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On the Bus

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Big Boobs

I was finally headed home. Another day over with. The line for the bus was so long, I was hoping I will be able to get on this bus at least. Not that it matters, what was I rushing home too? There was no one there, just another lonely evening stretched ahead of me. Dinner in front of the TV again. It just sucked being alone all the time.

Maybe I will stop at the video store on my way home and pick up a porno, I was thinking. I was so horny, it has been so long for me without some male attention. Someone to touch and caress my body, someone to make me moan. It has been just me and my toys, and I think they are getting tired of me.

Where was this bus? The line is getting so long and crowded. The man behind me kept pushing into me. I turned my head to stay something, then I shut my mouth. I have seen him before on this bus at this time with me. He said sorry, excuse me. I just smiled. He wasn’t a bad looking man. Very tall, about 6’3 and lean and well groomed. I have been without for so long, I felt a tingling every time he pushed into me.

Finally the bus came and we all pushed our way on. No seats of course, just standing room only. I made my way to the back, hoping it was less crowed back there, no luck what so ever. As the bus moved along, I felt a body pressed against my back. I knew who it was even without turning around to look. I felt his hard lean body pressed very close and intimately against my body. The bus made a short stop, and everyone pitched forward. I felt this mans arms come around me and his groin pushed into my bottom. I am not sure if I moaned out loud or not. This was the most contact I had with a man in over a year. My panties were instantly wet.

When the bus started to move along again, the man didn’t remove his arms from around me, I just leaned back into him and shut my eyes. His body felt so good, so strong, so manly. I knew I had to move, and I turned my head to say sorry, when I noticed him leaning down and smelling my hair. He took a deep breath in, and just inhaled and smiled. My stop was coming up, I had to end this now with this stranger, but yet I didn’t want to end it.

I went to ring the bell, and he leaned in close to my ear and whispered softly to me. Stay on the bus, and come home with me, take the chance. I didn’t know what to do. My stop came and went, so I guess I made up my mind.

As we got off the bus, he was holding my hand, bahis siteleri not saying a word to me. We didn’t even know each others name. Just seen the other a few times at the bus stop. Here I was taking the chance, with a stranger as he was taking that chance with me. Was I that desperate? Or was I just that horny and lonely, I just wanted some much needed attention? Things like this don’t happen to women like me. Men don’t usually give me a second look. Most tend to enjoy slim women, with perky breast and perky everything else. Someone you can toss around in the air. Not BBW’s like me. Not women with curves on curves. Big breasted and very full figured.

We walked one block and stopped in front of this small house. As he opened the gate, he pulled me in behind him. As he was unlocking the door, he turned to me, giving me one last chance to change my mind. I just waited for him to open the door and lead me inside. Once I make up my mind, there is no changing it for me. I take my chances as I get them.

As soon as we were inside with the door closed and locked behind us, he pushed me back against it. My hands were at my side and he held them there. He just looked into my face, as I looked into his. He leaned in and kissed me. Not gentle and sweet, but hard and demanding. I kissed him back the wanting more. His body didn’t even touch mine as he kissed me. The kiss felt like it went on forever.

After that kiss there was no way I was going to back out that door and change my mind. He awoke everything deep inside of me, that has been quiet and sleeping for so long.

He pulled my arms above my head as he leaned closer into my body. I felt the length of him, all tall and lean. His knee came between my legs and wanted in the middle. Spreading my legs wider to let him in. He was kissing me so hard, searching for my tongue. I could do nothing but kiss him back, leaning onto his leg.

When the kiss ending, he pulled me behind him, taking me up the stairs. He let me go in front of him, and his hands were on my waist. When I was just about at the top of the stairs, he stopped me and put his hands on my ass. Just rubbing and touching me. He had me so turned on and my legs were feeling weak, and I leaned into the top stair with my ass in the air as he was caressing me. My pants were pulled tight against my wide ass. I know you could make out the outline of my panties.

