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On The Boat Ch. 01

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Seductress Olympia

The sea was calm. The moon was coming up from the east while the ship was ploughing the blue Aegean Sea on a South east route. The perfect night for everything, especially making love under the silvery light of the moon and the stars.

With a just over a twelve hour trip from the port of Piraeus, I was just enjoying the view, standing by the railing, looking far across the Aegean blue sea. It was calm, incredibly a perfect evening as we left the mainland. There resting on the ships railing looking to the east I was just thinking about the beauty which nature had bestowed on us; this great planet; a ball; so small; compared to the infinite universe, so rich with all the beautiful things that inhabited it. This little ball, earth, which although in our eyes look so huge; turning around the sun, changing beautiful sunny days into dark nights; day in day out, with the moon which on most days slightly lit the dark night skies.

I’m sure its worth thinking of the beauty of this planet, with the beauty of the human being, which have so much to offer and too many to demolish.

I was alone on this part of this ferry, standing there near the front on the left side, just looking at the beauty of the moon with it’s’ reflection on the calm Aegean waters. An incredible view! I was lost in my dreams, dreaming about the beauty of the world around me, how lucky I was. I had a great life. I enjoyed its beauty, the travels, the hard work and now enjoying the fruits of it all, especially the beauty of the naked female ready to be pleasured by her counterpart; the male.

‘Hi, night dreaming?’

I was stunned. I looked behind me and saw this beautiful young woman watching me. I looked into her eyes. They were black, shining more like a cat in the night. Her face incredibly sweet with the coal black hair made up in a pony tail. Quite long I must say. Standing there lit by the light of the moon she handled me her hand. I took it and lifted it up to my lips. With my eyes focused on hers I kissed the back of her hand, kept my lips longer, lingering there just barely touching the back of her palm, my eyes focused on the beauty of her face. She didn’t pull it away but just said, ‘Olympia.’

I pushed her hand away from my lips, very slowly, still holding it tight. ‘Sam…, pleased to meet you.’ I introduced myself.

‘You are very handsome, Sam.’

‘What about you; a real Venus!’ She was a beauty.

‘What do you think I should do, if I really was the goddess Venus?’

‘As the goddess of love; you only have one duty, destroy hate. Then there’ll be, only love.’

‘Easier said, than done!’

‘You’re right.’

‘I know, but unfortunately is part of life.’

‘Yes, very unfortunate. I think we have to live with it.’

‘Well, Sam…’ she looked into my eyes and then looked at me from head to foot, evaluating my potentiality; probably. From the short distance away from me I could easily watch her eyes going up and down like a scanner, scanning a picture.

‘Your English is great, rather Americanised, I mean the pronunciation, but sure you look more European.’

‘I’m Greek, rather Athenian.’

‘Must be a very rare breed then.’

‘What do you mean?’

She gave me a seductive look, a nice very light deliberate smile, just a very sweet little movement of her lower lip against the top while she moved closer towards my body, close enough that her mouth was close to my ear and her breasts pressed against my chest, enough that I could feel her hard nipples pointing outwards from her thin lacy bra, which was obvious I had seen through her near tight see through blouse.

I had also made my own personal picture of her naked body, only one look. She was as tall as myself about 1m 73cm (5ft 7in) had long legs gladded into a tight pair of white denim cut shorts fitting precisely just under her half moons bringing out every curve she had of her fine beautiful tight ass. Two beautiful balloons pushing outwards. Even the lips of her pussy could be noticed. Her torso was perfectly structured could say 36c-22-38.

She was a beauty. She didn’t give me much time to devour her body as I could have wished, but with the smell of her perfume as she got closer to me, my dick immediately stood up to attention. She got to me very unexpectedly. Couldn’t understand where she came from and the hunch she had for me, why me? She pushed her crotch forward enough to press against my hardness, something which at that particular moment I couldn’t control. She pressed harder while she licked my earlobe.

‘You’re already hard, Sam. Do you have a cabin?’

‘Why you ask?’

I felt her hand crawling between our bodies looking for my hard on. Thank heavens there was nobody close by, but I became worried. She’s only just out of teenage years, maybe twenty one or two, but sure she was a very red hot chick. She was only looking for a good fuck unless she was an asshole. Maybe, just a common cock teaser! But she came too close to my body, to be one. She found my hardon and started massaging it with the palm kaçak iddaa of her hand, moving it up and down as she pressed it with her own crotch. In the position she got me on, I had my ass now pressed against the railing of the ship, so I couldn’t move back. The more her hand moved between our bodies the harder my dick became.

