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Number 86 Ch. 06

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Beautiful Face

This is the penultimate chapter of Mark’s varied experiences at number 86. This story is fictitious and all characters depicted are 18 or over. Any resemblance to anyone real is purely a fortunate coincidence on their part if this is what they enjoy.


Kevin sat almost motionless on his chair, his legs kept apart by the spreader bar on the floor and his large bollocks and half erect cock sticking out of the hole in the latex pants that he wore.

Mark – in his sissy clothes and pink lipstick – was sitting next to Kevin fondling his cock and balls for him. His own cock was stiff too, sticking out of the crotchless pastel coloured panties but it remained unsatisfied. With each touch of Kevin’s cock, Mark was imagining how it would feel on his own and watching it twitch in the air sympathetically.

Edith and Margaret – sitting on the sofa opposite with spread legs and moist pussies watched with satisfaction as Mark played with another man’s cock for the first time in his life.

“Tell us what that feels like, Mark”

“His skin is really smooth. I love the feel of his bollocks – the soft skin, wispy hair and their shape and texture. When I rub my own balls, it is different because I can feel how aroused I am getting as I stroke myself. Playing with someone else’s separates what I can feel through my fingertips from what I am feeling inside.”

Mark moved his hand to Kevin’s stiff shaft, stroking it up and down lightly and feeling it growing stiffer in his hand until it was so erect the foreskin was pulled back to expose the cock head. Mark moved his fingers around the ridge of Kevin’s helmet and elicited a moan of pleasure from him in return.

“His cock is so warm – almost glowing with heat which I can see too. When I squeeze him, I can feel him pulsating in my hand in response. I love the ridge around his cock head and his piss slit – I always find that so arousing but I forget to enjoy it for myself sometimes. I am so focused on my impending orgasm and making it arrive slowly that maybe I don’t always enjoy my cock to the full?”

“See if you can make him produce some pre-cum for us, Mark”

Mark obliged and moved his hand up and down Kevin’s erection some more, moving the palm of his hand over the cock head each time he reached it. Each time Kevin’s arousal intensified, he moved his hand back onto his bollocks and played with them lightly until Kevin’s whimpering subsided again.

Kevin’s hands were holding on tightly to the sides of his seat.

“I think there is a scarf in Kevin’s box, Mark. Why don’t you tie his hands behind his back for him? He does like that and it will make him feel more exposed and… vulnerable.”

Mark did as Edith instructed, reaching for the Çankaya Escort scarf and tying Kevin’s wrists loosely but firmly behind him. He watched his cock move involuntarily in response.

“He is really nice and stiff now – almost good enough to eat. You could taste him if you wanted to.”

Mark was a little surprised by Margaret’s suggestion. He hadn’t been thinking about such a thing but the new idea of sucking a man’s cock – putting it into his mouth and running his tongue all around him was overwhelming, especially in his current state of sexual excitement. He stood up and knelt between Kevin’s legs pausing for a moment to take in how his cock and balls looked from this new perspective.

He reached out and lifted Kevin’s penis into the air and held it there – hard, warm and engorged. Then he leant forward and licked his bollocks. It wasn’t too long since he had been licking a cunt and the differences surprised him at first. He ran his tongue all around Kevin’s ball-sacks discovering the areas that felt smooth and the ones which were rougher. He hadn’t appreciated how less sensitive his fingertips were until he started licking.

Moving his head away for a moment, he lowered Kevin’s cock towards him and started to lick the head, running his tongue all around the slit tasting the pre-cum that had dribbled out of it so far.

“Do you like that, Mark?

I think that semen is a very acquired taste. I wonder how often you have eaten your own spunk before?

Some of our visitors love eating both their juices and that of other men as well. A lot of men tell us about how they lie back and shoot their cum over themselves before scooping it up into their mouths with their fingers afterwards. One gentleman likes to cum onto a plate or into a glass or spoon before eating it all up. Last time he was here we persuaded him to shoot his load into a full yogurt pot, mix his sperm into it and then eat both cum and dessert for us using his fingers – it was wonderful.

Mark – turned on even more by the sister’s story – now had even more of Kevin’s cock in his mouth but he still wanted more. He pushed his head forward so that a couple more inches of the shaft went into his mouth and down his throat. Kevin’s whined in response as Mark felt the hard, wide erect cock filling him.

“I think he is getting really close now. It would be a shame not to see him shoot his spunk when he comes.

Why don’t you stroke him with you hand again until he sprays his seed all over your face for us? You already have dried pussy juices on your face – we would like to see dried man spunk over you as well.”

