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Anal Porn

Under the guise of wishing to carpool I road with my boss, Kyle, as we made our way to the district conference that no one in the company wanted to go to but was mandatory all the same. At first it was just like any other road trip, I toggled through playlists on my phone to find one that we both would like. We talked a little and stopped at a convenience store to get snacks. But when we hit the longest stretch of highway Kyle turned down the music and told me to take my dick out.

I obeyed him, like I always eagerly and willingly do. I used the button on the side of my seat to push my chair back so he could better see me.

“Stroke it until it’s hard.”

I did as I was told, looking over ever so often to see if Kyle was looking. He wasn’t, he kept his eyes on the road. Somehow seeing him seem so uncaring about what I was doing turned me on more. Like he was just testing my loyalty and I was happy to perform.

“Tell me when you’re leaking,” finally he glanced over, “the messy way you do when you’re really hard up. Constantly dripping like a broken faucet. Let me know when your fingers get wet.”

I groaned. We hadn’t been doing this for long, a few weeks or so, but it was the best sex of my life. My tiny supervisor with his filthy mouth and dominate personality made my decidedly larger body go weak for him. He knew just how to pound me, suck me, spank me, lick me. All of it. And it was so so good.

When I was oozing precum I breathlessly let him know and I saw his small smirk before he said, “Now, stop touching it and play with your tits. I want you to keep yourself hard with just your perky nipples alone.”

I let out a whine without meaning too.

“What’s wrong?” Another glance from him. God he was gorgeous.

“It doesn’t feel the same when I do it to myself.”

“I know. Now keep yourself hard.”

I nodded then reached up and started to tweak my nipples. They grew hard instantly, lewdly pressing against my button up. I used to be a little insecure about them. They are thick and kinda long, but watching Kyle worship them gave me a better appreciation for them. I liked to tease him when we were apart. Late at night I’d send him a picture of my tits being played with. One night it was my kitchen tongs, another they were wrapped with string, another still and I was rubbing them with ice. It never failed to get him to call me, either video or audio, and use his voice to get me off. He always came too, saying my voice and “sexy nipples” were too enticing.

I don’t know how long I flicked and squeezed my tits, but I was able to stay hard while he drove. He would sing along to songs and talk about work all while I’m dripping precum onto his leather seat and fondling my muscular chest. His nonchalance really was a turn on.

After about 30 minutes he said, “Cover up, I’m gonna pull into a rest stop, I need to piss real bad.”

I tucked my penis as best I could and was glad I hadn’t unbuttoned my shirt because we were at the rest stop sooner than I thought we’d be. After doing our business we were on the road again. This time he had me suck him off as he drove, he never got close to coming but he did say I was ‘such a good cock warmer’ and I swooned at the praise.

It was evening by the time we made it to the hotel. We both looked ourselves over, being sure we didn’t look like we had engaged in sexual activities on the road in case we ran into our coworkers. We gathered our bags and checked in. Once the bellhop took our luggage we went to the nearest elevator. Our room was on the 28th floor and Kyle took advantage of that time to tease me immediately after the door shut.

He walked up to me with a soft smile. He placed his hands flat on my chest and looked up at me, “You said it didn’t feel as good when you touched them huh?” He grinned wider when I shook my head, “Maybe I should do something about that,” then he dragged his fingers down my pecs until he reached my nipples and he pinched them both.

They instantly hardened and I let out a soft gasp. He pulled them gently then rolled them under the pads of his thumbs. Shocks of pleasure raced through my body as he continued to play with them.

“You look so hot right now,” he leaned forward and slipped his lips around my left tip.

He began to suck at my nipple. Long draws like he thought it would feed him. I could feel his tongue lapping at the underside every now and then and I couldn’t help my moans. I could feel each pull of his mouth, my nipple elongating with each suck. I was trembling, my hands Demetevler Escort flat against the wall behind me as I fought to stay still.