Next thing canlı bahis siteleri I know, he slapped my ass. First one cheek then the other. I just love the sound of that, as his hand spanked my ass. My panties were so wet by now. I spread my legs wider, giving him all access to me right there on the stairs. As I hoped, he rubbed his hand on my crotch. He felt my heat and my wetness right thru my pants.

He then turned me around, and sat me down on the steps. He unbuckled my pants and slowly pulled down my zipper. I lifted my hips to help him pull my pants down. He pulled my pants and my panties down at the same time. He leaned in closer and inhaled. His face was inches from my wet hot pussy. I felt his breath on me, I waited and watched. I wasn’t sure, but I thought he said “beautiful” right before he put his lips on me.

He kissed the top of my pussy and started to lick on my puffy lips. Then he was licking every inch of my pussy. Holding it open for better access. He face was so buried inside of me. My legs were on his shoulders by now, as he licked me for all he was worth. I couldn’t hold out for much longer, I felt it building up inside of me. I was enjoying this strangers mouth on me, and he wasn’t stopping until he got me off, I could tell. My body started to tense, and I grabbed his hand and held him there as he got me to orgasm. It was so intense, to finally cum from someone, besides my own fingers and my toys. He didn’t stop licking me until he had ever drop. Until I was so sensitive and I had to gently push his head away.

Then he put my legs down and came up my body and kissed me, with my taste still on his lips. He kissed me so deeply. His body on mine, I could feel how rock hard he was. I wanted to rip his clothes off of him and have him fuck me right there.

He pulled me up, and at the top of the stairs we walked down the hall. Inside his bedroom, he guided me towards the bed and sat me down. As I sat there watching him, he slowly took off his clothes, doing a sexy strip show for me alone. My mouth was watering watching him. What a beautiful body he had, every inch of him.

He walked closer to me and took off my blouse and unhooked my bra. My breast spilled free, and he caught them in his hands. He was squeezing and touching my big breast all over. Pulling at the nipples, gently twisting. I tried to reach out to touch him, but he gently backed away. canlı bahis He said there will be other times for me to touch him, for now it was all about me he told me.

His head came down closer to me, and he was kissing me again. Trailing down my face to my neck. As he was kissing down my neck his tongue was leaving a wet trail. He was kissing and licking me. Down until he reached my breast. He licked them all over and was gently biting them. As he was working on one breast his hand was on the other one. Finally my nipple was in his mouth, his wet tongue licking it. He was sucking on me as if to try and draw milk. He mouth was my heaven. He went from one nipple to the other and back again. I was loving every second and everything he was doing to me.

He laid me down on the bed, and reached into his night stand and pulled out a condom. I was on my elbows watching as he put the condom on his rock hard cock. The cock I wanted to badly to take into my mouth and suck him until he came. He spread my legs wide, and touched my pussy to feel me to make sure I was ready for him. He got between my legs and in one motion put his hard cock into my wet pussy. All the while he was looking at my face. Watching all the emotions play out on my face. I seen the desire he had for me on his face. I just couldn’t believe it. How hard he was and buried deep inside me and I haven’t even touched him.

He was starting to move his hips. Sliding in and out of me. He held my arms above my head and was looking down at me. My legs were locked around him. He was fucking me and I was loving every second of it. Deeper and deeper he went. Faster and faster. Building up speed then slowing down and then grinding his hips into me. I could tell he was close, I could feel how hard he was getting inside of me. But yet he waited and slowed down.

Before I knew it, my body was starting to tense up. He knew I was ready. He started to fuck me faster and faster, slamming into me harder and harder. Telling me he wanted me to cum around his cock. That was all it took, I couldn’t hold back and I started to cum. As I was at my peak, he moaned and told me his was cumming also. It was so incredible, this stranger making me feel this way, buried inside of me, this beautiful man, making me feel so beautiful also.

He collapsed on top of me. His sweat mixing with mine. Both of us trying to get our breathing back to normal. He leaned up and looked into my face, with this big silly kool-aid grin on. I hope you don’t have plans for the rest of the evening, he said, because I am not done with you. I don’t think I will be done with you for a very long long time.

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