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Older Men Adventures Ch. 04

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I recommend you read chapter 3 because this chapter is the morning after.

Kevin’s idea of very soon was literally the next day. After returning home the previous evening we all pretty much went straight to bed. Jack was tired, so thankfully I escaped that embarrassment. Although I did lay awake most of the evening feeling terribly guilty.

By the morning I knew our relationship was over. I couldn’t tell Jack what I’d done with his father, but I could certainly stop him from dating someone like me. I had to be honest with myself and face facts. I wasn’t cut out for a relationship just yet.

When I woke, Jack had already left the house for football. He played for a Sunday league team and wouldn’t be back for hours. The house seemed very quiet, and I wondered if Kevin had gone to watch Jack’s match, because he often did. I knew Sandra would be fast asleep following her night shift, so I stayed in bed and turned on the TV. A few minutes later and my hands were touching my body, tweaking my nipples and gently rubbing my clit. I was horny.

Then, suddenly the bedroom door opened. It was Kevin, and I instantly moved my hands to by my sides and acted normal. He had just returned from a cycle, and he was dripping in sweat wearing his lycra.

“Good morning, sexy,” he smiled at me. “I’m going for a shower then I’ll be in to see you,” he winked.

“Excuse me?” I laughed, completely taken aback.

“Sandra slept at the hospital last night, she’s doing a few extra hours overtime. Something about a couple a emergency cesarians. They’re a bit thin on the ground with midwives,” he explained. “And Jack won’t be home until after his game.”

“Urm, ok,” I murmured, still in shock. “What’s that got to do with me?”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to play hard to get, Alice. Not after last nights performance. For as long as you sleep under my roof you can have double the fun.”

I laughed, unable to believe what I was hearing. I truly had gotten myself into a terrible situation here.

“You look so hot and sexy beneath the covers. Are you naked?”

“Kevin! Get the fuck out!” I shouted, but I was still laughing at him. “I don’t live here! I don’t owe you anything!”

“I never said you did. But I need more of you!”

“Well you can’t have more of me!”

“I know in that second drawer over there,” he said, pointing at Jack’s large chest of drawers, “there’s some sexy lingerie. The red babydoll is my favourite. I’ve always wondered what you’d look like wearing it.”

“You absolute pervert! You’ve been going through Jack’s drawers!”

“I expect you to be wearing it when I get out of the shower. My testosterone levels are rather high after that work out,” he said, grinning like the devil.

“No fucking way!” I exclaimed, as he closed the door behind himself, laughing.


“Shit! How the fuck is this happening?” I cursed out loud.

I then started laughing at myself, and again at the situation. But then, that deep desire to be naughty took over me. I slipped my naked body from under the duvet and walked quietly over to the second drawer and opened it.

I only had three items of lingerie inside the drawer, amongst a few normal underwear garments. The realisation that my boyfriends dad had rifled through them sent an excited tingle up my spine.

Taking out the red babydoll, I cast aside all feelings of right and wrong and put it on. My nipples were hard, and just like the negligee, they were showing just how hard they were by poking through the lace material.

Climbing back into bed, I waited anxiously for Kevin’s return. But then an idea popped into my head. When I heard the shower stop, I slipped back out of bed and wrapped my dressing gown around my body, securing it tightly to cover the babydoll.

I was so nervous to being doing this in my boyfriends house, but excited to be doing as I was told. I stood at the end of my boyfriends bed waiting for his fathers return. Five minutes later and Kevin was opening the bedroom door again.

“I hope you’re wearing something sexy under that dressing gown,” he grinned, whilst standing in just Beşiktaş escort a pair of shorts.

His mature, yet toned, body looked sexy and older. I was further aroused. “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not,” I teased.

“Well then, perhaps I need to take a look for myself.”

Kevin approached me and I instantly turned giddy. My knees wobbled and my heart began to race. Moments later and he was pulling on the dressing gown tie.

“There’s a good girl,” he said quietly, as my dressing gown parted.

He then pulled it across my shoulders and pushed it down my arms. As it fell to the floor I shivered and gasped. His grin grew wider as my body stiffened up with nervous excitement.

I inhaled a deep breath as he stood there inspecting me with his wanton gaze.

“Your tits are fantastic. You’re so beautiful and sexy!”

Kevin gently placed a finger beneath the left strap of the babydoll and very slowly stretched it across my shoulder. His touch against my skin sent another tingle up my spine, as he continued stretching it over my shoulder and then down my arm until it rested close to my elbow. The left side of the red, lace garment sagged slightly, before he repeated the action on my right side. Now the babydoll was sagging further, revealing the tops of my large breasts.

Stepping back away from me, Kevin smirked as he stared straight into my eyes. “Show me your big tits,” he said.

With a steady inhale of breath, I took each lace strap in my fingers and pulled it from my elbows and off. Kevin’s smirk faded, only to be replaced by a darker, lustful look.