Suddenly the car began to slow and he pulled off quickly and gave me an inquisitive look. We both glanced at the numbers and realized we had only made it to floor 10. Someone had pushed the button and we had missed it. He moved to lean against the wall perpendicular to me and the expression on his face looked the way that I felt. We both hoped that whoever came through that door was not a coworker.

The door opened and thankfully a stranger stepped in wearing red pajama pants and nothing else. He gave me an openly appreciative look, lingering at my chest. He was handsome so I didn’t mind the attention, but I wondered what Kyle thought of it. As I went to glance at him the man spoke.

“Y’all here for that conference?”

Kyle answered, “Yes.”

“Me too,” he nodded like he was thinking, “my third fucking year. I never learn anything new, they are like five years behind the market. All their ideas are stale.”

“It’s my first year,” I offered up, trying to be polite and calm my nerves. We had been so close to being caught.

The handsome man looked at me and gave me a smirk. I didn’t know what that meant so I didn’t engage, but I watched as he took in my form once more.

When he spoke again it was laced with a bit of desire, “Your shirt is wet. Right there over your nipple…”

My eyes widened. I had hoped my shirt wasn’t that wet, but I guess not. I was trying to think of something to say when the man spoke again.

“Don’t worry, it’s clean.”

I furrowed my brow, confused about what he meant until I saw him pull a tissue from his pajama pocket. He lifted his hand and trapped my nipple between the paper, squeezing his fingers around it. I let out a gasp and saw that he had turned his attention to Kyle. I turned my head, looking at my boss to see if he was angry that I hadn’t pushed the man away yet. What I saw surprised me. Kyle looked amused, with his eyes narrowed and head tilted back some, but he had a small smile on his face. Had I been wrong? He had looked worried when the car stopped, but maybe it had been an act. Did he set this up?

The man began to roll my taut nipple between his thumb and forefinger as he addressed Kyle, “Gotta get this shirt nice and dry. Don’t want it to look out of place you know, with just one nipple wet like this…”

“Kyle?” I whispered as I felt my gut tighten in anticipation.

He ignored me and reached up and plucked my right nipple, “Or you could just make them match.”

The man let out a chuckle then pulled the tip of my pec until it popped from between his fingers. I let out a soft sound as the man shifted. He gave Kyle a crooked grin, “That’s a great idea.”

Kyle moved first, coming up to the side of me and immediately sucking my nipple into his mouth. The stranger was next, cupping my chest as he brought my teat to his lips. He gave it a lick before he sucked it in. I let out a long moan, I couldn’t help it, it felt so damn good to have both of these beautiful men paying attention to me. They both sucked differently, Kyle knowing what I liked would swirl his tongue around the bud or flick it but the stranger just kept a steady suction.

The man pulled away and smiled, “These tits are so huge!” He squeezed my chest, forcing my nipple to stand straight out towards his face. He started to rapidly flick his tongue over just the tip, making just the nipple bounce up and down.

My shirt was so wet that the dark coloring of my areola could be seen as the stranger strummed by rock hard nubbin. Speaking of hard, my cock had started swelling in my pants.

Kyle pulled off with a smack and looked up at me, “I can never get enough of these lewd tits of yours,” he reached up and flicked it with his finger to make me whimper, “Surprised they don’t make milk. Nipples big enough to spray gallons out,” then he dove back in and took to sucking me harder than before.

I had started to tremble; both of my hands were flat against the wall behind me so I wouldn’t grab their hair and pull them closer. I let out a long moan and a whispered yes before I could stop myself.

“You two looked so guilty when I stepped inside,” the stranger rubbed his thumb over my aching nub, “I saw your wet shirt and I knew exactly what I had interrupted,” he grinned, “It was a gamble and one I’m glad I took.”

Kyle kept my nipple between Otele gelen escort his lips for as long as he could as he pulled back. Finally when I didn’t think it could stretch anymore it sprung from his mouth, “You better be glad I felt like sharing tonight.”

