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Our Beginning

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Not a fantasy, but recalling our first time together – before time erodes all the details…

I don’t do this. I’ve never posted an ad on Craigslist. And I’ve certainly never agreed to meet a man FOR THE FIRST TIME, at night, at his house. Such a whirlwind courtship – or whatever this is… But here I am, walking up to your front door in my highest of high-heels, wearing a dress and a thong. That was what you told me to wear. And you told me you were going to rip my panties off of me. But you weren’t really going to do that, right?

I walk up to your porch and before I even place foot on a step, you turn off the front porch light. Dread hits my belly. Why did you do that? Why did you turn off the light? Does this mean you see me and aren’t interested? Are you chickening out? Or was this a joke to see if you could get some girl to drive to your house? Are you going to grab me, pull me inside and do something terrible to me?

But then you open the door enough for me to see your smile. A warm smile. So appreciative, so welcoming. You hold the door open and offer your hand out to me. I smile back and take your proffered hand, allowing you to pull me in to the dark living room.

You close the door and press me against it. I’m pinned between the solid wood door and your solid body. You’re strong and muscular. You clearly lift weights. I place my hands on your massive shoulders and trace your biceps. Weird. I usually don’t like a lot of muscles on men… but you have a comfy layer of fat on you too… dad bod. I don’t care what the magazines say, dad-bod is damn sexy.

Your kiss is intense. I can feel your hunger in it. Your roving hands also hint at your need, as you graze over my backside and my breasts. You groan, realizing I’m not wearing a bra. You didn’t tell me not to but I figured you’d appreciate instant access.

But now it’s all overwhelming… being handled this way. I’m still shy, hesitant. This is all moving so fast and I’ve never done this before… have you? Oh God I don’t know a thing about you!

Almost as if you could sense the fear creeping in, you take my hand and place it over your hard cock. You grin ear to ear as I gasp and then exclaim, “Oh my God!” Through the flimsy basketball shorts I feel every inch – and there seems to be QUITE a few inches – of your dick. It’s really long, you weren’t kidding. But whoa – it’s really thick too! Pictures definitely did not do you justice!

I’m thirsty. My throat is like sandpaper and I lick my lips. I want to see how much of your cock I can take in my mouth. I dip my hand into the seam of your shorts and touch your cockhead with my thumb. Just like the stories say – there’s a drop of precum at the tip. I rub it across my thumb and rub your cockhead with it. Nice and smooth.

And just like that, all fear is gone. I want to experience everything I can – everything you are offering me. I’m ready. You know you have me hooked. You pull back and smile, looking adoringly at me as I lean against the door, still nervous but excited. You tell bursa escort me I’m gorgeous. That’s nice to hear. I like feeling beautiful.

You take my hand and lead me to the bedroom. My high heels are making a ridiculous clunking sound against the hardwood flooring, and I think we both realized they were a mistake. So you recommend I take them off as soon as possible. Oh thank you! They’re deadly enough with my clumsiness but add to the fact that my entire body – especially my knees – are shaking and this just spells trouble.

In the bedroom, I slip off my heels and I’m no longer seeing you eye to eye. I’m a good six inches shorter than you and tilting my head up to kiss you makes me feel even smaller than before. Which is not a feeling I’m accustomed to, being 5’10″… Your hand grabs my upper back and pulls me into your kiss while the other hand snakes in front of my dress, squeezing a breast and teasing a nipple.

Then you pull back and lift my dress above my ass, touching my thong. Wait, did I say thong? Nope, not anymore… shredded clumps of lace falls to the floor. Oh wow… you weren’t kidding. My panties are gone. Damn.

What’s left but the dress. A wrap-around dress that holds together with a tie in front. You untie me like a boy on Christmas morning and I’m definitely feeling like a new toy about to be played with. You loosen the tie and open my dress.

Here I am. All of me standing in front of you with nothing left to hide behind. I start to feel imperfect but you convince me otherwise quickly with stating something kind and adoring. I shrug off the rest of my dress and you ask me to lie on the bed.

I lay, face up. Panting. Thirsty. My heart is racing. You slink up my body, lying on top of me. You’re still fully clothed. I realize you’re just as uncomfortable in your skin as I am in my skin. That gives me courage. We’re on the same playing field. Let the games begin!

We kiss as your hands explore my pussy, cupping my pussy in your large hands, running your fingers the length of it, fingering my clit and finally inserting a finger into my opening. I take in a hissing-sharp breath as your finger probes my pussy. You suck on my nipples as you deftly finger me. You love how wet I am. Practically making sloshy sounds. You insert another finger.

I think it’s strange the things you’re doing to my pussy. You’re purposely stretching me out. I thought guys like having tight pussies to fuck… but you’re doing your best to get as much space inside me as possible.

I can’t really describe what you’re doing with your fingers and hands down there, but it feels fucking amazing. Like pulling a string tied to my belly button. And it’s so warm. And so wet and… oh fuck! You’re doing something down there that I’ve only felt a couple times before… and something happens that I’m not too happy about… but I can’t help it. I try to stop you but you think I’m only orgasming… I’m so sorry…

Yes. I squirt. It doesn’t happen ALL the time. Honestly, it only happened a couple escort bursa times in my life. Oh my God what are you thinking right now? This weird freak-girl just squirted all over your hand, on your bed… Oh Jesus please let this mattress swallow me whole.