Unlike the dressing gown, which had fallen heavy to the floor, the babydoll slipped down my body like a feather. The lace drifted downwards, first revealing my full breasts before it revealed my tummy and shaven mound. I was instantly naked, standing before Kevin with the babydoll around my feet.

“Perfect,” he whispered, his breathing controlled, his demeanour dominant.

I dropped my gaze a little shy and stared at my feet. His arm reached forwards and suddenly my left breast was in his hand. Kevin stepped closer and then my breasts were in both his hands. A soft sigh escaped me as he gently caressed and weighed them in his hands.

I raised my head to meet his gaze. Kevin smiled and told me I was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. His comment warmed my ego, before he dropped my breasts and put his hands on my shoulders.

“Now be a good girl and get on your knees, Alice,” he said dominantly, before applying heavy pressure down onto my body.

With a submissive smile, I dropped to my knees and pulled down his shorts, revealing his thick cock. Grabbing the base of his shaft, I gave him a few slow strokes. Each time I pulled the foreskin back it revealed a dark, purple head, which glistened with pre-cum. I glanced up and gave him a sexy smile. A compliant smile, and then I opened my mouth. Kevin gasped when I stuck out my tongue and licked the excited end of his throbbing, hard cock.

“That’s it, Alice, you know exactly what to do!”

I squeezed my right hand firmly around his shaft. More gasps from above, as I continued stroking my hand back and forth. I then closed my eyes and moved my head forwards, taking him inside my mouth before closing it around his cock.

Kevin was long and and thick enough that I could stroke is shaft and suck on it at the same time. Shuffling forwards on my knees, I then brought my left hand up to cup and massage his heavy balls.

A loud male groan echoed around my boyfriends bedroom, and a hand was groping my breasts, tweaking and pulling my nipples. “I love a young woman who knows how to suck an older man. You’re such sluts these days, aren’t you, Alice?”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned around his cock, with my eyes still closed as I enjoyed every moment.

After a few minutes Kevin released my breasts and took his cock from my mouth. I opened my eyes and smiled as my mouth made a popping sound when he pulled it out. He then slapped my face with his bellend a few times and told me to get onto the bed on all fours.

Giggling as I went, I took up my position and then Kevin spread Beşiktaş escort bayan my legs a little further, revealing more of my excited pussy from behind.

“Soaking wet,” he said. “Mmmm, you need me to fuck this hole of yours, don’t you, Alice!”

“Yes!” I gasped, as he slipped a finger inside my body.

“Tight little arsehole to,” he groaned, pulling his finger from my pussy and sliding up and over my puckered hole.

“Not there,” I moaned, despite how good it surprisingly felt having him rub the tip of his finger into it.

“Still a virgin in that one, hey, Alice?”

“Yes, and it’s staying that way!” I told him.

Kevin suddenly moved his finger and dropped to his knees. My position on the bed had me close to the end of it. My hands and knees were firmly resting into the mattress but my lower legs and feet were past the bed. Kevin could get close enough to eat my pussy from his kneeling position on the floor.

I had never been eaten out from behind before. What a pleasurable feeling, as he spread my arse cheeks and got his slippery, warm tongue right in there. It felt so sensitive I moaned loudly and pushed my arse backwards. Kevin encouraged me, moaning into my pussy as he lapped at my juices and fingered my pussy.

When I was close to climaxing, Kevin ran his tongue right up to my arsehole. Before I could protest, he slipped a second finger into my pussy and slipped his tongue back down to my pussy. He licked at my spread folds and pushed his fingers right into my sloppy juices. I could hear the squelching noises. He then curled his fingers and rubbed the roof of my pubic bone from inside. Fuck!!!

I was finally about to climax when Kevin teased his tongue back up to my puckered hole. This time he pressed his tongue against it and opened it ever so slightly. Fuck!!!

“Relax, Alice,” he told me. “If it feels good then go with it!

Deciding to ignore the moral anxiety of where the sensation was coming from, I let him lick, touch, taste and probe wherever he wanted. It all felt so good I knew I would only be denying pleasure. To hell with my morals.

Kevin’s tongue then disappeared, only to be replaced by another finger. He stood up and continued to finger-fuck my pussy while another finger pressed firmly down on my rectum.

It was so tight, but so wet with saliva, that it eventually pushed through the resistance and penetrated me. For the first time in my life I was being fingered in both holes at the same time. For the first time in my life I had something going into my back passage. It felt amazing.

Kevin slowed his fingers in my pussy to match the speed of his finger in my arse. All I could do was moan with my head buried in the pillows, that I had grabbed from the top of the bed.

“That’s it, Alice,” Kevin encouraged. “Ride the feeling until you cum!”

