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Oh Man…Your Breath Smells Ch. 03

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Monday again.

Three weeks have passed since my journey into depravity began.

My last encounter with Sam had reawakened my concious after I got in my truck and took off. The fact that I was sneaking around on the girl with whom I was cheating on my wife with spoke volumes when once my hormones settled.

I would never look at sex the same, and that was ok with me, but the last shred of decency reared it’s ugly head and said…what about your wife?…you jackass.

No more, I told myself as I headed to the garage, and thank goodness my garage has a shower, cause boy was I stinking. It probably would not have mattered anyway as the heat was still so tremendous that my body was constantly soaked with sweat.

So I had made it through the first week ok without any problems…my wife continued her descent into my world, as I became more bold in my nastiness.

Like Tuesday morning: I got up early and worked out, and instead of hitting the showers I crawled back into bed. I did not bother with her breasts today and went straight to her pussy.

I breathed her in and lust took over as I started a slow assault on her gash.

She came awake and moaned, and as she did she turned onto her side and threw her leg over my head allowing me better access.

Slowly I maneuvered myself so I had both arms around her hips and holding her ass while my tongue danced between her folds…remember she has a sizable belly which gets in the way…but now she is comfortably on her side, and I have positioned myself into a nice 69 and move my dick towards her lips.

“PU!!…honey you stink!” is her startled explanation as she becomes aware of my cock in her face.

I reply by latching on to her clit and sucking urgently as I thrust my dick at her mouth.

Making contact with her lips, I hold my dick steadily.

The first thrust finds her lips unyielding…but I can feel her breath coming out hard on my package, and I can tell she is breathing it in.

When I pull back and thrust again she captures the head in her mouth as I moan my approval in her bush.

And so we begin a very nice session of sucking…I can sense she is more excited than usual, and she pops off quick and begins a long shuddering climax which at this point I would normally have pulled off, but instead I sucked her harder, and she just moaned and moaned around my dick causing the most lovely vibrations.

Thinking that it was now or never I released her lips and moved right to the baby soft little brown ring of her ass, and OH MAN I just started to make out with her ass.

Lost it.

My wife was lost in her climax as I thrust my tongue where it had never previously been privy to.

I had to hold on tight as her intial reaction was to pull back, but I firmed my grip, and actually fed on her NO, which to my surprise and delight blasted her off even harder than before.

“Oh yes, yes ,yes…oh Pete yes” she was shouting at this point.

I had never even knew she was capable, but how could I without bringing her down to this level.

Since I had her this far I tried to press the envelope a little further. Normally I would have pulled away from her mouth and fed her my cock in her pussy minutes ago, and I would never consider throwing my load in her throat, but normal times had come and gone…welcome to the age of depravity.

I dug my tongue into her sweet ass and let go with a big stream…this one would have gone over my head if I had been on my back jerking my dick…it was a JET.

I heard her gag and felt her mouth leave me as I kept on spurting and spurting. When she had released my dick the head snapped up and ended finishing itself all over her tits.

I immediately turned myself around and as she was still trying to regain her senses I covered her lips with mine and started a nice french…and she was just starting to respond when her eyes flew open with the realisation of what we were doing, and what had been done.

She pushed at me with her hands on my chest.

“Peter what has gotten into you?” in a very breathy out of breath way. So sexy.

“Mmm”, I said closing my eyes and breathing in, “I love the smell of my dick on your breath.”

Leaning in quick I thrust my tongue into her mouth, which was hanging open in surprise.

“Mmm…and it tastes even better” I breathed out into her face.

Then I jumped off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom without a further word.

What I would have seen if I bothered to look back was my wife, almost as if she was in a trance, slowly twirl my spunky load around her nipples, and then slowly lift her finger to her mouth…savoring the slimy digit.

Things began to change.

Even the way she looked at me was different.

From that encounter on I could tell she was in constant thought, and she had this flush to her skin.

She looked gorgeous.

Wednesday morning she awoke and found my face inches from hers on the pillow. She was still groggy and lazily said “What ya doin?” with a sleepy smile.

“Mmm, Escort Bayan baby…your breath smells” I replied, which I knew would provoke the necessary response.

She immediately tried to turn onto her back, but I just held her close.

“I love your morning breath baby…I just want to swim in your nasty slimy mouth” I moaned.

