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Office Mating Ch. 02

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The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

Oops! NOT A Harvey Marcus Retrospective: Office Mating Part 2

Yes, I know I categorized OFFICE MATING as an Official Retrospective, and this chapter would be the continuation of same, placing it early in my history of sexual encounters, and the first “work colleague sex” of my illustrious, lascivious escapades.

However, this continuation of the story took me in a different direction, and the inter-story linkage opportunities that blossomed as the story unfolded has pulled the entire tale forward. When you’ve had your clock wound as often as I have, time can get away from you.

Therefore, the Fourth Official Retrospective, sex with a co-worker, will be delivered as a different story at another time. I apologize for the confusion, which will be easily explained after you read the story. If Part 1 needs edits to make it contemporary, I’ll promise to make those changes.

The action in Part 1: At long last, Mr. Marcus was asked to go on a business trip with Don, the gregarious salesman. At the last minute, Dora (known to her friends as Izzy) was chosen to substitute when Don got hospitalized. Dora, normally reserved and standoffish, acted provocative and teasing only on Wednesdays. Both Don and Mr. Marcus had been targets of this behavior. As it turned out, the pair had to fly out on a Wednesday for a Thursday presentation to their clients. At their hotel in St. Louis, Dora masturbated with a wooden hairbrush and got a sliver, which Mr. Marcus removed at her request. Unsatisfied and frustrated, Izzy coaxed Mr. Marcus into deeper physical intimacy, culminating in sex but demanding him not to cum. She was fertile, trying desperately for a child with her husband. After they both unwittingly drank cola laced with Dora’s herbs that heightened her sexuality once a week, they coupled again in the shower, and mated in a drug-induced stupor, achieving mutual orgasms. Dora loved the sex and didn’t blame Mr. Marcus for breaking his promise, and planned to have her husband Emilio drink the potion so he could rival Marcus’s lusty exuberance.

But consequences are a bitch.

* * * * * * * * * *

The team’s secretary, a hot-blooded Mexican Chihuahua named Juanita, taped the note to my door. I was seriously disappointed that she didn’t come into my office. Just looking at her, head to toe, would have been the bright spot of an otherwise horrid day. On any other day, I would have taken care not to be caught ogling a female co-worker. But that day, I was packing up my office because my boss’s boss’s boss Richard Tashun, the bastard, demoted me to senior analyst, with a commensurate pay cut and loss of perks like my private office. So, a casual glance down Carlotta’s dress at delicious brown cleavage would have been a welcome distraction from my relocation to a standard no-privacy cubicle. And much better than a sucker punch to the stomach, which is how the news affected me. Tashun hadn’t had the courage to tell me, face to face. Didn’t have the guts. The little prick left a voice mail message. He was on his way to Atlanta, I should finish the simulation software specifications before he got back, and by the way, I was demoted. Just like that. No reason. Oh yes, and no bonus for last year in this year’s appraisal.


I went to the door and stuck my head out, just in time to catch the violent ass shaking of the south-of-the-border courier. I could have walked down the corridor, thrown Juanita on her desk and fucked her in front of the whole team, but that wouldn’t get my position or office back. And Tashun would relish the opportunity to fire my ass, with cause. Nope. quick sex this morning was no solution.

The note was on Tashun’s personal stationery. I was supposed to meet him at his home immediately. Wasn’t he already at the airport? The voice mail had sounded like he’d called using his cell phone in the echoy corridors of O’Hare. Did he have a change of heart, or just a change of travel plans? What other tasks did he have planned for his new senior analyst? Shit, I’d held that job years ago, and now I was back.

I left my former office half-packed and drove up to the suburbs from downtown. güvenilir bahis The note had Tashun’s home address, something I didn’t know. I’d never been there. That should have been a sign. All of the other managers in Tashun’s area had been invited to his home. Some on the holidays. Some on his birthday. But never me. An obvious clue and I missed it.

A woman answered the door. “Mr. Marcus?”

I nodded. That gave me the covert opportunity to quickly give her the once-over. She was about Tashun’s age, which is to say my age, give or take. Her brown hair was streaked with blonde highlights. I couldn’t figure out if the long beige garment was a robe or a wrap dress. It had buttons, double breasted and a belt. Speaking of breasts, they were full and either naturally firm or artificially hoisted by an undergarment.

“Come in.” She stepped aside.

