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Nurse Diva’s Standard Party Bitch Script

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copyright © 2014 Nick Vegas


Nurse Diva was an over 6ft tall former athlete who studied chemistry and nursing, a one time adherent to NOI, (Nation of Islam-which taught white women should be slaves to the black race, but to men. Diva differed and wanted the white woman to bow to the superior black woman.) She preferred to be her own boss. With her years as a nurse and training in hypnosis online, she created a standard script for inducting the inferior white women she determined would be better off molded to her vision, serving a single purpose for her.

Business owners, interns, single divorcees, former CEOs, former aspiring models, and runaways, etc. Had all fallen under the absolute control by and devotion to, Nurse Diva.

Their former occupation was irrelevant. Nurse Diva’s plan was to create a series of ‘party houses, rental units and escapes from the stress of her job’ with a standardized script for induction and behavior modification. Being a Nurse was a thankless job, and she had to consider how to eventually retire in a style she deserved, especially as a voluptuous black woman. If she hadn’t blown out her knee, she might have been the next Marion Jones or Serena Williams, (whose build she had). But a bad knee and already on the down side of 40, she knew she only had limited time before she should take it easy, and let someone else (preferably submissive white women who were once uppity) do all the work, and pamper her. After all Nurse Diva knew instinctively she was of superior genetics, and should be bowed down to, even if white bitches didn’t know that. Yet.

With the most recent ‘acquisition’ (the artist who lived next door) dosed with X-3, a scopolamine derivative, Diva’s niece merely needed to program her to fit the Diva’s paradigm: Compliant, reflex based white women who served her every whim.

The mp3 she used was the same for each ‘party bitch’, assuring uniformity. A series of hand signals and their description as to the correct response was included, taking from dog training. Nurse Diva felt that white women were basically dogs, and she had no qualms about turning a woman’s life upside down and changing it completely.

Nurse Diva was all about Nurse Diva, as were her trained white women when she was done. The mp3 went thusly:

“Welcome to your life under Nurse Diva as her ‘Party Bitch’. You have no memory of your life before today, other than your admiration of, love for and absolute devotion to being Nurse Diva’s Party Bitch. You have always known you are inferior to the black woman, genetically, socially, in every way. Their natural dominance over you is natural and expected. It’s unavoidable. You feel overwhelming certainty in that.

You, have no self-esteem. It does not exist. The black female is superior to you in every way, beautiful in every way. Your inferior Escort Bayan genes sprang from the black seed of Africa. Licking the sweat from the soles of the feet, or of the black woman is as close as you could ever get to coming anywhere near her level. Her shoes have more value than you.

It is biologically your natural place to serve and obey your black mistress, and you are addicted to your submission, your obedience. You desire nothing else. You can think of nothing else. Nurse Diva is everything. You are merely party Bitch, and have always been.

Party bitch is merely a living blow up doll, created to please your dominant mistress. Only her commands are important to you, only her thoughts are important. You can remain in positions you are commanded to as long as your owner desires. Your sense of self exists only as the Party Bitch for Nurse Diva. When immobile your inferior mind loops your commands until given instruction by your betters, your owner and controller, the superior black woman who commands you.

You think no other thoughts. You have no other thoughts, you are incapable. You desire no other thoughts; there are no other memories. There is only party bitch, property of Nurse Diva. You have always been and will always be obedient to your black mistress, in absolute lust of your black mistress, in love with her every flavor and scent, eager to serve and please, incapable of your own orgasm until commanded to.

Your body is merely the property of Nurse Diva, and it responds to her commands with no need for your thoughts. These thoughts are your only thoughts, the words of Nurse Diva. You exist, simply to obey. Your natural posture is one of kneeling, arms clasped behind you, nipples erect as you wait serving your purpose, and your purpose is as Party bitch. Party bitch. Party Bitch.

You enthusiastically perform every command, ready for the next. Your mind is a hard drive that has been erased and reprogrammed. The black female is superior to you in every way, and your inferior genes sprang from the black seed of Africa.

You desire nothing else. Nurse Diva is everything. You are merely party Bitch. Party bitch adores the black woman’s feet, the black woman’s pussy, the black woman’s ass, the black woman’s tits, her armpits, her breath, and her voice.

You are not worthy to kiss your superior, but the gift of her saliva is something you love. Even her water is exciting to you Party Bitch, you have no self-esteem. You are a toilet for the black woman if she commands it. Your self-esteem does not exist. You are party Bitch, a Living blow up doll to please your genetically superior mistress with undying loyalty and obedience.”

The mp3 played continuously, and the Amazonian woman who was once an artist in several mediums had no thoughts or memory of her own now. She only Bayan Escort knew that she was party bitch, Property of Nurse Diva. Nurse Diva was everything, she was nothing. Her body complied Automatically and kneeled, the mp3 continuing.

