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On the Hunt Ch. 10 – The Quarry

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Hi Lisa here. Welcome Back. This is Part 10 of my real life story. The only thing I have changed are the names. I also do not mention the names of the locations. I sure some of you will be able to figure them out. All I ask is you don’t tell. Thank you for reading my story. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. All participants are over 18 and are consenting in their roles. Congrats to “Mognog” for figuring out what city I’m in 🙂


Arriving home Sunday morning I did a social media search on Tom (AKA Sir). I know I have a lot of work to do with my subs. Taking on three has been daunting. Sparrow is the only one I have been able to make progress with. Despite working with Blue Jay and Dove on a daily bases.

While researching Tom I found he is divorced, only child, parents still married, etc.. He is middle management and takes his sub everywhere. I decide to give him a few days to call me before making any moves.

The subs are all worn out from getting fucked six ways from Sunday last night. This is not going to stop me. They need training and tasks. I decide to do a series of easy ones to start the day. My house needs cleaning and the yard men will be here today.

After breakfast I assign each of them a room to clean. Loser sunbathes out back for the yard men to find. I put on my mistress cat suite with riding crop out to show them how serious I am.

They scrubbed and cleaned for an hour before I stop them. I put on my white gloves and inspected their work. As I inspected, I had them kneel facing the wall with their hands cuffed behind them.

I told Sparrow and Blue Jay to get up and come to me. I asked, in my best “your fucked up” voice, “Do you think this is acceptable?” Showing them the dirt on my gloves.

They both answered in trembling voices “No Mistress.”

I cracked my riding crop on the counter and yelled “Clean it up!”

I walked over to Dove, who was still facing the wall, and whispered in her ear in my most evil tone “Their cleaning up your mess, Bitch.” Then through gritted teeth “Get. Your. Ass. Outside. Now.”

I walked her out under the back deck. Hung her up by her hand cuffs so she was on her tip toes. I told her she was to fuck and suck all of the groundskeepers and she had to swallow. Then I wrote a note in lipstick on her ass “Please fuck all my holes.”

I setup my cameras and went back inside to watch the show.

Shortly I heard the men, Daniel, Carlos and Javier cutting the lawn in the front of the house.

The men came in the gate with their mowers, hedge trimmers and weed-eaters. It took them all of a minute to see my present to them. I heard the equipment shut off and some hooting and hollering. Then I saw them on camera.

Carlos said “Holy shit.” I heard some more hooting then he started talking to her. He asked “Is this was for real.” and lightly slapped her ass.

Dove implored them “Yes, please fuck all my holes. I need your cocks inside me.”

Javier, the foreman, told the others “I call her pussy.”

Carlos said “Damn you’re wet.” As he caressed her pussy.

Daniel did not have to be asked twice and dropped his pants and shoved his cock in her ass as she hung there helplessly. Her body swung with every stroke of his cock.

Dove pleaded to Carlos through her moans “Please istanbul escort let me suck your cock.”

Carlos unhooked her cuffs and she fell to the ground with Daniels cock still inside her.

Dove moaned to Daniel “Deeper. Harder.” Then she engulfed Carlos’s cock

Dove licked the tip and ran her tongue up and down the sides. She took his balls in her mouth and gave them a good squeeze. Then she switched to Javier and sucked his cock also. She went back and forth between the two men until Carlos came in her mouth.

Dove was able to swallow Carlos’s load. She took her time as she licked Carlos clean then went back to sucking Javier.

Daniel shot his load in her ass and Javier rolled Dove on her back so he could fuck her pussy. He pumped her hard and fast as she licked Daniel clean.

Dove finally came, screaming and squirting, just as Javier shot his load deep inside her.

Dove knelt on her knees and began to suck all three cocks until they were hard again. Switching from one to the other as she gave hand jobs to the two that were not currently being sucked. Dove swallowed their cum as each of the men came a second time.

I told Blue Jay and Sparrow to go out and humiliate Dove with a strap-on, riding crop and vibrator.

The men were pleased and curious to see the girls walk up to Dove. The girls make her get on all fours and suck on the peg.

Dove screamed as Sparrow shoved the vibrator in her as ass. Using it like a cock to fuck her with Sparrow asked condescendingly “You like that don’t you Slut?” Then slapped her hard enough to leave a red mark an her ass.

Dove replied meekishly “Yes, please give it to me hard.”

Blue Jay told Dove “Shut up bitch and suck this.” As she made her deep throat the peg. Blue Jay shoved the entire 8 inches down Dove’s throat and made her gag.

Sparrow spanked Dove some more then asked the men to take turns fucking Dove. The men were to spent to get it up again so Blue Jay moved behind Dove and began to fuck her from behind. Sparrow told Dove “Slut, suck the men until they are hard again.”

The men gathered in front of Dove and she began to suck their cocks as she had before. She sucked one at a time for a sort time before moving on the next. Before long the men were hard again. Blue Jay asked Javier to trade places with her.

I walked out, still in my Mistress outfit, and told Dove “You better not cum.” as I took the crop and gave Dove a hard swat across her ass. I directed Blue Jay to get in front of Dove.

I told Dove to eat Blue Jay out and make sure she came. With Javier pumping as hard as he could behind her this was not an easy task. I could see she was close to cumming so I gave her another swat with my crop.

“Didn’t I tell you not to cum?” I asked sternly.

Taking her mouth away from Blue Jays pussy she replied “Yes Madam.”

I swatted her again and asked “Who told you to stop?”

She answered “No one Madam.” She went back to pleasing Blue Jay.

Once Blue Jay came, I had Sparrow switch places with her. After everyone had their turn with Dove I told the subs to go inside so the men could finish their jobs.