Mark slowly – slightly reluctantly – pulled his head Keçiören Escort backwards letting Kevin’s erection slide out of his mouth inch by inch. Then he started to stroke him gradually towards orgasm. He felt the ‘Dewing’ rug rotate beneath him slightly, presumably so that the sisters got the best view of what was about to happen.

“When he is about to cum, close your eyes and just let it shoot all over you. I love fresh warm spunk covering me like that and how it smells and tastes. It isn’t good when if it goes in your eyes though!

We would like to see it dribbling down your face and gradually drying on you. Don’t worry where it goes. You can lick any that lands around your mouth but don’t wipe any of his sperm off with your hands please.”

Mark closed his eyes and found that increased his other senses, especially that of touch as he held a stiff cock in front of him, stroking it close to his face. Even the air between the too of them felt noticeably warmer. Kevin’s needs became more urgent as he rubbed him, he was thrusting himself back and forward slightly and – as promised – his whimpering became really intense.

Suddenly – but predictability – he let out a loud grunt and Mark felt spasms in Kevin’s cock and pulses in the veins that ran all along his shaft. A large globe of spunk landed squarely on Mark’s forehead where it started to dribble down slowly. Margaret and Edith could see how Kevin’s first shot of cum was thick and globular in the middle and more watery around the edges.

“It looks like you’ve been saving that for us, haven’t you Kevin?”

Kevin nodded as more spurts of cum arced in the air onto Mark’s face, a couple more onto his forehead and then lower down onto his nose, lips and neck. Mark couldn’t resist and started to lick his lips and taste Kevin’s full load instead of the pre-orgasm juices he had had before.

Gradually Kevin’s moans got less as he slowly stopped ejaculating for Mark and their audience. Mark knelt still, feeling all the spunk slowing running down him and gradually drying. After a few minutes and more licks of his lips, he could finally taste no more of Kevin’s wet semen.

“Thank-you – both of you. That was a fine display.

Kevin – you – and we – know that you will be able to cum for us again later. Why don’t we just leave you here for the moment and you can listen to what we get up to?

Mark – I think I would like to fuck your arse for you now. You lubricated it really well for us so I’m sure you will be able to accommodate me. I’ll just get what I need and then you can find out what having an old lady with a double strap on cock fucking you feels like…”

Margaret reached Etimesgut Escort out for Mark’s hand and lifted it encouraging him to stand up.

“Don’t open your eyes yet – just come with me.”

Mark followed as he was let around the room, carefully avoiding items of furniture.

“Right – feel forward and lean over this for me.”

Mark reached out and touched what felt like a tall footstool with a padded cushion.

“Now let’s get you ready for Edith to fuck, shall we?

Bend over and make sure your arse is nice and available. Now let’s pull those knickers down so that they don’t get in the way, just down to your knees. Spread your legs wider so that they don’t roll down. I always think having a man with his sissy clothes only partly on is a wonderful sight.

Okay – reach behind you and pull your buttocks apart with your hands. Excellent – grasp them nice and tight please. I’m now going to lubricate you ready for when Edith enters you – I don’t think it will be too cold and you already know what it feels like don’t you…”

Mark felt himself getting more aroused as a result of what Margaret was saying and doing to him. His bollocks ached once more and his urges to cum got stronger.

“Very good Mark. Now Edith won’t be long. She especially likes it when the gentlemen who are allow her to service her needs are polite, so when she is ready, ask her to fuck you nicely. She will enjoy that.”

Mark did as he was instructed, keeping his eyes closed but hearing various noises and a little bit of movement. A few minutes passed.

“You can open your eyes now”, said Edith from just behind him.

He opened his eyes at last – slowly – to get accustomed to the daylight once again and partly because of where Kevin’s spunk had landed around his eyes and was now drying crustily.

He found himself looking into the tall mirror that he had been wanking in front of before.

This time though, he was bent over a cushioned stool as he had suspected and he could see all the dried semen covering his face and neck.

“Don’t you look like a dirty slut, Mark, covered by Kevin’s fresh spunk?”

Kevin moaned in response from somewhere behind him.

Looking over his shoulder he saw Edith who was now completely naked except from a large, realistic cock that was sticking out in front of her. Once again, these two old women had succeeded in doing things that he would never have imagined.

“Please will you fuck me, Edith”, Mark said quietly, “I am looking forward to feeling you inside of me”

“Of course I will, Mark, and thank-you for asking so nicely.

This is a double-ended dildo, Mark. One end is nicely embedded inside me and I can make it vibrate to bring me to orgasm. The other end – which you are looking at – is going to go into your arsehole as I enjoy fucking you at the same time.”


Thank-you for the kind feedback from those who have sent it in.

There is one more chapter left to go when Mark finally gets the opportunity to cum for Edith and Margaret in what I hope is a surprising way…

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