The man let out a deep chuckle then gave my nipple a playful bite.

Kyle was lapping at my tip now and did so three more pleasurable times before he went to sucking it again. With each pull shocks of pleasure would shoot through my body. I was so warm now, the arousal overtaking me, heating me up until I was panting for relief.

Kyle pulled away, “You good?”

I nodded, “Don’t stop…” If my boss wanted me to preform for him and this man I would. I still wasn’t sure if this was a set up or not, but either way I was enjoying myself.

Kyle’s eyes twinkled as he hummed then he began to suckle me once more.

They were merciless, sucking through my shirt until my nipples were soaking wet. The fabric around them had gone translucent so each time one of them pulled off the darkness of my nipple and areola could be seen.

Kyle had leaned back and was watching the stranger and slowly flicking my right nipple. He was smiling as he spoke, “Look at that…it’s so hot watching someone else suck you off,” he squeezed my tip and I let out a moan. He chuckled and looked at me, “you like the way that feels huh?” It wasn’t a real question so I didn’t answer. When the stranger tugged at my tip Kyle let out a sigh, “I love how fucking thick your nipples are.”

My cock was fully hard now, bouncing between my legs eagerly. I let out a long gasp and whispered, “Kyle…I’m…fuck…”

Kyle’s eyes snapped over to mine and he looked concerned.

“Please,” I asked breathlessly, “touch me.”

His eyes softened and he let out a huff, “No,” and then the elevator began to slow.

The stranger let my nipple go with a sigh, “So uh…you guys wanna–“

“I’m not that generous,” Kyle cut him off just as the door opened. He gripped my wrist as he nodded to the man, “it’s been fun though.”

The man looked disappointed as he nodded and walked away in the opposite direction. I was grateful no one was in the halls because I would have no way of explaining why I had a massive hardon and a wet shirt.

Kyle opened the door to his room and yanked me inside. He didn’t bother turning on the lights he just pushed me up against the wall and gave me a strong passionate kiss. He nipped my bottom lip rather hard and I jerked back, hitting my head. He growled at me, “Who was that guy? A friend of yours?”

I was panting, trying to rub my groin against his body, “W-what? No! I thought…I mean…you let him touch me,” I looked down at him puzzled, “I thought you set it up…”

“No I didn’t set it up!” Kyle huffed, “You just looked so at ease I thought you set it up,” he ran a hand through his hair, “I don’t know…it was so hot and you looked like you liked it. I thought you did it for me…but well…” he glanced up at me through the fall of his hair and to my surprised looked a bit bashful, “I guess that’s foolish for me to think. It’s not like…” he let out a sigh and looked away, “it’s not like we’re…exclusive or anything…”

I didn’t know what to say. Was he trying to give me a hint? I didn’t want to say the wrong thing so I just went back to the issue at hand, “I did enjoy it and even though I thought you were in on it… I’ll admit there was a part of me that didn’t care if you weren’t. You’ve kept me on edge for most of the drive up here. I’d pretty much would have done anything to get some relief.”

Kyle smirked then reached up and pinched my nipples. I groaned and he chuckled, “Well…for the record, I don’t like the idea of sharing you…”

I nodded in agreement, but was too aroused to speak. He was twirling my nipples between his fingers and my cock was jumping for joy. I reached up and pushed my fingers into his hair. It was so soft, the moonlight shining through the slightly parted curtains creating glitter in the strands. He really was beautiful and if I wasn’t careful I’d fall for him.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered.

“It’s fine…we really didn’t set any boundaries,” Kyle smiled, “we should probably have that conversation.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, but my eyes were closed and I could care less in that moment about setting limits and good communication. I just desperately wanted to come so I started to rub myself on his leg.

Kyle pressed Balgat Escort his thigh into me and I started up a fast pace against the muscle, rocking my erection against him with abandon.

