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One Way to Make a Meeting Zoom…

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“Nice to see so many familiar faces in this session – everyone in the company will need to see these slides eventually, so it’s good that you’re getting in first. Data protection is everyone’s concern. So before we start, I’d appreciate it if everyone could mute their microphones to minimise distractions – there will be time for questions at the end. But please leave your cameras on, so we can see all your lovely faces. Right. Can everyone see that first slide? Let’s get started…”

Victoria sighed and settled back in her seat a little. She hated the company policy that cameras must be left on in meetings – it felt too much like being in school, monitored and not trusted to just get on with the meeting without being watched. She was especially annoyed today – she’d forgotten about this meeting until she got the email alert ten minutes before it started, and had had to rush around getting herself presentable. Until then, she’d been checking her emails from bed, wearing the big baggy T-shirt she had slept in and idly flicking between tabs in an incognito window at the same time, one hand resting between her thighs. It was a Friday morning, she was already winding down for the weekend, and she’d let herself get…distracted from her Inbox. That wasn’t a crime, right? Merely a perk of working from home.

But now she was sat at her desk in the kitchen, her messy bedhead hastily brushed through and pulled into a ponytail, a thin silky blouse yanked from her wardrobe and thrown on to replace her sleep shirt. She only had to be dressed from the waist up, after all. At two minutes to the start time, she’d set up her computer, turned on her camera…and suddenly realised, as she stood in front of the video preview and bent down to check it, that she’d forgotten to put underwear on. Her neatly trimmed flash of dark hair between her pale thighs surprised her when she saw it on screen, and she scampered back to her room. The first pair of underwear that came to hand were impractically lacy but they’d do just for the sake of discretion – she might not be wearing trousers but she couldn’t sit in the kitchen with her pussy rubbing straight against her desk chair. Not with her flatmate in her own room.

So that was the set up. She glanced at herself in the bar at the side of the presentation, where she could see a handful of video feeds. She looked prepared enough. No one would be able to tell what she’d been doing until mere moments ago. Her eyes wandered down and gave a tiny smile to herself. Of course Darren was in this meeting, and of course he was making absolutely no effort to pretend to be listening. He never did. He was her boss and far too much of a maverick for the company, always trying to upheave policy and shake things up…but he was also damn good at his job, so they let him. She Esenyurt escort let her eyes linger on his screen for a moment, taking in his tanned skin against the crisp white shirt, his dark stubble on his strong jaw. He was leaning back in his chair, eyes fixed on his phone which was turned landscape. He was probably watching the football highlights from last night. But what if…?

She blushed and tried to focus back on the presentation screen. She couldn’t go around assuming everyone was as horny as she was during the work day, and it would be bold even for Darren to openly watch porn in a meeting. But the thought had crept into her head and showed no signs of leaving. A little fantasy never hurt anyone, right?

She shifted in her seat and realised that the lace of her knickers provided a delicious friction as she did so…so delicious that she repeated the movement for no reason other than to feel it again. God, this was too much. There were 27 people in this meeting, all doing varying levels of a good job at pretending to care about data protection. She couldn’t…could she? Instinctively, her legs moved a little further apart and the thin band of lace barely covering her pussy slipped easily between her outer lips at the cleft, pressing more firmly on her clit. She swallowed hard and picked up a pen, nodding wisely and pretending to make a note so they’d all know she was paying very close attention, despite the building pressure between her legs under the desk.

It was in this moment that it became very clear to her that she’d forgotten something else. A bra. Her breasts were on the larger side but still nicely perky, and she rarely wore a bra at home if she could help it. But now her sensitive nipples were stood up proudly in two clearly visible peaks through the pale pink fabric of her blouse, and she had to readjust her sitting position to bring them just below the level of the camera. She was amazed at the thrill it gave her, but maybe that was just the rough lace of her underwear rubbing closely on her clit again as she slumped slightly in her chair.

She checked her face in the video feed again and was amazed by how calm she looked. That was good. Except maybe not, because it made her want to test how good she could be. Could she really do this, and expect no one to notice? The idea was suddenly thrilling, and she felt her pussy throb with excitement. Still holding her pen in one hand and looking thoughtfully at the screen, she moved her other hand under the desk, resting it lightly on her inner thigh. A tingle radiated to her pussy as she crept her fingers nearer, before sliding a finger along the already soaked strip of lace tucked between her pussy lips. The feeling made her hips twitch and her legs move wider, as she dipped her Etiler escort bayan finger under the fabric and pulled it to one side, revealing her dripping pussy to the air. Christ, she was wet. The anticipation had made her clit swell and her lips were slippery as she teased them with her fingertip, skating over her folds and eliciting a little whimper from her lips. Thank God she was muted, although her cheeks flushed at the noise. She did it again, sliding a finger up and down her wetness, just avoiding her clit each time as she knew once she got there, she wouldn’t be able to stop.