With every intention of doing so, I gently rocked my body back and forth, riding his fingers with both holes until I climaxed intensely. When it ended we spoke nothing of it. Instead, Kevin kept me in that position and mounted me from behind. He said nothing in fact. All I could hear above my own gasps for breath was his ragged, excited breathing.

Then, his cock was pushing into my pussy, sliding past my lips with little to no effort at all. I had so much juice flowing and blood pumping down there that I couldn’t wait to have his cock inside me, fucking me hard.

“Uh!… Uh!… Uh!…” I screamed, as Kevin drove into my body and pulled out again, only to drive straight back in again, with long, heavy lunges. I felt his body weight slamming into me with each stroke.

Kevin continued to work my pussy from behind with his big cock, and then, my tight puckered hole again with a finger.

“Uh… oh fuck… uh… uh!” I submitted further to the wonderful feeling.

Kevin fucked me harder, and pressed harder into my rectum. The sensation was far more intense. If I thought being fingered in both holes was amazing, then being fucked and fingered was on another level.

“Uhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ohhhhh fuck yes!”

Kevin continued to work his finger deeper Escort beşiktaş into my arse, while all the time fucking my pussy hard and deep with his cock. It was more than I could handle and I climaxed all over him.

I felt so light headed I collapsed forwards flat on my tummy, squashing my breasts into the mattress. Behind me, Kevin chuckled and asked if I was ok. Of course I was. He just gave me one of the best orgasms of my life, and he knew it.

“Roll onto your back, Alice.”

Limbs weak, body heavy, I managed to flip myself over. We playfully laughed at one another before Kevin grabbed my legs and pulled my arse to the end of the bed. He then lifted and spread my legs and entered my pussy slowly.

Within seconds I was panting and moaning again. His cock felt so good, sliding with ease in and out of me. I grabbed my breasts and began to knead them, enjoying everything about that moment.

After a few minutes, Kevin stopped everything he was doing and left the room. Confused, I took a moment to catch my breath. He then returned with a tube of something in his hand.

“What’s that?” I asked. Kevin smiled, opened the tube and squirted the clear gel-like substance onto his fingertip. “Lube?” I assumed.

Kevin nodded, dropped to his knees and started eating my pussy once more. I tilted my head back and moaned as I closed my eyes. I knew what was coming next.

His finger was cold at first, as it gently pressed against my puckered hole. This time he didn’t finger my pussy. Kevin fingered my arse and teased my clit with his tongue. He brought me close to another orgasm before he stopped and grabbed the lube again.

I kept my eyes closed, but I could hear him squirting more of it. The next thing I felt was the tip of his cock pressing into my arsehole. Grimacing from the initial pain and discomfort, I listened to his words and did my very best to relax.

I couldn’t imagine myself being able to enjoy anal sex, because his cock felt so different to his finger. At first it was very intense, overwhelming and painful, but then, just as my mind started to reject the idea, my body welcomed it.

As soon as we passed through those first steps, and his cock stretched its way into my body via that hole, it was like a whole new experience took over. It began to feel nice … amazing in fact.

Having Kevin’s cock in my arse suddenly felt similar to having a cock in my pussy. I experienced the same sensations around my outer ring, with the familiar deep pressure of an impending orgasm.

Naked on my boyfriends bed, with his father taking my anal virginity, I relaxed and began to rub my clit while Kevin revelled in fucking me up the arse. He rested my legs on top of his shoulders and ploughed in and out of my back passage. My breasts wobbled with my stiff, sensitive nipples as I tweaked them with one hand, intensifying the pleasure whilst I rubbed my clit with my other hand.

I looked up at Kevin and his face was all screwed up. “Mmmmm, fuck you’re so tight!” he moaned down at me.

“Fuck me harder!” I fired back.

“You want my cum deep in your arse, Alice?”

“Give it to me!”

“Where do you want my cum, Alice? Tell me where you want it, you dirty little slut!”

“In my arse! Cum deep in my arse!”

Like a red rag to a bull, Kevin squeezed my legs tighter together, squashing his own head as he fucked my arse as fast and as hard as he could. No wonder I could hardly walk afterwards.

My legs were so tightly pressed I could no longer rub my clit. But the sensations were so deep, both physically and mentally, that it didn’t matter. Kevin triggered an orgasm anyway, as he tensed up, cursed, and began twitching deep in my arse.

I couldn’t feel his cum shooting in to me, but I certainly felt it dribbling out during the few hours after we finished.

Kevin lowered my legs and sighed a deep satisfying exhale of breath. “We’ll be doing that again, Alice, you can count on it.”

Suddenly I was all alone in my boyfriends bedroom, laying exhausted and naked on his bed, and with his fathers cum seeping from my rectum.

An hour later, dressed and with the few belongings I kept at the house packed, I ran out of the house never to return.

It was a messy ending in more ways than one, but I’d done a terrible thing. Not once but twice! I vowed never to cheat again, while at the same time vowing to experience anal sex with my next sexual partner.

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