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Now That I Have Your Attention Ch. 02

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Being a 2nd shifter my alarm is always set at 9am. This being a Saturday morning and telling my boss not to call me, I did not set my alarm so I guess I slept in, I got up at 10 with a rock hard case of morning wood.

My first thought was find Kathleen and relentlessly fuck her ass and mouth and make her happy by giving her “some” either way. I put on some boxers and with my hard dick leading the way I head to the kitchen. Morning wood so my hard dick was pressing on those shorts leading the way. I head down stairs in search of Kathleen’s ass and mouth to fuck. When I get to the kitchen there is Alyssa. (What I didn’t mention earlier was a month or so back she caught me jerking off to porn and was curious about what I was watching. Long story short, the first load of cum she ever ate was mine.)

So there I am standing in the kitchen, Alyssa sitting at the breakfast table, a very obvious hard on under my shorts. I notice Lyssa noticing my hard dick.

“Where’s Kat?” I ask

“She went out for a few things so we can have brunch together. She left 5 minutes ago. Her list is long, she’ll be gone a while.” Her eyes lock on the bulge in my shorts and says, She told me to take care of you while she was away.”

“I’m sure she meant to just keep me company. “I reply. Lyssa’s eyes still locked on my shorts.

“Maybe, but just keeping you company is not going to solve that problem in your shorts. I’m sure I could.”

She gets up and walks over to me and puts one hand down my shorts and wraps it around my hard dick.Her other hand pulls them down to my ankles. She stands close but not so close that she’s too close to stroke my morning wood back to 110% with both hands. She looks in me in the eye and says,

“I’m going to suck your rock hard cock until your balls are drained and every drop of your cum is in my mouth. Then I’m going to watch you watch me swallow that load.”

She drops to her knees still stroking my cock. She looks up at me and watches me watch her take my dick straight down her throat. She doesn’t stop until her upper lip is buried in my pubes and her bottom lip is on my balls.

Her Beşiktaş escort tongue pokes out and licks my balls while she starts to massage the head of my cock with ridges in her throat as she starts her back and forth throat fucking. Her eyes show her pride as she looks up at me but she never stops As time goes on, I’m moaning and groaning. Her throat fucking stroke becomes longer, almost all the way out, I feel her tongue swirl over the head of my dick, then always back deep down her throat. Always when deep in her throat, her tongue licks my balls. I feel her exhale thru her nose and then inhale while she has me in her throat. My hands go to both sides of her head grabbing her hair not because I need to slam her throat at this time, she has a really nice rhythm going, at least for now, but because I had nowhere else to put them. This could be the best blow job ever.

A few minutes later she pulls off my cock and grabs my hands that have a grab of her hair on the side of her head and says,

“Get a better grip, grab a bigger handful of my hair.” She says.

I let go of what I had and run my fingers thru her hair a few times and locate the thickest part of her scalp on both sides.

“Got it.”

“Get a good grip and fuck my head, please cum in my open, eager mouth. I need your load. Fuck my head and feed me now.”

Morning wood doesn’t usually take instructions but, that was the best thing morning wood ever heard. Morning Wood now focus’ on the open mouth, on it’s knees before me. That’s all I see. I take half a step forward and ram my cock straight down it’s throat. With a very firm grip on both sides of it’s head I slam my hips over and over ramming my cock down the throat over and over. I pound into it’s head. My firm grip on it has no give so the power behind my hips bounces my balls on it’s chin and my pelvic bone onto it’s upper lip.

It doesn’t take long. I let go of the sides of it’s head and grab the hair on the top of the head. I position it just right so I can watch my cum fill it’s mouth, it’s upper lip is bleeding

“On your tongue slut. TAKE IT. TAKE IT Beşiktaş escort bayan “RIGHT”BECAUSE I’M WATCHING.”

With a slightly tilted back head, cupped tongue, my first blast hits her cupped tongue and splashes into the rest of her mouth. Second blast hits and fills the cup of her tongue. Third blast hits in again but it’s full and pours into rest her mouth. I stroke out more and it covers her lower teeth.

“Milk out some more. Make it drip into the pool of cum in your mouth.”

With my cock hanging over her cum filled mouth I tried to milk out what she couldn’t, Nothing, She’s got it all. Lyssa swallows the whole load in one gulp and swallows with a huge smile and a giggle, so proud.

I finally take my eyes off my cum bucket and see Kathleen at the entrance of the room. There she is, applauding. “Bravo! Bravo! Atta a girl Alyssa!”

“LYSSA, …….. OH FUCK. LYSSA WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” I shout out in panic.

“Relax. She did what I told her to do.” says Kathleen. “Sit down. I have brunch.” I look down at Lyssa and as she proudly swallows the last of my load, running her fingers around her face making sure she ate it all.

She licks her smiling lip the pulls my shorts back up, stands up, gives me a quick little kiss on the lips and then helps Kathleen set the kitchen table with the sandwiches and sides she brought us for brunch.

Everyone but me is calm, Lyssa is blissful, Kat is smiling. The table is set everyone sits down. Everyone grabs a sandwich, a side and starts eating. Two minutes of silence as the girls giggle at each other while stuffing their faces. Kat starts the conversation.

“That was very entertaining. You’re a good little cocksucker Lyssa, and Randy, the faces and sounds you make when your morning wood turns into pure lust to fuck whatever hole you can find, out-fucking-standing. And then the “oh shit” right moment after dumping your load in her mouth realizing I was there, that was hilarious, maybe a little cruel but hilarious anyway.”

Lyssa stands up and gives a small curtsy and says, “Thank you, I am rather proud.”

I ask, “You’re Escort beşiktaş a cruel bitch Kathleen. Ok, you’ve had your laugh. Kat, why did you make this happen?”

“I know you’ve been fucking her.” she replies

” It was much better than jerking off to porn and you were sound asleep.”I reply

“Your such a sweet idiot. That’s part of why I love you so much. You had your choice of three holes to fuck just upstairs.” She replied.

“I only knew of two before last night and you work hard, sleep is important.”

“Now you know better. I want your cock anytime and every way you want to give it to me.”

Timidly I reply, “Yes dear.”

“As I said, I know you’ve been fucking her.” At first I was mad and ready to throw her out of this house but then I remembered that you once told me that you always wanted two women in your bed and it’s been a while since I had the pleasure of the touch of a woman. Since then I kept an eye out for possibilities but it’s hard and risky so when I found out and confronted Lyssa, she panicked, she was desperate, she knew she had nowhere else to go and she begged me, she said she would do anything to stay. Since then she’s been totally submissive to me. She now knows how to perfectly eat my pussy and lick my ass. Using dildos I taught her everything I know about sucking dick and how to enjoy butt fucking. Along the way how to prep herself physically and mentally to be enjoyed and somehow find enjoyment and satisfaction in anything we might want her to do AND encourage her to try things as she thinks of them or when one or both of us comes up with something new.”

“Right Lyssa?”

“Yup, dirtier the better.” Lyssa chuckles her reply.” It’s all about pleasure given and taken in anything and everything we think of and do.”

“Kat it’s good that you solved that problem as you did, but know this, there would have been major consequences if you took that kind of action before talking to me first. This is my house, don’t you forget that.” That statement silenced the room. We ate and finished our brunch.

“Ladies, I’m spent. I blew my morning wood load this morning after fucking Alyssa’s head after a very hot time with my Kat last night. I hear you both and I feel like the luckiest man on the planet. I’m really glad we had this talk but please, I need to eat, drink my coffee, shit, shower and shave to recharge. We’ll see what comes up later.

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