“Peter that is gross” she replied, but I could see the color coming into her cheeks as she audibly breathed out some more into my face.

I closed my eyes breathing deeply saying “What hun”.

Not quite catching on she repeated herself again telling me how gross it was, but this time I leaned my face so my nose was just about in her mouth and just groaned.

I opened my eyes and she was looking at me silently…so I swiped my tongue quickly across her lips.

The tongue swipe broke down whatever resistance she had left, because as quickly as I swiped at her she just captured my tongue and thrust her’s into my mouth and I started sucking on the slimy digit with continuous little moans of delight escaping me as I reached down and found her gash to be SOAKED.

I pinned her arms above her head and lowered my armpit right to her nose, and she just openly sniffs me now while grinding herself on my finger as I suck and lick her neck, leaving it all slimed up.

Within seconds she is cumming hard on my hand as we continue to french our spit.

After some moments I bring my hand up to my mouth in front of her and lick off her juice…one more swipe across her parted lips and I dash to the bathroom like I am going to get washed up.

What I did not see, and what I would have seen if I looked back was her hand immediately dive into her wet gash rubbing herself.

I also would have seen her start to writhe out of control as she continuously switched hands so that she could bring the idle hand to her mouth to savor her juices time after time.

Thursday morning is a repeat of Wednesday, but this time when she awakes she doesn’t say a word, but instead just breathes out a big smelly exhale as I lean forward as we just start frenching hot and heavy breathing out our nasty breath all over each other as we share our spit.

This time I roll onto my back and lift my arms over my head as she slowly rolls to her side chasing after my mouth.

Catching a whiff of my stench she pauses, and then lewdly gasps as she starts to tongue out my sweaty pit.

“Oh baby yessss…lick it lover” I hiss as she makes like a kitten.

Gently rolling her back over I bring her quickly to another climax, and this time when I taste the juice on her hand I deliberatly wipe some on her lips. When I do this I can see her visibly shudder with the lewdness of the act…YES.

This time as I go to round the corner, I hear her gasp, and as I look back….oh wow.

Her body is shaking with uncontrolled lust as she digs at her pussy with one hand, and the other is pinching her nipple….hard.

I can see the tips of her finger turning white with exertion as the blood is displaced tormenting the tender bud of her engorged tits.

It is all I can do to break off from this lewd display, but I feel it is necessary to let her come to me for her final move into depravity.

I won’t have long to wait.

Friday as we made out she was hotter than I had ever witnessed. From the moment she awoke she simply attacked me with such a sense of animal need I almost couldn’t believe it.

She was openly groaning and breathing me in, as though she was unable to get enough of my stink.

We were moaning out really hot and heavy just panting in each others face when she said with just the hottest tone of voice my ears had ever heard her speak “Baby do you really like smelling your dick on my breath?”

“Mmnmnn” I moaned as I slipped her my slimy digit.

“Could you cum in my mouth again hun?”…it just had that out of breath quality to it that makes you want to cum on the spot, and I could only moan in reply.

I was absolutely trembling, and it occured to me the student might well become the master here.

We started with her on her side.

“Oh babe…your lips look so hot stretched around my cock.. nasty girl” is my moan as my smelly tool disappears.

I start out slow and easy…just savoring her spit soaked pit.

I pull out with an audible pop, and lean in for a long taste of her spit, breathing her in…

“Ohhh so hot…love your sucking mouth…so tasty” I whisper as my hand rubs her mound.

“Unnggh…put it back in…please hun…mnmm in my throat” she pleads with her nasty breath in my face.

“Here you are babe…suck this dick” I moan as I grab her hair and thrust with total urgency as she reaches behind me and grips my cheek pulling me harder into her throat.

Slowly I push her onto her back, and throw my leg over her so I am sitting on her heaving chest.

I pulled myself back which caused her eyes to open, and oh my goodness what a sight…the hunger in her eyes was real…she wanted Bayan Escort my dick in her mouth.

“Mnmmm…love this dick in my throat Peter…need to suck it” she moaned as she rubbed it all over her lips.

I thrust forward but the bend of my dick sailed past her lips and just slimed her face.