I entered into the tile foyer. She pointed towards the living room. There was a long sofa and two occasional chairs facing it. There were no walls between the living room, dining room and kitchen. A very airy layout accented by the tall ceiling. “Nice place.”

“Please,” she said. She pointed at the sofa.

I sauntered past a staircase to the second floor. No Dick. I took one of the chairs instead.

“I’m Agatha Tashun, Dick’s wife.”

“He left a message-” I took the crumpled note from my pocket. “Is he here? I thought he’d left for Atlanta.”

“He’s gone. I wanted to see you.”

She did? “How come?”

“Before he left, over breakfast, Dick told me he demoted you, and why. I didn’t think his reason was fair. I thought you should know.” She crossed her legs. The dress/robe separated below her knee. Nice calves. “And, maybe offer some assistance.”

Or maybe a piece of ass. Nah, no matter how much I hated Tashun, that wasn’t justification to seduce his wife. “Like what, Mrs. Tashun?”

“Call me Aggie. I promise I’ll do everything I can to get you reinstated to your former title and salary.”

Aggie was being too nice. There had to be a catch. “I’d certainly be grateful. If you don’t mind asking, why would you do that for me?”

“Because I know things beyond Dick’s stated reason. It has nothing to do with your performance. At least your work performance. Ms. Muniz has become pregnant. You know this?”

I nodded. The father was either her husband Emilio, me or someone else in the office she’d seduced on a Wednsday. “She hasn’t made a formal announcement, but there’s the typical office buzz in the coffee room and the hallways.”

Aggie folded her arms. “Dick holds you responsible.”

I almost jumped out of my chair. “For getting her pregnant? Ridiculous! She and her husband were doing everything in their power-“

She pointed a finger. “And had no success until a couple of months ago. Precisely the time the two of you took a business trip together.”

Guilty by association and timing. “Circumstantial evidence, at best. Perhaps she and her husband changed their technique.” Like having Emilio drink her herbal concoction?

“You see, Dick is jealous. He wanted to fuck her. Now, by his crazy, mix-up moral code, she’s off limits. Which is frustrating the hell out of him.” Aggie’s language had become earthier. “Dick has a big ego. Unfortunately without a dick to match.” She uncrossed her legs. Her knees remained apart. The dress exposed black stockings up to her knees.

I don’t know what to say. I wasn’t going to disclose my sexual liaisons with Izzy. I’d been drugged and wasn’t in control during the shower fuck. Dora didn’t blame me for the parental possibility. But our last fuck was an unlikely cause, with her husband screwing her in weekly marathons since. “So this is about him, not me. Great!” No way I could walk into the HR office and tell them this story.

“You know Reese, my niece?” Aggie adjusted the lapels of her dress. “Don’t bother. I know you do.”

“We visited an account together. Downstate.” Where she either fucked the client or gave him a blowjob.

“Yes and you’ve has sex with her twice. Once in the records room and once in a cheap motel when your car broke down. She told me everything.”

“Then there’s nothing for me to add, is there?” This time, I crossed my arms. If she could read body language, I’d just shut her out.

“I know Dick screws around. Hell, he came on to Reese once. She told him off.”

“Really?” Got him off was more like it. Reese had hinted that they’d enjoyed at least one intimate encounter of the penetration kind. Despite her confidence, Aggie didn’t know all.

“We have a dysfunctional household. Our daughter Inez moved out as soon as she was old enough, to get away from her father. I’ve always suspected Dick put the moves on her, too.”

Tashun lied, the little prick. He’d told me he and his wife had no kids, the first time I met Reese. Was it true on a technicality, like she was adopted? “That’s unforgivable.”

She leaned over, plucked a frame off the end table and handed it to me. In the process, güvenilir bahis siteleri her dress opened a bit at the top. I dragged my eyes from her cleavage to the photo. A nice posed family portrait. Dick, Aggie and Inez, their daughter

Shit! Inez was the busty cheerleader I’d chosen as my first pick at Zenellis’s Wisconsion orgy. My brain spasmed, trying to deal with too many thoughts at once. Tashun and I were at the same event? I could have gotten my first choice and fucked his daughter? And Saroya had shown me photos of girls who’d gotten pregnant. Damn, Inez had gotten knocked up. Did her folks arrange an abortion? Fortuitous happenstance, Annie hadn’t gotten the short end of the stick and been paired with Tashun. He didn’t deserve her. I wondered who he had been matched with? Not Annie or the Cocksworth twins, nor Carol, my mate. Maybe the third pregnant girl who I hadn’t recognized? Oh, wait. If Inez was adopted, maybe Tashun shoots blanks. Too many variables and not enough information made my head spin.

