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Office Alone Time

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This is my first attempt at a story. Please feel free to let me know what you think or suggestions on how to improve. Thanks! I hope you enjoy it.


Jenna sighs then yawns. She stretches and gets up from her desk where she had been working on a set of instructions for the new computer system her office had received. She tilts her head from one side, then the other, loosening her stiff neck and wiggling her tired fingers. By any definition, she was a computer geek. She dressed for comfort more than looks and when she was the only one in the office on a Saturday like today, she was dressed down even more in a t-shirt and blue jean shorts. Jenna moves out of her cubicle to look out of the window and grumbles softly because it is a gorgeous summer day. Writing instructions is boring and tedious work, but she had been a little bit behind lately so she needed to spend this Saturday in the confines of her cubicle world. It was quiet and she could get a lot accomplished so she was glad to be there even though the day was a nice one. Looking out at the beautiful blue sky her thoughts slipped to Rick.

Rick is one of her co-workers and he had the deepest and clearest blue eyes. She and Rick had been co-workers for over 10 years and in that time there had been plenty of sexual innuendo tossed back and forth and they knew a great deal about what each liked sexually. Her mind drifts to what he said was one of his favorite things…eating pussy. She blushes as she thinks about it because she loves having a man’s hands on her ass, lifting her hips and feeling the stubble on her inner thigh as he moved towards her cunt. The Başakşehir escort bayan anticipation as she watched his head get closer until his lips sucked her clit and his tongue flicked and tasted her nether lips was almost as good as the first lap of the tongue. The men she had been with would do it occasionally, but most times just once or twice before they would quit yet they always expected her to go down on them. Funny how that double standard seemed to be a non-issue for the men but was one for her.

As she turns away from the window her nipples now hard beneath her shirt. Jenna lifts her hand and runs it over the light fabric of the t-shirt. Her fingertips moving over the sensitive bud, then she pinches it before lowering her hand again. Her belly is tight and she can feel the slight wetness between her legs. From her vantage point she realizes she is facing the desk of the man she had been thinking about. Where her files are in neat folders each labelled, Rick’s desk is filled with random stacks of papers, but it seemed that if she asked Rick for a document, he easily knew what stack to go to and where to find it. Jenna walks from the window past her own cubicle and stands in the doorway of Rick’s office. There is an empty spot on his desk where his laptop usually sits. His chair is centered on the empty space and were he there, she would be facing him as she has done hundreds of times previously. She thinks again about being pleasured orally and her clit begins to throb. She squirms her hips slightly and her clit is rubbed by the seam in her jean shorts causing a deeper need to flow through her.

Slipping Escort Bayrampaşa around the desk Jenna stands before the empty chair. She hikes her ass on the desk and with her feet on the armrests she pulls the chair close. She imagines him there and knows that if he were, his face would be very close to her crotch. Bending her knees and pulling the chair closer Jenna moves her ass towards the edge of the desk. She lays back on the desk with her legs spread wide and her feet still on the arms of the chair. She imagines Rick there and lifts her hips slightly as if he was pulling her closer. Her left hand begins to tug on the hard nipple of her ample breast as her right hand journeys between her legs and begins to rub her clit through her clothing. She moans softly as she thinks of his tongue sliding along her wet slit. She lifts her shirt and pulls her large breast from her bra and begins to flick and tug the hard nipple. The other hand slips under the waistband of her shorts and moves over the soft thatch of hair before her fingertips feel the smooth skin of her shaved lips.

The deft fingertips slide over soft, shaved skin and move down farther. She thinks of Rick’s goatee tickling the insides of her thighs and feeling the whiskers on her soft lips. Jenna’s fingers slide down the slickness of her pussy lips before moving back up and she begins to rub her clit in slow circles. She can almost see him there, his blue eyes looking up to watch her reaction to his tongue. She begins to rub faster and her hips begin to rock in time with her hand. The moan that had caught deep in her throat escapes loudly and she pulls her nipple Beşiktaş escort harder. Her fingers momentarily leave her throbbing clit and slide deep within her soaking cunt. She bangs herself thinking of his fingertips digging in to her ass to pull her even closer to his greedy mouth before she moves up again to her clit. Her fingers now press hard and the circles come faster and faster as her hips begin to buck wildly.

Jenna’s legs jerk and push the chair away but she continues to pleasure herself thinking of her co-worker and his love of the taste and excitement of pleasing a woman orally. She wonders briefly what he would think if he saw her on is desk with her tit out and her hand down her shorts. She laughs softly and hopes that Rick would enjoy the view before returning to her thoughts to the tiny nub beneath her fingers. Her legs dangling off the side of his desk change pull her shorts a bit tighter and her hand moves furiously beneath them. Her breath comes in quick gasps as she feels her pussy begin to clench. The smaller waves of pleasure building until finally she succumbs and is drowned by a wave so big and strong she can’t fight or try to hold it off…she can only moan as her hips move of their own accord and she feels the wetness drench her panties.

She slowly catches her breath and pulls her hand from her pants. Her fingers are slick with her musky wetness. Jenna sits up slowly on the desk then hops off. Laughing softly she takes her cum soaked fingers and makes an X on the desk before she places Rick’s chair back where it was. Her legs are a bit wobbly, but she walks back out to the office bathroom. Grinning a bit, she feels much more energized and she cleans herself off as best she can before returning to her own cubicle. She sits down and continues to work where she left off. She wonders if Rick will notice the invisible X on his desk, but doubts he will. He won’t ever know how he helped her take the edge off a long, boring day of paperwork.

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