s, looked handsome and quite thick set. He picked up a bottle of fizz and filled her glass and as he put the bottle down, she briefly held his hand.

They carried on chatting and laughing, Emma looked stunning, flicking her hair back to show her shoulders, her skirt moving up her legs showing more of her stocking thighs. It was close to unbearable, but utterly horny. I saw her open her handbag, and briefly use her phone. And my phone went ping. Even though it was in my hand I jumped and nervously looked around. No one had noticed.

“We are going up to his room. See you later. Love you X”

I have thought about this so many times since but cannot, even 10 years later, describe how I felt as they stood up, picking up their glasses and bottles, and walked away towards the lifts. There they go with my gorgeous wife, and soon they will be sticking their cocks in her mouth and fucking her senseless. And just as they were about to leave the bar area, Emma glanced behind her towards where I sat, smiled and blew me a kiss. Holy fucking shit!

I waited a few minutes and went up to my room, and slid into a cold bed, alone, with a rock-hard erection.

Emma has written Part 2 – it follows soon

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