I finally uncover my face and open my eyes to see what trouble I’m in… and you’re grinning ear to ear. Like you just discovered a flashy new feature on a car you’ve had for months. I apologize and you scoff as me. You think it’s amazing. I’m amazing.

You’re weird. But true to your word, you seem to like it as throughout the rest of the evening, you make me squirt a few more times. You’re good at it too… Too good.

I have you back on top of me and I finally get your shirt off and your shorts. I want to taste you, but you want to be inside me. My hands let go of your thick cock that I’ve been holding and jerking as much as my greedy hands can, and you ease it inside of me. While your cockhead pushes up against my pussy, you’re looking straight into my eyes, and it feels like into my soul.

As your long cock slowly penetrates my pussy, you let out a moan. And I realize no matter how much your fingers stretched me out, it still wasn’t enough for my pussy to be prepared for your girth and definitely your length. You touched a bottom of my pussy that I didn’t even know existed. It am completely filled with your cock.

You fuck me slow and steady. I’m used to getting hard and rough but you deftly demonstrate how nice it is to slow things down too. I can feel everything – how your cock twitches, how it throbs, expands. I writhe underneath you. Wanting more, wanting faster, wanting deeper. Hungry little whore.

You tease me with a few bursts of faster and harder fucking, but for the most part, you’re taking your precious time. You want to last a while. And I do too. I want this moment to last forever. I lay on your bed taking whatever you are willing and able to give me. Perfectly content to take it.

Then you instruct me to sit on your face. Wait, what? Sit on your face? I’m not a petite girl, by any means. 5’10” and some curves… but sure enough. You lay on your back and pull my hips up to the headboard of the bed. I rest my pussy on your face and you wrap your arms around my thick thighs, pinning me down on your mouth.

Again, I can’t describe what you are doing with your mouth, tongue… nose? Holy shit. But it’s amazing. I grind against your face until I covered it with my juices. I cum on your tongue and you say you love the way I taste. I tell you I want to taste you and you finally give me the opportunity.

You lay still as I crawl to the edge of the bed. I rest on my knees in between your legs and take your cock into my long fingers. Now I’m not a professional deep-throater, but I definitely enjoy performing oral on a beautiful thick cock. I lick the entire shaft from the bottom, left side, right side and top-side. I smack your hard cock a little against my cheek and smile up at you. I love looking a man in escort bursa the eyes as I take his cock into my mouth.

Paying attention to the cockhead, I suck on it like a pacifier – it really is the perfect shape for a mouth, I think, the way the cockhead dips in on the bottom and mushrooms out. Perfect for popping in and out. I then work on the shaft, taking more each time I go down, before coming back up to just the cockhead. I love your cock-shaft. I feel your veins pulsing, getting harder and harder. Down a little further, then up. Down a little further, then up. Until your cock reaches my gag-point.

You beg me to be sloppy. The wetter the better. Now, some men don’t like gagging and to them I say, “Huh?” Gagging is awesome. To take the cock as far down as it can go, causing my stomach to heave, my pussy to cream and this super-thick drool to pour out of my mouth. Not to mention the fun thing it does to my eyes when I’m wearing mascara. And it’s the sloppiest blowjob ever when I gag. The drool just pools at the base and if I pull the cock completely out of my mouth, I can create a fun little spit stream from my lips to a cock-head.

I suck and gag on your cock until I’m not sure I could gag one more time. Your crotch is soaked with my spit and practically red. I smile like a schoolgirl and giggle as I creep up your body, position my pussy over your cock and lower myself onto you. I ride your huge cock as hard and fast and as long as I can manage, thrilling at being in control of the tempo and getting a few more orgasms in. At one point we can’t help but laugh as the squishy sounds my slick pussy is making on your spit-covered cock.

Then you tell me to just sit on your cock. What, just sit here like this? I rest on your lap, you’re deep inside me and you instruct me to rock back and forth – not up or down but back and forth – on your lap. I do, not comprehending at first the reason until an amazing feeling began to spread in my loins. And then you lift your hips up, causing your cock to go deeper in me and I realize this was all for me to have an amazing, squirting-orgasm right on your cock. Holy fuck I’m going to faint it feels so fucking good. So you have me do it again. It’s shocking how quickly I cum on your cock in this position. I tell you it’s my new favorite thing in the whole world. You chuckle.

Then you roll me over. I’m looking up into your eyes. And you’re looking down into mine. You’re in me completely and I feel complete. I don’t know you from Adam, but as I look into your eyes, I feel that connection once more. I hoarsely whisper, “You’re inside my pussy. You’re inside of me.” You shudder and I see that my words affect you in the right way. I can see it in your eyes and I feel it in your throbbing, cum-filled cock. I continue, “Tell me you’re mine. Tell me you’re mine, Drew.”

You’re barely able to complete, “I’m yours” before you unload the largest, warmest cum I’ve ever felt, deep inside of me. It fills up any crevice not occupied by your cock.

You rest on my chest, catching your breath. I kiss your neck and lick a little bit of your sweat. Your cock twitches inside, and you shake a little every time my pussy twitches around your cock. I smiled, satiated, revived and hopeful. Because I knew this was only the beginning…

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