Aggie cleared her throat. The surprise of the cheerleader’s identity had taken me to Neverland. My reaction must have shown on my face. “It took over a dozen shots to get one that looked natural.”

The photo was from the waist up, so Inez’s natural breasts, large and high, were clearly visible. Had the terminated pregnancy given her hormones a boost? “Then why do you stay with such a prick?”

“And a short one, at that?” She smirked. “The lifestyle.” She swept her arm, palm up, exhibiting their decor. “I like nice things.”

I knew the power of money. Harriett’s family was wealthy beyond imagination. They bought our house. They’d purchased our cars. They’d established Annie’s college trust fund. Just about everything we had was due to their generosity. As a result, nothing was in my name. And now, I was a hapless senior analyst in a fucking cubicle. Yes, I knew what money, or the lack of it, meant.

Aggie leaned forward, her dress lapels wide. I witnessed a lot more than just cleavage. “I want nice things. And Reese tells me you have a very nice ‘thing’.”

Aha! The catch was my cock, used on her niece. I swallowed hard. What had happened to my “no prick in the inkwell” rule from my father? Ignored again? Or was the wife of a boss’s boss’s boss fair game?

“Dick uses the secretarial pool as his private harem, you know. But he’s not above getting his playmates pregnant.”

“Really?” I couldn’t recall many pregnancies among secretaries, but then again, I hadn’t been keeping close watch. The turnover was exceptionally high. Most of the women Tashun hired were quite young. Restocking the harem? If Dick had knocked up some secretaries, maybe Aggie was infertile. Hot, but infertile.

Since the deployment of computers to assistant director and above, the office pool has shrunk from Olympic size to kiddy. Tashun have been forced to seek out his prey from other than clerical types. Programmers, analysts, perhaps even junior management. Women like Dora. But those women were more assertive, harder to breach.

“I’ve lived with his infidelity. But being angry at you for ostensibly getting an office worker pregnant while indulging himself is the ultimate in hypocrisy.” Aggie stood up. “I don’t have the same body as when I was younger. No one does.”

Certainly not Harriett, who blew up like the Hindenburg after we tied the knot.

Aggie unbelted her robe/dress. “But perhaps I can interest you-” The black bra and panties with black stockings and a garter belt would have been quite exciting, no matter whose body they were on. Aggie’s was a bit fuller than the younger women I’d bedded. Still, the view was easily provocative enough to get me erect. Hell, those days a Sears catalog page of women in flannel nightgowns would get me hard.

She spun away and turned on the stereo receiver in a wall-sized entertainment center. Slow music drifted out of speakers that must have been all over but hidden. The room filled with sound. “Let’s dance.”

I took her in my arms, snaking my hand inside her robe/dress, fingers on her bare back. She was warm to the touch. She laid her head on my shoulder, holding my hand and shoulder in the classic position. I imagined another classic position, her on her back, legs spread, and me crawling up to indulge her lust. And mine as well, to be honest. She brought both hands up around my neck, hugging me close. “You should take off some clothes. It’s only fair.”

She let go so I could take off my pants and shirt. We resumed our slow dance. She cocked her hips forward to feel my – uh, cock. “Mmmm. Reese’s stories were accurate. You are one hung son of a bitch.” Aggie’s language had turned coarse. “I like it hard and vigorous. Can you be hard and vigorous?”

“I’m halfway there,” I said.

“Show me.”

I pulled my jockeys down far enough for my cock to pop out. It throbbed and bounced.

“Oh my!” Aggie fell to her knees, praying to the Great God Marcus Penis. She fluttered iddaa siteleri her fingertips over the surface. Every tap made me harder and more eager to teach Tashun’s wife a lesson – a pleasurable lesson, but a lesson nonetheless.

She leaned forward to taste me. No way. I pulled her to her feet and cupped her pantied mound. “This needs attention, doesn’t it?” I pressed one finger into the natural crease. “You need something here, something to fill you-“

“Oh yes.” She covered my mouth with rapid-fire kisses. One hand reached for my ass, the other held onto my cock for dear life.