Knowing Dove was close to cumming I setup my next challenge. I had the subs all insert their remote controlled vibrators and sit quietly şişli escort on the living room floor. The loser would have to do a nude walk in the park during the day.

I cuffed each one behind the back and to their ankles in an kneeling position. Then I tied their knees together. I put on their blindfolds and turned on the vibrators. All I had to do is wait for one to break.

I messaged Howie and Tom to meet us at Howie’s for some action with the loser. They happily accepted. So much for waiting a few days.

As I expected Dove broke first. I waited to see who lasted the longest as I had a plan for her also. Sparrow came last and I put my plan into action. I gave Sparrow some timed padlocks and cordage along with a dress for Dove to wear when she completed the walk.

I sent Sparrow over to Howie’s to entertain him and Tom. This gave me time to set everything up at the park.

As it is very hot today I had Blue Jay carry some cold water in a cooler to set in different parts of the park. The plan is for Dove to make her way to different parts of the park and not get caught. Only Dove and I know these points.

When we got to the park I blindfold Blue Jay then set out by myself to distribute the water. Then I drove to a secluded part of the park and let Dove out.

I left Dove on the eastside of the park. I told her she had to make it to the restrooms along the north side. She will find water hidden in the woman’s side. She is to then to the west restrooms where she will find a dress hidden in the men’s restroom. I placed the other water bottles in the bushes and other restrooms to throw the others off.

She will only have thirty minutes to make it from point to point. She must have sex with anyone who catches her. This does not count against time if caught. Everyone must stay on the path except Dove. For added danger there are other people in the park to watch out for who are not part of the game.

I drove back to the entrance where Blue Jay and I met Sparrow, Howie and Tom. I told them they must stay on the path until they spot Dove, then they can leave the path to catch her. They must not travel together. I will keep an eye out for police and have a dress with me incase she is caught by someone other than us.

I handed everyone some cordage, cuffs, and timed padlocks to put on Dove after they catch her. It will be possible for her to be completely bound before this is over which will count as a fail.

Tom made me an offer I could not resist. If we catch Dove he wanted to keep her for the rest of the day. He wanted to put her on the rack at his place where we can all have fun with her. I agreed and added she must be caught twice. Once by him and once by one of the other three. That is, she must be completely bound and have failed this task.

Dove only wearing her collar and heals started her journey off 200 yards from the first restroom. She had cover for the first 50 yards then a couple of 10 yard open areas to cross. She had to wait until Sparrow passed to cross the first open area.

The next open area would be harder as she had to get around or through a play ground. The play ground was empty so she chose that route. Although she was in the open only for a few second Howie spotted her and followed her into the restroom.

Howie pinned her mecidiyeköy escort in a stall and cuffed her arms behind the back. He padlocked the cuffs with 10 minutes on the timer. Using the cordage he secured her elbows then took her the men’s side. He bent her over the sink and rammed his cock in her pussy from behind not caring if she enjoyed it or not.

As Howie was fucking her a middle aged man walked in and saw them. Howie asked if he wanted a blowjob from her. The man took him up on the offer and Dove greedily sucked the mans cock.

Howie finished fucking her and shot his load inside her. The man came in her mouth and she swallowed his entire load. Howie made her clean him up with her tongue. Howie gave her a slap on the ass and walked out with the other man.

As per the rules Howie returned to the car and Dove was now partially bound. In a few minutes her cuffs will release by themselves, but her arms will still be tied behind her.

Dove was being extra careful now as if she got caught again it would mean she failed her task. Also it is much harder for her to walk with her arms tied. She kept to the bushes the rest of the way. Near the end she crawled in the ditch to remain hidden from view.

With her arms still tied her cuffs released and this gave her enough movement to open the men’s room door. She was in such a hurry she forgot to check to see if anyone was in there. As she opened the door she was confronted by two more men.

They were surprised to see a naked tied up girl walk in.

Dove immediately asked them “Do you like what you see?” Then followed by “If you untie me I will reward you with my body.” Dove knelt down in front of them and said “I will happily suck your cocks if you wish.”

One of the men, a giant of a man standing 6′ 6″ tall with a muscular build, said his nickname was Mognog. Said he would “Gladly help a lady in distress.”

He promptly untied Dove and offered her his shirt. Dove told him “My Mistress would not permit her to dress until she rewarded him.” She unzipped his pants revealing the largest cock she has ever seen.

Mognog offered no resistance to her advances as she licked his cock like an popsicle. She could not help herself as she devoured his cock. She flicking her tongue on the tip and then swallowed it whole. She had to force it down her throat to get it all the way in.

She did such a good job Mognog had to sit down on the counter as she ravaged his cock. He slid his long thick cock down her throat almost cloaking her. His eyes rolled back into his head as he shot his load down her throat. Dove slurped up all of his cum and licked him clean.

Dove begged him to fuck her as she sucked him until he was hard again. How could he turn down such an offer?

Mognog picked her up and put her on the counter so he could fuck her. He found it her to be so tight he had to put it in slowly, just in a little at a time. Dove started to cum almost as soon as he got it all the way in.

Mognog’s friend did nothing except record the show with his cell phone.

Dove came multiple times before Mognog finally came. Dove squirted all over the counter and fell exhausted into his arms.

After rinsing her mouth out with mouthwash, she left him with a long kiss. Dove stood up and retrieved the dress from its hiding place, got dressed and told Mognog she hope to see him again soon.

Dove calmly walked to the car with a smile on her face. I blew my whistle to let everyone know she had made it back to the car. We all met back at my house.

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