It was as if her brain was a hard drive that had been reformatted from one operating system to another. This OS was direct, simple and streamlined. This OS was her only truth.

During the course of the day Nurse Diva’s niece, Aniqua would check up on Party Bitch, dose her again with X3 and make sure the batteries on the mp3 player were still running the program.

Aniqua didn’t even know the woman’s name, nor did she care, she had a new name now anyway. Her life had a new purpose now, her body had a new purpose now, and her house and everything in it was up for grabs. Her Aunt had taught her that black women needed to assert their rightful place in the world, on top. Half of the white women who approached Nurse Diva were interested in performing acts of degradation anyway, so being dominated, used as a sex toy or even a human toilet was no big deal.

So Aniqua had no qualms about making sure they kept their proper attitude, and had fun while doing it. Nurse Diva had some amusing appliances she liked to use on party bitch, like the double orifice-vibrating dildo, with built in bottle opener. Every party bitch was fitted with them.

Aniqua sipped a grape soda as she surveyed Party Bitch’s reprogramming, and quietly said to herself out loud. “I bet you never thought answering the door would lead you here, did you, you goofy white bitch?” Aniqua laughed as she waved a hand in front of party Bitch’s face, mimicking her blow up sex doll expression, and vacant eyes, oblivious to Aniqua as the mp3 looped again. I’m gonna go check out your digs while you simmer.

The former Artist, now Party Bitch didn’t move. She knelt perfectly still for the next several hours, accepting her programming, her destiny, her purpose. Aniqua walked past the maid as she dusted nurse Diva’s new house, and to the unlocked door of the large house next door, and let herself in.

Aniqua gave herself a tour, grabbing a few clothing items, and helped herself to an ipad, and some other electronics, which like Party Bitch would need their ‘hard drive’s reformatted.’ She found a nice camera, and took shots of the interior and the yard, took a look at the basement, kitchen and attic, and thought it could command a nice rent.

She wondered if it had enough bedrooms, including the converted large attic, to become a Sorority house for her black sorority. That would sure be convenient. She thought the maid would only have to walk next door, and could cook and clean for them, and party Girl could service the girls in the know who would enjoy that kind of special treatment. Something to consider Escort she thought. She’d have to run that idea by Nurse Diva. The neighbors in this little, too white town would love that shit, she thought, and the ones who complained, well you can never have enough good servants. She laughed to herself and walked back to Diva’s new house.


Despite the parties and noise the sorority made, neighbors only complained once. The noise, loud talking and parties didn’t seem to bother anyone once they were visited by Nurse Diva to introduce herself to the neighbors. Ever since then, the neighbors would wash Diva’s car, and mow her lawn, and even painted the Sorority house inside and out, at no charge.

Diva enjoyed having a personal trainer show up and do physical therapy, and it seemed everyone in the neighborhood was eager to bring Diva breakfast, dinner, or barbecue, and even split the proceeds from their yard sales, which were often, favoring the Diva of course.


Well the wedding business in that town did slow down a bit. It seemed there had been a trend in the last six months. So many engagements had been broken, and the eligible white women in town suddenly changed their plans, and moved out of their apartments or Trailers, or houses, and decided to become indentured servants for all the black women who recently moved into town. There wasn’t a woman of color in town that didn’t have a Live in maid, and housekeeper. It was interesting to see an afternoon at the local mall, as well dressed black women had their lunch served to them by then their maids, who carried there bags, then kneeled beside them as they ate, while looking at them with admiration, and a vacant look in their eyes.


Once Lisa’s second hand bride store, now an all African women’s clothing store, Diva’s Mo Betta was doing well. Fine shoes for the big and wide foot were brought out by the corn rowed attendant, Lisa who was always excited to remove customer’s old shoes for them. Lisa, who didn’t talk much, except to compliment the black women on the beauty of their feet, but could run the register and stock room, before handing the cash to Diva. Lisa would measure and massage the feet of women that tried on shoes, with a mixture of sugar, herbs and almond oil, before drying them and bringing them shoes to try on. She of course would put the shoes onto the customer, adjust them to fit, and then watch with rapt attention as they paced back and forth to see if they liked the fit. Usually when the customer turned there back or was facing the other direction she’d sneak in a sniff of the shoes they wore in, and smile widely. She was never upset when Women came in at the last minute to try on numerous shoes without buying; after all she loved to serve. If women decided to wear the shoes they bought home and discard their old worn out ones, Diva allowed Lisa to keep them. She so treasured shoes worn by her betters, and wasn’t ashamed of her kink.

Things were gong pretty well for the Diva, and this made Lisa very happy.

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