“Show me your bedroom,” I mumbled between her lip attacks on my face.

Her ass swayed back and forth as we ascended the stairs. Tashun’s bedroom was at the end of a short hallway. Aggie turned to face me, practically panting with lust. “Is this what my niece got? Is this the cock you fucked Dora with that got her pregnant?”

“I plead the fifth, but you can have all eight. Inches, that is.” I snaked my hand into her panties and diddled her bare pussy with bare fingers. She was sloppy moist.

My cock throbbed in her grip. “Are you ready to fuck me with this thing?”

So, did I hate Tashun enough to cuckold him? Damn right. “Ready when you are.” I slid one finger up into her pussy, just to tease.

The bed was precisely made, the bedspread exactly even, tucked beneath king-sized pillow. She threw off the covers while I got undressed. Aggie watched, mouth open. When it was her turn, she let me to do the honors. Her breasts sagged a bit when I slid off her bra. I kissed her nipples, then her stomach as I slid her panties down. I moved to kiss her cunt but she threw herself back on the bed, spread her legs and shouted “Get up here!”

“Are you woman enough to take it?” I asked.

“Are you man enough to deliver?”

Our clothes were off, the challenge was on, and there was nothing in our way. I climbed between her raised knees. She pulled me forward by my cock and dragged me forward towards her pussy. “Take it easy, huh.”

“You’re hard all right. Ready for vigorous?”

Our groins were bare and ready for coupling. I scooted my hips forward. She was quick to guide my cock towards her waiting pussy. With no hesitation, I shot forward. She took me to the hilt, moaning. “Oh God, so big! So fucking big!”

I threw myself against her, backed off, and attacked again. Our bodies slid easily on a mutually generated skim of sweat. I humped hard because I knew she wanted it that way, because I was punishing Tashun with every stroke, and because her pelvic muscle tone had faded from her youth. Instead of beating him about the head and shoulders with a baseball bat, I was doing the next best thing. My pubic bone bashed hers. “Is this vigorous?” I might have been stimulating her clit, based on her reaction.

Aggie was loving my enthusiasm. “Fuck me with that big cock. Fuck me like Dick can’t.”

So I did, repeatedly thrusting, almost throwing myself against her.

“You have to cum. Really. I mean it. You have to spurt in me. Fill me up. Give it to me, all of it.”

I teased the opening to her pussy until the tingle announced an impending eruption. I pushed forward, impaling her. Cum spurted into her sloppy cunt. Her vagina pulsed, squeezing the juices. I kept thrusting despite my orgasm. As long as I was still hard, Aggie was going to get ridden. When I softened past being able to penetrate, I rolled off Aggie, exhausted.

“Wow! That was a lot better than I expected. Reese has been known to exaggerate. Maybe we can do this again some time, after I get you reinstated?” She glanced past me at the clock radio. “But right now, I have an appointment, and I can’t show up smelling of sex. You understand. Why don’t you use the downstairs bathroom to clean up?”

“Okay.” I didn’t know what else to say. I gathered my clothes and found the first floor facility. I showered in the glass-enclosed stall to bathe our mutual juices off, towel dried and got dressed. I waited on the living room sofa. Was I supposed to leave, or stay until dismissed, or what? This was much more awkward than any of my other sexual encounters.

At long last, Aggie trotted down the stairs. She wore a conservative dress, high neckline, hem at the shin. “I have to go now, but I insist you have one of my handmade donuts. Follow me.”

She took a key from her pocket and unlocked a stainless steel and glass counter-top cabinet. Maybe marijuana brownies needed to be locked up, but donuts? From within, she plucked a baked morsel, holding it with thumb and index finger. With her other hand, she opened a cabinet and took a small plate. “Here. Enjoy this.” Then she turned, snagging a coat from the front hall closet, and exited through a door to the garage.

I took a seat at one of the stools at a kitchen island. The first bite was tasty but a bit dry. I rummaged cabinets for a glass and the fridge for some milk. Whole, not two percent, but beggars can’t be choosers. I was halfway through the donut, pondering my next step. Raise a fuss at work about Tashun’s sexual activities with co-workers? Find the video clip of him fucking someone’s daughter at Zenellis’s orgy? Keep my mouth shut and let Aggie do her magic?

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