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One Hot Holiday Ch. 02

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Alice woke up as the sun shone through the patio doors of the apartment. She turned to her right to see her husband, Jack asleep next to her, the light sheets had fallen off him and his naked body was in full view. She admired him for a moment, his big shoulders, his slightly rounded stomach and his thick cock which hung loosely next to his thigh. She felt a tingle rush up her back and found herself lowering her mouth onto the tip of it, flicking her tongue around it. Jack groaned and moved slightly as if he knew subconsciously what she was doing although he didn’t wake up. She took off her top so she could feel his skin pressing against her nipples as she licked him more vigorously. She could feel herself getting wet and began to reach down with her fingers. Jack’s cock soon became completely hard and she licked and sucked his shaft until he woke up. He grabbed her hair and she felt him pulsing and knew he was going to cum any second. With one last flick of her tongue, she pulled away as he came fast onto her face. She licked what she could reach with her tongue and finally looked up and caught his eye. For a split second, she could have sworn she’d seen Liam’s face and not her husband’s.

“Let’s get out of the apartments today and go to the beach or something.” Jack suggested, sitting on the balcony eating breakfast.

“Sure, sounds like a good idea.” Alice called back from the kitchen. Since that morning, she hadn’t been able to get Liam off her mind. It was torture, remembering his toned brown body, his massive cock, knowing it was all only through the wall next to her room. She felt herself getting wet again at the mere thought of him. But she felt a pang of guilt about fucking another guy when she was supposed to be happily married. She shook her head to try and disperse güvenilir bahis the thoughts and went into the bathroom to put on her bikini.

Looking at her own naked body in the mirror turned her on even more than she already was. Sitting on the edge of the bath where she could still see herself, she began to rub at her clit with her fingers. She watched herself for a while, her nipples hardening, her fingers working faster and faster. Closing her eyes for a moment, she thought back to being fucked so hard the day before. It wasn’t like her to do something like that but she felt so liberated by it, so excited. As she pictured it all, she felt her juices begin to drip down her legs. Her fingers rubbed faster and faster and before she knew it, she came so hard, she screamed out loud. Which followed a knock at the bathroom door.

“Are you ok in there?” It was Jack.

“Um, yeah, I’m fine. I’ll be out in a minute.” Alice caught her breath, pulled on her bikini and opened the door, smiling a little smugly to herself.

When they finally got to the beach, it was around noon. The sun was hot in the sky and Alice was ready for lying back on a lounger and reading a book. Jack, however, had other plans.

“Let’s go water-skiing. Or on one of the boat trips.”

“I kind of just wanted to relax today.”

“You could have relaxed back at the apartment, come on, let’s at least do something while we’re here.”

“I’m really tired and it’s really hot, Jack.”

“Ok, fine. But I’m not sitting about all day, I’m going to go and do some jet skiing or something.” He dumped his things down on the lounger next to Alice and walked off towards the sea.

Alice got comfortable with her book and stretched out her legs. She loved how easily and how quickly she tanned. She always felt güvenilir bahis siteleri sexier when she was tanned. No sooner had she began to read, she heard a voice call her name. She peered over the top of her book and saw a very familiar face walking towards her; Liam.

“Fancy seeing you here.” He said, smiling, showing his perfect white teeth. For some reason, he looked even sexier on the beach than he had back at the apartments.

“Same to you.” Alice grinned back at him. He bent down beside her and stroked a finger along her stomach.

“Yesterday was amazing. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.” He started, his hand making its way slowly towards her bikini bottoms. Her heart started racing, she had to have him again. Right now. She made a point of looking at his tight swimming shorts and noticed that unmistakable bulge. He wanted her too. But Jack was only across the beach…

Liam leaned into her closer, his hand brushing her crotch, and began whispering into her ear. “I want to fuck you right here. I want to feel your wet pussy around my cock. I want to make you cum over and over and make you scream. And then I want to lick those juices up with my tongue.”

Alice almost gasped aloud. Her nipples hardened under her bikini and she realised that Liam had noticed.

“But where…?” She started but he shushed her and held out his hand to help her up out of the lounger. Her book fell, discarded onto the bed as she checked quickly to make sure Jack wasn’t in sight and followed Liam.

He took her to a smaller cut-off part of the beach where there were a couple of old wooden fishing boats half-buried in the sand. Neither of them spoke to each other, somehow that made it all the more exciting. Alice stood next to a boat and slipped off her bikini iddaa siteleri top. Liam stared at her impressive chest and began sucking on her nipples. The feeling was amazing and Alice threw her head back, panting loudly, knowing that she could quite easily cum just from this. She slid her hands into his shorts and grabbed his cock, stroking the length of it.

“I want to feel you inside me.” She moaned. Liam needed no more persuading. He turned Alice around and pulled down her bottoms. Bending her over the boat, he took his cock from his shorts and thrust it into her now dripping pussy. She gasped and began moaning loudly with every thrust, she got wetter and wetter to the point where she thought she would squirt everywhere. He fucked her deeper and she spread her legs a little so she could really feel the whole of his thick cock. He grabbed the top of her head and pulled it back so she could almost see into his face.

“You dirty fucking slut. I’m going to fuck you so hard and then I’m going to cum down your throat.” Liam grunted at her. It turned Alice on even more; she was on the edge of cumming herself. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she felt her orgasm build up and she let out the loudest scream of pleasure she had ever let out. Her pussy juices dripped down her legs as Liam carried on pumping away from behind. Then he pulled out, turned her around and shoved his cock into her mouth. Within seconds, a shot of cum filled it, then another, and then another. She swallowed every last drop, licking her lips when he was finished.

“Fuck…” Liam said as he caught his breath. He came over close to Alice and gave her nipples one last suck, sticking his fingers into her wet pussy.

“God, you get so wet. It’s so hot.”

Alice smiled and watched Jack pull his shorts back up and she reached for her bikini when she noticed someone watching them out the corner of her eye. She turned her head to catch what dirty bastard had been standing there watching them fuck when she got a surprise. The person watching them had been Jack.

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