“You moan like a slut,” Kyle sounded amused as he began to rapidly flick my nipples, “you gonna come on my leg? Fucking dirty up my pants?”

I was panting and could barely voice the ‘yes’ I knew he wanted to hear. My nipples were aching with a mix of incredible pleasure and near over sensitivity. I could feel the tingle in my balls and I knew I was going to come soon. I had been pent up all day.

“God you look your best like this. So needy,” Kyle was whispering, “so hard,” he pushed his thigh forward adding more pressure to my cock, “I like you so much like this…”

I looked down at him, my eyes half lidded and saw him looking up at me in awe. We held each other’s attention, our eyes boring into one another like we were trying to see the other person’s soul. I don’t know why the mood became more intimate but it did. Slowly shifting until we were both stary eyed and breathing rapidly with franticly beating hearts. His lips parted and his fingers slowed, wandering around my nipples as we gazed at one another. I was still rocking my hips, but languidly now. I didn’t want to break the atmosphere. My chest felt tight, the sudden emotion in the room making my arousal change to something bone deep. Pleasure rippled through my body and I let out a soft sound.

“I’ve never wanted to make someone mine before as badly as I want you,” Kyle’s voice was gentle and sincere, his eyes honest and pure.

Hot dammit. I had already fallen for him.

“I like the sound of that…” I whispered.

Kyle began to squeeze my nipples, giving them steady pressure until warm tingles of arousal radiated out from them. My hips picked up speed and I started moaning again.

“Come for me,” Kyle leaned forward and licked up the side of my neck. My head fell back, hitting the wall with a gentle thump. I groaned and he nipped my Adam’s apple, “you’re so easy,” he whispered, “such a ready whore.”

I let out a groan and trembled some with desire. I could feel my orgasm building so I reached out and gripped Kyle’s upper arms and pulled him closer, practically crushing him against my body. He let out a grunt in surprise and now I could feel how hard he was. I shifted, so each of us was stimulating the other with our thighs. I felt his full body shiver and I knew it was because he could feel the width of my leg and the hardness of the muscle. I flexed and he let out a moan. He had told me once how much he loved how broad and powerful I was. I continued to hold him close as we began to rock against each other. His fingers plucked at my rock hard nipples and each time made me shutter with pleasure.

He kissed me as he began to speed up and pinch my throbbing tips over and over again. The kiss was opened mouth and mostly just us panting into the space between. We both started to rock faster and faster, until we were gasping and moaning against each other’s lips. He would lick into my mouth every now and again or bite my lower lip. All the while still bullying my nipples until they were nothing but pulsing beacons tightly poking against my crisp white shirt.

“K-Kyle,” I warned with a whine.

“Yes. Yeah,” he panted into my mouth, “me too.”

I came first, crying out before tensing up and biting my lower lip as my body finally found the relief it so desperately needed. My climax crashed over me, whiting out my vision and all my other senses until the only thing I could feel was the intense pleasure rippling through my body. I could distantly hear Kyle’s groan as his orgasm overtook him. For a moment we were both coming at the same time, creaming our pants with little shame.

When it was all over we sagged against one another with heaving chests gathering air. I could feel my cum running down my legs as Kyle slid his hands away, the last touch of his fingertips making me twitch with oversensitivity.

He stepped back and tossed his hair back with a sigh. He looked up at me as he reached down and began to undo his zipper and button. My eyes flicked down to look at him opening the fly of his pants. I was still trying to catch my breath when he pushed his pants down to his knees. His cock was semi hard and completely covered with his thick cum. His pubic hair was matted down with sweat and cum, his inner thighs glossy in the moonlight.

I glanced up at him and he was running his fingers through his hair. He looked commanding and confident when he spoke, “Clean me.”

I immediately dropped to my knees and opened my mouth, my tongue going to work on his legs first. When his fingers pressed against my scalp I closed my eyes and thought about all the other ways I wanted him to dominate me. I lapped up the cum dripping from the side of his dick and found myself smiling.

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