She responded by just turning her nose and sniffing it as it receded. I repeated this and the second pass she just started to lick whatever she could of it while her eyes never left mine…what a nasty sight to see my wife openly trying her best to tongue me wanting so bad to taste me and shamefully flaunting her desire… and this coming from someone who weeks earlier did not even have sex unless the lights were off.

I had all I could stand and reached down cupping her head behind her neck so I could lift her mouth to align with my meat, and then just threw it into her with short hard thrusts, as she closed her eyes in enjoyment.

She threw her eyes open again and moaned in disapproval as I pulled out but she quickly responded as I bent over and sucked her slimy cock coated lips.

“I love your nasty throat baby” I gushed as I licked her chin, and swiped at her lips.

Unbelievable…she lashed out with her mouth capturing my tongue and just sucked and sucked.

Straightening I slapped at her lips with my dick, and she just stuck out her tongue lewdly moaning…just saying “ahhhh”…accepting everything I had to give her.

I feed her my dick again, and again, and again, and again, each time to the back of her throat, and then pull it out and smack her face until she is covered with her own slimy dick spit.

“Peter…please” she moans.

“What is it baby?” as I slowly thrust to the back of her throat. I know exactly what she wants, but I want to here her say it.

“Oh Pete…I need it…please baby” she moans again.

“What do you need?…tell me” as I thrust hard to the back of her throat.

She grabs my dick and looks at me.

“I need you to cum in my mouth”, and with that she starts to smack herself all over her face.

“I need your dick cumming in my mouth” she repeats.

“Mnmnnnn…need this dick to cum” slap, slap, slap against her cheek.

Her eyes never left me as I pulled off from her and made my way around to her side of the bed rolling onto her side as I ended up standing next to her pillow.

She inched her head forward until it was perfectly resting on the edge of the bed…waiting to be filled with dick.

I wasn’t trying to tease her anymore…she just looked so incredibly hot…I was honestly just admiring her, but she’d had enough.

Reaching out behind me she pulled hard, and I didn’t even know she was this strong to be honest.

Nevertheless, this was to be another first, because she pulled me so hard that my dick sailed right into her throat.

I stared in awe as her lips were settled right down into my pubes.

I have never seen her look so sexy as in that moment, and within seconds I filled her mouth with hot sticky cum.

“Oh my goodness…baby…I did not know you could do that” I sputtered.

“Mnnmmm” she moaned. “Once before I tried it but gagged myself…so I …but today…oh lover your dick is so awesome…I love it in my throat.”

Friday was a good day.

Everything changed after that. It wasn’t 2 hours later while at work my cell phone rings, and looking at the caller ID I notice it is my wife calling.

“Baby are you coming home for lunch?” she asks, and I immediately pick up on how her voice sounds different…she has that out of breath, breathy quality.

“I don’t know hun…why?” I answer.

“Because I haven’t showered yet” she states…

“I haven’t brushed my teeth yet either”…her breathy voice is raising the hair on the back of my neck she sounds so sexy…

“Mmm baby I can smell your dick all over me, and I can still taste you in my mouth…come fill my mouth again babe…please.”

“I’m on my way” is my reply.

As if in a daze I set due course for the homefront…and find her waiting at the front door…and I never actually make it into the house…

“Mmmm” she purrs into my face with some really nasty breath.

“Did my lover miss me?” she asks breathlessly.

“So sexy” I moan out as she reaches into my pants finding me rock hard.

Swiping at my lips with her tongue she settles herself on the cedar chest in the foyer and just sucks a nice load out of me.

No frills, no fancy smancy gimmicks, just a hungry sucking, needful mouth.

I help her to her feet, and she just smiles inches from my face blowing out nasty dick breath while she lewdly shows me how much she enjoys my sticky gooo, and then she offers me her nasty slimy tongue as we swap spit for some moments.

“Don’t shower” I tell her…she sits back down with a dazed look…her lips all glistening and funky looking from the battering my dick just given out…her big old baby filled belly sticking out…she had never looked hotter, and without taking Escort her eyes from mine she reaches down and starts rubbing her cunt with a lewdness that just about has me gasping.

“You dirty slut…you need to cum again?” I spit at her while getting on my knees.

She explodes in climax the second my tongue hits her just about crushing my head between her thighs as they clamp around my head.

