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One of the Girls Ch. 04 – Gym Buddies

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I’m strolling along campus when I decide I want to try out this local burger place, while inside I notice Megan’s friend Bethany. I try to not make eye contact but she excitedly runs up to me and picks me up hugging me “How have you been, little guy?” She says, most people would assume she is calling me that due to our height difference, however I know exactly why that’s my nickname from her. I feel my back breaking in her hug, but I at least get a face full of her amazing breasts.

She lets go and says “You know… I’ve been needing a gym buddy for some time, and I think it’s about time you built up some muscle, want to work out with me after classes?” This is oddly a normal request, and honestly I have felt that I need to get into shape “Uh sure…” I say, she responds “Great I’ll text you the address, see you later.” Oh yeah that’s right, Megan gave out my phone number.

Later I head to the address and find what looks like a pretty small gym, I try to go inside but the door is locked, I text Bethany asking what’s up and she unlocks and opens the door from the inside. “Sorry about that, I have to keep the door locked so no one can just come in” she says, I look up at her in confusion. “Oh yeah this is my own private gym, my parents are kinda rich and know how much I like staying in shape so this was a birthday present a few years ago.” Wow that’s incredible, an entire gym for your Bostancı Escort birthday.

I then ask “So where can I change?” and to my surprise she responds with “Right here is fine, as she pulls off her top and her massive tits spill out right in front of me. “Wh-what are you doing?!” I blurt out, she responds “I hate getting my clothes all sweaty, so I like to workout naked” she then pulls down her pants revealing her completely unshaven crotch. Seeing a real girl naked for the first time is kind of making me light headed, especially one with as huge proportions as her. “Well what are you waiting for? Get nude! We don’t have all day!” She says enthusiastically.

I take off my clothes and I feel smaller than usual, seeing Bethany in all her naked glory has reminded me just how big every aspect of her is, her tits, her ass, her muscles, her height, she even has more pubic hair than I have hair on my entire body! “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, the human body is a natural wonder!” She says supportively.

We first head to the bench where she puts a few plates on each side and lies on the bench, pressing the weight with little to no effort. I say in astonishment “Holy shit, how much is that?!” She responds “315 pounds, wanna try?” I try to protest, knowing I couldn’t possibly lift that much she reassures me and says she’ll be there to spot. I lie on Ümraniye Escort the bench and look up to see Bethany’s monster tits above me as she’s ready to spot, I look down to see my little dick standing up and oozing precum.

Bethany helps me get the bar off the rack and the bar immediately falls, I probably would have died right there if she didn’t catch it. She sees me struggling and my arms shaking and says “Maybe we should start out lighter.” She drops the weight considerably and I do my set, despite how embarrassing it feels, she seems very supportive of my progress.

We then move onto squats, she puts 5 plates on each side and goes to town, seeing her spread out everything as she goes down causes my dick to throb and leak more precum. She then puts a couple more plates on, and asks for a spot, I approach and shakily wrap my arms around her torso with my hips positioned backwards. “Well I’m not going to get much support when you’re so far away.” I then move forward, my face is incredibly red and my dick is right between her legs. She starts her set and squats down, as she transitions downward, my dick rubs all the way up her legs and presses against her butthole. She’s actually struggling to move up so I’m trying to support her upwards best that I can. My arms feel the underside of her breasts and we both push upwards getting the bar back on the rack, as she Anadolu Yakası Escort jolts upwards, her legs come together flexing together is too much for my dick, I end up shooting a load between her legs all over in front of her. She laughs “Looks like your little dick also got quite the workout.”

We move on to cardio, we both get onto treadmills that are right next to each other. She cranks up the speed on both and we start running. I blush as I see my little cock flops up and down, but then I look over and see the absolute bouncing behemoths on Bethany’s chest. After a few seconds, I’m already feeling winded, Bethany sees me slow down and slaps my ass hard to keep me going. However, it becomes too much and fall off the treadmill, unable to breathe. Bethany stops and runs over in concern. She can tell I’m not breathing, so she crouches down on top of me and gives me mouth to mouth… Or at least it started that way. She went from pushing air into my mouth, to pushing her tongue into mouth. Her kiss is very forceful, just like her personality. She notices me breathing again and sits up, my cock now firmly between her butt cheeks as she’s sitting on me. “Heh, sorry about that, I couldn’t let my new gym buddy die” she says blushing. I then pass out due to all of the overstimulation.

I wake up in my bed, Bethany must have carried me home… while I’m still naked… I get up and check my phone and see a text from her “Thanks for coming to the gym today, I hope it wasn’t too intense ;)” I sit back down on my bed and think about how amazing that was, until I get a text from Megan, reminding me that things are a lot more complicated than I have realized.

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