‘Sam, it’s getting harder; it also feels like he is quite a boy; sure you don’t think we can wait.’

‘I’m not sure sweetie where this charade is going.’

‘What do you mean Sam?’

‘You do seem to be a polite whore, but not one of those; you know.’

‘I’m not one of those Sam, neither of the others, of what you are thinking about; I’m just a sweet horny little girl who loves to enjoy sex and lust just for the pleasure, the feeling, the strong climaxes and what goes with good love making.’

‘Mmmmm, I see, but how do you know whether I’m that good or a fast shooter?’

‘That’s the beauty of it, Sam. I love to take risks, like playing poker, you know, sometimes you win; many times you loose. The risk develops into the excitement of the moment, the pleasure; the craving, the desire and the hunger for the phallus, when it enters my cave of Venus which at this very moment is as hot as the volcano of Santorini, filled with hot pressurized lava ready to explode.’

‘Are you more of a looser or..?’

‘Fortunately no, Sam, I’m more of a winner, and for your information I don’t play this game so often.’

‘So when do you play?’

‘Only; when the right guy is at the right place at the right time!’ She was still massaging my dick as her body was pushing against mine, pressing me against the ship’s steel railing, her mouth still close to my ears whispering the answers to my questions.

‘Mmmmmm, that’s very interesting.’

Usually, the tradition is, that Greek girls like to leave their virginity for the night of their marriage, a guarantee of future happiness and it’s a guarantee that the female belonged only the husband who first married her. It was and still is what spouses expecte on the bridal night.

‘I need this beauty within the walls of my Venus, Sam dear. I’m so hot and horny that I soon have my white pants ruined…with the love juice, the hot lava that is flowing down out of my hot volcano, and, for you to lick and suck.’

Her hand tightened around my dick. She tried to move it up and down along her hand. Fortunately my pants were not so loose, but she started lowering down my zip.

‘Not here.’ I cried.

‘Don’t worry Sam.’ she gave a quick looked around, ‘no body around,’ and with that she lowered the zip. So very fast, her hand started crawling through the opening, directly through the hole in my briefs until she got to my little boy.

‘Wow Sam, it’s quite big, huge, wow. When can I have him, inside my volcano?’

‘Not sure sweetie… Like to know why you picked on me… could be a big looser.’

‘Sure not… sweetie Sam. If you were a looser sure you already blew a couple of loads. This big thing I have in my hand seems it could resist any seduction. Any way Sam, I picked you up as soon as I arrived at Piraeus. I just was in the mood to have a game to night and wanted a winner so through the grapevine I found out a lot… you got a first class cabin ending with a ‘0’ number… yoouu live on the island… not married… semi retired…’

‘What do you mean?’

‘What I mean is not important, I like to know something about the victims I pick… so this is why I don’t have many losers, Sam… and… you look polite… not anymore Greek…handsome… elegant…attractive… sexy…well dressed…what else, I don’t know.’

‘You seem too nosy for my liking.’

‘Sam, please don’t take it like that, finding if you are married or not, or better happily married to be precise, you will always have your ring on your finger, so one and one doesn’t make one.’

‘Just a false argument.’

‘Let’s get to the point Sam, let me follow you to cabin number mmmm ‘0’. I’ll be with you, with in a minute, just don’t lock the door.’

She just walked away towards the canteen swaying her tight ass from left to right leaving me with no option but to be the second player in this game I’ve been innocently involved in. I became curious, wanted to find our more about this little Olympia. Within minutes I was inside my cabin, the door was left unlocked as she had ordered. I was wondering whether this was a mistake or a good decision, a decision I took against some of my principles. Many times I had broken them, especially when I came against a beauty at the right moment and at the right time. Most of the time I have seduced them, although there were some very interesting occasions when I had been the victim of the seductress, but never been disappointed.

Seductresses were always hotter than the quite ones; although in the end some of them they did not deliver. On some occasions I had been seduced, on a first encounter. This is the first time I had been seduced since Padme joined me at the villa about one and half years ago. After a few months we been kaçak bahis together she’s been cribbing for me to date other women, at least engage into real love making, making a woman happy with the new ways she had thought me. She even managed to seduce our Cecilia who runs the lingerie boutique and her friend for some weekend encounters, so some fresh blood sure was not going to hurt.