My wife has become a cum slut in one day…but that is what happened with me as well…so I shouldn’t be too surprised should I? Happy is what I was…

Saturday morning rolls in, and we still had not showered, neither one of us, since Thursday. We are just funky with each others juices, and as we awake we just join lips as our tongues play tag, but just as I am settling in she pulls back and with her breathy voice sais.

“Ooh…I have to pee”, and with that she sucks my nose in real quick leaving it covered with her spunky, smelly spit.

“Hey…not fair” I call after her as she giggles off to the bathroom.

I jump up and follow her in finding her sitting on the potty…I approach her with my boner jutting out until it bumps against her cheek.

Knowing what I want she admonishes me stating “Get out of here while I pee” and playfully swats at me with a grin.

I just stick it in her face again, right under her nose.

Looking directly into my eyes I see her inhale deeply with her nostrils flaring.

“Um”, is the tiny little grunt that escapes as she swoops onto my smelly dick, and then swoop, swoop, swoop, swoop as she creates a fantastically needful tempo.

“Oh yes” I groan as I immediately match her tempo with my thrusts.

“Oh yeah…suck” I grit as she has me on my toes now.

Reaching down I grip her under her chin so I can feel my dick in her throat, and turn her head to the side so I can see it sail past her lips.

“Oh man…baby, here it comes, here it comes” as I am really pounding her throat now.

“Mnmnnmnn” is her moan as I gush, and gush, and gush again. “Ymnm, yumn, yumnn” are the sounds of her swallowing spurt after spurt.

She finally opens her eyes and stares at me with such open delight as she finishes the last of my slime.

“Ok now get…shooo you big beast” she states.

I back up a step just enjoying watching her as she reaches for a wad of toilet paper.

“If this belly gets any bigger I am not gonna be able to wipe!” she mentions off handedly.

“Here let me help you” I reply getting to my knees in front of her as she stands up. She tries to hand me the wad of paper as she hoists a leg onto the seat, but I tell her not to bother as I bury my face in her crotch.

“Oh honey…don’t do that”, she replies in that breathy voice, but already she is grinding her snatch into me.

Her piss is tangy on her sweet pussy lips as I clean her up. Easing her leg off the toilet I spin her around and bend her over so she is supporting herself on the toilet with her ass thrust back at me.

Smoothing my hands over her cheeks I lean in and rest my cheek on hers, pausing for a moment to savor her stench.

My baby is ripe back here.

Lifting my head I spread her cheeks obscenely to view her greasy chute. Wow. Wow. Wow.

She is pungent…I lean forward and breathe deep.

“Whoa baby…you really smell” I sigh with a big exhale into her crack.

“Kiss me” is her moan as she thrusts back.

I do just that, as I place my puckered lips against her greasy hole, and just hold them there as I breathe several breaths though my nose, which tickles her as she moans her approval.

Her asshole is sticky and my lips momentarily protrude as I break the kiss.

“Oh man…you taste so good” I breathlessly whisper as I run my tongue over my sticky lips before leaning back in for another smooch.

I repeat this over and over with my lips making the nicest sounding smack as her grease mixes with my spit to create a deliciously slimy mess.

“Ohmmmbabysotasty” I mewl out as I am lost in lewdness, and rubbing my nose and chin in her goowey crack.

“Oh my goodness Pete…don’t stop…don’t stop, Oh Peter, oh Peter, oh Pete, oh please” she is chanting as she lowers her head to the floor and completely surrenders herself to my tongue and lips and nose and chin.

I lean back to catch my breath, and wow, what a sight as she is hunched over with her hands gripping the bottom of the toilet bowl as she dry humps into thin air now as I have left her.

Overlust is the only way I can describe myself now.

Taking my forefinger I suck it into my mouth lubing it up good as I lean forward and then spit a big gob onto her chute.

Immediately I catch the spit with my finger, and thrust it into her asshole, and just like that I am in her to the knuckle.

“NO…oh Pete…ungh…oh wow” she blows out as she thrusts back on my digit. She immediately goes from NO to GO, and as I watch she ends up engulfing my finger to the root.

Mewl, mewl, mewl is all she does as she grinds on my digit.

I take my other hand, and slowly thrust my thumb into her gash as I remove my finger from her ass, and suck it into my mouth.

“Mmmnm honey…you taste really good” I let her know as I place two fingers against her hole…leaning in to spit another big gob.

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