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Oh So Warm and Wonderful

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This story is dedicated to Vincent. Someone special who opened my eyes. Thank you.

She never though she would ever do it, or in fact, ever enjoy it so much. This is how it all began:

With Tanya being in a strictly vanilla marriage, it was no wonder she began looking for more. She had always enjoyed being submissive, and wanted to explore more. Unfortunately her husband did not feel the same way.

Tanya began chatting on line, like so many unhappily married people from everywhere in the world. She set out to find someone that was interested in helping her explore her submissive side. She put personal ads on web sites specializing in the life she so desperately needed. She just hoped she could go through with actually meeting someone.

She began chatting, and chatted continuously with a couple of “so called” Doms. They seemed that they had the same things in common, until she discovered they were more into degradation, and making a woman into a low form of human being. Tanya wasn’t looking to feel like that. She wanted to feel pleasure in pleasing the man she was with. In her mind that had nothing to do with what these men wanted.

Yes she wanted to be used by a Dom, but only a real Dom. What she found herself chatting with were fakes, and men that were just abusive, not Dom. Countless emails from men that assumed submissive meant “please abuse me.”

She was just about to give up and take all her profiles off the personal ad web sites, when she read the last email. It was from a man in NYC, who said he was Dom, but somehow he seemed different. She couldn’t explain why or how she felt this way. It just was. The email was brief, and not abusive at all, like the previous men. She decided she would answer his email.

That was how it all started. Email. The emails went back and forth, for a few weeks. They chatted about what they were looking for in another. Tanya was amazed to find out that he enjoyed the same exact things as her. He really asked questions, and was concerning himself with what she enjoyed, and told her what he expected. She knew that she needed to let him use her. Of course getting up the nerve is another Anadolu Yakası Escort story.

Tanya sat at her computer getting ready to open yet another email from him. She loved reading his emails. She opened this one, and the only words she saw on the screen were “I WANT TO MEET YOU, AND YOU WILL GIVE ME WHAT I WANT”

A shiver went through her whole body when she read those words. The forcefulness in his words made her pussy dripping wet. Without even thinking she typed her response. “Yes Sir as you wish,” and hit send.

That’s how the first of many meetings came to be. She shared a lot of secrets with him, and he used her just the way she needed.

One day while sitting around talking, she asked him if there was anything he wanted that she hadn’t already done. He hesitated for a moment, and said “yes.”

“Please tell me what it is, I will do whatever you want!”

“Well to be honest, I want to pee on you.”

Her first thought was that she could never do that. Then she thought about how she wanted to please him, and this was really no big deal. It wouldn’t hurt her in any way, so what was the harm?

She kneeled down on the floor, and bowed her head, and said “I will do whatever pleases you Sir.”

He stood up and his cock was right in front of her face. He grabbed her by the hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. “You’re such a dirty slut,” he said to her.

She lifted her mouth off his cock, and said “Thank you Sir.”

“Are you ready to please me the way I need?”

“Yes Sir, that’s all I want.”

“Good, wait here so I can set up the bathroom for you slut.”

“Yes Sir, thank you.”

As she waited for him to finish, she couldn’t help but feel scared, but also aroused. Her pussy was dripping wet at the thought of pleasing him in this way, and she was a bundle of nerves since she had never done this. She never even thought about ever doing it. She always used to believe that is was disgusting. For some reason she did not believe that anymore. She kept thinking about how erotic it really is.

“Come here slut!” she heard from the bathroom. She jumped up and did Kadıköy Escort as she was told. When she entered the bathroom, there were towels laid out on the pink tile bathroom floor. He must have seen her look of confusion, because he told her to lie down on the towels. She obeyed, and laid down on her back, on the towels.

“Spread your legs. I want to see your pussy.”

“Yes Sir’, as she spread her leg’s really wide exposing her pussy to him. There for him to do whatever he wanted to her.

“Play with your tits, and pinch your nipples”, He ordered.

Her hands immediately went to her tits. She was squeezing them, and pinching her nipples, causing a moan to escape her lips.

“You like that slut?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Now take one hand and play with your pussy too.”

As soon as she touched her swollen clit, she realized she was dripping wet. She wondered if he had noticed, but knew he had. He knew her.

“Look how wet your pussy is whore.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Is that because you know what I’m going to do?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Tell me what you want slut!”

“Please Sir please!”

“Please what slut, I want to hear you say it!”

“Please Sir, pee on me Sir, I want to feel your hot liquid all over my whore body Sir, please Sir!”

“Not yet slut, reach above your head and grab your vibrator.”

She did as she was told, and was hoping he would tell her to fuck herself. She wanted her pussy filled while he watched. She loved being on display for him. Following all his orders while he watched, made her pussy drip every time.

“Ram it into your cunt bitch!”

“Oh yes Sir!”

She was sliding the vibrator in and out of her wet juicy hole, putting on a show for him. She kept pinching her nipple and moaning, as she fucked herself for him.

He bent down and forced his cock into her mouth, as she used herself for his pleasure. He was pumping her mouth as she pumped herself with the vibrator.

“What do you want whore?” “Oh please Sir I need more!”

“Need more what whore?”

“Please Sir I need more use, please Sir!”

With that he pulled Ataşehir Escort his cock out of her mouth, and stood over her stroking his cock. Watching her fuck herself like that pushed him over the edge, and he shot his hot cum all over her while she continued her show for him.

When he was finished cumming all over her, he said, “keep fucking yourself, I am not finished with you yet.”

“Yes Sir.”

She was now pumping that vibrator in and out of her hole, like the true slut she was. She knew that this was the only man that could use her the way she needed.

All of a sudden to wake her out of her thoughts, she felt a stream of hot liquid all over her. He was peeing on her. Her body was covered in it. She could not imagine this would feel this good. She began rubbing his pee all over her. She imagined she was rubbing it into her skin, and becoming the whore he had always wanted.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was a true slut, and he knew it. She was rubbing his hot piss all over her, and she seemed to be loving it. While she was rubbing, he picked up the vibrator and rammed it into her cunt. She screamed just the way he liked, and she began fucking the vibrator. Sliding up and down on it, begging him to fuck her harder.

“Play with your clit whore!”

She started rubbing her clit, as he fucked her, and could feel she was about to explode.

“Do you want to cum cunt?”

“Yes oh yes Sir, please can I cum?”

Normally he would make her suffer, and not let her cum the first time she asked, but this time was different. She had satisfied him in a way no other has, and it didn’t seem like the time to make her hold back. There would be plenty of time for that.

“Cum for me slut!”

She screamed a yes Sir, as she exploded all over the vibrator. Her body trembled, as her juices covered it and his hand. She thought her orgasm would never end. Unfortunately it did, and she just laid there.

“Get cleaned up slut, and get back inside, so I can finish using my whore.”

“Yes Sir,” was all she could manage to say, as she got up and started the shower. As she cleaned herself up, she thought about how good his pee felt splashing on her, and how good it felt to rub it all over her. She wanted more and hoped he would make it a regular thing with them. She knew he would be the one to open so many more doors for her, and she was so happy that this was only the beginning.

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