Within a couple of minutes I heard the door opening and in no time she was taking her clothes off. I immediately followed suit and started taking mine off. I realized that my zipper was still down and my dick still hard. Now with Olympia down to her panties, I became more excited. She was not only a seductress but very, very hot, a real hot chick. She was there infront o me, looking at me struggling to take my pants out of my legs, rather smiling at the time I was taking. I took much longer then usual as I was more interested in Olympia’s naked body, rather then what I was doing.

She was a real beauty, gave me a light seductive smile, her black eyes shining, just watching me, now struggling with my briefs. She starting turning round showing me her beautiful naked flesh, getting into a profile she stopped. Now I was also naked, I walked towards her, stopped close enough to put my left hand cupping one of her ass cheeks and the right cupping her mound. It felt very swollen and the pouty labia, which felt quite big, were sticky with the love juice of the goddess or better Santorin’s volcanic hot lava.

The palms of my hands started moving, massaging both ends, the smooth bottom flowing from one to another and her wet pussy with the other. Wow, it really felt good, nothing better than a really hot beauty. Her hands were weighing her beautiful round breasts. They showed no sagging, just coming out of her body like to beautiful cones with perfect round rather darkish brown areolas and quite strong hard slightly darker brown nipples. Her overall skin was a natural olive Mediterranean colour.

My finger slowly started ploughing between her pouty lips flowing up and down sometimes teasing her clitoris. Her reactions were obvious, she was hot, too hot to handle.

‘Sam, please fuck me.’

‘Not yet sweetie, you’re not hot enough, yet.’

‘I’m already drenched, been so since I put my eyes on you, hours ago, from the moment I noticed you at the port.’

‘You want a winner? Now I’m in the game too.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I want to be a winner too.’


‘You soon find out?’

‘Can’t understand?’

‘Soon you will.’ At that moment I stuck my pointing finger inside her really hot volcano and the thumb massaging her clitoris. The pointing finger of my left hand slowly pressed against her anal entrance, no reaction from Olympia’s side to my anal intrusion, but of course the movement of my fingers around her clitoris and inside her hot vagina immediately had their positive reactions. I felt her heart start beating harder and her blood was flowing through her veins at a faster rate, an orgasm was in progress. My fingers haven’t left their present positions, while she slowly turned facing me, putting her hands around my neck and her lips stated caressing mine, licking and teasing one lip after another until she jammed against mine, her tongue met mine at the entrance of our mouths.

Moans started escaping from her mouth as my finger started pressing to go into her back hole. It wasn’t easy as it was not lubricated. I did not have the time to do so, not under the sudden happenings that so quickly took place. I felt her sphincter resisting entrance although against her consent. She was too hot to resist. Sexual energy was already flowing through her body that soon would be overriding her sexual emotions. Probably the pain was also helping, as I had to press hard to get up to the first knuckle inside her tight anal opening.

‘Stop Sam, it hurts.’

I didn’t respond. She hugged me tighter, her face moved away from my mine and rested on my shoulder with her mouth licking my earlobe.

‘Sam, please fuck, fuck me wherever you want… I like to feel this beautiful…’ she was saying while moving one hand down to caress my hard on, ‘baby inside me Sam.’

‘Soon you will my dear.’

‘Oooooh Samm, I’m cumming… cumming.’ She cried as one hand pressed my body against her’s, and the other holding my mass of steel, started moving it up and down masturbating me.

I pulled my fingers away, pushed her down on the bed slowly and like lightening I moved on top of her in a sixty nine position filling her mouth with my phallus while I went down between her open wide open legs and started sucking on her exquisite smelly tasty pussy, specially giving special attention to her clitoris, while a finger was pushed into her drenching volcano. Now it was a real volcano, hot with huge amounts of hot lava flowing outwards, moving downwards towards her rosebud.

With her mouth filled to the brim with my hard steel dick she could only shake, but could not shout. The way I was holding her under me, sure I was taking every precaution illegal bahis that she could not move a centimetre either way. My mouth was just filled with her clitoris, it was hard and the thick bud was being sucked in by my lips like a hungry baby sucking his mother nipples.