Her eyes landed on Darren, whose lips had twitched into that gorgeous little smirk he got sometimes and his deep brown eyes were still fixed intently on his phone screen. She wanted him to look at her like that, to devour her with those eyes and to give a charming little smirk at what she was doing. The thought of him watching her, or even having an inkling of what she might be doing, made teasing herself impossible. Her hand moved of its own accord, two fingers burying in to find her clit and begin to treat it properly, rubbing slow lazy circles on the aching nub. The added pleasure made her back arch and she had to effect a stretch, rolling her head from one side to the other as though her posture looking at the screen was making her neck ache. But her hand never stopped moving and she allowed herself a little whine of pleasure, safe in the knowledge that no one could hear her.

The manager giving the presentation was droning on about privacy laws and the importance of the ‘blind copy’ function when sending emails, but all Victoria could see was Darren looking at his phone. She imagined that perhaps there was a camera under her desk, rigged up to a give a different view than the one her colleagues were getting, and perhaps that was what Darren could see on his phone screen. The fantasy made her sigh with pleasure and she couldn’t resist sliding a finger inside herself, giving a little satisfied shudder as she quickly added a second, relishing the feeling of fullness. Her legs spread wider as though she were putting on a show for him and she gave a tiny moan as she began to move her two fingers in and out, as slowly as she could manage. It felt so good, and just the idea that someone knew made it feel even better. She tried hard to focus her eyes on the training presentation as she let the hand holding her pen move out of sight of the camera, trailing it down over her body. She flicked the pen over her rock hard nipples, causing her to bite hard on the inside of her lip, before it reached its destination. Her clit was desperate for attention and it responded instantly as she began to tap it with her end of the pen, her hips twitching and bucking of their own accord.

Swallowing Escort Eyüp hard, she gave herself over to the pleasure that was radiating through her body – the pen flicked quickly over her clit as she began to truly fuck her fingers, adding a third and moving her hips so she was riding her hand. All the while, her upper body stayed as still as she could make it and her eyes were wide and fixed on Darren. Her fantasy mutated, so that he was now kneeling under her desk…the pen on her clit was his tongue, the fingers were his. It was all she could do not to throw her head back, although she allowed herself another moan, louder this time, her lips open a little in a way that she hoped looked thoughtful and not wanton on the camera.

The moan seemed to open the floodgates and suddenly, she couldn’t keep herself quiet. She wasn’t worried about her flatmate hearing her needy little whimpers and groans, she just needed to release the energy from her body vocally. The orgasm was getting closer and she adjusted her position a little to be sitting fully on her fingers, her hips grinding hard as she tried to hold herself still from the waist up. In an ideal world, she would have really gone to town, bouncing as she rode – she loved the feeling of her round arse and her tits jiggling, but now was not the time for that sadly. Her nipples were almost painfully hard and she knew she wouldn’t be able to last much longer. She fixed her gaze on her own video feed, nodding as though she was really taking in what was being said rather than to complement the little whispers of “yes, yes” that she could no longer keep to herself. The drone of the trainer nothing more than white noise to her now as the final throes came upon her, and her face went bright red at the attempts to keep her eyes on the screen and her mouth an acceptable level of open. Her pussy contracted around her fingers, her hips convulsed and she realised her eyes were almost pleading as she discreetly rode out the orgasm crashing through her body. Finally, she relaxed, her pussy throbbing and her forehead a little damp from the exertion of being so outwardly calm. Her chest was heaving and she shuddered as she pulled her soaking underwear back into place and sat a little straighter in her chair. She tried to repress a couple of shivers and twitches as she tried to focus back on the meeting.

“Does anyone have any questions? Anything to add?” asked the trainer, and Victoria cast her eyes around the video feeds of her oblivious colleagues. Or where they? She noticed that Darren had put his phone down now, but his smirk had got a little more lascivious and his gaze was clearly fixed on one specific person on his screen. She realised that in sitting up, she had made her nipples straining against the silk of her shirt visible to the meeting. That couldn’t be what he was looking at…could it?

As a woman from the Finance department launched into a question, a chat box appeared in the bottom corner of her screen. A private message. From Darren.

What a thrilling session, eh? Seems like you enjoyed some of it…

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