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Office Fantasies

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Standing there, in front of her, his pants tight against him, David could feel the heat coming off the woman in front of him. Her blouse was unbuttoned and he could see her large breasts heaving against the soft, white silk. He reached out to touch her. Stepping closer to her, he took her left breast in his palm, sliding his fingers under the soft fabric of her bra. He could feel the curve of her there, his fingers cupping her breast and his thumb finding her nipple.

She was excited and he could feel it. Then, he put his other hand inside her bra and cupped the other breast as well. God, her body was so warm, so willing. He could hardly contain himself. Leaning into her, he let his tongue glide over the fullness of her breasts. He could taste her perfume and feel the heat of her skin under the tip of his tongue.

With her panties on the floor and her skirt up around her hips, her ass sitting on the cool window sill and her head against the glass, she was ready for him. She could see his erection straining at the fabric of his pants. She was pleased about it too.

The window ledge was cool beneath her nude ass. She could feel his hot breath in her ear and his erection probing at her vulva. The office had long since cleared out and they were all alone. She had been thinking about this scenario almost as long as she had been working there for him.

He was one of her office fantasies and she found as many ways as possible to be near him. At times, they were so close she could smell his skin… not just his cologne, but his skin. She knew she was older than he, but she didn’t care. kaçak iddaa She wanted him.

David was very excited… scared and excited. He had never done anything like this before. Working had always been his wife and with his job, he’d never had time for “mistress” of any sort. But here was this willing woman and he was going to know the passion that sex could bring him. At last, he was going to know the satisfaction of using sex for his own pleasure instead of the chore it had been in the past.

He grabbed her by her hips and pulled her closer to him. The tip of his erection now touching the warm wetness that was there, waiting for him. He was so hard, so ready, he thought he might explode too easily.

She was an experienced lover. Little did he know but he was going to go for one hell of a ride with this woman.

Rachel wrapped her long, fluid legs around David’s hips. With one quick motion, she pulled him into her with her heels. David gasped in pleasure and Rachel smiled with satisfaction. Never before had he felt such unbridled passion. It was like a million tiny lights went off behind his eyes. He felt weak in the knees and the warm wetness of her enveloped him.

It was too easy. Her body responded so easily and so quickly to his thrusts. Rachel threw her head back and let her long hair float down over David’s hands. He increased his thrusting and reached up from her hips with his right hand and grabbed a handful of the hair that was teasing his fingers. With a little show of force, he pulled her hair slightly and pulled her head closer to his face so he could kiss her mouth.

Rachel kaçak bahis parted her lips and let her tongue come out to lick his bottom lip. Then, she gently pulled his lip between her teeth and held onto him for just a second or two. Enough for him to get the tingle that ran down his spine. It was effective for making him thrust into her just that much harder. Rachel giggled slightly and let her hips meet his with equaled passion. She was really enjoying this new lover.

He slid in and out of her, feeling every inch of his erect penis shiver with excitement as her body responded so easily. He was not even thinking about coming. His only thoughts were concentrated on how good she felt, how warm she was… how easily she could make him forget work and all that was around them.

Rachel undid the rest of her buttons and pulled her blouse off. The white silk fell silently to the floor and David didn’t notice where it landed. He was too enthralled with the full breasts that were bouncing slightly to the motion of his hips as he would pull back and then thrust in again and again. The soft curve of her breasts jiggled slightly with each completed motion.

Leaning back against the window, Rachel used one hand for stability and with the other, she removed her bra by loosing the snap in the front. The white lace of her bra popped open, almost as if on cue. Her breasts, now freed of their flimsy prison, seemed to beckon to David’s mouth. With one quick motion, David filled Rachel completely and bent his head to suck on a nipple.

She could feel his erection pulsing… growing thicker illegal bahis and larger from the anticipation of the oncoming climax. He had to concentrate to keep from ejaculating too quickly. With impatient hands, he squeezed her breasts, massaging them, feeling them beneath his fingertips. He could feel her heart beating and her nipples getting harder and harder. Rachel sighed and pulled him deeper into her with her heels buried in his ass cheeks.

David had to thrust into her again. He had to feel the strength of her muscles as they held him tightly. Plunging into her with a madness born out of ultimate desire, he could barely contain himself… with a quick and forceful thrust, he pulled her from the window ledge and held her ass while pumping into her. Rachel could feel the orgasm building from deep inside her. David could feel the muscular walls of her vagina as she started to convulse with waves of pleasure and an intense orgasm.

Running her fingernails down David’s strong arms, Rachel moaned in exquisite joy. “I’m coming, baby, oooooh, can you feel me? I’m coming…”

She ran her tongue inside his ear and sucked on his lobe, biting softly. David squeezed her ass within his hands and thrust one final time, deep and full. With one long groan, David came, his cock pulsing with each burst of come flowing free.

“Oh… my… gawwwd…” David said, quite loudly and with his breath coming in short gasps. He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t think. All he could do was enjoy her body, as it flexed against his. They stayed there, like that, her legs around his hips, his cock buried in her. He collapsed against her, their weight supported on the iron beam that made up the window sill.

Separating, their bodies drenched in sweat, Rachel and David looked at each other and shared a knowing smile.

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