Her body was shaking while I continued to hold her pinned down on the mattress with my finger moving in and out of her flooded vagina. She was so wet and hot that at that very moment she froze became rigid with a huge earthquake which erupted through her body. Her moans kept flowing as much as the lava was flowing from between her legs, but were very faint as my hard dick didn’t give her mouth any leeway to come free.

My lips kept sucking and pulling at her clitoris, the little mouth of pleasure, turning it around as she pushed her hips upwards. I quickly pulled my finger away as flood after flood of lava was flowing outwards, moving downwards, down the mountain across her waiting rose bud. My finger automatically moved also downward, with the flowing hot lava entered the dark cave of pain and pleasure.

I didn’t give her a moment of rest and only waited for the next flow of pleasure. I knew that the pressure of the blood was increasing steadily, getting her to new heights that she may never enjoyed before. The moment I was waiting for, was soon on the horizon. A few more moments and from the teeth grinding around my prick I could vouch that the moment when she hits new heights are too close that I had anticipated.

The right moment was too close that I had to jump at the next possible action – stick my finger straight into her ass with one strong hard fast thrust. That’s when her body erupted. Like lightening I pulled myself up, my dick out of her mouth and my finger out of her pussy, the other out of her as and stuck my hard cock straight into her erupting volcano.

‘Stoop Samm, stop.’

‘Are you Ok?’

‘Where am I?

‘You tell me, in which heaven are you?’

‘What do you mean?’ There I was, my phallus stuck deep inside her volcano. Sure there was going to be no stopping now. I was fucking the hell out of her pussy. It wasn’t easy. She was drenched, there was not much grip inside her. Her body was in a state of continuous orgasms, one dissolving into another, stronger, greater.

She was moaning and shouting, just asking me to give her a breath. I continued fucking her, some times slowly, sometimes long thrusts, at other times short trusts, just entering the curtain of the volcano.

I was enjoying the game. She was hot, became hotter and now going through a world of her own, enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, totally and exquisitely. I had to make another move, one last, a move which probably can bring her back to earth.

I lifter her legs above my shoulders, pulled my dick out of her vaginal erupting volcano, shot a pillow under her ass and without notice I aimed my gun at her ass hole. As the head was precisely aimed, I shot in with a huge thrust straight through her sphincter. I just stopped as the ring crossed the border.

‘Auuch! Ouch! What the hell you doing Sam?’

‘Just getting you back from the ninth heaven.’

‘Take it out Sam, it hurts.’

‘Welcome back darling.’ And continued pushing, ever so slowly, my hard dick ploughing into her dark orifice.

‘Sam, please stop. It hurts; auuch; auuch.’ I didn’t bother about her cries; I just kept slowly pressing in until my sack hit her bottom. I held it there as long as I could while hearing her cries of anal pain until slowly subsided together with the pain itself. Her muscles relaxed and I was sure that sexual energy would slowly start flowing again through her blood stream.

‘Are you back, darling?’ I asked as I lowered my body over hers and our lips met. She felt very relaxed now, just sucking my tongue and moaning.

‘Sam, what happened to me?’

‘You tell me?’

‘I have no idea; all I know was that I was lost in bliss and pleasure, a different… how to say… like heaven, everything beautiful, the pleasure immense, indescribable. Sam you won. Thanks for everything.’

‘For what darling?’

‘For what? I thought I died and went to heaven, it was a place full of light, different colours, love, pleasure, could it had been nirvana. The time was too short Sam. You brought me back too quickly.’

‘I became so scared at one point in time, that I thought you had a fit.’

‘Only, when you stuck that piece of hard steel up my ass, and ruined probably the best sexual accomplishment I had ever enjoyed, the ultimate pleasure in love making.’

‘How do you feel now?’

‘It still hurts, but ok I’m getting used to it. I’m starting to go up again. My blood is burning again, Sam I’m cumming again. Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Sam I’m cumming.’ She cried.

I started pulling my dick out of her tight ass and then slowly pushed in again. Slowly I done this a few times with one exception, I pulled it all the way out and then aimed again. This time it was much easier to flow into her dark tube with less pain and too much pleasure, so I increased the speed of my thrusts in and out of her ass until she really exploded again, then I pulled out of her and relaxed next to her, as she was trying to savour aftermath of her first anal encounter.

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